Online Cake Delivery in Kolkata

Cakes are delightful and it is mandatory for celebrating all kinds of special occasions. These days, we at are quite popular among the people in Kolkata where the customers are engaged to get your favorites at the doorstep. Once you have planned for a celebration, don’t forget to make use of the online cake delivery in Kolkata. Instead of moving from one shop to another to buy your favorite delicacy, why don’t you enjoy the benefits of cake delivery in Kolkata? You just explore the varieties of and order cake in Kolkata online shops to make your celebration more fun and happy. In case, if you are located far away from your family members and friends on the day of special occasion, then send cake in Kolkata online to convey your greetings surprisingly. is a perfect choice for the people who are searching for the best cake shop in Kolkata near me.

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Order Online Cake Delivery In Kolkata

The places around Kolkata city are charming where the tourists’ are engaging at all the seasons. The liveliness and beauty of the Kolkata people are admiring. To enhance your convenience, we have introduced the online cake order in Kolkata and make your celebrations fulfilled. The cake shops in Kolkata are numerous but we are a perfect choice to deserve your needs as well. There is no doubt is the best cake shop in Kolkata to get the cake with plenty of customizable options. The customers are enjoying the online cake delivery in Kolkata that simplifies your tension and burden at the time of every special occasion. The major benefit of ordering at local cake shops in Kolkata is to get the parcel at your doorstep without moving anywhere in your comfort zone.

We can make the cake in different forms and shapes beyond your expectations, instead of traveling here and trying at once the online cake delivery in Kolkata. All you need to do is convey your needs and requirements while going to the online cake order in Kolkata. People in Kolkata are leading your life on a tight schedule and you don’t even have time to arrange a party for the celebration. In this busy life, the users can get the cake easily with order cake in Kolkata local shops to save your valuable time and money at the time of celebration.

Treat Your Taste Buds With Cake Delivery In Kolkata From

Feeling hard to manage your daily routine at the celebration time? Don’t worry, We at have been here to send cake in Kolkata city to eliminate your burden that you are facing at the time of every special occasion. The cake is essential to be purchased all the time of celebration to make the occasion brighten and delightful. Choose one of the local shops to order cake in Kolkata and we will deliver the parcel on your hands at the time that the users specified. The popularity of cake delivery in Kolkata is increasing and that reduces the issues that the customers faced on the day of special occasion. We ensure that the taste and themes of the online cake order in Kolkata are alluring that induces your taste buds to have more.

No matter where you are located in Kolkata city, you will get the parcel at the right time in your home. We offer fast online cake delivery in Kolkata and play a paramount role in every special occasion celebrated around the city.

Order Cake In Kolkata To Have Fun On Your Celebration

Kolkata is the largest and growing city where you can find numerous beautiful places that attracts people from all corners of the world. As you think, Kolkata is not so economically wealthy but the lifestyle of those people is a great inspiration for other city people. The way of celebrating the occasion is admiring where you can find boxes of happiness and fun around the surroundings. We prefer the option of buying cake online to make your celebration sweet and memorable. is one of the leading ecommerce portals where the customers are permitted to avail your favorite dessert along with the option of online cake order in Kolkata. There are numerous cake shops in Kolkata that have been registered under our platform and so you get the door delivery at any time and anywhere around the city. No matter whether the celebration is arranged for Father’s Day, wedding anniversary, Kid's birthday, women’s day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, and more, you can order cake in Kolkata with customized shapes and sizes you want.

We guarantee for the heavenly taste and mesmerizing decorations if you have placed your order at the best cake shop in Kolkata. Our special preparation of yummy pudding will never fail to enlighten your celebration and make everyone happy. The fast delivery and scrumptious taste have increased the online cake delivery in Kolkata rapidly. This is the time to enjoy the real taste and freshness of the dessert via an option of cake delivery in Kolkata.

Celebrate Your Occasions With Sweet Delicacy And Make Everyone Happy

Have you enjoyed the experience of the online cake order in Kolkata? Its really amazing service and the customers don’t want to search for the best and trustworthy walk-in-shops. You would take your footsteps into that is the leading ecommerce portal displaying the numerous varieties of cake types. The customers are permitted to explore the cake types and choose the best cake shop in Kolkata to place your orders. The users don’t have any rules and restrictions to order cake in Kolkata. Instead of wasting your valuable time at the local shop's cake purchasing, make use of this amazing offer to have a massive collection of memories on the day of special occasion.

