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Delicious cake makes every special occasion remarkable. Whether it is a big wedding celebration or a small family get-together party, the cake fits in just perfectly. Especially, if a cake is theme-based then it can be a stunning delight that can win the heart of everyone. From pretty dolls to superhero cakes, designer cakes add sweet delight to all special occasions. Wish to steal your loved one’s heart on their special day? At chocolaty. in, you can order a designer cake that will confess your love and affection towards your loved one. We are known for the hassle-free designer cake delivery services so that you can share the exquisite dessert with your dear ones living in any corner of the world. You can easily send Designer cakes to your special ones and get them delivered to their doorstep without any delay. Avail online designer cakes from us and let them enjoy their special day with a sweet delight.

Indulging in the delightful sweetness of delivery of online designer cakes has become more convenient than ever before. In, we offer the service of delivering designer cakes directly to your doorstep. Our exquisite range of designer cakes is carefully crafted to satisfy your cravings for sweetness without compromising on taste. Whether you prefer classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla or more exotic cake options like red velvet, we have a designer cake to suit every palate. Our cakes are made using premium quality ingredients and innovative recipes, ensuring that they are not only delicious but also suitable for those with diabetes. This means that everyone can enjoy our cakes without any concerns.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a delightful dessert . With our convenient online designer cake delivery service, you can easily order your favorite designer cake delivery . Simply browse through our selection, place your order, and leave the rest to us. We guarantee that your cake will arrive fresh, moist, and bursting with flavor, ready to be savored with every bite. Place your order today and experience the joy of delicious designer desserts.

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Online Designer Cakes Delivery Quick and Hassle Free, Order Now and Save up to 25%

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key, and online designer cake delivery services are making celebrations sweeter and simpler than ever before. Gone are the days of rushing to the bakery or spending hours in the kitchen trying to create the perfect cake. One of the biggest advantages of ordering designer cakes online is the variety of options available. Whether you're looking for a classic chocolate cake, a whimsical unicorn cake, or a sophisticated tiered cake for a wedding or anniversary, online bakeries offer a wide range of designs to suit every taste and occasion.

Another benefit of ordering cakes online is the convenience factor ,you can place an order online at any time of day or night, from the comfort of your own home. Online designer cake delivery also eliminates the hassle of transportation. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, easy ordering processes, and reliable delivery options, there's no reason not to indulge in the sweet convenience of online cake shopping.

Online designer cake delivery services offer a sweet solution for busy individuals craving convenience and quality. With a vast array of designs to choose from, including classic favorites and trendy creations, ordering a cake online is a hassle-free experience. Personalization options allow customers to add a unique touch to their cakes, perfect for any celebration or event. The convenience of online ordering means cakes can be delivered straight to your doorstep, saving time and eliminating the need for transportation. Plus, with reliable delivery options and high-quality ingredients, online bakeries ensure that every bite is as delightful as it is delicious.

A Guide for Placing the Order for Delicious Cakes Online

When purchasing items online:-


Choose from a delectable array of cake flavors online. Whether you crave classic chocolate, zesty lemon, or exotic mango, there's a flavor to suit every palate and occasion. Dive into a world of sweet possibilities!


When selecting a cake design, consider the occasion, recipient's preferences, and theme. Whether it's a classic tiered cake for a wedding, a whimsical character cake for a child's birthday, or a sophisticated floral design for an anniversary, choose a style that reflects the celebration's tone and delights the recipient.


Selecting the right cake size ensures everyone gets a slice of joy. Consider the occasion and guest count when choosing between petite delights for intimate gatherings or grand tiers for large celebrations. You Can also order mini jar cakes for your guests who don't like sharing their piece of joy!


From birthdays to weddings, and everything in between, online designer cakes cater to every celebration. Whether it's a milestone anniversary, a baby shower, or a simple Tuesday craving, these delectable creations add sweetness to any occasion. With convenience and customization, online designer cake delivery makes every moment memorable.


Say goodbye to waiting in line or stressing about transportation; professional bakers handle everything, guaranteeing your cake is delivered fresh and ready to delight, right on time.


