Online Cake Delivery in Hyderabad

Cakes are the best companions of celebrations that are mandatory to spread love and happiness everywhere. We at are the one-stop solution to enjoy the online cake delivery in Hyderabad for celebrating all kinds of special occasions. It is really boring and dull to begin the occasion without cutting the yummy and mouth-watering cakes. The cake delivery in Hyderabad is quite convenient and beneficial to bring unconditional happiness to the celebration. The sweetness and freshness overloaded in the cakes will tempt everyone at the party and make them excited. The main reason to send cake in Hyderabad is to keep your friends and family members surprised and happy with pleasant memories. In addition, celebrations are the right time to order cake in Hyderabad to feel the real taste and freshness of the delicacies that you never enjoyed before.

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Online Cake Delivery in Delhi Quick and Hassle Free, Order Now and Save up to 25%

From Renowned Hyderabad Biryani to Sumptuous Cakes Online

Biryani and Hyderabad are spoken in a breath. So much so that when you think of biryani it is only Hyderabad biryani which flashes through the mind. In the City of Nawabs where food is a means of expressing love, it comes as no surprise that the best birthday cakes in Hyderabad are equally heavenly.

Showing your feelings and telling that you care takes any relationship forward. Be it celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or promotions, there are innumerable occasions on which you can express your love for your special one. And when you are living in the City of Pearls, ordering cakes online and then gifting a pearl necklace when you meet in person is a thoughtful way of celebrating an important day. Order cake in Hyderabad from the wide range of cakes available online and see the magic unfurling!!

Cake Delivery in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is famous for its rich culture and heritage. The vibes of the city are welcoming and this is evident from the fact that people from different corners of the country and making Hyderabad their home. The city is growing and so is the traffic which is increasing at an alarming speed. Spending time on the roads before reaching the destination is a part of the routine of those living in the walled city and suburbs alike.

In such a scene if you have to arrange a cake for someone, then better start your day early or skip sending any sweet treat. This would have been the most viable solution had it not been for the cake delivery in Hyderabad! But thanks to the online shopping platform, now you can order cake in Hyderabad by sitting in your comfort zone. And the best part is that there is no dearth of options to select from! Your place, your time and your flavour can be ordered from anywhere and can be delivered to any place. What more could you have asked for when you are afar and sending your love is important? The best birthday cakes in Hyderabad are available online and not just this, they are delivered immaculately at the time and place specified. So distances don’t matter when cake delivery in Hyderabad is just a click away!

Should I order cakes online or take the conventional route?

This question is not unheard of. The fact that we are habitual of visiting a brick-and-mortar store for every big and small thing, the thought of cakes online seems overwhelming. But, weren’t you equally apprehensive when you heard about groceries and apparel being sold online? Now, that you have embraced this completely, what holds you back from ordering cakes online? Is it that you want to visit the bakery for your satisfaction or just that you are hesitant to leave the old habits? In either case, you will have to beat the traffic in Hyderabad to reach the bakery well in time to place the order and then drive down to the place where the cake needs to be delivered. A time-consuming task which will end up exhausting you to the bits! Why not choose online cake delivery in Hyderabad same day and relax? When you have the luxury of online birthday cake delivery near me, then there is no point in sitting in the car and getting infuriated. Here are some of the other reasons which work in favour of same day cake delivery in Hyderabad:

After coming home from a hectic day in the office you will be in no mood to go to the bakery and pick a cake for a friend whom you are planning to visit. On the contrary, you will not hesitate if cake delivery in Hyderabad gives you the option of choosing the cake and delivering it at the right time. This ease and convenience cannot be matched especially when you are living in cities like Hyderabad where the majority of your time is spent on the roads.

We all love variety and be it clothes or cakes, our hunger for something different never seems to satiate. The best birthday cakes in Hyderabad are available in an umpteen variety which ranges from butterscotch to vanilla to pineapple to chocolate and much more.

We live in an era where we get our clothes to sandwich customized because someone might want whole grain bread while the other might pick oats loaf. So when it comes to cake delivery in Hyderabad, you can be assured that you have the luxury of getting your cake customized according to your taste and dietary constraints.