The advancement of technology brings huge collections of gifts to surprise your loved one at the time of celebration. But anything can replace the wonders done by the delicious cake. Do you agree or not? The sweetness and vibrant color creams whipped over the layer will let you meet the heaven at your every bite. To make your convenience much better, has come with an option of online delivery services through the best cake shop in Kolkata.

Send Cake In Kolkata To Enjoy All The Special Occasions

You never replace the sweetness and happiness brought by the cake. It's unique and essential for all the celebrations. When it comes to the celebration point, you might deal with plenty of commitments and you don’t even have time to buy the essential things and gifts. In such a case, simplify your cake shopping process with that lets you enjoy the online cake delivery in Kolkata. Our people will deliver the parcel on your hands without making any damages.

Have you ever ordered the cake at online portals? If not, you might have doubts and confusion in your mind regarding taste, freshness, cost, or delivery time likewise. In reality, the cake at has been baked with utmost perfection only by using the fresh and rich-quality ingredients. And it will be delivered on your hands before the time you expected. The bakers at are experts and experienced and we know how to bake and decorate the cake for brightening the occasion. You just need to convey your needs and requirements we will make and deliver on your doorstep at the expected time.

Excite Your Loved Ones With Online Cake Delivery Services in Kolkata

Counting the days to celebrate your loved one’s birthday? You might have lots and lots of dreams and planning to excite your girl and make the day as memorable in her life. There are numerous gift varieties that have been displayed over the internet today but the celebrations might be incomplete without having a yummy delicacy. It is better to identify her favorite flavor to send cake in Kolkata and let her get the parcel to feel surprised. She never expects such a sweet and lovely gift from you. Receiving special gifts from the loved ones is always special and she has lots of eagerness towards your surprise.

So, use this cake delivery in Kolkata services to order a yummy and lip-smacking cake at you might find incredible online portals over the internet today but our quality of services is quite different and unique from others. Our main motive is to understand the current expectations and needs of the customers and make our services accordingly. The expectations towards the customers might differ from one another based on the occasion going to celebrate. You are permitted to select the color and theme of the cake in your own way and make her excited with this sweet surprising gift.

Highlight The Day With The Service Of Cake Delivery In Kolkata

Want to make your partner overwhelmed on the day of a special occasion? Fine, you don’t want to move here and there to find the gift shop to avail of the best one. No more gifts are quite surprising than the flavorsome cake that can make the day brighten and memorable in both of your lives. Get in touch with to enjoy the fresh and creamy online cake order in Kolkata at your doorsteps. Once the order is placed, our bakers have started to perform your baking process to send the parcel at the estimated time.

You might arrange your home with mesmerizing color papers, kissing balloons but the celebrations are still incomplete without the presence of mouth-watering cake. When it comes to portal, you have an option to customize the shape, themes, flavors, and size of the cake to make the day more special for your dearest ones.

All Special Occasions With The Cake Delivery Services Of

You are celebrating huge numbers of special occasions all over the year. Right? This is the time to have some special memories and moments to save in your life. Once you have missed a day, you might have to wait for a year to get the same day. So don’t forget to live your each and every moment with your loved ones. Choose the best cake shop in Kolkata to celebrate all the below mentioned occasions in the best possible way.

1. Wedding Anniversary Cake

The wedding anniversary is the most special and awesome for the couples and they wish to excite each other with surprising gifts. Even though you might have a wide gamut of options to celebrate this occasion, cakes are the foremost thing that arises in your mind. As a partner, you need to understand your wife’s favorite flavor and place your order accordingly. We at can offer specially made wedding cakes in different flavors and you would choose the best and admiring one to excite your partner on the day of celebration. The themes and designs of the cakes are options, so you should send the one to avail of a stunning look on her face.

