Online Cake Delivery in Delhi

A common saying goes that there isn’t any sorrow too big that can’t be treated with a piece of delectable cake. In case you are down and beaten, a bite of a perfectly baked and creamy cake of your favorite flavor will lift your mood. Why talk about sorrows, when a scrumptious cake can be a perfect fit for celebrations including birthdays and anniversaries. Order cake in Delhi and your happiness chart would go a notch high when the largest collection of beautiful cakes is just a click away.

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Online Cake Delivery in Delhi @449 | Order and Send Now!!

Festivity or not, traffic in Delhi means staying on the road of an hour or two, and sometimes even more. So, how is it fair that you have to spend these many hours on the road with your cake when you have a party to host or to visit? No doubt the creamy texture, the taste, and the beautiful appearance it comes designed with, make all the wait and struggle worth the effort. It is the distinctive taste of each cake that makes a cake the most integral part of any celebration. is a portal offering online cake delivery in Delhi and offers you a plethora of cakes to select from right on your screen and without leaving the comfort of your home.

Send cake in Delhi with, an online portal specializing in bringing a collection of the most delectable cakes and cupcakes to the clients in Delhi via the credible and professional delivery services. The assortment of cakes offered at our portal is unmatched and almost difficult to be found in any top-notch bakery shop in Delhi. We also ensure timely delivery of these cakes to the location provided with our reliable cake delivery in Delhi and neighboring areas.

Online Cake Delivery in Delhi Quick and Hassle Free, Order Now and Save up to 25%

Cakes, candles and balloons are the fundamentals on which the foundation of any celebration is laid. Imagining a birthday celebration without the cake-cutting ceremony is unimaginable. When such is the importance attached to cakes, how can you miss reading about these tasty delights?

Having said that, we are not talking about visiting a bakery to order a cake, we are talking about same day cake delivery in Delhi so that you can beat the traffic yet have a cake at your doorstep within the stipulated time. Online birthday cake delivery has revolutionized the concept of ordering a cake and picking it up on the day of the party. Today, no matter which part of the world you are in and where you want to get the cake delivered, cakes online are the safest bet to send to the ones you love. A small gesture from your end on the birthday or anniversary of someone you care about will mean a lot in the relationship and shall be remembered for a lifetime. The best cakes in Delhi online for birthdays and other occasions are a perfect thoughtful gift you can send across!!

Dilwalon Ki Dili

The National Capital of India is a city which buzzes with life round the clock. And this is evident from the traffic on the roads. From the local street food in the old Delhi streets to the restaurants in South Ex, Delhi’s food tapestry is vast and you will feel that no matter how hard you try, there is always something left becausereaching the farthest corners of the city is a challenging job. This indirectly means that you have to compromise with eating joints in your vicinity. Are you ready to give up the flavours and taste just because you cannot go? Certainly not! When you can chat online with your friends in the US or UK, why not order food online? And not just ordering food, it is about cakes online which are now available in multiple options and are delivered wherever and whenever you want.

Online birthday cake delivery Delhi has done away with the need to visit the bakery, stand in queues to place the order and travel again to pick up the order. So whether you are in Lajpat Nagar or Greater Kailash, you need to look for cake delivery Delhi and your work will be sorted.

Why has cake delivery in Delhi picked momentum?

Celebrations are no longer confined to birthdays and anniversaries. Today, people look for a reason to celebrate. From a promotion party in the office to throwing a party on getting good grades, the reasons to party are umpteen. And when you talk about parties, cakes automatically have to be on the menu. Same day cake delivery in Delhi has made hosting parties a lot more convenient. While you take care of the food and other arrangements, the best cakes in Delhi online can be ordered from anywhere. Online cake delivery is not just convenient, but also saves a lot of time and money. So here are a few reasons why cake delivery in Delhi has gained importance in recent years:

If someone asks you to order cake in Delhi, the conventional route would be to visit the bakery, place the order and ask for a pickup day and date. What if you are asked not to go in person for this job? Won’t that be easy for you? By choosing to order cake online near me, you can save yourself from the trouble of spending time on the roads and getting frustrated because of the never-ending Delhi traffic.

When you visit a local bakery, you get a limited number of options to choose from and no matter how urgently you require the cake, you will have to settle with all that is available. On the other hand, online birthday cake delivery gives you a wide variety of options which can leave you amazed. From designs to flavours, the options are immense and this is exactly what the buyer today wants.