The price point is yet another intriguing reason why you should order cake online near me. Unlike the brick-and-mortar bakeries, online stores don’t have any fixed costs and thus, this cost is not reflected in the final price you pay. Apart from this, same day cake delivery in Hyderabad comes up with special discounts and offers on days like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and much more.

The quality of the product has to be immaculate to lure the customers and the best cakes in Hyderabad online for birthdays are flawless as far as taste, aesthetics and quality are concerned.

What are the different cake options for cakes online?

With multiple arguments cited in favour of online birthday cake delivery, wouldn’t you like to place the order for your favourite cake and get it delivered now? If yes, then let’s have a look at the different options of mouth-watering cakes online which will amaze you:

General Cakes:

Birthday Chocolate Cake:

An instant pick and a no-brainer, chocolate cakes can never go wrong. One of the bestsellers in the cake delivery in Hyderabad, chocolate cakes are your go-to option if you don’t want to spend time exploring other cakes because you like to go the conventional way!

Truffle Cake:

For all those who are mad about chocolates, truffle cake is the most suitable pick from the best cakes online for birthdays. Yummylicious and baked to perfection, this cake is sheer indulgence.

Black Forest Cake:

Simple and an all-time favourite, Black Forest Cake is a delicious sweet indulgence for all the cake lovers out there. Moist and flavoursome, black forest cake is on the list of the online birthday cake delivery.

Coffee Chocochip Cake:

The intoxicating aroma of coffee gives a kick to our senses and so does the coffee chocochip cake which is a beautiful blend of coffee and chocolate. So if you are looking for cake delivery in Hyderabad, then choose the coffee chocochip cake which is divine.

Choco Ferrero Cake:

Who isn’t fond of Ferrero Roscher? These small balls of chocolate and nuts are an absolute stunner! And this choco Ferrero cake is not just aesthetically appealing but is a ball of remarkable taste and texture.

Creamy Vanilla Fruit Cake:

Fresh fruits mixed in cream taste divine. Creamy vanilla fruit cake leaves a pleasant texture in the palette and it is the moistness of the cake that keeps you asking for some more. For a delightful birthday morning surprise for your loved one, pick this cake which figures in the list of the best birthday cakes in Hyderabad.

Pineapple Cake:

The sweet and tangy taste of pineapple Cakes the taste buds on a joyous ride. Hence, needless to say, pineapple cake has been an evergreen favourite of people across different age groups. Simple yet tasteful, pineapple cake online is a sweet little blast from the past.

Pinata Cake:

Filled with tiny surprises, piñata cake is a showstopper owing to its peculiarity and amazing taste. With online birthday cake delivery available for piñata cake now, you can easily surprise your friends and family on their special day.

Kitkat Cake:

Neatly done and full of flavour, KitKat cake is on the list of the best cakes in Hyderabad online for birthdayfor obvious reasons. It is the taste of chocolate in every bite coupled with the crispness of KitKat that make this cake a winner.

Chocolate Walnut Cake:

Walnuts and chocolates are a perfect match. Chocolate walnut cake ticks all the checkboxes as far as taste, texture and appeal are concerned. If you are a dry fruit lover, this cake will definitely appeal to your eyes when you search for cakes online.

Belgium Chocolate Cake:

The world’s biggest chocolate factory is in Belgium so when you read Belgium chocolate cake you know that you are about to enter into a planet where only the chocolates rule. This cake is a paradise for chocolate lovers because not only is its taste extraordinary, but its presentationdeserves accolades. Pick this cake online and you will be amazed at the reaction you get.

Strawberry Cake:

A pleasant change from the chocolate or vanilla flavour, strawberry cake is equally tasty and flavoursome. Moist and tender, strawberry cake can be baked without sugar as well. Choose online birthday cake delivery to place your order now.

Kids Special Cakes:

Now that we discussed the general category of cakes, let’s take a quick look at the cakes you can order for your child and bring that big smile to his/her face:

Pikachu Cake:

Cute as its name, Pikachu Cake wins hearts instantly. Full of cream and sugar, just as the kids want, online cake delivery in Hyderabad same day of this cake will ease your work considerably. You can even pick Pikachu Photo Cake which is an equally appealing budgeted option.

