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Do you have someone’s special birthday round the corner? If you said yes, then there are higher chances that you would be planning something awesome and out of the world for them. But, what extraordinary ordinary can you actually do? We are very sure that you wouldn’t want to do anything the same that you have done before, right? Then you have landed at the right page. On this page, you are going to find tonnes of cakes and other items that you can include in their birthday celebrations and make their special day even more special than before. At our website, you can find lots of trending cakes and pull up cakes is one of them. Getting pull up cakes online wasn’t as easy before as it is now with us. Check out our website for the most gorgeous and taste worthy pull up cakes online.

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The newest cake in town that is ruling the internet is the pull up cake. The pull up cakes are the cakes in which you need to pull up the plastic from the cake upwards and when you pull up the plastic, the entire cake flows down like a waterfall. It is the liquid of the cake that flows down and looks totally pretty. The entire cake stays intact for you to relish on and enjoy. Lots of designs, colours, sizes, shapes, and flavours can be made in the pull up cakes too. It is not custom that one thing suits all kinds of.

Trending cakes that are taste worthy and make your celebrations even better

If you are thinking that ordering a pull up cake would be a waste of time because it would not be tasty. Let us tell you that you are highly mistaken. Pull up cakes are going to be as tasty as the regular cakes. It is the extra liquid on the cake that flows down and the rest of the cake is totally like any other cake. These kinds of unique and pretty cakes are going to make your days much better. Everyone is going to enjoy pulling these cakes and having the time of their life. These cakes can be customized in any flavour of your choice and also any colour that you would want. Mostly, these cakes are in round or square shapes. Some additions of fruits, crumbs, flowers, toys, dolls, etc can also be added on these cakes for that extra funk on them.

Pull Up cakes online is the easiest with

Piñata cakes are the newest cakes that are trending in the market. A lot of cake shops and a lot of self bakers are selling this cake. But, we have to mention that it is also one of the most expensive cakes out there. And, if you think of adding more customizations to these cakes, they are going to get on the pricier side. Plus, the hassle of getting that perfect pull up cake from any shop is real. It is tough to visit lots of cake shops for the delivery of one cake where there are higher chances that they won’t be delivered at your place. But, we got the best fix for you. You can order for the most gorgeous and delicious pull up cakes online from We have the most trending pull up cakes with exotic designs and flavours that you wouldn’t find anywhere. Plus, we offer a free home delivery of these cakes which makes it even better for you. All you have to do is visit our website and order for the most delicious and good looking pull up cakes online. We have different delivery options that make it so much easier for you to surprise your loved ones with direct deliveries of the cakes at their place. Yes, if you live in any other city and would want to surprise your loved ones with cake deliveries at their place, then you can do that too from us. Just place an order, give us their address, give us your specified time for delivery, pay for the order, and your order will be sent to your loved ones in any city of India.

Buy pull up cakes online at and get free home delivery

To get the best pull up cafes ever right at your doorstep, you have to trust The pull up cakes is really new in the market and you wouldn’t find it at a lot of places. Even most of the best cake shops in your city don't sell the pull up cakes. Also, if they are selling, they are not excelling in it. This is the reason we are advising you to order a pull up cake only from our website. If you order from us, you will be getting an amazing cake that is right at your doorstep without needing you to move an inch from your place. You can also schedule deliveries of these cakes to your loved one’s places as well for their special days. Isn’t it best to order from us in that case then? Of course, it is!

Where can I get the fanciest pull up cakes online?

If you are looking for pull up cakes online then you search effectively ends at On our website, you can find lots and lots of trending cakes online. One of the most popular trending cakes on our website has to be the pull up cakes. The crazy amount of love that we have seen on the pull up cakes is amazing and overwhelming as well. The beauty and the wacky side of this cake makes everyone attracted towards it.

But, there is a trick to the pull up cakes. If they are not properly made they tend to get flimsy and can be destroyed. The pull up cakes needs to be tight and also flowy at the same time. It should be tight enough to be pulled correctly without getting hampered in the way. Also, it should be flowy enough so that the drop of the cake is also without any restriction. On our website, you are going to find the best pull up cakes ever. At, you can find pull up cakes in different flavours and colours. Also, you can choose eggless options for the pull up cakes on our website through just a click.

Not a lot of shops are selling the pull up cakes and here we fill the gap. And we are even better than everyone else because we do online deliveries of these cakes. You do not need to visit a lot of cake shops in search of these trending cakes. You can be sitting in your homes and can get these cakes delivered right at your doorstep. It would just take a few minutes work that too from the leisure of your homes and you can get the cakes delivered to you. No extra effort of cake shop hopping, no disappointments, no wastage of time, and you will be getting the cakes. What else do you even want?

Along with the pull up cakes, you can also order a lot of trending cakes like piñata cakes, photo cakes, unicorn cakes, avengers cakes, minion cakes, tiered cakes, and whatnot. Along with the cakes, we also have lots of other items on our website like flowers, chocolate towers, hampers, creative gifts, customisable mugs, etc. All of these can be yours right at the comfort of your homes through your phone or laptop. The world of cute gifts and amazing cakes which is welcomes you like no one else.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have eggless cakes in all varieties?

Yes, all our cake range is also available in the eggless category. Even our pull up cakes are available in the eggless category. This is a very basic customisation that is available for all our cakes. This option is present on our website right beside the cakes. You can choose the eggless cake options for all the cakes we have on our website. You can choose this option with just one click.

2. Do you customize pull up cakes as per my choice?

Yes, we do customize cakes as per your requirements. The pull up cakes that we have on our website can be customized as per your requirements. Basic customisation options are available on our website right beside the cakes. If you want any further customisations, you can mail us your requirements.

3. Do you charge any extra shipping cost for the cake deliveries?

No, we don't charge any shipping cost for the standard deliveries or the same day cake deliveries. You just have to pay for the cakes that you have purchased. We do charge an extra amount for the midnight and the fixed time cake deliveries. But, that charge is also a small basic amount.

4. Do you offer midnight delivery of the pull up cakes to my city?

Yes, we also offer midnight deliveries of the pull up cakes too in almost all the Indian cities we are available in. But, if you want to order a pull up cake for the midnight delivery then you would have to place the order for the same 4 to 5 hours before the midnight time. This means you must order for the pull up cakes between 7 to 8 pm to get the pull up cakes delivered at around 12 am.

5. Can I order flowers with my pull up cakes online delivery?

Absolutely yes! chocolaty offers a fabulous collection of fresh and assorted flowers. You can choose the flowers of your choice from our website and order for those along with the pull up cakes. We will deliver it with the pull up cakes online at your place. This will be such a fantastic combo.

6. What about a fixed time cake delivery and how does it work?

You can avail of fixed time cake delivery from our website. Select a cake of your choice and in the Delivery Details section select fixed time delivery and select the time slot you're most comfortable with. Your cake will be delivered within that selected time slot. Fixed time delivery simply means that your cakes will be delivered in the fixed time of your choice.