Online designer cakes vary in price depending on factors like size, complexity, and ingredients. While some may be more affordable than traditional bakeries, intricate designs or premium ingredients may incur higher costs.

What Types of Cakes You Can Buy Here Online?

Here's a detailed look at the types of cakes you can buy from us:


Ordering designer regular cakes online offers convenience and variety, allowing you to choose from a wide selection of beautifully crafted cakes to suit any occasion. Plus, online bakeries take pride in using high-quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship to ensure that every cake is a delectable treat worthy of celebration.


Ordering designer photo cakes online brings convenience and customization to celebrations. With just a few clicks, you can select a cake design and upload your favorite photo, creating a personalized masterpiece.


Ordering designer theme cakes online offers unparalleled convenience and creativity. With a plethora of options ranging from classic to whimsical designs, like minion pinata cakes which customers can easily find the perfect cake for their theme party like minion party or any occasion.


With a diverse range of flavors and designs, these eggless pull me up cakes cater to every taste and occasion. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, or any special event, online bakeries provide a seamless ordering experience, allowing you to customize your cake to perfection.

How to Place the Order for Online Cake Delivery at Chocolaty?

Placing an order for online designer cakes from Chocolaty, here's a step-by-step guide to help you through:

Pick a Cake

Selecting a designer cake online is a breeze. Simply browse through the enticing array of options, choose your desired design, size, and flavor, then proceed to checkout. Customize with personal touches if desired, and select delivery preferences.

Pick the Size and Design

When ordering designer cakes online, simply select the desired size and design from the website's options. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs to suit your occasion. Once selected, proceed to the checkout and provide delivery details. It's that easy to customize and order your perfect cake online!

Regular or eggless?

When ordering designer cakes online, simply browse the selection, choose between regular or eggless options, customize with personal touches if desired, and proceed to checkout.

Buy it

To order designer cakes online, simply browse through a selection of delectable designs, customize with personal touches if desired, and proceed to checkout. With secure payment options and swift delivery, buying the perfect cake has never been easier. Celebrate effortlessly with the click of a button.

Why Choose Chocolaty to Buy Cakes Online?

When it comes to ordering designer cakes online , stands out as the premier choice for several compelling reasons. From top-quality ingredients to skilled delivery partners, here's why is the go-to destination for indulging in guilt-free sweetness:

You get cakes prepared with top-quality ingredients

Indulge in the sweet convenience of ordering designer cakes online from With each cake prepared using top-quality ingredients, your taste buds are in for a treat. Don't settle for anything less than perfection!

Top-notch hygiene

When you order designer cakes online from, you're not just getting delicious treats; you're getting top-notch hygiene too. With stringent quality control measures in place, ensures that every cake is prepared in a clean and sanitized environment, giving you peace of mind with every bite. Experience the convenience and safety of online cake shopping with

Great customization options

By ordering designer cakes online from, you unlock a world of delicious possibilities with great customization options. From classic favorites to whimsical creations, their selection caters to every taste and occasion. With just a few clicks, you can personalize your cake with messages, photos, or decorations, ensuring a truly unique creation.

Top-quality packaging

When ordering designer cakes online from, indulge in top-quality packaging ensuring your cake arrives pristine. Trust in the expertise of's bakers, who use only the finest ingredients to craft mouth-watering cakes that delight the senses and make every celebration sweeter.

Same day delivery

By ordering designer cakes online, with same-day delivery, your cravings are satisfied promptly, ensuring no celebration goes without its centerpiece. Explore a delectable array of options and elevate any occasion with the ease and luxury of online cake shopping.

Affordable prices

Ordering designer cakes online from offers affordable prices, ensuring you celebrate without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to overpriced cakes and hello to delicious affordability with's online cake ordering service.

Skilled delivery partners

By ordering designer cakes online from, you indulge with skilled delivery partners ensuring your cake arrives intact, celebrate effortlessly. Choose from a plethora of designs and flavors, and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of delicious, expertly crafted cakes delivered right to your doorstep.

