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Photo cakes are the talk of the town. These are some of the latest cake styles that can be found hitting the market at the right spots. Everyone loves these cake styles because they are fresh and look so wonderful. In these cakes, the preferred photos given by the customers are printed on the cakes to make them look their best version. These cakes are really personalised because you can get the best photos printed on them and enjoy it. These cakes are great for birthdays, anniversaries, and even for some milestone celebrations. To find the best online photo cake delivery, you can check out chocolaty.in.

Photo cakes look completely amazing, right? This concept of photo entrenched on the cake is superb and one can always buy such cakes for a wonderful celebration. So why not go for our exclusive range of supremely delectable and mouth-melting photo cakes that are available for all celebration. So place your order and send it anywhere and anytime to your dear ones to make him amaze with your sweet gesture.

Photos refresh our memories. Then why not imprint your memories on every special cake? Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, welcome, or any special gathering, try out our photo cakes. For reference, check out our Truffle Photo Cake for Brother. Let's make others feel special. We provide online photo cake delivery to your city. Even if you need trendy cakes such as pinata cakes, pull-me-up cakes, or jar cakes, all the options are available on our website. You just have to browse our side, and you will find delicious options. The deliveries of cakes will be handed over to you absolutely fresh and safe. You will not find any damage to your cake. Our bakers always ensure that customers receive cakes that will not disappoint them and make their day special and memorable. Even our trained professionals make the customized cake up to the demand and imagination of our customers, even creating the photo as it is. You just need to provide us the picture by email or on any social media, and we will start working on your cake. Then why should you think too much while ordering? Browse our website, chocolatey.in, to find your preferred option and get your online photo cake delivered.

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Order Photo Cakes Online Delivery

Photo cakes have one very important detail attached to them. The detail is that if the photo cakes do not have the best-quality photos printed on them, then the entire vibe of the cake is killed. You have to give only your HD-quality photos to the baker and they have to print the high-quality photos on the cake only. This is what will make the cake more awesome than ever. So, make sure to always give high-quality photos only to your baker. Now, if you are searching for the best bakers or cake shops for online photo cake delivery then you need to check out chocolaty.in.

We take a standard time of 4 to 5 hours for every cake to be baked from scratch including the photo cakes. You will have to choose the photo cake option from our website and upload your best HD-quality photo over there. Our bakers start preparing the cakes only after they get a confirmed order from you. This ensures that you will only get fresh cakes and nothing less than that. So, if you are ordering for same-day deliveries, you will get the cakes 4 to 5 hours after you have ordered on our website. Our same-day deliveries are also free of the shipping cost which is our prime USP.

We deliver fresh eggless cakes as per your choice. You can get online photo cake delivery from chocolaty.in in both egg and eggless bases. In fact, we have eggless cake options on all our cakes that you see listed on our website. All you have to do is choose the eggless option through just one click on any cake of your choice and that will be delivered to your doorstep. Our eggless cakes are as soft and fresh as the egg cakes. So, all of the photo cakes can be delivered in the eggless base too.

Apart from the photo cakes, we also have cakes in the shapes of cars, bikes, superheroes, avengers Spiderman, piñata, chhota Bheem, Mickey Mouse, pikachu, cartoon cakes, and lots more. Apart from these gorgeous shapes and designs, all of these cakes are available in different flavours like chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, butterscotch, black forest, and more. All the photo cakes that you choose can be made in any flavour and any shape. If you want a chocolate photo cake with a colourful photo on the top, we can do that for you.

Send Photo Cakes Online | Personalized Photo Cake 

We all love to share a great bond & cherish every moment, be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s day or any special day and all these days somewhere are incomplete without delicious cakes. Just like our occasions, even cakes are much more upgraded and entrenched with photos. The printed image on the delicious cake does not only make this edible unique but also connects with our emotions. Indeed, it’s worth it. If you also want to fulfil your special ones desire with something as special as them, then go ahead and Buy Photo Cakes online from Chocolaty, as we have the key to making your special ones smile.

