About Us

We started with very small but with an idea to see ourselves grow rapidly in global front. Chocolaty.in is inspired by the idea to bring people closer. Our core operation lies in being the medium to transfer gifts of your choice, to your loved one. These gifts are accustomed according to the events & festivals and customized in nature. These events and festivals can be birthdays, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Father’s Day, daughter’s Day etc. Our ambition is to reach the masses from all geographies and diversities of India. We are the platform for buying gifts and embracing your ties of the relationship. The thought to celebrate festivals along with building relationships is our drive.

The immense variety of flowers, chocolates, cake, mugs and cushions in various designs, patterns and thrilling look is available with us. We have pride in our unique and end number of products. Being the messenger of your emotions and delivering your feelings through your selected items with us is the value which we pursue. We are available in all the probable areas and cities of India. Have a gala time buying with us online everytime.

We understand those sweet, caring and tender gesture of yours which is delved in sending the gifts to your beloved. Thus each delivery is crucial for us, the happiness your loved one accrues receiving gifts send by you, is our pleasure too. Our delivery personnel are cooperative and they cater to all your delivery hassles well. Your satisfaction with the product and timing of the delivery is our vital element.

The journey of the chocolaty has just started and we look up to having many more successful years to come. The positive response which is achieved in such short span of time is commendable for us. We strive to serve you with the same grace and elegance, every time you look for our service. With each our prospective customer we try to build long term bond and trust in our offerings.

Our dedicated team is responsive and prompt in each of your queries asked. We have our own manageable team which is equipped in handling the deliveries. The experience and efficient manpower retained by us helps in feasible deliveries to you near and dear ones. Your suggestions and feedback is essential for us and we pay attention to the minute details of your worry.

Our vision is expand the service globally. We want to sigh our presence to every possible locations. Send gifts to your friends, parents, girlfriend/boyfriend abroad. One who is in foreign may also send them to India. We do not want to limit our boundaries to our nation only. Visit our website and get to know about the enormous delivery alternatives.

Our mission is to follow an ongoing process of growth in our enterprise. We keep on adding new gift categories and variation to the product. We bring in the innovative and latest product which is prominent in the market. As we have a dynamic approach towards our offerings that are updates as per the current trend. In this path your encouragement and views matter for us the most. Your insights and demands is our aspiration to grow.