Online Cake Order Delivery Bangalore

The celebration is always special and it becomes more popular when you add a delectable cake to your occasion. Cakes are always a priority to make your celebration more special, and joyful. Of course, a party can’t be complete without a cake. Cakes add a new flavour to your way of celebration. Looking to buy a delicious cake for making your occasion very special? Then visit and send an online cake order to Bangalore and brighten up any festive occasion. Is your loved one's birthday about to come? Celebrate their special day with a delicious cake to bring a cute smile to their face by making an Online Cake Order in Bangalore. With the help of online cake delivery in Bangalore, make your special ones the happiest with finger-licking cakes. We are here to offer you an amazing range of scrumptious cakes that will surely woo your loved one’s heart. Enjoy our hassle-free same-day and midnight cake delivery in Bangalore.

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Order Online Cake Delivery in Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka and is also known as the ‘Silicon Valley Of India’. Looking for the best way to enjoy the aura of the tech city in Bangalore? Let’s start with something delightful and enjoy the luscious taste of cake freshly baked and rich in texture via You can avail of Online Cake delivery in Bangalore at midnight and start everything new and happy with the slice of cake. is the best cake shop in Bangalore near me for online cake delivery to jazz up your celebration vibes. Doesn’t matter what the size or type of cake is, they are always a sweet delight. Visit our site, the best cake shop in Bangalore offers freshly baked yummy cakes for the same day, express, immediate, and midnight cake delivery services.

Make Your Occasion Special With Cake Delivery In Bangalore

Special Occasions are sweet moments that you must indeed celebrate to make unforgettable memories. Having cake on the occasion allows you to add some sweetness to your party which is something that can make the celebration more special. To bring happiness and romance at the moment, a cake would be the best option. Its simply ravishing look makes an endearing gift for the occasion. Are you going to meet your friends and families after a long time? If so, arrange a marvellous party with a delicious cake that will surely add joy and happiness to your celebration. Damn sure, thus mouth-watering cakes would make your get-together worth remembering one.

Online Cake Delivery in Bangalore Quick and Hassle Free, Order Now and Save up to 25%

Baking cakes is an art. It takes special efforts to produce top-quality desserts every birthday boy/girl or couple celebrating an anniversary craves. A cake is the main dish when you celebrate a special event or achievement. Therefore, it must be delicious and impressive to draw the attention of all the attendees.

Chocolaty offers the finest cakes in Bengaluru to make every event memorable for clients. Whether you need cakes delivery in Bangalore or any other part of the city, we are ready to prepare and ship freshly baked desserts to your destination. You will never feel the need to visit a bakery specifically to buy cakes once you taste the cakes we provide at Chocolaty.

A Guide for Placing the Order for Delicious Cakes Online

A little planning can help you buy perfect cakes online. Tips shared here will lead you to a mouth-watering dessert that all guests will crave more.

Pick the flavour

Chocolaty features many cakes to choose from. Too many options may seem confusing and buyers often avoid experimentation with unknown flavours to ensure the dessert is perfect for the occasion. Go with a flavour you like and check the available options. We can surely offer several varieties of that flavour.

You can also choose cake flavours according to the current season, occasion, and the type of event you are hosting. Our experts are here to help you pick a delightful dessert without any hassle.

Cake design

A lot of people nowadays look for Instagrammable food options. That means people not only seek delicious foods, but those dishes also look impressive. As you can check on our platform, we specialize in baking visually appealing cakes in all flavours. So, you won’t be worrying about how the cake will look!

Pick a cake design according to the occasion. A cake with a classy design is perfect for celebrating anniversaries, special achievements, and office parties. Let your imagination fly and pick something special if it’s a birthday. We provide the best cakes in Bangalore online for birthday with truly innovative designs. Share the picture of the cake design and we will bake it!

Cake size

The size of the cake mainly depends on the number of guests you want to serve. A small cake can be distributed among several attendees, but people won’t get a chance to savour its deliciousness. So, put extra thought into choosing the cake size to avoid upsetting guests who may not get a piece of cake.

We provide cakes with ½ kg, 1 kg, and larger size options. A half-kilogram cake is perfect for serving 6-8 people. You can serve 14-16 guests with a 1 kg cake and thus you can pick the right size of the cake according to the number of expected guests.