Order Photo Cakes Online & Have a Great Celebration

The idea of a photo cake with soft and tender consistency has always won the hearts of everyone. That is why we bring an exclusive range of photo cakes baked by our experienced professional chef with natural and healthy ingredients. Photo cakes here at chocolaty are available in an exclusive range such as pineapple square shape photo-cake, delicious chocolate cake for dad, personalized pineapple cake, personalized chocolate heart cake, heart-shaped chocolate photo cake, special photo cake, round chocolate cake for dad, photo square chocolate cake, photo red velvet cake and so many more. You can place your order for these cakes and you can also place an order of gift items and flowers along with the cake. By placing an order for photo cakes online delivery you can surprise your special ones. If you have just remembered at the very end moment, then also no worries you can send a cake with our customized delivery services that help your cake reach the desired destination in just 3 hours.

Picture Cakes_ a Pack of Sweetness with Love

Now you can surprise your special ones with the exclusive pack of sweetness in the form of photo cakes. Here you get photo cakes according to your relationships so that you can dedicate your love and care to your dearest people like never before. You can also add some amazing gifts along with cakes that your dearest people will be going to love them. Cakes here are available in a wide range at really cost-effective prices; along with that we also deliver designer cake online. So why delay? Celebrate your special days will full zest and zeal with cakes that are baked with love and care. They are as delicious as you are expecting them to be. You can pick the finest and most classy cakes online to amaze your special ones completely. The cakes are specially curated to bring the magic of love & care to your relationships with their awesome and delectable taste.

Get photo cakes online delivery in just 3 hours by Chocolaty

We deliver the cake with a photo printed on it in just 3 hours. Our delivery services include all kinds of customized delivery options like midnight delivery, same-day delivery, express delivery to let everyone celebrate anytime and anywhere.

Why Photo Cakes from the Chocolaty are the best?

Photo Cakes are very much in the trend, so how can one miss the trend on your celebration! So, Why not choose from Chocolaty’s unique section of extremely delicious and mouth-watering picture cakes, which are perfect for any occasion?

Photo cakes at Chocolaty are available in an exclusive range including a pineapple square shape photo-cake, a delicious chocolate cake for dad with his picture, a personalised pineapple cake, a heart-shaped chocolate photo cake, a special photo cake, a round chocolate cake for dad, a photo square chocolate cake, a photo red velvet cake, and many other options.

Quality is one of the most focused and important factors not to be compromised upon. Chocolaty believes in quality over any other factor, Therefore, Chocolaty.in should be considered over any other portal.

Let's rewind your moments; choose an online photo cake. Quick and hassle-free doorstep services; order now and save up to 25%

Are you planning to order a cake for your loved ones, a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion? Let's go with a photo cake. Let's enjoy a two-in-one dessert this time. Wondering why? 2-in-1 dessert because it makes you rewind your memories, and delicious desserts help you make more memories. Chocolaty.in has an exclusive range of photo cakes. Our cakes are budget-friendly. You can select your cake by using the filter option, like low to high or high to low. This will help you find cake designs within your budget. Let's know what more you can get on our website. You can get fresh flowers, delicious chocolates, and gifts like a teddy bear and mugs. For reference, you can check out our chocolate bouquet, like the Ferrero Rocher Bouquet. Still scrolling, not confused; just click and move ahead. Don't ignore your carvings. Enjoy the sweets while sitting at home.

For your online photo cake delivery, you get 24 hours of service, which includes four types of services. Midnight delivery, early morning delivery This delivery includes the minimum delivery. We also provide fixed-time delivery, in which we deliver our articles at the perfect time. This, too, includes minimum delivery charges. The last, but most popular, is our same-day delivery. This delivery type is absolutely free; it doesn't include any delivery charges. Now let's discuss our mode of payment. We accept all the modes, like UPI, cash on delivery, and net banking. But if you choose an online mode of payment, you can get the chance to claim more exciting offers. Let's now discuss our baking process. We bake fresh cakes after we receive the order for the cake, and we use top-quality ingredients. We don't compromise with our customers' health. That's why we also provide sugar-free cakes, so you can have your photo cake without sugar. Let's not wait “Choose health, choose chocolate”.

