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Do you know how you can make a makeup lover happy? Of course, by giving them lots of makeup products. But, other than that, you can make them happy by sending them a perfect makeup theme cake. Makeup theme cakes have been very popular amongst women and not to be bragging but does excel in making these cakes. We have set a record of making and surprising people with the makeup theme cakes like no one else. If you order such cakes from us, you are going to be surprised with how beautiful these cakes look and taste. Just explore our range of makeup theme cakes on our website right now. We are one of the best places for it as we also make these cakes under a budget.

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Makeup Artist Theme Cakes Online

We have said it before and we are saying it again. Makeup cakes are the most popular birthday cakes amongst the girls. Girls love fashion and makeup and including something related to these on a cake is always a good idea. Makeup cakes look out of the world because of their fondant designs and decorations. Including those cute little lipsticks, eye liners, nail polish, eye shadow palette, etc using the fondant on the top of the cakes just make them look ultra cute. These are totally girly cakes that can make any girl the happiest on her special day. Also, it is just not girls, but the cake is quite unisex as anyone who enjoys makeup can be gifted this cake. Makeup has no gender and so does this cake. Also, if there is someone who is opening a makeup shop or has crossed a milestone in their makeup business can also be given these cakes to brighten up their days. The most delicious, budget friendly, and good looking makeup cakes can be bought from We are the best for a lot of reasons. Try to explore more.

Customise make up theme cakes with your personal touch

Makeup theme cakes are everywhere to be honest. These are one of the most popular birthday cakes for women. All credits need to be given to the amazing bakers who make such lively looking lovely cakes. On our website we do have a lot of varieties of makeup cakes in different flavours, sizes, and styles. But, every person is unique and so is their taste. Hence, you might be liking something other than what we have. So, going for personalisation in such cakes always comes handy and is always a great idea. You can get your personal touch added in these cakes to make them unique as per your liking. You can include more makeup products, you can change the makeup brand’s names, change existing makeup products with something you love, and the list goes on. The beauty of these cakes is that they look gorgeous only if it suits your personality and not generically. Hence, always make sure to add as much personalisation to these cakes as possible. Every girl is unique and special and hence she deserves things that are unique and special. If you are choosing a makeup theme cake for her, do a little more effort, and get it personalised as per her choice. You can do it through chocolaty.

Cuteness does no compromise to the taste

The makeup theme cakes look obviously extra glamorous and totally pretty. But, this does not mean that the taste of these cakes are average. We do not know about other places but through us, we can assure you that you will be in the dessert heaven. The cakes made by our bakers are super tasty including this one. It will be as soft as any other cake and we assure you that you will love its aroma, feeling, look, and even the taste to the fullest.

Buy makeup theme cakes from Chocolaty

Chocolaty should be your one stop choice for all types of cakes. Whenever there is a nice occasion that you want to celebrate in a lavish way or even in a small intimate way, you must include cakes in it. Cakes make the celebrations much better than you can ever think. But, getting the perfect cake is not any easy walk in the park. You need to go to a lot of places in search of a great cake and wait for them to get delivered at your place. But, we end all of that stress in just a click on our website. On our website, you can find a lot of cakes in different flavours and designs. You can easily choose a cake of your choice from our website and get them delivered at your place in no time. If you are looking for some exotic makeup theme cakes, then also the best place for it has to be chocolaty. We have lots of cakes in this design and also we can customize these cakes in various varieties of your choice. The best part of ordering these gorgeous looking fancy cakes from our website is that we offer these cakes in an affordable price range that is difficult to get from anywhere else.

How can I get the best make up theme cakes online?

These cakes are not only trending but they are absolutely loved. We have seen an amazing response for these cakes on our website since the time we have launched it. Girls of all age and women simply love this cake. There is no other cake that they love more than this cake to be honest. They are also very photogenic and Instagrammable. A lot of customizations are done on this cake with the interest of different people. People cannot simply wait to put up pictures of these cakes on their Instagram and other social media. So, if you are looking for gorgeous make up theme cakes that also taste delicious then you have to head to our website. Along with these trending cakes, you can also find other trending cakes on our website like photo cakes; pull up cakes, avenger’s cake, and basically everything. Other cakes for the girls that could be found on our website are doll cakes, barbie cakes, Minnie Mouse cakes, floral cakes, etc.

You can also combine these cakes with some other stuff like flowers, bouquets of chocolates, chocolate tower, etc and send these to your loved ones. We are the one stop shop who would make your special moments turn in to grander ones through extra effort. Not only can we send all these items through online delivery to your loved ones but you can also choose the time of delivery through us. Yes, you heard that right. Through us, you can fix the exact time on which the deliveries can be made which makes the receiver even happier.

Not a lot of shops are selling the best looking make up theme cakes and here we fill the gap. You can find nice photos of these cakes but the final parcel that you receive from most places isn’t that good. They do not match the quality as shown. But, we would not do that. And we are even better than everyone else because we do online deliveries of these cakes. You do not need to visit a lot of cake shops in search of these trending cakes. You can be sitting in your homes and can get these cakes delivered right at your doorstep. It would just take a few minutes work that too from the leisure of your homes and you can get the cakes delivered to you. No extra effort of cake shop hopping, no disappointments, no wastage of time, and you will be getting the cakes. What else do you even want?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy makeup theme Cakes for my wife’s birthday?

Yes, why not! Also, if you choose these cakes for any woman’s birthday, she is going to love a little more for sure after this. This is actually the cake of her dreams in all sense. You can place the order by choosing the cake from the above section. We are sure you would find something of her choice right here.

2. Do you customize makeup theme cakes as per my choice?

Yes, we do customize cakes as per your requirements. The makeup cakes that we have on our website can be customized as per your requirements. Basic customisation options are available on our website right beside the cakes. If you want any further customisations, you can mail us your requirements.

3. Can I order flowers with my make up theme cakes online delivery?

Absolutely yes! Chocolaty offers a fabulous collection of fresh and assorted flowers. You can choose the flowers of your choice from our website and order for those along with the pull up cakes. We will deliver it with the pull up cakes online at your place. This will be such a fantastic combo.

4. Is Midnight cake delivery by you guys on time?

Yes, with Chocolaty, it is definitely on time. We keep some extra time on our hands for midnight cake delivery because there is immense traffic in the city that could get us delayed. Since we work before time with good planning, we deliver cakes at midnight on time. But, from your end, we need you to order the cakes at least till 8 pm so that the cakes will be delivered by 12 am.

5. Can you make the makeup theme cakes in red velvet flavor in red color and in heart shape?

Yes, we can do that. Also, we are seeing that you are quite romantic with your choices. So, all of these can be done and sent to your loved one to make them feel special.

6. Can makeup theme cakes be sent on anniversaries?

Yes, these cakes can be sent for anniversaries as well as for birthdays. Basically, these cakes can be sent to anyone who loves makeup products and who loves to do makeup. It will make them super happy to receive such a lovely cake on their special day.