What’s the occasion for which you are ordering the cake? Is it a baby shower, a birthday, an anniversary, a corporate event, a special achievement or something else? Most buyers in India do not pay attention to the occasion when placing an order for a delicious cake. You should not be one of them.

Be considerate of the occasion to pick a perfect cake design. Suppose it is a kid’s birthday, a cake with a cartoonish design or a child’s favourite character from a show will be perfect. Such a cake won’t look perfect for celebrating a wedding anniversary or a corporate event. We deliver the best birthday cakes in Bangalore with so many eye-grabbing designs. So, you have several impressive choices for each occasion you may wish to celebrate.

Delivery time

When do you want us to bake and deliver the cake? It will be perfect if you place the order for the cake at least a day before the event to get it on time. Chocolaty specializes in processing urgent orders.

Many users chose our services for online cake delivery in Bangalore same day. We have delivered impressive and delicious cakes to their doorsteps on time. An early order allows you to make changes in the design or size of the cake. Besides, our bakers can help you choose more innovative designs to make the upcoming celebration more enjoyable and delightful.


Pick a budget range when searching for mouth-watering cakes online. Chocolaty provides the most pocket-friendly deals for users buying cakes online. We also offer additional discounts on freshly prepared cakes to help buyers choose the perfect dessert for their event.

Set your budget and then check all the cakes available in various categories. Pick one with the most striking design and memorable flavour. We will ship it to your doorsteps before the promised timeframe.

What Types of Cakes You Can Buy Here Online?

As you can see, we are offering many varieties of cakes. The following types of cakes are the most frequently ordered ones on this platform:

Regular cakes

These cakes are always available for normal and prompt delivery. We can provide these cakes in popular flavours, such as pineapple, chocolate, butterscotch, black forest, and others.

You should choose a regular cake if you need instant delivery or a freshly baked cake. Just search for order cakes near me online and we will serve you through the nearest location. It is pretty affordable and our delivery partner will ship it to your location within the shortest possible timeframe.

Photo cakes

What if you could order a delicious dessert with the memory of the day imprinted on it? Order a photo cake if you wish to do that because we can print any picture you wish on the cake. We use edible ink to print the picture and it does not affect the taste of the cake.

Theme cakes

Cakes have become an essential part of celebrations. Bakers became creative and started preparing cakes to celebrate every occasion in a unique way. Thus, theme cakes became popular and today there is a unique cake for each event.

You can use our platform to place an order for cakes designed specifically for sports, kids, jungle, corporate, wedding, and many other themes. Get in touch with us to pick a perfect dessert according to the party theme now.

Eggless cakes

The largest number of vegetarians and vegans reside in India. Many people do not even eat eggs or egg-based products. We respect their commitment and bake eggless cakes to serve those clients.

If you are looking for cheap online cake delivery in Bangalore, Chocolaty will serve top-quality eggless cakes. Thousands of customers trust us for using high-quality ingredients and recommend our online services whenever clients need cakes with or without specific ingredients.

How to Place the Order for Online Cake Delivery at Chocolaty?

The process of placing an order for cakes at Chocolaty is pretty straightforward. Follow the below-explained steps whenever you wish to order cake in Bangalore online:

Pick a cake

We have a wide range of cakes for all occasions and the most popular ones are displayed on this site. Suppose you have a predetermined cake flavour or design, search for that cake in our site’s search box. You will find it within a few seconds.

It is great if you do not have a pre-determined cake flavor. Chocolatey has many tasty desserts for you. Check each cake to assess the design and flavour. Go through the ingredient list to ensure the cake does not contain something that your religion or community does not allow.

Pick the size and design

We would recommend you contact us if you wish to bake a special design cake for the upcoming event. It won’t be necessary though because there are so many cool designs in each category to choose from. Assess how many people will be attending the party to choose the right cake size. Prefer a larger size cake if the number of guests is not confirmed yet.

Regular or eggless?

As mentioned earlier, Chocolaty is pretty popular among vegetarians and vegans. Our bakers keep vegan cakes away from regular ones to avoid delivery-time confusion. You can pick the type of cake along with the shape of the cake as they go to place the order.