Who says only groceries can be delivered to the doorstep? Cakes delivery in Delhi has amplified the online delivery game. Ranging from clothes to stationery to shoes to gadgets, you order everything online and that too with the guarantee that it will reach you safely. The same is the case foronline birthday cake delivery which means you only have to step out of the door to pick up the order from the gate.

While we are talking about convenience associated with the best cakes in Delhi online for birthdays, let’s not forget talking about the quality of the cake. Competition in the online realm is immense and if you want to stay ahead in this competitive environment, you need to offer high-quality products. The best birthday cakes in Delhi are bang on as far as taste and texture are concerned. So while you are happy that you don’t have to travel to bring home the cake, you can also be relaxed that the quality of the cake will leave you amazed.

There was a time when only clothes were customized. Today, be it the water bottle of your little one or your laptop bag, every big and small thing can be customized. The best cakes in Delhi online come with customization options and that is what makes them special. Tailor-made changes in the cake which can be related to the flavour or design will alleviate the whole idea of celebrations.

So you were busy in the meeting all day long and didn’t have time to go to the bakery to order the cake or you were not in town and your best friend’s birthday clashed with your travel dates. What will you do? Will you cut a sorry face and apologize for not being there or will you try to compensate by sending a cake for the party? Same day cake delivery in Delhi will do the needful in either case!

When you choose online birthday cake delivery for someone special, you add the time and date of delivery which means you don’t have to set an alarm for the same. Even if you forget, the online delivery partner will ensure that the cake will be delivered at the right time and day.

One of the important reasons why online cake delivery in Delhi same day is sought after is the price point at which the cakes are available. In comparison to conventional bakeries, online cake platforms offer discounts and offers on cakes and this gives them an edge over the ordinary.

Apart from all the reasons cited above, an important reason which deserves a special mention is the fact that when you order cake in Delhi and get it delivered for your friends and family, you show that you care. Being a part of all the celebrations always might be a tough call, but sending a sweet delight shows that no matter how far away you are, your loved ones are always in your thoughts.

What are the different options available in the cake delivery Delhi segment?

Online birthday cake delivery is an overwhelming shopping experience because there are numerous options to select from. Here is a quick look at the various options in different categories of cakes:

Birthday Cakes:

Birthdays are incomplete without a proper cake-cutting ceremony. For this ceremony to be complete in all ways, the following birthday cakes can be selected:

Black Forest Cake:

An absolute favourite, Black Forest Cake is the bestseller in cake delivery in Delhi. Appealing and flavoursome, you can never go wrong with this cake which goes easy on the pocket and tastes divine.

Birthday Chocolate Cake:

Chocolates can never disappoint. Rather chocolates are a perfect way to make up for anything wrong that has ever happened. So a chocolate cake is an easy pick when you order cake in Delhi because this cake is an ode to a perfect celebration.

Truffle Cake:

Dark and intense, truffle cake is a matchless surprise for chocolate lovers. So if there is a chocolate fan in your gang, then without giving second thoughts choose this cake for online birthday cake delivery and ring in the celebrations.

Photo Cake:

Customization at its best comes wrapped in photo cakes which are available in umpteen flavours and designs. Same day cake delivery in Delhi of photo cakes is an amazing way of showing your thoughts and love. You can choose among Black Forest, Pineapple or Chocolate flavours and get the cake customized for your special people.

Creamy Vanilla Fruit Cake:

Who says only chocolates can create magic? Fruit cakes are equally a hit especially if you are looking for a break from chocolate. Super delicious and aesthetically appealing, creamy vanilla fruit cake is coated with layers of cream and fruits which lend a pleasant texture to the palette.

Fondant Cakes:

Yet another interesting and captivating category of birthday cakes is fondant cakes which are adored by people across multiple age groups. Whether the fondants are in the shapes of Avengers for the kids or there is this complete MAC vanity kit on the cake, you can choose from the wide variety of fondant cakes for online birthday cake delivery near me.

Cartoon Character Birthday Cake:

Now is category of birthday cakes is categorically aimed to surprise your child. An ode to perfection and taste, cartoon character birthday cakes have created magic in every kid’s party. Starting right from Peppa Pig to Choota Bheem to Spiderman and much more, cake delivery in Delhi has all the varied options of cartoon character cakes you can think of. So pick your child’s favourite cartoon character and get a cake customized now.