Spiderman Birthday Cake:

Boys love superheroes! Irrespective of the age, there is no replacement for parties whose theme is Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor or Hulk. And a cake which complements the theme is like gifting a world to your boy. Featuring on the list of the best birthday cakes in Hyderabad, these cakes can be customized according to the size and flavour.

Tom and Jerry Cake:

The online chemistry of Tom and Cherry has given us some iconic moments which are deeply cherished. So what can be a better ode to the love for these characters than getting a Tom and Cherry cake for a die-hard Tom and Jerry fan? Since cakes online have this option, make sure you grab your cake before the clock strikes 12.

Yellow Car Shape Cake:

Listen to the conversation of the young boys and you will be surprised with their obsession with cars. Hence, a cake which is in the shape of their favourite car will be a big time surprise for them. Beautifully designed and decorated, this cake appeals at the first look and you have the option of getting it customized as per your choice.

Minion Cake:

Yellow capsule-sized creatures with blue spectacles look funny and cute, don’t they? This much-loved cartoon character when is transformed into the shape of a cake can create minion magic at the party. Cake delivery Hyderabad of Minion cake is a thoughtful surprise for your kids.

Mickey Mouse Cake:

The world-famous Disney character Mickey holds a special place in our lives. It is not just the kids who love Mickey, the adults too adore this character deeply. Since the best birthday cakes in Hyderabad have an adorable Mickey Mouse Cake on the list, you shouldn’t think twice before ordering it for your kid’s birthday bash.

Minnie Mouse Cake:

If there is a Mickey, then Minnie cannot be far behind. This charming Minnie Mouse Cake will be loved by your girls. Get the flavour customized and ring on the celebrations with the best birthday cake in Hyderabad.

Pink Dress Barbie Cake:

While boys love their cars, girls are madly in love with their Barbie dolls. So it comes as no surprise that the pink Barbie cake will woo your little princess instantly. Thoughtfully designed, this cake is a stunner in the list of the online birthday cake deliveries near me. You can choose amongst all pink cake, pink/white cake, blue roses Barbie cake or a Barbie photo cake.

Elsa Cream Cake:

Elsa and Anna are yet other favourite characters which hold a special place in every girl’s heart. Hence, it is obvious that if you are hosting a theme party for your daughter, then Elsa Cake has to be there and to ease your work cakes online have this option. All you need to do is select the time and date and delivery will be at your doorstep.

Chota Bheem Cake:

Our indigenous Chota Bheem has a huge fan following and thus, a cake with Chota Bheem photo is a must in the section of the best cakes in Hyderabad online.

Some Cakes and Flowers Combos

While cakes are a must-have to complete a celebration, you can add flowers, chocolates and soft toys and get them delivered when you order cakes online. If you are looking for some heart-warming cake combos, then the following list will be more than overwhelming for you:

Cake and Roses:

The evergreen classic, cake and roses have an unending charm. Not only does this combo makes the person feel special, but also shows your depth of feelings. You can choose a chocolate cake or the delicious black forest cake for same day cake delivery in Hyderabad along with a mixed bunch of roses or the gorgeous red roses.

Roses and chocolates:

If you are looking for something budgeted, then roses and chocolates can be picked for your special one. Adorable and thoughtful, this combo will strike the right chord at the right time.

Cake, flowers and soft toy:

A premium combo to pick from the list of cakes delivery in Hyderabad, this threesome will take your beloved by surprise. A lovely bunch of roses with a mouth-watering cake and a cute teddy bear is all that is needed to make your loved ones feel over the moon.

Ferrero Roscher Bouquet:

A bouquet of roses and Ferrero Roscher is a perfect combo for your special one. While there is no dearth of cakes online options, this ensemble is unique and stunning.

Chocolate overload:

How about ditching the conventional chocolate packaging and getting a big basket of chocolates delivered for that die-hard chocolate fan on some special occasion? Won’t that be too much of chocolate dose? Well, even if it is, your chocolate friend will love every bit of it!!

Can I order sugar-free cakes online?