Satisfying customer service

Order designer cakes online from for satisfying customer service. With easy ordering and reliable delivery, indulge in delicious, beautifully crafted cakes without leaving your home. Celebrate life's special moments delivered straight to your doorstep.

The Most Demanded Cakes at Chocolaty

Chocolate cakes

At Chocolaty, chocolate cakes reign supreme, captivating taste buds with their rich, indulgent flavor. From classic chocolate ganache to elaborate chocolate drip designs Indulge in the allure of Chocolaty's most demanded cakes and satisfy your cravings with just a few clicks.

Celebrations Cakes

From elegant wedding cakes to whimsical birthday creations, these designer cakes captivate with every slice. Ordering online ensures effortless access to these sought-after confections.

Customize Cake

Chocolaty's most demanded cakes are their customized designer cakes, available for online order. These bespoke creations cater to every taste and occasion.

How Do We Prepare and Deliver Top-quality Cakes to Customers’ Doorsteps?

We meticulously prepare top-quality cakes using premium ingredients and expert craftsmanship. Our skilled bakers craft each cake with care, ensuring impeccable taste and stunning presentation. With secure packaging and efficient delivery, we guarantee that your cake arrives fresh and intact at your doorstep. Experience the excellence of our cakes delivered with precision and passion.

Preparing and delivering top-quality designer cakes to customers' doorsteps requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to execute this process effectively:

1. Recipe Selection and Preparation:

Begin by selecting high-quality ingredients and recipes that produce delicious and visually appealing cakes. Whether it's classic flavors like chocolate or vanilla or more adventurous options like red velvet or salted caramel, ensure that each cake is made with care and precision.

2. Skilled Baking and Decoration:

Hire skilled bakers and decorators who have experience in creating designer cakes. Attention to detail is crucial in this step to ensure that each cake meets the standards of quality and aesthetic appeal expected by customers.

3. Customization Options:

Offer a variety of customization options to cater to different preferences and occasions. This may include personalized messages, edible images, or themed decorations to suit birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other special events.

4. Online Ordering System:

Develop a user-friendly online ordering system that allows customers to browse cake designs, select customization options, and place orders with ease. Ensure that the website is mobile-responsive and optimized for a seamless shopping experience.

5. Packaging and Presentation:

Invest in high-quality packaging materials that protect the cakes during transit and maintain their freshness and appearance. Consider using sturdy boxes, protective inserts, and decorative elements to enhance the presentation of the cakes upon delivery.

6. Efficient Production and Scheduling:

Implement an efficient production process and scheduling system to manage orders effectively. This involves coordinating baking, decorating, and packaging tasks to ensure that cakes are prepared and delivered on time.

7. Reliable Delivery Service:

Partner with a reliable delivery service or establish your own delivery fleet to transport cakes to customers' doorsteps. Choose delivery partners that prioritize punctuality, professionalism, and careful handling to maintain the integrity of the cakes during transit.

8. Temperature Control and Preservation:

Implement strict temperature control measures to preserve the freshness and quality of the cakes during delivery. Use insulated containers, refrigerated vans, or temperature-controlled packaging to prevent melting, spoilage, or damage due to heat or humidity.

9. Communication and Customer Service:

Maintain open lines of communication with customers throughout the ordering and delivery process. Provide updates on order status, delivery times, and any special instructions to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience.

10. Quality Assurance and Feedback:

Conduct regular quality checks to ensure that each cake meets your standards of excellence in taste, appearance, and presentation. Encourage customers to provide feedback and reviews, and use this information to continuously improve your products and services.

In conclusion, preparing and delivering top-quality designer cakes online to customers' doorsteps requires a combination of culinary expertise, logistical coordination, and exceptional customer service. By prioritizing quality, customization, and convenience, online bakeries can delight customers with delicious and beautifully crafted cakes for any occasion.

How to Decorate the Cake Table to Make Any Celebration Unforgettable?

Clean Table Cover

For an unforgettable celebration, start by covering the cake table with a clean, high-quality tablecloth that complements the theme or color scheme of the event. A pristine tablecloth sets the stage for an elegant presentation and provides a clean canvas for further decoration.