Let's revisit cherished moments and create new ones together: A guide to placing an order for online photo cake delivery

Pick the flavor

You can choose the flavor according to your taste. It's not that for photo cake; you have a limited preference of flavors. It can be baked in any of the flavors of your choice. Even though you can choose fruit cake for your photo cake, the thing that should be kept in mind is the size of the cake. Because for printing photos, you need a large cake so that we have enough space to design your photo. You can even select seasonal fruit for your photo cake. Dry berries and cherries can also help you make your cake delicious.

Cake design

For online photo cake delivery, you can get a variety of designs while browsing our website. You can choose the best option from there, and not only that, even if you want a design according to your preference, our baker will ensure to customize according to your demands. You just need to provide us with a picture by email, and your online photo cake delivery will be delivered as soon as possible.

Cake size

As you have decided to opt for online delivery of a photo cake, you have to choose a larger size, as for photo cakes, you need space in your cake. Prior to placing an order for an online photo cake delivery, it is imperative to have a precise understanding of your guest list, as the cake you have selected should be adequate for all attendees.


It is of utmost importance to determine the specific occasion for which you are selecting an online photo cake delivery. This occasion could be a birthday party, an anniversary, or any other form of celebration, and a photo cake will be perfect to surprise your loved ones. In the present day, it has become customary for individuals to opt for photo cakes, which are specifically designed to align with the nature of the occasion.

Delivery time

For an online photo cake delivery, it is crucial that the delivery be on time. If your event is in the morning and you are receiving the cake in the evening, it is crucial to avoid any delays. In order to ensure timely delivery, we recommend choosing chocolaty.in, as they provide a 24-hour delivery service without any delays. Regardless of whether you require the cake in the early morning or at midnight, we guarantee prompt delivery for a minimal fee. Additionally, we offer same-day delivery within 3 to 4 hours at no extra cost. Furthermore, our online photo cake delivery is always fresh. This offer provides the best value, with minimal charges and no delivery delays. Therefore, there is no need to wait. Place your order for online photo cake delivery and enjoy it without any complications. Share the moments of love and indulge in a delicious cake with chocolaty.in.


If individuals are placing an order for online photo cake delivery, they anticipate receiving significant discounts or obtaining their online photo cakes at reasonable prices. Chocolaty.in offers online photo cake delivery at the most competitive prices to ensure customers can purchase the most affordable photo cakes online. We invite you to explore our website for more information.

Utilize your memories in unique ways by ordering online cake delivery from Chocolaty, let's check how?

The process of placing an order for online photo cake delivery at Chocolaty is pretty easy and straightforward. Follow the below-explained steps whenever you wish to order photo cake online anywhere in India:

Pick a cake

We have a variety of options for photo cakes for celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. It's the perfect present for your loved one, as when the cake reflects their special moments, it will make them feel special, and the most popular ones are displayed on this site, like Chocolate Photo Cake. Suppose you have a predetermined cake flavor or design. Search for that cake in our site’s search box. You will find it within a few seconds.

Chocolaty has many tasty desserts for you. Check each cake to assess the design and flavor. Go through the ingredient list to ensure the cake does not contain something that your religion, beliefs, or community do not allow.

Pick the size and design

We would recommend that you contact us if you wish to bake a special designer photo cake for your celebration. Let's make your day more joyful with elegant cakes and heartwarming decor. If you don't have any designs in mind, then it won’t be necessary because there are so many eye-catching and elegant designs in each category to choose from. Assess how many people will be attending the party to choose the right cake size. Prefer a larger cake if the number of guests has not been confirmed yet.

Regular or eggless?

As mentioned earlier, chocolate is pretty popular among vegetarians and vegans. We have both options for your magnificent photo cake. Our bakers keep vegan cakes away from regular ones to avoid delivery-time confusion. You can pick the type of cake along with the shape of the cake as they go to place the order.