From ordering gluten-free products to placing an order for your choice of millet cookies, there is nothing under the sky that you cannot order online. The vast expanse of online business has transformed the shopping experience and brought lots of comfort to the buyer. So when it comes to the best cakes in Hyderabad online for birthdays, you can place an order for sugar-free cakes so that you don’t have to go on a guilt trip after digging into the sweet delight.

Customization of cakes online allows you to pick sugar-free cakes according to your taste and flavour. So whether it is a Belgium chocolate cake or a Vanilla cake, each of these can be made sugar-free.

Now, that we are talking about sugar-free cakes; let’s find out what makes these cakes an obvious choice for many:

Sugar-free cakes are a perfect pick for people who are diet conscious. The reason is that when you seek a diet plan from a dietician, you are asked to cut down on sugar intake and amidst this, attending a birthday party will be possible if online birthday cake delivery near me delivers sugar-free cakes.

It is a well-known fact that sugar is a breeding ground for cavities. So if you choose sugar-free cakes, you can continue enjoying cakes and that too without worrying about the germs which might affect your oral health.

Controlling weight is a big time concern of people living in this era. Be it following a diet plan or burning calories in the gym, results will be visible if you are tight-lipped when offered sweets. But a birthday party without cake is unimaginable. So the best cakes in Hyderabad online for birthdays come with sugar-free options.

Can I order eggless cakes online?

If you are allergic to eggs or you refrain from having eggs because of your dietary restrictions, then chances are high that you will skip the cake-cutting ceremony at most of the parties because majority of the cakes have eggs in them.

But, when you order cakes online, you have the luxury of ordering eggless cakes which are as soft and delicious as the regular ones and can be customized in the flavour of your choice.

Final Thoughts:

Cakes are synonymous with a party and thus, a party where you don’t cut a cake will leave a void which is too tough to ignore. And when you have hundreds of delectable cakes online, you can place the order by sitting at home and taking care of the rest of the arrangements for the party.

The team at Chocolaty ensures that you get a replica of what you have seen in the picture on the website. Be it any flavour or design, we will bake a cake, especially for you and your loved ones with all our love and care. We believe in timely and intact delivery and hence, our delivery mechanism is spotless. There will be no damage done to the cake while it is in transit.

Once you choose us over others for online cake delivery in Hyderabad same day, we leave no stone unturned in giving you the best service. We would love to be a part of your celebrations for we know what a perfectly baked cake means for a perfect party!

Give us the chance to bake a cake and you will be amazed at the reaction of your guests for every bite will be soft, moist and full of flavour. The best cakes in Hyderabad online are those where quality and delivery are the watchwords and we swear by these two words.

Visit us today and have a look at our vast cake collection! You can let us know the changes needed in the cake and we will ensure that we give you exactly what you want!

Order Online Cake Delivery In Hyderabad

We at are one of the leading ecommerce portals, supplying the top grade cakes with fresh fruits and nuts. No matter what the occasion is, the online cake order in Hyderabad will tend to have a massive collection of memories with your loved ones. You don’t want to move here and there to identify the best and trustworthy walk-in-shops to enjoy the fresh-flavored cake. Our main motive is to bake the cake with utmost perfection and let the users meet heaven with its enriched deliciousness. is the noteworthy cake shop in Hyderabad, where you can get freshly-baked cakes online at an affordable price.

The flavors are flooded over the website and it never disappoints or feels the customers bad while placing their order. This is the right opportunity for the customers who are waiting a long time to have a “cake shop in Hyderabad near me” to enlighten the celebration. Hereafter, you don’t need to spend or allocate to purchase the cakes that can be done effectively via the best cake shop in Hyderabad (i.e)

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Ordering the cake at is quite simple and easy for the customers and the website is made with user-friendly options to keep the customers in a comfort zone. You don’t want to have any specific skills or knowledge to access the website for enjoying the online cake delivery in Hyderabad. We are creating that you find the designs and decorations of the cakes. The themes displayed at our portal are adorable that cheer up your mood and make the celebration fun and delightful. While seeing beautiful and graceful designs, it creates some positivity in your mind and makes you feel good and active. And this is a major reason for the increasing demand of the cake delivery in Hyderabad.