Creative Centerpiece

Capture attention with a creative centerpiece that enhances the overall theme. Consider using fresh flowers, decorative candles, or themed figurines to add visual interest and height to the table. This focal point will draw guests' eyes and create a memorable centerpiece for photographs.

Then, add themed decorations, elegant cake stands, and personalized accents to create a memorable and visually stunning display.

Decorate The Table

To create an unforgettable celebration, adorn the cake table with coordinating linens, fresh flowers, and themed décor. Incorporate ambient lighting and personalized touches to enhance the atmosphere and highlight the centerpiece cake, making every moment memorable. Creating a stunning cake table can elevate any celebration to unforgettable heights. Start by choosing a theme or color scheme that complements the occasion.

Use a stylish tablecloth or backdrop to set the stage, then add decorative elements like fresh flowers, candles, or themed accents to enhance the ambiance. Display the cake as the centerpiece, surrounded by coordinating desserts, treats, and embellishments. Incorporate height variations with cake stands or pedestals to add visual interest. Finally, pay attention to lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With attention to detail and creativity, your cake table will become a focal point of the celebration, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Pick a perfect backdrop for impressive pictures

For unforgettable celebrations, choose a perfect backdrop to elevate your cake table. Consider decorative themes, floral arrangements, or personalized touches. A stunning backdrop ensures impressive pictures, adding to the memorable atmosphere of any event. To make any celebration unforgettable, start by selecting a perfect backdrop for impressive pictures. Choose a backdrop that complements the theme and colors of the event, such as a sparkling sequin curtain for a glamorous affair or a rustic wooden backdrop for a cozy gathering. Next, adorn the cake table with elegant tablecloths, fresh flowers, and decorative accents that enhance the overall ambiance. Incorporate personalized elements like custom signage or monogrammed cake toppers to add a personal touch. Finally, ensure proper lighting to highlight the cake and create a magical atmosphere that guests will remember long after the celebration ends.

Buy Designer Cakes Online Delivery India

Our team at strives to ensure that each occasion is made memorable with the plethora of incredibly baked treats that are delivered to your doorstep within a few hours. We allow you to plan your special events like never before, whether it’s your birthdays or anniversaries. All you need to do is buy a cake online, cut a delectable piece, and relish it in the company of your loved ones.

When we say we can make your celebration planning a cakewalk, we mean it. We make cake delivery online as smooth as the creamier cake choices showcased at the portal for you to select from. Our scrumptious cakes can be the perfect icing on the top for occasions where you plan on surprising your partner or your parents on their anniversary or want to etch a memory forever in the photo albums along with beautifully and intricately designed buttercream and fondant cakes.

Online Cake Shop- Sending your Wishes and Cake Online

Order cake online not just when you have to celebrate a special occasion, but also when life’s been a tad unfair. How about tasting something sweet instead of your sour tears? Cheer up and order cake online at The diversity of designs and flavours will add a punch of happiness and colour. Craving to go and give a hug to your dear ones living miles away? Why not opt for the cake delivery service and send your wishes in the form of heartwarming and lip-smacking cakes. We can assure you that the melt in mouth cakes made with the finest chocolate will give them the same warmth. The goodness of chocolaty cakes is just a click away.

Regardless of the event, we know that every celebration deserves the range of sweetness with the best online cakes offered at Opt for a cake delivery online and munch away a delicious piece of cake with easy and speedy delivery services. Our cake shop online showcases a classic collection of both contemporary and conventional cake designs and flavours that satisfies your taste buds no matter what the occasion.

Cake Delivery Online: A Collection of Amazing Cakes at

Cakes are not always ideal; some might be heavy, uneven, while some might be too sweet to digest. At, we boast of showcasing perfectly baked and beautifully decorated cakes from bakeries that have a reputation and experience of being in the industry for years. Having said this, you can be assured of receiving cakes that are extra-spongy, very fresh, and an air-light crumb that instantly melts in the mouth. No matter where you are in India, the cake online store assures you to receive or send unparalleled quality cakes the same day, which means you’ll receive them while they’re fresh.