Barbie Birthday Cakes

Apart from the cartoon cakes, there is another online character which has held a special place in every girl’s heart and it is none other than Barbie. Soft, delicate and good-looking, Barbie is a household name and you will hardly come across a girl who isn’t a Barbie fan! Bring home this lovely birthday cake for your daughter especially when cakes online have this option served in a platter.

Anniversary Cakes:

While a birthday is the day when you steal the show because the spotlights are on you, an anniversary marks the day when your relationship became official and such an important day has to be celebrated with a finger-licking delicious cake. Keeping the preferences of your partner in mind, order cake online near me by browsing through the varied options of cakes available in the segment and begin the party. Some of the options worth looking at are:

Number Cake:

Have you completed a good 25 years of marriage and want to celebrate this day with your near and dear ones? If yes, then cakes online have this beautiful 25th or 50thmarriage anniversary cake which can be customized if needed. You can choose the flavour and colour and get it delivered to the venue.

Designer Cakes:

Cakes designed for him/her are now available for same day cake delivery in Delhi. You can get the cake customized according to the taste of your better half and there can be no better way of celebrating the day than this.

Baby Shower Cakes:

The idea of throwing a baby shower is to pamper the parents-to-be and shower them with all your love and care. It comes as no surprise that a party without a cake is unimaginable, hence, cake delivery in Delhi for baby showers is on the list and you can choose very adorable and yummy baby shower cakes for the special occasion.

Valentine’s Day Cakes:

Come February and you can see the entire city getting painted in red and white to mark 14th February. Whether it is the young boys/girls who want to go down on their knees for the first time or the old couples who once again want to exchange rings, Valentine’s Day is the day to express your love. And what better than begin the day than by sending a cake online for your beloved? While heart-shaped cakes have been the front runner in this segment, you can choose other cakes too depending on your likes and dislikes.

Tier Cakes:

While the regular birthday and anniversary cakes are good to serve 4-6 people at home, you might need a bigger cake if you are hosting a big party. So for that, you need tier cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers or other occasions. You can choose the design and flavour for the online cake delivery in Delhi same day and get 2 or 3-tier cakes delivered to your doorstep.

Cup Cakes:

A perfect dessert for the perfect you!! A cupcake is a cute little dessert which can bring an instant smile. If you don’t want to pick a big cake online, then why not order cupcakes which come in numerous flavours? Red velvet, strawberry, pineapple, Oreo, dark chocolate and many other flavours are available in this category. Depending on the number of people at home or office you can order this little bundle of sweetness and surprise your loved ones. You can even choose to order cupcakes for birthdays if you are not in the mood to cut a cake and want something different.

Jar Cakes:

Bored of the regular cakes and looking for something exciting? Jar cakes might do the drill! An innovative way of presenting the otherwise regular-looking cake, jar cakes are readily available in the cakes delivery in Delhi segment. All you need to do is select the flavour you want and be ready to indulge in this sweet delight the moment it is delivered. Visually appealing and melting in the mouth, jar cakes are a perfect dessert and the newest version of the conventional cakes.

Sugar free Cakes:

Now that we are talking about delectable sweet treats, it comes as no surprise that talking about sugar-free cakes is equally important. People have become extra conscious about their diet and health in recent years and given their dietary restrictions or medical advice as in the case of patients suffering from diabetes, choosing sugar-free cakes is important so that nothing comes in the way of celebrating important occasions with equal fun and fervour. Whether it is a 2-year-old child or an 80-year-old man/woman, cake cutting has been an inseparable part of birthday/anniversary celebrations. So why take away this ritual because your body doesn’t allow you to eat sweets now? Choose sugar free cakes from the wide variety and get them delivered. The best cakes in Delhi online for birthday are available in sugar-free category. Whichever design you like and whatever flavour entices your taste buds can be chosen and the same shall be delivered on the special day.

Eggless Cakes:

Indian masses are still a long way away from accepting eggs in their kitchens. And it comes as no surprise that many would avoid eating cakes on birthdays just because it has eggs in them. But now, you neednot worry because eggless cakes can be ordered online. If flavour and taste of eggless cakes is something which you are worried about, then let go of your anxieties because the best birthday cakes in Delhi are customized to perfection whether it is with egg or without egg. All you need to do is take care of food and drinks, while the cake part will be handled cautiously by the online cake delivery partner.