Buy it:

Once the design, size, and other things, place the order. Click on the Buy Now button to place your order. We will confirm it and start working on your cake. Here you get several convenient payment options to complete the buying process within a few minutes.

Why Choose Chocolaty to Buy Cakes Online?

Chocolaty should be your first choice to find and buy the best cakes in Bangalore online for birthday and other occasions because:

You get cakes prepared with top-quality ingredients

Chocolaty has been providing top-quality cakes for a long time. Whether it is a festival, a family event, or a large event, we have the capability to prepare fresh cakes as the customer places an order.

We specialize in same-day cake delivery. Our bakers can bake several cakes in a day without compromising the quality of ingredients. All the cakes offered on this platform are shipped fresh. None of our customers have ever complained about the quality of the cake. That’s because we source the finest quality ingredients to bake delicious cakes in Bangalore.

Top-notch hygiene

Our team ensures the entire bakery is clean and well-maintained for baking cakes in a hygienic environment. We are not one of those bakers, who forget to clean the facility for months.

Search for order cake online near me in Bangalore. You will find that Chocolaty is recommended by many buyers for top-notch flavours and zero hygiene-related issues. There is no mold, fungus, roaches, or bugs in our bakery. Those disease-causing elements are often found in poorly maintained bakeries and even health experts suggest not buying products from such establishments.

Great customization options

Go through all the varieties of cakes we offer at Chocolaty. Those are also customizable options. We can customize the cake design, shape, weight, and flavours to accommodate your demands.

We also take orders for unique cake designs. Share the type of cake or the design you wish to get in your single-tier or multitier cake. Our bakers will prepare a cake with the best design as per your needs and get it delivered on time.

Top-quality packaging

Online cake delivery can turn into a frustrating experience if the baker doesn’t use top-quality packaging to ship the cake. We are not one of those bakers because our service associates use the right size cake packaging boxes to prevent damage due to shocks or poor handling of the parcel.

You will get the cake-cutting knife along with the cake. Chocolate can also provide flowers and other items for the party if you need all the provided products for the event.

Same day delivery

Chocolaty promises the same-day online birthday cake delivery and ships the cake to the client’s doorsteps during the chosen timeslot. We do not make our clients wait for days to taste delicious cakes and other desserts. Pick the same-day delivery option if the party is today. Pick a time slot and you will get freshly prepared cake shipped during that timeframe.

Affordable pricing

We charge the most affordable rates for the quality and taste we deliver with each cake. Highly skilled bakers work to prepare all the ordered cakes. They make extra efforts to pick only top-quality ingredients for the impeccable flavour of the cake. We still charge more pocket-friendly prices than other bakers to serve as many clients as possible.

Skilled delivery partners

When it comes to delivering cakes, we got several skilled delivery partners shipping cakes across Bangalore. Many clients place orders for cheap online cake delivery in Bangalore. We offer multiple time slots for delivery and our delivery partners ship the cake only during the chosen time slot. You can also pick a convenient timeframe to receive the order and enjoy the cake with your loved ones.

Satisfying customer service

The Chocolaty team always tries to provide the best service whenever we receive a new order. If you still experience any kind of inconvenience, our customer service executives are available 24-7 to help you. Share your concerns and we will take the best possible action to resolve your problem.

Chocolaty is committed to providing the best cakes in Bangalore online. Place an order, taste the cake, and then you will also admire the delightful dessert we deliver to each customer.

The Most Demanded Cakes at Chocolaty

The following are frequently ordered cakes on this platform. Reveal how we prepare them to learn why our clients love those cakes so much!

Chocolate cakes

Possessing a unique power to grace up any occasion, chocolate cakes are probably the most demanded cakes in India. We at Chocolaty specialize in baking a wide range of chocolate cakes. We can bake those cakes in any shape and size you demand. Fresh cakes will be delivered to your home during the timeslot you pick for the cake delivery.

Stay assured that you will receive cake prepared from the highest quality ingredients and we can customize your request as per the flavours, design, and shape of the dessert. So, check our collection of chocolate cakes now to pick a wonderful dessert for the upcoming occasion.