There’s no better way to show that you put in extra thought while selecting cake delivery online and personalizing the design. Each one carrying your personal touch, we take into consideration your ideas and preferences and come up with an online designer cake that speaks of you and how you feel about the recipient, making it extra-special. No matter what your preference for the cake design is, whether a plastic toy or a character figurine, we make sure you receive better tasting and looking each time you order cake online with

When looking for a Cake Shop near Me, Go For

We understand the busy schedules of our clients and that’s what has motivated us to offer all the cake lovers around the world to set up a portal where their favourite and the most gorgeous cake is a click away. As an ideal online cake booking portal, we hand-deliver your cake the very same day so that you enjoy your cake the way it should be when it’s fresh and creamy.

Apart from the conventional and bestsellers, as the best cake online store, we do personalize the cakes by offering an assortment of photo cakes that would perfectly imprint the picture of you or your loved one along with heart-shaped cakes that would carry your personal message. At, we let you make a lasting impression when you opt for cake combos. Select your favourite cake along with a beautifully decorated bouquet adorned with some of the most exotic blooms to brighten up the smile even more. When you choose us to send the cake online, stay assured that the cake will be freshly baked. - Committed to Professional Cake Delivery in India

Striving to become the best online cake delivery portal in India, we believe to help clients with services that set us apart from our competitors. This is the reason we associate with some of the finest bakeries all around India and bring forth a plethora of cake designs for our clients to choose from. At, our business ethics include catering to our valuable clients with professional online cake delivery service and the finest and mouth-watering treats. Our business motto is to never compromise on the quality of the service.

We bring forth a collection of cakes that goes perfectly well with birthdays and anniversaries. Wondering how we deliver happiness with these treats? Well, we deliver you the cakes that cover the most preferred flavours including black forest, red velvet, and chocolate. Not just this, we provide you with a cake online delivery option to select the most loved tier cakes that speak of opulence, sophistication, and elegance. Scroll through the assortment of our bespoke cakes page and get ready to be surprised with a collection of delectable cakes so extraordinary. Offering cake delivery online, we also allow you to customize your tasty treat for the loved one with a personalized message.

Send Cake to India safely with Cake Online Delivery is committed to safe cake online delivery thus ensuring the sweet treat gets delivered to your location just when it’s party-ready. The send cake to India anywhere delivery service offered is free or can vary depending upon the distance from the kitchen. Our cake cupids make sure you receive your gift and your cake cravings are satisfied as soon as possible.

Regardless of the city, you’re celebrating your birthday or anniversary, as an online cake shop, we ensure to send cakes online and deliver freshness in cakes that come with innovative and creative designs at your doorstep. We make sure your taste buds are tickled with some of the finest flavoured cakes that can add a perfect splash of zest to your party when you order cake online with us. Whether your event includes a small gathering or it’s a huge affair, our catalogue of cakes can fit well with the size of your party.

Cake Delivery in India with best Online Cakes @ is motivated and determined to become India’s friendliest, most reliable, and the best online cake delivery platform offering the widest array of spongy cakes ever. We deliver all sorts of cakes including eggless cakes, sugar-free cakes, designer cakes, heart-shaped cakes, and also cupcakes. For those who are always on the lookout for something different to send cake to India, we also offer an option to select from cake combos where your delectable cakes are perfectly accompanied with blooming flowers including roses, carnations, lilies, and orchids.

We offer cake online delivery and cover almost every city in India including Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ranchi, Simla, Guwahati, Cochin, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Bathinda, Pondicherry, and almost all of India. We have brought the most extensive and tempting range of the best online cakes for you. Choose from the many and place your order. We promise to deliver your selection within a few hours.

Send Cake Online for any Occasion to your Loved Ones

Our online cake delivery service covers occasions like your birthdays and anniversaries. In case you’ve forgotten the event or your baker ditched you at the last moment, we’ve got you covered. Buy cake online at and tada you’d end up being the one with the perfect gift. There’s no second thought that a cake is a gift that leaves a lasting impression and there’s hardly anyone who would say no to being treated with it when you send cake online. The variety of cakes offered at our online cake store would make for a great gift for birthdays and anniversaries. What better way to send cake to India and wish your loved ones by gifting them their favourite flavoured cake and to let them know you care. So, if you’re thinking about online cake booking, we’ve got the best deals for you.

