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Roses symbolize the world’s most beautiful feeling of love. Express the warmth of love to your loved ones by sending roses online. Now you don’t have to wait at the store to send roses because Chocolaty is offering roses delivery online. Chocolaty offers fresh and beautiful bouquet delivery then why wait at stores? Just get ready to express your love.

Gifting roses to your loved ones and seeing them feel special is one of the most underrated feelings in the world. Roses are special and they are also unique gifts that can make anyone smile in no time. If you would want to make your loved ones feel special on any random day or even on a special day, the best place that you can reach out for the same has to be

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Buy/Send Roses Online Delivery India

Roses are the perfect way to establish intimacy with any and everyone. Be it your friends, better halves, parents, grandparents, siblings, bosses, colleagues, teachers, or other loved ones, nature has created a rose for every relationship. They convey love of every kind and for every occasion. Call in the Chocolaty experts for an alluring, one of its kind collection of roses, put together in a variety of charming arrangements --- hand bunches, baskets, vases or bouquets, suited to the mood and emotion you want to convey!

Roses and their colors have their own language. While a single red rose says ‘I love you’, pink roses convey admiration, gratitude, gentleness and the sweetest way to say ‘Thank you’. Whereas yellow roses suggest joy and merriment, a yellow rose with red tips says ‘I am falling in love with you’. Orange roses convey deep and intense desire. Peach roses are the ones you should turn to if you’re proposing to your girlfriend as they signify a ‘sealing the deal’ sentiment. Even black and/or deep blue roses that signify death can be sent to an ex-lover, saying with roses that which you could not say in words!

So make sure to send roses online, be it lovely red roses or the purity of the white ones, order roses online at chocolaty. We offer online flower delivery at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Make sure to give your loved ones the best of love and fragrances. Order your online rose delivery!

Gift lovely bunches of flowers for your love-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you know this is the best time where you express your emotions. A flower is known to be able to express varied emotions and feelings due to its enchanting beauty, its mesmerizing fragrance and its uniqueness. When you send flowers to your precious one on Valentine’s Day it signifies their importance in your life and what more would you want than to see your loved one happy and overwhelmed with joy. Order roses online and send your love lovely surprises and get them startled.

You can select from variety of flowers and its species that we offer and make the most of Chocolaty same day Delivery. Send lovely bouquets to your husband, wife, girlfriend, and boyfriend anywhere in India and you can make your own selection Chocolaty has the wide range of fresh cut flowers like lilies, roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids, etc. Whatever you know they are found of and make the most of this occasion.

Roses and its significances of its colours

We are all aware of the fact why Roses are so popular as this flower expresses emotions like no other

White Roses- White is the color of purity so when you wish to apologies to someone and you are not being able to express it in words, send them a white rose and they will understand , also white is known to showcase emotions of sympathy , apathy and spirituality. You can also send someone white roses for the same.

Red Roses – Red as a color itself is so strong and beautiful it stands for love and strong admiration towards someone. You can send Red roses to your loving hubby and wife and Someone who you feel really strongly about, Red roses is also very popular among the youth so you can send it to your boyfriend and girlfriend and make them feel unique and special.

Yellow RosesYellow roses signifies care and the feeling of nurturing someone you care about, it can be sent to someone you want to show you care.

Pink Roses – if you really like someone you should send them a pink rose and brighten up their day. Pink is a color of admiration and innocence, if you send a pink rose to someone it shows that you are very fond of that persona and you wish to see them more.

Orange Roses – Celebrate success and achievement with an orange rose, this color is not very commonly available yet it is known to be quite popular to send as a token of appreciation in a formal manner.

Black Roses – Black Roses signifies the end, it is known to be popular among the youth as you can send a black rose to someone you wish to promptly end the relationship.

Where can I get the best online rose delivery in India?

Getting roses is not a big task at all. We mean there are so many flower shops and florists all over any town or city that getting flowers becomes no big deal. So, buying a piece of flower and giving it to your loved ones is quite easy. But hey, what if your loved ones are staying in some other city and you are residing in another? Or what if you want to surprise someone on a special day with a flower delivery at their home? Or what if your loved one is having a bad day and you cannot meet them but would bring a smile on their face through a flower delivery at their doorstep? We are pretty sure that these shops around your city would not be indulging in any of these services, right?