Are there any combos available with cake delivery in Delhi?

You are away for a meeting in Delhi and suddenly a fight broke up between you and your partner. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to come before 2 days. How will you make up for the loss? Order a cake with a bouquet and sort out the matter!! Sounds simple, isn’t it? But this is possible if cake delivery in Delhi gives you the option to order a bouquet with the cake. And here at Chocolaty, this is possible. We know that there are occasions when just sending a cake might look simple and you want something extra with the sweet treat. And that iota of something more can be in the form of a bouquet, teddy bear, box of chocolates or much more. So here is a quick look at the different combos which can be ordered online to make someone feel special and loved:

Cake and Flowers:

Cliché, is it? But who has not been impressed with a cake and bouquet? Hardly any! Go the traditional way and show that you care. A nice chocolate, pineapple or strawberry cake with a bouquet of roses or carnations is a picture-perfect way to create magic. No matter how filmy it is, cakes and flowers are a match made in heaven, so make sure you get that heaven delivered to the doorstep of your special one. Heart-shaped arrangement of flowers available in the online cake delivery in Delhi is a fantastic way of expressing your emotions. Try doing it and you will be amazed with the after-effects!!

Basket of flowers/ chocolates:

Don’t want to send a cake? It’s ok, for we have other options as well for your convenience. A basket of chocolates or flowers might be something worth considering. Equally appealing and delightful, this combo too is an excellent way of showing that you care.

Flowers and chocolates:

Cupid and thoughtful, this combo is another favourite amongst those looking for online options when distance is the only hindrance and they want to send their token of love to someone special.

Order Online Cake Order in Delhi for your Special Occasion

We have been accredited as the best cake shop in Delhi courtesy our diverse catalog of scrumptious cakes that are baked to match the taste palette of our clients. We include a huge array of cake designs and flavors that can be an ideal accompaniment with your celebrations and occasions so that you know that you have the best options to make a choice from. We are passionate about bridging the gap between cake lovers and bakers and this is the reason we have designed this portal that includes the best cakes in the industry that are infused with some of the exotic ingredients and softness leaving you asking for another piece.

We bring forth a surprising collection of mouth-watering flavors like chocolate, black forest, and red velvet in an array of varieties including eggless, sugar-free, photo cake, designer cake, and heart-shaped cakes. Going with the latest trends in the baking industry, we also bring forth an assortment of cakes that are coated in buttercream and fondant. Whatever design and shape you would want; the personalized cake section would let you get a cake designed that would speak of your experience or emotions when you decide to send cake in Delhi.

Shop From #1 Online Cake Shop in Delhi

We can be your perfect partner for online cake delivery in Delhi for your celebrations, be it for birthdays or anniversaries, and make them sweeter. Whether you’re looking for designer cakes that include cartoon cakes, favorite brand of handbags or apparels, a cricket pitch cake for the sports lover, and many more, we give you access to these gorgeously creative cakes and that too at the pocket-friendly process, something that would make the celebration more memorable for both you and your loved ones. When you’re looking for an anniversary special cake, look no further. We bring to you an assortment of creatively designed cakes that come in two or three tiers. Wondering what’s better than one cake? It’s a double or triple Decker cake that comes with the softest sponge, delectable cream, and adorned with beautiful designs.

When you’re searching for a cake shop in Delhi near me, can be your perfect stop. Offering eggless cakes, we take care of the ones who are pure vegetarians and also ascertain the taste and quality of the sponge are not compromised with. For those who are craving for cake but can’t eat because of high sugar levels, we’ve got you covered too. Choose from the delectable options in the sugar-free category and party guilt-free. We hold pride in being the most credible online portal to order cake in Delhi and relish the sweet delight with your family, friends, or all on your own.

Send Cake in Delhi with our Best Online Cake Shop in Delhi near me

Having been in the cake delivery business for long, we do understand that its shelf life is really short and it tends to get spoiled after a time duration. Knowing this we don’t want our clients to eat a dry cake or have a quality compromised cake that tastes bad and the cream leaves oil. To beat these issues and maintain the richness, creaminess, and the delicious taste of the oh-so-yummy cakes, we make sure your chosen package is delivered at the desired location within hours. The company comes with a strong logistics system that has facilitated the online cake delivery in Delhi process and made it easy for delivering cakes even on the busy Delhi roads.