Our Online Cake Delivery Catalog has Something for Everyone

Our online cake shop in India offers an extensive assortment of rich cakes catering to the assorted tastes and dietary requirements of the clients. Our range of cakes including eggless cakes, designer cakes, and sugar-free cakes among many are available in chocolate, back forest, and red velvet flavours. These flavours are also available in beautifully baked and designed cupcakes. Ideal for any occasion, the cakes will be delivered to you in a few hours of order placement without you having to step out of your house or office.

Not just this, apart from offering you the widest range of creamy and flavoursome cakes, we also take care of your pockets. The range of cakes offered at is priced to fit in anyone’s budget. This ensures a smile on everyone’s face, the one ordering and also the one receiving and relishing the flavours of the perfectly baked cakes. We send cake online and cater to gatherings of any size. Whether your guest list includes a gathering of a few hundred or tens, we have cakes available in all sizes. Order now for tasty, reliable, and client-friendly cake online delivery.

Mark your Birthday with Best Online Cake Delivery in India

When looking for cake online delivery for birthdays, you needn’t look any further than Without any hassle of wasting hours wandering from one cake shop to another, simply scroll through the assortment of beautifully designed and packed with amazing flavour cakes and have them delivered to your location within hours. We offer midnight and same day birthday cakes delivery services in India to make sure you receive your birthday cake at sharp midnight and cherish the precious moments with your family.

We have the most creative designs to choose from in this segment of online cake delivery. Choose from scrumptious and heavenly chocolate cakes to artistic fondant cakes with popping colours. We understand how a birthday is the most special event in one’s life and at, we make sure to add on little sprinkles and flavours with the most delectable cakes delivered at your doorstep.

Buy Cake Online and Celebrate Togetherness with

Not just birthdays, we also ensure your anniversary celebrations are made equally sweet with cakes that carry a perfect balance of flavour, freshness, and creaminess. Send cake to your loved ones and the scrumptiousness that the cake gives would set the tone of the celebration right. Just like your birthdays, your anniversaries are also well taken off with the same day or midnight anniversary cake delivery services in India and ensure your wishes are conveyed safely and at the perfect time.

At, we value your emotions and understand how important it would be for you to add a personal touch to the gift. That’s why we offer you the option to personalize the anniversary cakes by opting for the photo cakes where the love of the couple is perfectly imprinted on the cake. Reach out to us and we’ll ensure you get to send a cake by choosing from a plethora of beautifully and creatively designed and perfectly baked anniversary cakes that are delivered speedily to your location. We also deliver heart-shaped cakes ideal for the event and sugar-free cakes keeping dietary and health requirements in mind.

Cake Shop Online- Home to Deliciousness

Cakes can top the charts for being the most preferred dessert for most people no matter the occasion and we realize this. This is the reason we have brought the largest assortment of some of the most delicious cakes right on your laptops and phones. is home to not just the cakes that look good but most importantly, tastes heavenly. The cherry on the cake however is the fast and efficient delivery procedure that we follow. We make sure the sweetness and deliciousness reach you on time. So, what are you waiting for? Order cake online and send cake to India anywhere with our innovative platform that is set up to make your celebrations even more precious.

We have branched out to all the cities in India and we aim to make the project Pan India. Whether or not you’re putting up in a metropolitan, we don’t bar you from tasting some of the most amazingly crafted cakes. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll ensure your cake treat gets delivered. We strive to constantly offer our valuable patrons seedy and reliable cake delivery services so that you receive your favourite dessert for your special occasion.

How We Make Online Cake Delivery a Cake-walk

Discover your Cake

Visit our website for online cake booking and scroll through the assortment of yummy cakes including eggless cakes, photo cakes, sugar-free cakes, heart-shaped cakes, designer cakes, and cupcakes. Also, when opting to order cake online, select from the options of flavours available including chocolate, black forest, and red velvet.