Buy it

Once the design, size, and other things are determined, place the order. Click on the Buy Now button to place your order for online photo cake delivery. We will confirm it and start working on your cake. Here, you get several convenient payment options to complete the buying process within a few minutes.

Why Choose Chocolaty to Buy Cakes Online?

Let's make new memories with the old ones, which is the main reason to use chocolate. We don't speak out; our work speaks louder than our words. From top-quality ingredients to customer service, we are the best ones to serve, and you will definitely become aware of that after you deal with us. I am 100 percent sure your experience will be mind-blowing. To make up your mind, let's clear your doubts, which will boost your confidence to choose chocolaty to buy photo cakes online.

You get cakes prepared with top-quality ingredients

For your photo cake, we will not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. We do not use local products; instead, we use top-quality ingredients that will not affect your health. As customers, health matters a lot to us. The ink that we use for designing photos is also chemical-free.

Top-notch hygiene

In our bakeries, we maintain hygiene by keeping them cockroach- and bacteria-free. We take all the measures to maintain hygiene; even our bakers wear hand gloves and hair caps while baking the cake. Our bakeries are cleaned before and after baking the cake. Even we wash our utensils on a daily basis.

Great customization options

If you want a photo cake, we will definitely imprint the cake. Our trained bakers created the photo as it is. You just need to provide us with a picture via email or any social media, and after that, we will create it. The thing that should be kept in mind is that you have to order a larger cake so that your photo can be created more perfectly.

Top-quality packaging

As we do not compromise while choosing the ingredients, the same goes with our packaging. We provide our customers with attractive packaging that is also safe. In our boxes, cakes are very safe.

Same day delivery

We offer same-day delivery options for our customers, which include zero delivery charges. I think the delivery option is pretty convenient, as if you do not need cake in a hurry, we will have sufficient time to bake your cake and deliver it on time.

Affordable prices

Our photo cake range is most affordable, as you guys get these cakes with top quality and the lowest price, but the lowest price doesn't mean that we compromise on quality. We are the best online platform for selling the most affordable cakes.

Skilled delivery partners

Our delivery partners are well trained, and they have skills on how to deal with our customers. They are well-mannered and do not misbehave with any of our customers. They talk to customers politely and deliver the product safely to the customer's doorstep. They are well aware of the maps of the city and deliver the product on time. If you have any queries in mind while delivering, You can also track them through GPS while they are out for delivery.

Satisfying customer service

Our customers are our way of life. You will never find a wrong review in our feedback about baking a cake to deliver. We take all the measures that are needed, and that's why we have satisfied customers, even though we have repeat customers on a daily basis. Our priority is to satisfy our customers' needs, which we always exceed.

The Most Demanded Cakes at Chocolaty

Check out our most favorite cakes, or we can create a shoot-out section for the most popular cakes. Choose the perfect cake for your celebration. After tasting any of the flavors of our cakes, you will always be satisfied and happy while enjoying the delicious desserts, but the most demanded cakes are listed below, which you can also try for your online photo cake delivery.

Chocolate cakes

Chocolate cakes are the most preferred and demanded cakes. Mostly, kids like chocolate cake. You can get chocolate cakes not only in photo cakes but in many designer options, like pull-me-up cakes and pinata cakes. Even if you choose our premium range of sugar-free cakes, you can get options like 'Heart Shaped Truffle Photo Cake'. For online photo cake delivery.

Celebrations Cakes

For small celebrations to big celebrations, you can choose our photo cakes anytime. We have a lot of options for shape, like a photo cake in heart shape. While browsing our website, you will find a lot more options for cake, chocolate, and flowers.

Customized Cakes

These days, everyone is into personalizing their cake to match their own taste. Some folks browse social media for design ideas, while others love putting their own creative spin on their cakes. And then there are those who want photo cakes. No matter what you're after, we've got you covered with our customization service. All we need is a picture sent via email, and our skilled bakers will take care of the rest. Your cake will be ready for you in no time.