Planning the last minute birthdays and anniversary surprises for your loved ones is now possible because of our midnight delivery service. Apart from the midnight delivery service, we also offer the clients with express and same-day cake delivery service in areas surrounding Delhi including Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Tagore Garden, Karol Bagh, Rajouri Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Vasant Kunj, Patparganj, and other nearby areas. To sum it up, we cover nearly every area covered when you choose to send cake in Delhi.

Now celebrating each occasion, whether it’s a birthday or anniversary is possible and that too with the extra special and spongiest cakes that are delivered at your doorstep through the professional delivery services with online cake order in Delhi. Savor the flavors of exquisite and contemporary cakes available at that would not just add sweetness but also add zing to the party. The best part about opting to send cake in Delhi through our portal is that you could end up paying less as compared to what you pay at the local bakery. While checking out, always ensure to avail the current offers and deals offered.

Order Cake in Delhi for Speedy Delivery Only At was established with an aim to become the most favored destination for the people of Delhi not just because of the tempting flavors and eye-pleasing designs, but also the speedy delivery service. We bring to your screens cakes with the most delectable flavors and the largest catalog of designs. From birthday cakes to anniversary cakes, designer cakes to photo cakes, you name it and we’ve got it. We also offer you the option to personalize the cake of your choice. Order and send cake in Delhi to your loved ones on their special day and let them know that you care. Our cakes would definitely bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones along with making their taste buds smile. Being the best cake shop in Delhi, you can be assured that all the cakes included in the catalog are baked with the finest ingredients. We value our client’s time and emotions involved when they look out for a cake that would speak about their emotions and that’s the reason our portal is designed to be highly user-friendly.

Online Cake Order in Delhi- Baked Fresh for your Special Ones

Have you ever wondered how a thoughtful and beautiful birthday or anniversary wish from a loved one would make you smile the whole day? Especially, if we speak of cakes, this one gift would surely work to lighten up the mood of one and all. At, we believe that occasions like birthdays and anniversaries should be celebrated with an extra dose of sweetness, and what better way of doing that with the most succulent cakes baked by the finest and top-notch bakeries and cake shops in Delhi. Living in Delhi, we understand how the hustle and bustle would leave you exhausted and absolutely no time for celebrating and cherishing the most important occasion of your life. That’s why we bring to you the online cake delivery in Delhi service along with the largest collection of freshly baked cakes that can be ordered from anywhere you are, whether at home or office in Delhi. The last-minute orders are taken care of with our speedy delivery service that ensures your cake package is delivered at your desired location within time.

Order cake in Delhi with and we make sure that you receive it before 12 A.M with our midnight cake delivery service in Delhi. Our services are designed so that you get to enjoy and cherish the important and precious moments with your loved ones. So, book for a cake to be delivered at midnight and prepare to surprise your loved one.

Cake delivery in Delhi with our Widest Range at

If you’ve got a last-minute gift to send to a relative in Delhi, what’s better than a delicious cake that can be delivered at their doorstep within a few hours? acts as online cake delivery in Delhi podium for various cake lovers to search for the most extensive collection ranging from the conventional and bestsellers including vanilla, truffle, strawberry, black forest, and fruit cake to the contemporary designer cakes that come coated in buttercream and fondant. We also give you an option to add a personal message with your cake so that the receiver knows you value their happiness and occasion.

When you search for the best cake shop in Delhi near me, there’s no match to that ensures to deliver cakes that would carve a memory in the taste buds of your receiver. We have offered the audience of Delhi with an exciting and user-friendly platform to choose from the plethora of cake range. All you need to do is log in at the portal and browse through the collection of cakes available. Add the cake of your choice in the cart and proceed further for check-out. Fill in the details required, like your and the receiver’s name, address where it needs to be delivered, and any special message to go along. Once you’ve made the payment, you will be notified about your online cake order in Delhi via a message or an email. If you opt to go in for a photo cake, you need to provide the picture that you want to be imprinted on the cake.