2. Kids Birthday Celebration Cake

Planned for the birthday celebration? Then explore the cake designs flooded over the and order cake in Kolkata as per your needs and expectations. Buying birthday gifts for kids is quite a cumbersome task. Both the little charm and little princess have a great crush and interest on cartoon characters, so excite her in the same way. We can bake and decorate the cake in cartoon characters such as tom and jerry, Ben 10, Barbie doll, spiderman, and more. You would identify your kid's favorite and get the cake accordingly. Damn sure, the theme and design of the cake will bring a cute smile on his face and make him excited to see such a lovely birthday gift.

3. Father’s Day Special Cake

Nobody can replace the place and love of a father. He is a blessing in everyone’s life. On this special occasion, we are responsible to say thanks for his hard work and sacrifice that he has done for the children. You should celebrate this special day in an attractive manner and create some massive collection of memories in his life to make this occasion memorable. We at are glad to announce the online cake delivery in Kolkata that would deliver the heart-melting delicious cake specially made for celebrating father’s day. We ensure that the taste and decorations flooded on the layer of the cake are admiring and it makes your father overwhelmed.

4. Valentine’s Day Excitements

This is the day especially for celebrating the love and affection between couples. On this day, everyone is busy searching for special gifts to excite your loved ones and make the relationship even stronger. In today’s market, you can find huge numbers of attractive and admiring gifts but nothing can eliminate the wonders of tasty dessert. Stop roaming and send cake in Kolkata with attractive themes and decorations to avail closer attention from your dearest ones. The roses and cakes are the foremost special gifts to be purchased by every couple.

You might think that buying costly gifts is making her wonder and surprised. But in fact, the gift should be graceful and memorable that job can be done effectively via the scrumptious cake flavors. Why don’t you try the heart-shaped cake? The designs and decorations of such a theme cake will make the celebration more lovable in both of your lives. The flavors are incredible, you would explore the varieties spread over the to order your partner’s favorite at the best cake shops in Kolkata.

5. Birthday Party Celebration

Celebrating your friend’s birthday is enthusiastic? There are no words to express the love and affection that you can get from your real friends. Probably, you have plenty of plans and ideas to make the celebration with a good collection of memories. Try once at the online cake delivery in Kolkata to have an alluring experience and it brings a pretty smile on your friend’s face on the day of celebration. Damn sure, the creamy layer and scrumptious nuts will let her touch heaven at each bite. The flavors, designs of the dessert of the cake at are adorable where the bakers can bake the cake at the perfect taste and make it attractive with nice-looking creamy designs.

6. Cakes For Celebrating Special Occasions

Apart from the occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, etc, the cakes are mandatory to be present in a get-together arrangement, festivals like rakhi Bandhan, Christmas, and more. It is to inform you that will supply a huge number of cake flavors and designs for celebrating any kind of occasion that you have met in your daily life. All you need to do is avail the best and admiring flavor online cake order in Kolkata to overwhelm everyone in the party. Hereafter, the customers don’t have a situation to wait or stand in a long queue to get the cake at the walk-in-shops. The advancement of technology has made the cake shopping job much easier.

Grasp Lip-Smacking Varieties of Cakes At

The cake delivery in Kolkata is widely used by the customers and it increases the demand for online cakes. People in Kolkata might have a chance to enjoy a wide range of benefits if you have decided to order cake in Kolkata online services. When it comes to the local stores, you can find only a few flavors and shapes of cakes for celebrating all the special occasions. It is quite boring and never lets you feel any happiness and excitement. Instead of celebrating the occasions with such kind of regular flavored cake, you should take your footsteps into the ecommerce portals where you can find the best and trendy cake shops to avail the online cake order in Kolkata.

Believe that the best cake shop in Kolkata will assist you to enjoy the real taste and freshness of the cake and make you enjoy the celebration. The cake is usual but it can be made effectively via We are providing enormous varieties of cake flavors and eye-catchy designs under a single roof that are perfectly suitable for celebrating all the occasions.

Meet The Heaven At Pocket-friendly Price Via

You might think that the cake shops in Kolkata under are expensive. In reality, the customers can send cake in Kolkata for the budget-friendly prices. Instead of wasting your valuable time and money at the unknown local stores, just place your order and enjoy the celebration with yummy pudding. Buying the best and fresh-made cakes at the lowest price is not possible at outdoor shopping. We at are always welcome to enjoy the adorable dessert at the cost range you expected.

