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Cakes are available in a number of flavors, shapes, and sizes. The richness of yummy taste of cakes can liven up any moment. Chocolaty offers a plethora of cake varieties so that you can choose your favorite one. Now, whenever you want to make a moment special, order for online cake delivery.

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Send Cakes Online India

Cakes are the taste of goodness. Recent scientific study has said that the singing of “Happy Birthday” and the blow of candle by having a wish defines the taste of the cake. The way you have it, is closely associated with its yumminess. Ask a child do you like cakes and probably you would find none of them who disagree to like it. Since childhood, cakes have been the favorite dessert for all of us. If you go back to 1990s the only flavor one knew were vanilla and chocolate. But time has changed drastically and we have got numerous options for flavors. It ranges from cheese, mango, strawberry, butterscotch, caramel etc. Although the list goes on.

The cake industry has showed huge dynamism. We have several types of cakes available with us and they constitute chocolate truffle cake, red velvet cake, lemon zest cake, orange tangy cake. The various categories to it are fondant cake, semi-fondant cake, cheesecake, cupcakes, muffins, theme cakes, sugar free cakes, designer cakes, personalised cakes etc.

How do we make mouth watering cakes?

Cake is considered to be pleasant in taste, if the baking is adequately done. Our skilled workmen are equipped and deliver every time a cake which is spongy, fresh and fluffy. The materials used in our baking process are of relied quality. Our workmen are skilled in attaining the right texture and desired designs.

Baking a cake requires a lot of expertise, we all wish to prepare them at home but it always ends up with a mess for the first time. Even if we are bit successful, cracks in the cakes disheartens us. However following tips are helpful. Because the quantity of each ingredients has to be defined as per the size of the cake. The temperature has to be set right as a too low or too high of it can spoil the cake. Baking of cake is a process and inappropriateness in any of them can lead to the stiffness of the cake. Thus make yourselves trouble free and order online cakes.

We have variations in the cakes and get to know about all of them.

Photo cakes, placing of photo on the cake are an ideal way to cherish your good moments. Thus cake becomes the medium to celebrate your relationships. Make your loved ones nostalgic by having the sight of a beautiful picture of them from past.

Designer cakes, these are very creative ones, you can imagine your wardrobe, uniform, house, and pet etc. anything which you could wish. You can have all that as an impression of a cake. Everything in a cake is edible and its amusing sight keeps us stunned. Sometimes these cakes are so extravagant that one can’t believe that it’s a cake or a real object.

Theme cakes, have you planned a theme birthday, anniversary or a party? Which is based upon some cartoon character, season, era etc. then define your theme to us and order online theme cakes. Suiting to the décor of your venue enjoys the cake too.

Fondant cakes, is prepared by sugar, water and corn syrup. This is the main ingredient in icing or filling for cakes. There’s rolled fondant which is a sweet dough. They are mixed with dyes for colorful decorations on the cake. The fondant helps in creating masterpieces of art. Your visuals a reality. The semi fondant belongs to the same category.

Usually the Specialty cakes, are prepared by the fondant. We all have seen the videos of such cakes on televisions and social media sites. It is an eye catching experience to see such videos. Such cakes are adorable and fun to see them prepared.

Send online cakes to your near & dear ones

Cakes are for everyone, gift your friends, relatives, parents, wives/husbands, boyfriends/girlfriends on their birthday, anniversary, festivals, valentine's day etc. Cakes are liked by everyone and is conventional. But the enormous alternates available in cakes these days is a must try. The ecommerce has made us closer to our distant relatives, cousins etc. thus take the liberty to send cakes online.

Missing your dear ones, send designer cakes online which is in vogue and let them realize that you care. Birthdays, anniversary and Valentine’s Day is special for all of us, but a surprise for our loved ones can make them happier. We all love to receive surprises, thus it’s the best way to make someone feel grand. The surprises are wonderful especially if it is unexpected from you thus don’t pause and click on your online option for buying cakes. We have choices of egg, eggless and sugar free cakes choose the one of your preference and astonish people around you.

On time delivery is our priority

Buy online cakes and send it to the people who are distant to you. Reach us on the locations like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Noida. We have various delivery options i.e. same day delivery, midnight delivery, early morning deliveries, express delivery, etc. We give the assured and guaranteed delivery and this our promise to the customers.

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