Order Cake in Delhi with Blossoming Blooms

We all know that a special someone deserves a beautiful gift and what better way to do that with a cake baked in their favorite flavor and accompanied by a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. gives you an option to order cake in Delhi and choose for the succulent cakes paired with a bouquet of beautiful flowers like lilies, roses, carnations, orchids, together with mixed flowers. The exclusive range of flowers can be a perfect gift for any celebration. We also give you an option to select from flower arrangements like the basic bouquet, glass vase arrangement, basket arrangement, and heart-shaped arrangement. So, no matter what the celebration for an occasion is, we’ve offered you the combo of cakes and flowers to opt from that would be a perfect getaway for your feelings. Surprise your loved ones with the largest array of cakes and flowers online in Delhi.

Best Cake Shop in Delhi- Our Mission and Vision was set up with an aim to shorten the distance among people and help them celebrate the special moments of their loved ones when they can’t be present by offering cake delivery in Delhi. Our cakes are designed and baked to perfection so that you and your loved ones relish each bite. Staying with the trends, we make sure to add gorgeously designed cakes that come packed with the best and unique ingredients and flavors. We understand staying stagnant won’t make you visit our portal often and we would rather prefer to be your constant best cake shop in Delhi where you get to choose from the unique and new designs almost every time you visit. Apart from the collection that we add time and again, we make sure your shopping experience is hassle-free. To achieve this, we make constant amends and changes in our website and app constantly for offering the best cake order and delivery experience all across Delhi.

Whether you get connected to us via phone or through the website, we make sure you are offered the largest collection that warms your heart and feels immense happiness while placing online cake delivery in Delhi. We value your ideas and opinions and are always on a quest to seek suggestions that would make you feel an equal part of the journey.

We love cakes and this is the reason we have come up with the idea that would make access to some of the best cakes possible for cake lovers like us. All you need is a mobile phone and a good internet pack. Having spread across Delhi, we make the cake delivery in Delhi possible no matter where you put up. We strive to help people celebrate their special moments without having to worry about getting stuck in the busy Delhi traffic. We thrive to be the perfect messenger in conveying your wishes and message most creatively.

Give us a chance and we ensure you won’t regret it. The cakes you will get to choose from at our portal won’t be available at your local bakery. Not just this, we also make sure your cakes and flowers are delivered to the desired location within the committed time-frame. Order cake in Delhi at on your phone and see happiness delivered at your home.

We are here to make your loved ones feel special no matter how far you are from them with scrumptious cakes and gorgeous bouquets and let them know you care. offers professional and trusted online cake delivery in Delhi with our commitment to satisfying the taste pallets of Indians with cakes that you would order again.

Now select from a wide selection of scrumptious cakes online in New Delhi from the bakery of to enjoy the most delightful and lip-smacking customized cakes login to Chocolaty and we guarantee you with endless assortments of irresistible cakes and creams. Order now and we will assist you to find the best solution for your occasion. We are equipped for cake delivery in Delhi bringing freshly baked cakes in any part. Now you can just order and relax while we make your dream cake.

Follow the simple steps given below on how to order online cake delivery in Delhi through our website:

· When opting for online cake order in Delhi, choose the category of the cake ranging from layered cakes, eggless cakes, wedding cakes, and many more.

· After selecting the desired cake adds the customized message you want to be seen on the cake. Choose the option to buy after you add the product in your e cart.

· After logging in, would sync your account with either Gmail or Facebook id to give a better service.

· Before the order is finalized the address details and date of delivery is scheduled.

· Select the payment option, including net banking, credit cards, debit cards, or wallets such as Paytm, Paypal, Mobikwik, and Chocolaty Wallet.

This simple 5 steps procedure to order and send cake in Delhi makes the cake ordering as easy as blinking the eye and also helps us in delivering your package safe and sound and on time.

With, ordering your favorite cake has simplified a lot. We have built a reputation of being the best among the numerous cake shops in Delhi and have established ourselves as a well-known brand in delivering cakes. With a network and distribution channel in more than 550 cities in India, we have become a benchmark in delivering cakes in the country. So if you have a special occasion or a general sweet craving then look no forward and place an order with us and we will ensure timely delivery with no corner-cutting on the hygiene.

How to get the best online cake delivery in Delhi?