You don’t have any time limit or restrictions to access the website to place your order. No matter what special occasion is going to arrive, we surely make the special and nice-looking cake in regards to the celebration. We take part in all your special moments by delivering the mouth-watering delicacy at your doorstep. The celebrations are dull and boring without the presence of mesmerizing creamy and designed cake. We are here to satisfy your dreams and expectations by serving first-class cakes with the utmost flavors and taste.

Order Delectable Cake At In Kolkata

Looking for an occasion to treat your taste buds? Great! But don’t forget to purchase the yummy cakes at There are huge numbers of flavors that have been displayed at our portals, you should explore the items by scrolling down the page. Pick out the best cake shop at your nearby location to enjoy the online cake delivery in Kolkata for celebrating all the occasions. The same day delivery option is an additional benefit for the customers that assist you to excite your loved ones on the day of celebration.

We employed the best and experienced bakers to prepare the smooth and soft cake delicacies to make wonder about the customers. Our bakers are highly-creative and we decorate the cakes in accordance with the occasions that you are going to conduct. The designs at are mesmerizing that never let your eyes see anywhere.

What is the best place to get online cake delivery in Kolkata?

To get the best cakes delivered in Kolkata in real time, you must trust, Chocolaty. We are hands down the best place to get online cake delivery in Kolkata. We do same day cake delivery in Kolkata without any hassle. With the same day delivery, we do not even charge any extra amount for shipping and delivering. This is what we call it as our standard deliveries. Along with the same day delivery, we also excel in midnight cake deliveries and also fixed time cake deliveries. All of these deliveries are dependent on you as you would want to take it. If you have to schedule a cake delivery for 3 days later or any time later, you can schedule cake deliveries for that as well on our website through fixed time deliveries. So, even if you have last minute plans to surprise your loved ones, we have got your back. Online cake delivery in Kolkata is very easy with Chocolaty. If we did not tell you yet that we are the best and the most seamless people to do midnight cake delivery in Kolkata without bothering you all the time.

We have lots of varieties when it comes to flavours and designs for the cakes. It is very easy to choose any flavour and design from our website and get it delivered anywhere across Kolkata. Our website is totally user friendly which makes ordering cakes online entirely easy for anyone. On our website, you will find a plethora of cakes to choose from. We have every kind of trending cake that you would want and we also have something for everyone.

Trust us to deliver fresh cakes no matter what. We do not have cakes prepared beforehand and saved with us. Our bakers prepare extreme fresh cakes from scratch with all the fresh ingredients only after getting a confirmed order from your side. You can totally trust us when it comes to giving you the freshest cakes possible. Also, we assure you that the same cake will be delivered that you have ordered online on our website. Our cakes are made with high quality ingredients, fresh fruits, fresh fondant, fresh cream, and are packed inside sturdy packaging boxes. So, you can sit back and chill that amazing cakes are coming your way for your special days. We make sure that neither are the cakes ruined nor your special moments.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. My daughter is a Barbie fan. Can you deliver a Barbie cake in the colours of her choice?

A. We make Barbie cakes with dresses in different colours. Or you can get it customised as per your choice. You only need to place an order to get it delivered at the chosen address.

Q. Do you deliver cake to an office address?

A. Yes, we deliver to all addresses in Kolkata that have a postal code.

Q. Can you deliver flowers along with the cake to surprise my dear mother?

A. Yes, we can deliver flowers of your choice along with the cake. We would love to see the happiness on your mother’s face.

Q. Is there a fixed time delivery of cakes available in Kolkata?

A. Of course, there is a fixed time delivery available in Kolkata. But ensure that you place an order at least 5 hours prior to the delivery time.

Q. Do you only deliver cakes in Kolkata?

A. We at Chocolaty deliver not only cakes but beautiful flower arrangements, elegant planters, personalized gifts, combos, and edible gifts to make gifting a memorable event for both the giver and the recipient.

Q. What do I do if I need a cake in chocolate flavour asap in Kolkata?

A. We can deliver a chocolate cake as per your choice to the given address asap in Kolkata. For this, you need to place a same-day cake delivery order by 3 pm.

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