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Pub G might have been banned in India but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy your favourite game in any form. You can get the Pub G theme games cake for yourself or for someone whose birthday is round the corner and who was an avid Pub G lover. PUB G was famous for its exquisite characters, techniques, and all the fun. So, that exact same fun can be replicated on the cakes. If you want to get some fancy PUB G theme cakes for someone’s birthday then you have to visit as that is the best place to order for such cakes. Getting gaming cakes at your doorstep is something totally cool and out of the box.

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PUB G theme cakes for the PUB G lovers

Sending cakes is a form of love and there is no one who will not love the gesture of sending cakes to them on their special days. Or leave aside special days, all of us would love receiving cakes as gifts even on the random days. We mean who would say No to cakes, ever, right? If you know someone who loves PUB G games or is a fan of it then you can surprise them with online PUB G cakes and gifts. The best place for this has to be as we excel in sending cakes in no time. For all the PUB G lovers, this cake is the best thing to invest in. They are going to love this cake and also they are going to appreciate the love you have shown on them through this cake. The PUB G lovers are so much into the game that this cake can be their personality definition too. Your search for the best PUB G theme cakes ends at

What is a PUB G Theme cake?

A PUB G theme cake is a cake on which PUB G related representations will be done. It can either be done in fondant 3D designs, photos, colours, drawings, etc. Some PUB G theme cakes also have the photos of the people on the PUB G characters to make these cakes even more realistic and personalised. There are endless varieties of PUB G cakes available online and also in the offline cake stores. The pub G cakes can be made in an eggless base or an egg base as per the presence of the customers. This cake is very popular amongst the PUB G lovers. Lots of customisations can be done on these cakes to make it as personalised as possible for the game lovers. There are some piñata cakes that come in PUBG theme designs and styles. The best part of these cakes is that they can be made in any and every flavour. So, if you like a chocolate flavour or a red velvet, these cakes can be customised in any.

PUB G theme cakes with amaze looks and delicious taste

No matter how much a cake is gorgeous, it will all be a waste until it tastes heavenly. The cakes are supposed to be soft, sweet, creamy, and heavenly delicious. The beauty of the cakes are not in their appearance but in their taste. Fondant cakes or any trending cakes might look gorgeous but not all of them taste as incredible as you might want them to be. But, if you want to find the cake that has the best balance of gorgeous looking cakes with delicious taste then you have to visit On our website not only will you find awesome looking PUB G theme cakes but also the ones that taste incredibly good.

Buy online PUB G theme cakes from

The best place to get your hands on online PUB G theme cakes is Our website has to be your best choice because we have lots of trending designs for the PUB G cakes. Other than this, we can also customize any design for the PUB G cakes as well. These cakes are usually expensive because of the extra effort needed to put into it. But, on our website, you can find affordable cakes for this theme and more. From our website, you can also get cakes on the same day. So, if you have any last minute plans to surprise someone with a special cake like this, then you can trust us at any moment.

But that is not it. Along with the cakes, we have flowers, a different variety of thoughtful gifts, and also some plants that you can give to your loved ones. We offer combos of cakes and flowers, cakes and other gifts that you can directly gift to your loved ones in any city of India. Online cake delivery of cakes is a totally easy job with You don’t even have to visit any shop or call anyone. You can easily browse our website on your phone, select a cake, order it, pay online, and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Can I get online Pub G theme cakes anywhere in India?

Yes, with, you can get PUBG theme cakes online in India. Getting online Pub G theme cakes has never been so easy than it is with us. You can get such cakes designed from scratch on our website at any hour of the day. We have lots of these cakes already listed on our website but if you wish to get personalized cakes of your choice then you can get those too from us. Choosing us for online PUB G theme cakes also means that you can get these cakes delivered at your loved one’s place through us without any extra efforts.

Sending cakes to your loved ones on their special occasions to make them feel special is one of the best feelings in the world. Staying far away in different locations of the world yet staying intact with your loved ones through these little warm ways is always a good idea. So, if you have someone special living in any different city or anything like that, you can always surprise them with cakes, gifts, plants, and flowers from

If you have someone staying far away from you and you would like to surprise them with a midnight cake or gifts, you can trust for the same. We are one of the best portals who do midnight cake delivery anywhere across India. You can trust us to surprise your loved ones in the most hassle free way by delivering midnight cakes. Along with the midnight cake delivery, we can also do deliveries of flowers, plants, and any special gift of your choice. You can find all of those on our website.

Apart from the midnight deliveries, we also excel in same day deliveries which means that you can order for a fancy cake like online PUB G theme cakes and get the same day deliveries of those cakes. This means that even such fancy cakes can be ordered on the same day and can be delivered ready to you on the same day. This is highly not possible by other cake shops for sure but we do it for you. We also excel in fixed time cake deliveries which means that you can order to get a cake delivered at your place at a fixed time of your choice.

We can deliver a midnight cake in the least time in the simplest steps. You just have to visit our website, choose a cake for midnight delivery, give us the address, and pay for it. The rest will be taken care of by us.

Sit back and relax and order the most fascinating online PUB G theme cakes with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you charge an extra amount for the midnight or the same day cake delivery?

No, Chocolaty does not charge anything extra on same-day delivery. We call it the standard delivery and this is absolutely free for any item that you purchase from our website. However, an extra charge is applicable on Midnight Delivery and Fixed Time Cake Delivery. But, we assure you that this charge is not much.

Q. Do you deliver eggless cakes too?

Yes of course we do that. We deliver fresh eggless cakes as per your choice. In fact, we have eggless cake options on all our cakes that you see listed on our website. All you have to do is choose the eggless option through just one click on any cake of your choice and that will be delivered at your doorstep. Our eggless cakes are as soft and fresh as the egg cakes.

Q. Can you deliver cakes on holidays also?

Yes, we mentioned that we work 24*7 and even on the holidays. Holidays are usually the time of celebration, in fact it is during the holidays and festive season only when people need cakes and gifts the most and therefore we deliver cakes on holidays as well, our service is round the clock.

Q. Do you customize cakes on your website and do online delivery?

Yes, we do customize cakes as per your requirements as we have already mentioned. Basic customisations like changing of flavour, eggless or egg base, and heart shape options are right there beside the cake option. You can choose these customisations from there itself. For further customisations, you can mail us. Also, we definitely deliver customised cakes at your homes.

Q. Can you deliver multi layered cakes also through online delivery?

Yes, on our website we do have a few multi layer cakes listed. They are all very gorgeous. You can get them delivered at any time of the day. Multi layered cakes are great for engagement and lots of special occasions. Our bakers design multi layered cakes in the mist sturdy ways. Our multi layered cakes are not flimsy and we guarantee you that.

Q. How to do midnight cake delivery in my city?

For getting the midnight cake delivery in your city, all you have to do is visit our website, select the cake that you want to get delivered, fill in the required information, pay the amount, and the rest is taken care of by us.