Order cake Online

Ordering cakes at our portal is hassle-free and uncomplicated. Simply fill in your cart with the cakes you want and proceed through the checkout process.

Cake Baked

The bakers associated ensure that your cake is baked fresh and oozes deliciousness at every bite. Buy cake online and treat your family members and friends on their special occasion with cake gifts they would cherish their lifetime.

Best Online Cake Delivery in India

Cake online delivery is made easy with our same day and midnight cake delivery services in India. We are committed to delivering the ordered cake to your location within the time frame.

Same Day Delivery Cake Shop Near Me

Gone are the days when you had to be worried about finding the perfect cake for the occasion and roam around from one bakery to another. Having your favourite cake delivered within hours at your location without you having to waste your valuable time is a blessing in disguise. The problem here however is the number of phoney portals that claim to offer you the same day cake online delivery service and fail to do so.

Save yourself from falling into the trap of such fraudulent web portals and try gathering all the important details about the portal. Call the company or email them your queries. Any reliable order cake online delivery store would either call you back or revert to your email with answers to your queries. Another best way to judge whether the company is reliable before you buy cake online is the timeline they mention against each cake design and delivery. The reason behind this is that as compared to the conventional and basic designs, there are cakes that need to be baked quite intricately and would require hours to prepare fresh. The portal would be upfront and honest to you regarding the deadline. is one such portal that values transparency and a trustworthy approach in dealing with the clients looking for a cake shop near me. If the cake design is huge and complex, we would take a day or two for the preparation and delivery, since quality product and service is our company motto.

Last Minute Theme Birthday Cake for your Office Party

The corporate sector is one place where birthdays are celebrated almost every day. There are times when a theme-based cake is required. Think about being ditched by your local baker at the last moment. Why stay on pins and needles for days when you can simply buy cake online and select the most delectable theme cakes that match well with your birthday party theme and can be delivered at your location within hours. Simply browse through our catalogue of cakes offered and problem solved.

We make sure you receive the cake asked for no matter the time constraint through our cake online delivery service.

Send Cake Online Anywhere in India

There might be times when looking for online cake delivery in India seems difficult. However, is a cake shop online that proves to be an ultimate solution for all your online cake and cupcake delivery problems. Keeping in mind the love for cakes among people, we have brought them closer to freshly baked cakes and cupcakes created and decorated to perfection by some of the prominent bakeries in India. Whether you’re on the lookout for birthday or anniversary cakes for your parents, kids, spouse, friends, or even yourself, we can prove to be your trusted best online cake delivery partner.

We reach out to you with the most sought after and traditional cake flavours including chocolate cake, black forest cake, strawberry cake, vanilla cake, pineapple cake, and a lot more. Apart from these, there are designer cakes that can be customized according to your preference like cartoon character cakes, superhero characters for both boys and girls. The best part when you order cake online is that you can send a gorgeously decorated exotic flower bouquet along with the cake to make the moment extra special. So, make the most out of the online cake delivery platform and don’t let distance come between you and the sweet temptations.

Why Choose Designer Cake from Chocolaty online?

If you're not sure why you should get a designer cake from Chocolaty, here are a few reasons to encourage you. As you go through these reasons, you will understand why Chocolaty is known as India's fantastic designer cake shop.

With us, the possibilities are virtually limitless. We have a wide range of cakes to choose from, including well-known cakes, handcrafted cakes, and unique designer cakes. Finally, Chocolaty on-time delivery will add to the joy of your cake celebration. Finally, our dedicated team will give you the greatest individualized customer service possible.

Trending online designer cakes under one roof

Birthdays and special occasions demand the presence of cakes. The special occasions are nothing without including some fancy cakes. But, the thing with fancy cakes is that they have to be extremely good-looking and also really delicious. Both of these can only be achieved by professionals. So, if you are looking for some of the most amazing online designer cakes, you need to check out We have professional bakers in our team who will give you the most awesome-looking and heavenly-tasting designer cakes. All credit needs to be given to the amazing bakers who make such lively-looking lovely cakes. It is because of them that we have become the favourites of everyone in the country and we are very grateful that people are choosing us. On our website, we do have a lot of varieties of makeup cakes in different flavours, sizes, and styles.