Celebrations Cakes

Be it chocolate truffle, Rasmalai, Red velvet, fruit, or a layered cake, chocolate can serve many exciting variants of these celebration cakes to celebrate a special achievement. People love to share celebration videos on social media platforms and we help them draw more viewers through our cakes.

We can prepare some unique cakes to celebrate achievements uniquely. Granade-shaped cakes, Pinta cakes, and several other innovative options are available. Get in touch with the Chocolaty team for more information on the best cakes in Bangalore online for special celebrations.

Customized Cakes

Seasoned bakers with years of baking experience help us prepare some of the most eye-grabbing and delicious cakes. We welcome special requests if clients are looking for personalized or customized cakes.

Whether you wish to alter a few design elements or all aspects of the cake flavour, design, and shape, our bakers can accommodate your request. You will have to share information on what type of customizations you want and your demands regarding cake flavour, shape, size, and design. Share those details and our team will get back to you with a quick solution.

How Do We Prepare and Deliver Top-quality Cakes to Customers’ Doorsteps?

So, those were the most commonly ordered types of cakes at Chocolaty. All other cakes fall under those categories and our team ensures that served desserts taste pretty amazing and delightful.

Our team of bakers follow a simple cake-making process to bake cakes. The tricky process starts when the base is ready. Our skilled associates start moulding a simple cake dough into the unique design requested by the client. We enjoy customizing the cake design and making it robust enough to last for hours until you celebrate the occasion.

Our delivery partners have also been working with us for years. They understand how important it is to ship our products safely to avoid disappointing clients. Be it a single-tear cake or a multitier one, our delivery guys ship it on time while ensuring the cake is in perfect shape.

How to Decorate the Cake Table to Make Any Celebration Unforgettable?

How your celebration can turn into a memorable occasion? What should you do to make that occasion more memorable for the person celebrating? The answer is decorating the venue or at least the cake table in a unique way. Follow the below-suggested tips to make it an outstanding event for everyone:

Clean table cover

Don’t just put any cloth on the table for the sake of making it look good. Equip the celebration table with a clean cloth. Try a tablecloth with floral designs if you do not wish to put additional decorative materials over the table. A simple tablecloth will also do the trick if you follow the next tip.

But first, search for online birthday cake delivery near me and you will find Chocolaty to place the order for a delicious birthday cake!

Decorate the table

There are so many decorative items you can use to decorate the celebration table. Suppose you are celebrating a kid’s birthday, you can buy birthday table centrepieces to decorate the table. If it is your first anniversary, rose petals with scented candles will make it a romantic occasion to celebrate with your partner.

Flowers, cupcake toppers, cake stands, glitter, and many other decorative items are available to make the table look more appealing. Leave the centre space for the cake to complete the decoration. Prepare the table before inviting the birthday boy/girl, or the person/couple celebrating the event. Get cakes online to stay focused on decoration.

Pick a perfect backdrop for impressive pictures

Do not leave the wall behind the celebration table as it is. Try something different this time to make the backdrop look so appealing. You can prepare a balloon arch for kids’ birthdays. Suppose you can access the roof, and plan for an evening celebration where you can decorate an arch with a decorative light series to make it appear truly memorable.

Glitter tapes, flowers, and many other items can be available at the local store. Go to the store and get everything you need to decorate the backdrop. Use our platform for Cakes delivery in Sector 57 Bangalore so that you can enjoy the process of decorating the venue.

Wish Your Loved One With A Mouth-Watering Cake Delivery in Bangalore

Most people are involved in some kind of relationship whether it is parents and children, husband and wife, or friends. When you are in a long-distance relationship, you have to pay extra attention and care. In that case, it is very easy to fight stupid things but making your loved one happy is a little bit difficult. So surprise them with something delicious may work out. But you have to plan. Want to make it very unique and special for your dear ones? Send a surprise cake to them that will surely help you to keep your relationship intact. So choose the favourite cake of your loved ones and send it to them and bring back many beautiful memories from their childhood. We ensure to offer wonderful and delicious cakes for all special occasions.

Is your friend staying in Bangalore? But was it too late to surprise them with gifts or cakes for their special occasion? No worries!. Choose, one of the leading cake shops in Bangalore offers you a delectable range of cakes that keeps on mesmerizing the loved ones on their special day. So, what are you waiting for? Go for Online cake delivery in Bangalore and get the cake delivered at their doorstep to set the spirit of any celebration higher.