When it comes to the best online cake delivery in Delhi, to be honest, a person can get extremely overwhelmed with a variety of options available out there. But, the best of all the best has to be The online cake delivery in Delhi with us is all about the quick delivery service. Once the order is placed, we immediately begin preparing the cakes. We do not have cakes stored in our warehouse and only begin the preparation of the cakes after getting an order confirmation from your side. This ensures you are going to get only premium quality fresh cakes and nothing less than that. In any case, we never provide our customers with a ready-made or stored cake. Our major goal is to serve freshly made cakes with delectable creams. Hence, we must become your prime choice for the best online cake delivery in Delhi.

Getting online cake delivery in Delhi would make your shopping experience much more convenient. It saves you time and allows you to focus on other aspects of the party. There is no better way to welcome your loved ones on their special day than by sending cake to Delhi. Let’s say you have some close people residing in Delhi and you would like to surprise them with delicious cakes on their birthdays, you can choose us for that purpose as well. We will seamlessly do online cake delivery in Delhi without bothering you much.

Choosing us will reduce your stress and tension that you have faced while shopping at the local shops. Some other reasons as to why we are the best is because we have a lot of options when it comes to cakes. We have the basic cakes, the classic ones, the trending items, and everything in just one place. You don’t even need to do your research. You can just browse the existing options and you will surely like the one that you want to purchase. Our easy customisation options also help you to make your cakes and other gifts as personalised as possible. Oh yes, we also have a lot of other gifts and knick knacks on our website that you can choose from along with the cake. We are like a whole package who is ready to surprise you or your loved ones on their special days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Cake Delivery in Delhi

Q1. Does Deliver Fresh Cakes?

Ans - Yes, We deliver cakes baked by the bakers from the best cake shops in Delhi.

Q2. Is the same day online cake delivery in Delhi possible?

Ans – Yes, it is possible to get the cake delivered the same day.

Q3. How to get the midnight cake through online cake order in Delhi?

Ans - Yes, getting a midnight cake delivery is really very easy. All you have to do is place your order by 8 p.m. sharp and we would reach the mentioned address with our delicious cake right at midnight hours.

Q4. Is delivery possible at the desired time?

Ans - Yes, we offer a fixed time cake delivery. All you have to do is choose the desired time in the option and we would make sure the cake is delivered right on time.

Q5. How can I place an order for a fixed time delivery?

Ans – it is pretty simple and easy. You just need to place the order four hours prior to the delivery. For example, you have to place the order at 12 noon to receive the delivery by 4 P.M. The cake delivery in Delhi becomes all the more easy considering the choice of the cake. If you’ve chosen a basic cake, like chocolate or vanilla, we can deliver it within a few hours of the order placement.

Q6. Do you charge extra for customized services related to delivery?

Ans - Yes, we levy extra charges for fixed slots, midnight service, or any other customized service. The amount is mentioned while you place your order. Everything is totally transparent and fair.

Q7. What are the standard time cake delivery slots for your online cake order in Delhi?

Ans - If a desired slot or service is not opted for then the delivery of the cake would be made as per the schedule provided by us. The system will give you options to choose from. Following which the cake would be delivered in the chosen slot or in the slot as picked up by our system. In all the cases we ensure timely service of cake baked by the finest cake shops in Delhi without any flaws.

Local Areas We Provide Cake Delivery in Delhi

City Name Pin Code City Name Pin Code
Cake Delivery in Vasant Vihar 110057 Cake Delivery in Paharganj 110064
Cake Delivery in Pitam Pura 110034 Cake Delivery in Dwarka 110075
Cake Delivery in Hauz Khas 110016 Cake Delivery in Janakpuri 110058
Cake Delivery in Rohini 110085 Cake Delivery in Connaught Place 110001
Cake Delivery in Greater Kailash 110048 Cake Delivery in Mukherjee Nagar 110009
Cake Delivery in Mayur Vihar 110091 Cake Delivery in Pashim Vihar 110063
Cake Delivery in Green Park 110016 Cake Delivery in Laxmi Nagar 110092
Cake Delivery in Malviya Nagar 110017 Cake Delivery in Saket 110017
Cake Delivery in Rajouri Garden 110027 Cake Delivery in Shalimar Bagh 110088
Cake Delivery in Lajpat Nagar 110024 Cake Delivery in Jahangirpuri 110033
Cake Delivery in Patparganj 110092 Cake Delivery in Dilshad Garden 110095