Peppa Pig Cakes Online

Do you want to surprise your kid on their birthdays with some amazing cakes? Then you need to order this trending cartoon cake of the Peppa pigs. Yes, Peppa pig cakes are doing the rounds lately and have become one of the most trending cakes for the kids. Peppa pigs is one of the most favourite cartoons of the kids of this generation. Hence, it becomes quite evident that these cakes would also make the kids happy because they will get their favourite cartoon on the cake that they can eat.

To get the best online Peppa pig cakes you must visit On our website, you can find lots of varieties of online Peppa pig cakes. Peppa Pig cakes are so cute. The cartoon in itself is so cute and on the cake, it just looks a lot more delectable. It is almost impossible to resist these cakes. Not only the variety is in the design and style but also in the flavours and taste of the cakes. Your child is going to be the happiest with these online Peppa pig cakes from us. We take the responsibility of making them happy to the fullest.

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What are Peppa Pigs and what are Peppa Pig cakes?

Peppa pigs are cartoons that are very popular amongst kids. They are popular because of their beautiful colour and cute visualizations. They are so colorful that the kids love them a lot. Peppa Pig cakes are the cakes that have the Peppa pig designs on it in various styles. It could be a Peppa pig fondant cake, Peppa pig photo cake, Peppa pig shaped cake, cakes with the face of Peppa pigs, and lots more. The purpose of these cakes is to serve them to a fan of the Peppa pig shows who love this cartoon so much. They would feel amazing having these cakes at their birthday parties. Peppa pig cakes are really loved by the kids of this generation as they can relate to it.

Buy the best looking and tasty Peppa Pig cakes on

The best looking Peppa pig cakes are available only on our website which is We have the best looking and the most tasty Peppa pig cakes ever. You can get the cake of your choice from a vast range of cakes that we have listed on our website. Along with that, we also have the option of customisations wherein you can get the best cake of your choice delivered to you in no time. While we deliver cakes, we make sure to deliver happiness to your loved ones through those cakes. Not only do we make the cakes exactly as you want but we also make sure to add every kind of special touch to it. For example, we have sturdy and attractive packages in which we deliver cakes. We do not want your cakes to get ruined while in transit, hence we pay extra attention to the packaging details.

Peppa Pig cakes is the most favourite of the kids

Kids love cartoon cakes and there is no doubt about this fact. Peppa pigs have been the kid’s forever favourite because they keep them happy. Getting Peppa pigs on their cakes would be something entirely pleasing for them. Also, we won’t lie but these cakes look super cute. The design, the pattern, the colours, the presentation, everything just makes the cake look utterly pretty. But, if the presentation of the Peppa pig cake is slightly off, then the whole cake is nothing but a disaster. The cuteness of these pigs must be reflected on the cakes and we do that. You can even get a Peppa pig cake with egg and without egg at We have both of these options in all the cakes. So, if you would prefer a vegetarian cake, we can get you that too. We have different kinds of Peppa pig cakes on our website. From small to large to extremely big, the variety is insane. Just check us out.

A1 Taste, Amazing Quality, and Most Gorgeous Cakes

When you buy cakes from, we ensure that you are ordering cakes from the best online cake delivery platform of India. This means that you will be having the most hassle free delivery of cakes from our website. But, along with that, the best thing about ordering cakes from us is that you will be getting cakes of A1 quality and top notch taste. Cakes are eatables and what are eatables that look good but do not taste amazing. So, we do not serve anything less which is not of good quality. Here we have cakes of the best quality that taste amazing and also look nothing short of fancy. We welcome you to the cake heaven where you will never be disappointed no matter what.

Where can I get the best Peppa pig cakes online in India?

Parents are all about the kids. Parents always want to do everything to make them happy. They do everything just to make them happy and smile. It’s wonderful to see your child with a beautiful grin because it makes you feel special. When it comes to the birthdays of your kid, we are sure that you would want to leave no tables unturned just to make your child feel the most special on this day. If your child is someone who is super excited about their birthdays then we are pretty sure that their excitement doubles up for it. You must be planning to get them a lot of things for their birthdays and would have made a list of presents to surprise them with. But, we would suggest that rather than welcoming them with the customary toys and presents, get Peppa Pig Cakes from the comfort of your own home. Chocolaty fulfills all your needs in one go.

Chocolaty offers a variety of design and flavour options. Our skilled bakers make various figures on the cake to surprise your children on their special day, from Doraemon to Dora, Minion to Mickey Mouse, Chota Bheem to Simba. But, the most famous ones have to be the Peppa Pig cakes.

Brighten up the celebration with the online Peppa Pig cakes and you would have an option to customize the size, picture, colour, and theme of the cake. You can get these cakes in any flavour of your choice including chocolate, butterscotch, pineapple, red velvet, strawberry, and lots more.

We can also put the picture of your child on the top of the Peppa pigs to make it even more special. It would be like the Peppa pigs have the face of your kid on it. It would be such a personalized cake that your kid will remember for life. We never ask you to compromise on the taste and quality of the product. With us, when you buy a cake, you can be assured that the cakes delivered to your doorstep will be freshly baked. We are in business intending to deliver the best quality cakes and ensure it is not compromised. You can customize your online Peppa Pig cakes as per your requirement and you can also opt for the multilayer cartoon cake for your kid. Some of the basic customisations are available right beside the cakes and you can choose them through just a click. For more customisations or to get a cake delivered from scratch, then you can get those cakes also from our website. For this, you will have to send us the mail with the sample pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get same day online delivery of the online Peppa Pig cakes?

At, we do offer same day online cake delivery of the Peppa pig cakes in most of the cities in India. It is one of our USPs to deliver cake in real time. Even if you order a cake on the same day through our website, we will get it delivered to your desired location on the exact same day. Not a lot of cake shops or even online portals send cake deliveries of customized fancy cakes on the same day of order. But, we excel in that.

Q. Do you send fresh cakes in the same day deliveries?

Of course, we do! Sending cakes on the same day or order does not mean that we will send non fresh cakes. We do not have cakes stored in our warehouses beforehand. We prepare the cakes from scratch only after getting a confirmed order from your side. We prepare the cakes with all the fresh ingredients like fresh fruits, fondant, cream, etc. So, there is no question about the quality of the cake in any case.

Q. Do you deliver cakes with special messages?

Yes, we do that because what are cakes without a personal touch! Having special messages written on the cakes make them even more special. We can add a short message on the cake and for the long messages, we can add a tag and write the message on it. Even special thing could be to include photos of your child on the online Peppa pig cakes.

Q. Can I get a heart shaped cake in butterscotch flavour in the Peppa Pig style?

Why not! You can get a heart shaped cake in any flavour that is mentioned on our website. It can even be done in the butterscotch flavour. If you want a Peppa Pig design on the heart shaped cake, we can do that too. You can choose the heart shape design for any Peppa pig cake of your choice on our website through just a click.

Q. Can I get fondant online Peppa pig cakes?

Yes, we have a lot of fondant cakes for different occasions on our website. All of them that you see listed on our website can be delivered to any part of the city. Kids are quite excited about the fondant cakes because they look realistic and amazing. You can get Peppa pigs in the fondant style too.

Q. How much time will you need for cake delivery in my city?

We need a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to get the cake delivery done. This is the whole time we require for cake preparation and delivery. Our bakers will start preparing the cakes only after getting the conformed order from your side.