Get Online Cake Delivery In Bangalore For Your Special One

For Bangalore people, it is a perfect time to add sweetness to your celebration with some sweet dessert and delectable cakes, made with fine quality ingredients. We at have arrived in the city of Bangalore so that you can now easily order mouth-watering cakes in Bangalore and avail of same-day or instant delivery options. You do not need to worry about the cake quality, our skilled bakers start preparing when they receive your order and deliver them fresh.

Wish to surprise your better half on Valentine’s Day? And are you staying far from them and can't wish him by knocking at their door?

Surprise your better half with a special gift that will make your presence felt on a special day. So, try to be very unique when you are going to buy something for your better half. So, opt for the delicious cakes and revive old memories and also push their hearts to start beating. This sweet gesture from your side would surely revive all the moments you spent together with your partner. Don’t forget to add a heartfelt message to them that makes it a very heart-touching one.

Celebrate Every Special Moment With The Toothsome Cakes in Bangalore Via

Most of the people stay with their families but don’t have enough time to spend with them. Nowadays, it is very common due to their busy schedule. We at made it so easy for you to order cake anytime from anywhere for your loved ones. Don’t wait for a special day, so you have to try to celebrate every special moment you spent together. Of course, everyone has someone special in their life who cares for you and loves you immensely. So, send a lip-smacking cake to your dear ones and remind them of your love and make them feel special and delighted. On this special day, do something special and unique to keep your loved ones with you.

Celebrate Any Special Occasion With Customized Cakes Delivery in Bangalore

Cakes are an integral part of almost every special occasion, be it big or small. Cake signifies that the day is special enough to be celebrated uniquely. Party would seem empty without having cakes, especially birthdays. Of course, a birthday is the most important day of the year in everyone’s life. And also it has been traditionally an important thing for a birthday. Nowadays, no one can let pass anyone’s birthday without cakes. Sending cake for your loved one is a sweet gesture that shows them that they mean something special to you. So, just order the delicious cake via chocolaty. in and it will be delivered to their doorstep within a few minutes.

Even if your dear ones live at another location, you can send a box of sweets to them. Not only for a birthday party, but it has also taken place on many special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. The best thing about chocolaty. is that you can easily send cake in Bangalore. You don’t have to go outside and search for the best cake shop in Bangalore near me. You can just place an online cake in Bangalore in your comfort zone.

Enjoy Our Same Day And Midnight Cake Delivery In Bangalore

Cakes are the most eye-pleasing gift and also can convey your untold feelings for someone you love in your life. Wish to express your deepest feelings for the special one of your life who resides in Bangalore? is the right platform. We are here to assist you with your online cake delivery in Bangalore. We understand how important those special days that call for celebration are. That’s why we offer you unique services to lighten your special occasions. With the option of midnight cake delivery in Bangalore, you can make your loved one’s moments magical when the clock strikes 12. If you want some last-minute realizations, we offer you same day cake delivery in Bangalore with free shipping. Doesn’t matter if you are living in Bangalore or another part of the country, you can easily bring joy and happiness to your loved one’s doorstep on important special occasions. If any special occasion is around, then order cake online in Bangalore and curb the distance with the high quality to brighten your special occasion.

Order Cake In Bangalore To Make Every Occasion Memorable

Cakes are a vital element when it comes to adoring any festivity with a sweet tooth. What could be better than having a cake on the occasion to celebrate with? Of course, the cake will do the magic for you and also lift the mood of any special occasion, be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other joyful moment. Want to deliver the cake in Bangalore? Choose us to adore your special one with their toothsome flavours and eye-catching designs. We are at offer you a numerous variety of scrumptious cakes that are suitable for every occasion. And also we help you to opt for the right cake for your dear ones with an exquisite collection of cake flavours available to deliver to any corner of Bangalore. You don’t have to roam around the streets to find the best cake shop and wait there to choose and order a cake. All you need to do is to choose the perfect cake and send it to your special one that will surely soothe their taste buds.