On, you will find designer cakes in all styles. Piñata cakes are the trendiest cakes available in the market right now and we have them. Piñata cakes are basically hammer cakes that need to be broken. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be made in any flavour and any design. The newest cake in town that is ruling the internet is the pull-up cake. The pull-up cakes are cakes in which you need to pull up the plastic from the cake upwards and when you pull up the plastic, the entire cake flows down like a waterfall.

It is the liquid of the cake that flows down. It is a very aesthetic cake available on If you have someone in your life who is a gym freak or loves to work out more than anything else, then you can give them gym-themed cakes from our platform. They already haven't eaten a lot of cakes in their lifetime, so it’s an ironic idea to give them a cake with a gym reminder on it.

Makeup theme cakes are everywhere these days and also on These are some of the most popular birthday cakes for women. We also have unreal-looking cakes like Unicorn cakes. Unicorn cakes are totally real and for people who love and believe in Unicorns can get a piece of it through the gorgeous Unicorn cakes through These are great for kids.

So, you name a trending designer cake and you will surely find them on Explore our collection now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Chocolaty provides photo designer cakes?

Ans. Yes, Chocolaty offers a variety of designer cakes including photo cakes, multi tier cakes, cartoon cakes as per the occasion. You can choose from the website and order.

Q. What is the timing of delivery for the designer cake?

Ans. Our service is 24*7, Either its holiday or weekend. We deliver to any address within the time period.

Q. Can I order Flowers with the designer cake too?

Ans. Absolutely Yes, chocolaty offers fabulous flowers, you can choose the flowers of your choice and we will deliver it with the designer cake to your address.

Q. Do Chocolaty charge extra for midnight or same day cartoon cake delivery?

Ans. Yes, Extra 250 rupees are charged for the midnight delivery.

Q. Can I order Eggless Designer cake because my family is vegetarian?

Ans. Absolutely yes, we care for your sentiments as much as we do for the taste, you can order any Eggless Designer cake from the cakes mentioned above.

Q: Do you ship fresh cakes when a user places an online order?

Yes, we ensure that all cakes are freshly baked and shipped promptly after the order is placed. Your satisfaction and enjoyment of our delicious cakes are our top priorities.At, we take great pride in delivering the freshest and most delicious cakes to our customers' doorsteps. When a user places an online order, rest assured that we prioritize freshness and quality above all else. Upon receiving an online order, our skilled bakers spring into action, using only the finest ingredients to create mouthwatering cakes that are bursting with flavor. Each cake is baked to perfection, taking into account any customization options or special requests made by the customer.

Once the cake is ready, it undergoes thorough quality checks to ensure that it meets our high standards of excellence. Only when we are confident that the cake is of the highest quality do we carefully package it for delivery. Our dedicated delivery team then ensures that the cake is transported swiftly and safely to the customer's doorstep, using temperature-controlled vehicles and protective packaging to preserve its freshness during transit. So, when you place an online order with, you can trust that your cake will arrive fresh, delicious, and ready to delight your taste buds

Q: Can I pick a specific time slot for cake delivery?

Many online cake delivery services offer the option to select a specific time slot for delivery to ensure your cake arrives at the perfect moment for your celebration.Yes, allows customers to select a specific time slot for cake delivery, providing added convenience and flexibility. This feature ensures that cakes are delivered at the desired time, whether it's for a birthday surprise, anniversary celebration, or any other special occasion. By offering customizable delivery options, strives to enhance the customer experience and ensure that every cake arrives promptly and in perfect condition, making celebrations even more memorable and enjoyable.

Q: What can I do if the cake is damaged?

If you receive a damaged cake from, promptly contact their customer support team with a photo of the damage. takes customer satisfaction seriously and has policies in place to address such situations swiftly. Their dedicated support staff will work diligently to resolve the issue and ensure that you receive a replacement cake or appropriate compensation. Your feedback is valuable to them, and they are committed to making sure your experience with their service is nothing short of excellent.