For all those kinds of services and to get online rose delivery anywhere in India, you need to trust is India’s leading online portal for sending cakes online. But, along with cakes, we have a lot of items on our website like flowers, chocolates, gifts, plants, and lots more items. For all of those, you just need to visit and explore our range of cute items that we have to offer. Want to send warm greetings and love to your loved ones anywhere in India through flowers and cakes, then we Chocolaty, one of the leading gifting portals of the country should be your go to choice. No need to roam from one corner to another, searching for the perfect red roses or any other exotic flower for that matter. So, choose a delicious cake or a nice flower from our exotic range of gifting items. With our reliable and on-time delivery services, you will get these on time at your desired location.

On our website, you can get online rose delivery in various types of assortments like in vases, bouquet form, and lots more. You can find lots of roses in different colours on our website that you might not usually find everywhere. Along with the roses, we sell a lot of other flowers like orchids, carnations, lilies, and lots more. You can even choose for a midnight online rose delivery in India, fixed time rose delivery, same day delivery, and you can also schedule for the rose deliveries in India in advance for any particular date on our website. We are pretty sure that you will not get so many options available on any other website for sure.

Cute and refreshing online roses delivery

Find the cutest roses online on We are the best platform for online roses delivery in the country. Yes, we are the platform that sells cakes and chocolates but along with that, we are also someone who engages in flower delivery in the country as well. On our website, you will find rose bouquets starting from Rs 429 and other flowers starting from around Rs 129. We have something for every budget. There are tons of varieties of roses available on our website. If you check our website, you will find rose bouquets in different styles, roses with chocolates, roses with other flowers, different colours of roses paired together, roses with cakes, and other stuff.

Talking about the quality, we assure you that you do not have to worry about the freshness of the flowers at all. You will get fresh flowers from our website at all costs. We will be only sending you top-quality flowers no matter what. This is our promise even if we are selling through online deliveries. We can send online roses delivery in India during the midnight time at exactly 12 am. If that is something that you want for your loved ones then we can do such deliveries for you.

So, if you plan to send an online roses delivery for anyone’s birthday at midnight, then we can help you with that. If you want online roses delivery at midnight, then make sure to place the orders for the flowers 2 to 3 hours before if you are considering ordering on the same day and getting delivery at midnight on the same day. We will need this much time to arrange for the flowers, source them, pack them, and then parcel them to your desired delivery address. We guarantee you the best midnight flower delivery in the entire country. This is how we can send online roses delivery in the entire country.

We have different types of flowers on our website like roses in different colours, lilies, orchids, carnations, and lots more apart from flowers. You can find all these flowers easily on our website. The flowers are also in different arrangements and you can choose the one you like the most. You will surely be spoilt for choices on Yes, all of these can be delivered anywhere across India at any time of the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I order Flowers with the birthday cakes too from your website?

Absolutely Yes, chocolaty offers fabulous flowers, you can choose the flowers of your choice and we will deliver it with the birthday cake to your address. You can also order for the different combos that we have on our website.

Q. What kind of combos do you have on our website?

We have a variety of combos on our website like flowers with cakes, flowers with chocolates, and lots more. You can also get online rose delivery with different combos or other items available on our website.

Q. What about a fixed time online rose delivery?

You can avail of fixed time cake delivery from our website. Select a rose or any flower of your choice from our website and in the delivery details section, you have to select ‘Standard Delivery’ and select the time slot you're most comfortable with. Your online rose delivery will be done within that selected time slot. This is how the fixed time delivery service works on our website. But, to get the delivery done at let’s say 7 pm, you must place an order by 4 to 5 pm for sure.

Q. How can I get a midnight delivery of roses?

Again, this is very simple. You can choose the midnight rose delivery option while placing the order. You must place the order at around 9 to 10 pm, if it is the same day midnight delivery. You will be charged an extra shipping fee for the midnight delivery since this needs a bit of an extra effort from our delivery agent’s side, but the amount is not going to be that much.

Q. Can you customize the flowers as per my choices?

Yes, the flowers are for you and your loved ones. So, everything will be as per your choice. You can add endless customisations on the existing flower assortments from our website and then get it delivered to your loved ones entirely as per your choice.

Q. Are there extra charges for add-on customisations?

Yes, there are some extra charges for the added customisations. The extra amount instantly gets added up, so you can see the final price and then make your decision. Everything on our website is totally transparent for our customers.