Huge Variety Of Scrumptious Cakes in Bangalore From is an expert in making delicious cakes for every special occasion. We offer freshly baked cakes that make your special moments perfect and refresh your soul too. Delight every festive occasion with full ecstasy and bless your special one living in Bangalore by ordering a cake in Bangalore. Place an online cake order Bangaloreadoring via as we offer a wide assortment of cakes like eggless cakes, photo cake, theme cake, designed cakes with hassle-free cake delivery in Bangalore. Have a look at the varieties of cake that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Photo Cakes

To add delight to your special occasion, we at offer online photo cakes available in different flavours like strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch, and chocolate. Is your loved one’s birthday coming soon? Get a lovely photo of your loved ones that is printed on the delicious cake and give them a wonderful surprise. It will revive the golden memories and surely bring a million-dollar smile to their face. The photo cake can do magic to the whole event and make your celebration a grandeur one. Get ready to satiate their taste buds by sending delicious photo cakes via online cake delivery in Bangalore. Some of the beautiful cake creations we provide are best friends forever cake, couples photo cake, car photo cake, vanilla photo cake, football photo cake, and plenty more delicious cakes.

2. Theme Cakes

From Barbie dolls to superhero cakes, theme cakes can delight all your special occasions. Our expert bakers are precisely crafted in your favourite flavours and beautifully crowned with fondant embellishments and caricatures. The theme cakes are the perfect option to make your special ones with their delectable flavours and gorgeous look. Of course, these are the must-have for all occasions and also the perfect way to treat your taste buds and the senses. Our unique collections have baby shoe cake and welcome baby cake for your baby shower day. A baby is a blessing and also a precious gift was given by God. Celebrate the special day with these beautiful cakes and make the day the prettiest one. To order an online cake order from, visit our site, choose our best cake as per your desires and place your order at the comfort of your home. We offer you a fantastic collection of theme cakes that are available in various shapes and sizes.

3. Kids Cakes

Every parent wants to celebrate their kid’s birthday grandly. Is there anything more peaceful for parents than to see a wide smile on their kid’s face? Of course! Not. Now, it’s time to delight your kids with lip-smacking cakes. We are at bringing you an astounding range of birthday cakes for kids that will make the special day a more memorable one. Feel free to order kids cake for your little toddler from us. You can order cartoon cakes like Doraemon cake, Bheem cake, Minion Cake, Tom and Jerry cake, Shinchan cake, Chota Bheem cake and many more. All cakes we offer are baked using high-quality ingredients. So, get the beautiful kid’s cake delivered to your doorstep and grandly amaze your little kid.

4. Eggless Cakes

Looking for a wonderful and appetizing cake? And also want it to be eggless? If so, chocolaty. in would be the perfect choice for you. We offer you a melt-in-mouth range of eggless cakes that will match the taste of your veggie friend. We not only take care of cake flavour but it looks too. You can opt for the Nougat cake, Dark Royal, Vanilla Extravagant, Chocolate Mud cake, Strawberry Fancy, and more. Damn sure, our healthy and toothsome cakes will leave all the veggie lovers mesmerized and delighted. Want to adore your veggie friend? So surprise them with the fantastic eggless cakes by making eggless cake delivery in Bangalore. So, let’s add sweetness in your relationships by offering moist and tender bites of eggless cakes that will win the hearts of your loved ones. You just order an online cake in Bangalore and make your special day an unforgettable one.

5. Premium Cakes

Multi-tier cakes are simply edible and eye-catching too. Premium tier cakes are perfect for every small or big party and festive occasion. Get the multi-tier cakes from our premium cakes category on our site to catch the attention of your party guests. Of course, this would be the best option for any special occasion or party innovatively. We are at the offer, you different flavours used in each tier so that you can enjoy the taste of many in one sweet delicacy. You can choose a large cake for big celebrations like birthday parties, anniversaries, New Year parties, job promotion parties, farewell parties, and other big gatherings. Here, you can order two-tier cakes like vanilla beauty cake, supreme vanilla cake, delight pineapple cake, and more to make your loved one feel wow with its elegant look. We are here to make you three-tier cake delivery in Bangalore that adds the spirit of festivity on any special occasion.