Getting prepared to deliver your cake filled with memories—let's see how it's done!

Whenever we get an order for photo cake delivery online, all over India, we first check the flavor, design, size, and requirements of the cake and pass the same instructions to our professional bakers. Even we suggest to our customers via description that they should have clarity while ordering cakes. Before preparing the cake, we first clean our bakery and maintain its hygiene. Our bakers cover their hands with gloves and wear caps while baking. After that, we start baking your cakes by using top-quality ingredients that are chemical-free. As your delicious cake is perfectly baked and decorated as demanded, we pack it safely and hand it over to our delivery staff. Our delivery partners deliver the cake carefully to your doorstep and hand over a special token in your hands.

How to Decorate the Cake Table to Make Any Celebration Unforgettable?

Everyone likes surprises, but only cake does not make that much of an impact. So with cake, you can also decorate the table or the room. So bring more vibes of celebration and special moments. Follow the instructions to make your celebration unforgettable and special.

Clean table cover

As your table cover will be the base of your decoration, it should be clean and attractive. You can use a pastel-colored table cover or any of the bright light-colored covers so that after placing decoration materials and cake, it will look more attractive, and things should not look dull on the cover. Or if you are getting confused about which type of cover you should use or if you do not have any colorful covers, you should use a white, clean cover decoration that will automatically pop up on the table.

Decorate the table

You can decorate the table with flowers, petals, and candles that will give off the vibe of celebration. Place the memorable photos for remembering the memories. You can also arrange chocolates and a greeting card for adding on. To your surprise, this will make your day remarkable. The gesture will definitely make your loved ones feel special and memorable.

Pick a perfect backdrop for impressive pictures

A photo booth is the most interesting and essential element of every party. It gives you a chance to enjoy yourself and make a lot of happy memories. Your photo booth should be attractive and relatable to these celebrations. Clicking photos and posing are the most trendy things. You can use photos that you have chosen for your photo cake. Nowadays, people are crazy to click amazing pictures with amazing props and upload them to social media. You can select your backdrop according to the theme, or you can browse any of the apps on Google, which will give you an idea of the kind of backdrop you can select. You can also select the color of the backdrop according to the lighting. In daylight, you need a light-colored backdrop, and at night, you need a darker one. Shiny things will give you attractive pictures. You can place small props that anyone can carry in their hands and click the picture. You can also place carry-on catchers in different areas of your party place so that everyone can take attractive pictures without waiting for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship fresh cakes when a user places an online order?

Yes, we ship fresh photo cakes. We start baking cake after we get orders, even if we use a freshly baked base. As our customers' health matters a lot to us, we don't compromise on it.

Q: Can I pick a specific time slot for cake delivery?

Yes, our services are available 24 hours a day, whether you want your cake delivered early in the morning or at midnight. We deliver fresh cakes every time you can find a slot for your online photo cake delivery.

Q. Which type of shape and size should we select for the photo cake?

You can select a heart-shaped cake, a square cake, or a rectangle cake; any one of them will work for your photo cake, but make sure you select a bigger cake, like one kg or then 1 kg, because for a clear photo, you need a bigger cake.

Q: What can I do if the cake is damaged?

If you receive damaged cake from our side, you can call us or drop a message at the customer care number provided on our website. We will definitely resolve your query by refunding your money or by delivering another cake to your doorstep.

Q. What are the options for the photo cakes?

Ans. There are numerous options available in the photo cakes section, you can look in the page above and select the photo cake as per your need, either it’s your parents anniversary or child’s birthday, you can order photo cake as per your need.

Q. Is heart-shaped chocolate photo cake available on Chocolaty?

Ans. Absolutely yes, a heart-shaped chocolate photo cake option is available on Chocolaty, just select the cake and place the order.

Q. Can I order a Photo Cake in Half Kg?

Ans. Usually, it is difficult to cake photo cake in lesser weight, therefore 1 kg cake is required to make the photo cake.