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Roses symbolize the world’s most beautiful feeling of love. Express the warmth of love to your loved ones by sending roses online. Now you don’t have to wait at the store to send roses because Chocolaty is offering roses delivery online. Chocolaty offers fresh and beautiful bouquet delivery then why wait at stores? Just get ready to express your love.

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Buy/Send Roses Online India

Roses are the perfect way to establish intimacy with any and everyone. Be it your friends, better halves, parents, grandparents, siblings, bosses, colleagues, teachers, or other loved ones, nature has created a rose for every relationship. They convey love of every kind and for every occasion. Call in the Chocolaty experts for an alluring, one of its kind collection of roses, put together in a variety of charming arrangements --- hand bunches, baskets, vases or bouquets, suited to the mood and emotion you want to convey!

Roses and their colors have their own language. While a single red rose says ‘I love you’, pink roses convey admiration, gratitude, gentleness and the sweetest way to say ‘Thank you’. Whereas yellow roses suggest joy and merriment, a yellow rose with red tips says ‘I am falling in love with you’. Orange roses convey deep and intense desire. Peach roses are the ones you should turn to if you’re proposing to your girlfriend as they signify a ‘sealing the deal’ sentiment. Even black and/or deep blue roses that signify death can be sent to an ex-lover, saying with roses that which you could not say in words!

So make sure to send roses online, be it lovely red roses or the purity of the white ones, order roses online at chocolaty. We offer online flower delivery at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Make sure to give your loved ones the best of love and fragrances. Order your online rose delivery!

Gift lovely bunches of flowers for your love-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you know this is the best time where you express your emotions. A flower is known to be able to express varied emotions and feelings due to its enchanting beauty, its mesmerizing fragrance and its uniqueness. When you send flowers to your precious one on Valentine’s Day it signifies their importance in your life and what more would you want than to see your loved one happy and overwhelmed with joy. Order roses online and send your love lovely surprises and get them startled. You can select from variety of flowers and its species that we offer and make the most of Chocolaty same day Delivery. Send lovely bouquets to your husband, wife, girlfriend, and boyfriend anywhere in India and you can make your own selection Chocolaty has the wide range of fresh cut flowers like lilies, roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids, etc. Whatever you know they are found of and make the most of this occasion.

Roses and its significances of its colours

We are all aware of the fact why Roses are so popular as this flower expresses emotions like no other

White Roses- White is the color of purity so when you wish to apologies to someone and you are not being able to express it in words, send them a white rose and they will understand , also white is known to showcase emotions of sympathy , apathy and spirituality. You can also send someone white roses for the same.

Red Roses – Red as a color itself is so strong and beautiful it stands for love and strong admiration towards someone. You can send Red roses to your loving hubby and wife and Someone who you feel really strongly about, Red roses is also very popular among the youth so you can send it to your boyfriend and girlfriend and make them feel unique and special.

Yellow Roses – Yellow roses signifies care and the feeling of nurturing someone you care about, it can be sent to someone you want to show you care.

Pink Roses – if you really like someone you should send them a pink rose and brighten up their day. Pink is a color of admiration and innocence, if you send a pink rose to someone it shows that you are very fond of that persona and you wish to see them more.

Orange Roses – Celebrate success and achievement with an orange rose, this color is not very commonly available yet it is known to be quite popular to send as a token of appreciation in a formal manner.

Black Roses – Black Roses signifies the end, it is known to be popular among the youth as you can send a black rose to someone you wish to promptly end the relationship.