6. Hot Selling Cakes

Our trending cakes are good-looking and scrumptious tastes that make your celebrations grand and memorable. Cakes like red velvet cake, black forest cake, cherry pool cake, vanilla, pineapple cake, rocky road cake, lychee-Mango cake, cherry cream Gateaux cake are the most selling and much-loved cake by everyone. So order cake in Bangalore to have a real slice of heaven and see the joyful faces of your special ones.

7. Cupcakes

Cupcake is the sweet little delight that brings a zing to celebrations with its delicious taste. Whether you are celebrating a housewarming party or any get-together, delicious cupcakes will double your happiness and make every moment an unforgettable one. So visit us to choose your favourite from the list and get the timely delivery of lip-smacking cupcakes that will let you savour happiness in every bite and give you memories galore for a lifetime.

8. Designer Cakes

The creamy cakes are embellished with eye-catching designer cakes and colours. This would be the perfect option to infuse sweetness on your special occasions. The cakes we provide are baked with utmost love and creativity that is available in different flavours. All you need to do is choose the flavour as per your choice and get the cake on your loved one’s special day. So, order cake in Bangalore for your loved ones and let them get the rich flavour in every bite. You won’t feel a need to spend time finding local bakeries in search of the best shop that you desire.

Online cake order Bangalore Via Chocolaty. in

Families and friends are priceless so that they need to be treated most uniquely. We understand the true meaning of your relationship. So choose us to enhance the bond of love and make their special days even more memorable. Don’t miss this great opportunity to savour more delicious cakes as chocolaty. it is offering super amazing cakes that will add more sweetness to your celebrations. Be it a chocolate truffle, or black forest, there are many wonderful cakes here on our site that will win the hearts of your special ones worldwide.

Just have a look and Online cake order Bangalore and uniquely adore your special ones. Explore our wide assortment of cakes and avail the cake delivery in Bangalore and get it delivered at their doorstep. Damn sure, its tempting taste sizzles up their special moment and will make them feel truly loved and wanted.

Why is the best website to deliver cakes in Bangalore?

Chocolaty is not just an option to deliver cakes but It is one of the best portals to make the finest and finger-licking cakes cake delivery to make the celebration memorable. Let’s point out some best features associated with Chocolaty. Firstly, Either its the early morning or at midnight, Chocolaty will deliver the cake of your choice to your doorstep hassle-free.

Secondly, offers a wide assortment of cakes like eggless cakes, photo cake, theme cake, designed cakes, Cartoon cake, or whatnot! There is a big list of the variety of cakes offered by Chocolaty. You just choose, we will deliver to any address.

Third, While ordering cake or flowers from never have a second thought about the quality and freshness. We deliver 100% fresh and quality products to our customers.

We also offer sugarless cake keeping health concerns in mind. By providing a variety of sugar-free cakes or the best chocolate cakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship fresh cakes when a user places an online order?

Ans. We always ship freshly baked cakes whenever we receive a new order. The cake is baked on the day the client wants to celebrate the event.

Q: Can I pick a specific time slot for cake delivery?

Ans. We understand clients can be busy with their jobs or other preparations. So, we allow clients to pick a convenient time slot to receive the cake delivery.

Q: What can I do if the cake is damaged?

Ans. There hasn’t been any such incident because our delivery partners take extra care to ship the cake in the original shape. In case any such incident occurs, we are just one call away to provide a quick solution.

Q. How can I get a midnight cake delivery in Bangalore?

Ans. It's incredibly simple to order for Midnight Cake in Bangalore using our user-friendly website. Just choose your favorite cake and select Midnight Delivery from the Delivery Details. Simply enter your address, date, and time inside the two-hour time frame, and you're done. Mention a personalized message for the Cake in the box given below in the ordering section.

Q. What cakes can I order for Bangalore?

Ans. There is a complete list of cakes that can be delivered in Bangalore above in the page.

Q. Do you charge anything extra for midnight, same-day & fixed-time cake delivery in Bangalore?

Ans. There are no Delivery charges in Bangalore on the Same Day Delivery. On Midnight Delivery and Fixed Time Cake Delivery, there is an extra delivery charge applied.

Q. Can I order Eggless cake in Bangalore?

Ans. Absolutely yes, you can order eggless as well as sugar-free cake in Bangalore

Localities Where Chocolaty Delivers Cakes in Bangalore