There are lots and lots of flavors and designs overflowed at that bring a new and attractive look to the celebration even you expect. It is a perfect choice to avoid skipping busy schedules or routine and keep your special ones happy and delightful. The freshness of the cake is really awesome that brightens up your mood swings and feels fresh the whole day. It is important to send cake in Hyderabad, which might be a perfect gift to excite your loved ones at the celebration of a special occasion.

Send Cake In Hyderabad To Make Some Special Moments

Creating special memories with your close ones is an easy thing as you think. In that case, you would better go for the online cake order in Hyderabad that changes the entire appearance of the celebration and give a beautiful and fresh look. We are the best and trustworthy cake shops in Hyderabad, delivering the cake with the utmost taste and freshness. Have you ever tasted the freshly baked cakes? It is really awesome that you can enjoy only at the the portal at a reasonable price. When it comes to the internet world, the cake shops are incredible and we are one of the best among them by serving the unique and rich-quality cakes.

Instead of standing in the local shops, make use of the the portal to avail of the fresh delicacy in your favorite flavors at the right time. We never ask any excuses for delivering the parcel beyond the estimated time. Further, we are an obvious choice for the customers with the expectation of a cake shop in Hyderabad near me. To satisfy the needs and expectations of the individuals, we are baking and decorating the desserts in numerous designs and decorations.

Lighten Up Your Party With The Online Cake Delivery In Hyderabad

Celebrations are the time to treat your taste buds with yummy flavored cakes of We are here to bake and deliver the dessert at the hands of the customers who order cake in Hyderabad. In addition to that, the designs, themes, shapes, and sizes of the delicacy are customized so that you get the cakes in a required manner. As you think, the cost of the customized design cakes is not so expensive. This is a perfect choice to save a considerable amount of money on your wallet while buying the cake at

Order cake in Hyderabad will help you to get rid off from the issues and obstacles that you have faced at the walk-in-shops. The website is designed with advanced features and specifications to keep the customers in a comfortable and convenient zone. It will tend to increase the demand for the online cake order in Hyderabad and make our website visible to the customers worldwide.

Save Your Time By An Option Of Cake Delivery In Hyderabad

When it comes to the celebration, people might have to skip or leave their routine to make a purchase. In that case, Cakes are the foremost factor to be considered by everyone to brighten up the party and make the guest happy and delightful. To make your purchasing job easier, send cake in Hyderabad and get the parcel at your doorstep at the right time and location. While celebrating the celebration, you might have plenty of things to concentrate on, right? The cake is the first and foremost thing to be purchased to tempt everyone at the party and make the occasion happy and fun-filled.

The online cake delivery in Hyderabad will let the customers save your precious time and make you focus on all other important aspects. The users from all corners of the Hyderabad city are accessing our portal to avail of the fresh and yummy delicacy at their doorstep at the estimated time. We are the best cake shop in Hyderabad well-known by the maximum of customers because of satisfying the needs and expectations as well at the pocket-friendly price.

Amaze Your Loved Ones Via The Cake Delivery In Hyderabad

Cakes are the ever best option to satisfy your sugary cravings at the time of celebration. It is better to step up into the to enjoy the online cake order in Hyderabad with customized designs and decorations in accordance with the celebration that you are going to conduct. Looking for the best and beautiful gift to excite your loved ones on her birthday? No other gift is more graceful and beautiful than the heart-shaped cakes that are yummy and fresh to tempt her. Buying regular flavored cakes will not create any excitement on her face. It is better to order cake in Hyderabad at with customized flavors and themes to bring a cute smile on her smile.

In addition to that, the cakes are decorated with delicious fruits and nuts to give an exciting feel. This is a perfect gift to showcase your unconditional love and affection towards your girl and let her fall for you once again. We gained the popularity of the best cake shop in Hyderabad by satisfying the client's needs as well at a reduced cost. There are a plethora of cake shops that have been available at Hyderabad but the customers keep on engaging at the to send cake in Hyderabad to beautify the occasion even beautiful.

Let Your Close Ones Feel Special With Cake Delivery In Hyderabad

The advancement of technology brings plenty of gifts over the internet to fulfill the expectations of the individuals. But any other gifts replace the love and happiness given by the fresh and heart-melting cake right? We prepare the cake with top-quality ingredients and fruits to elevate the flavor and sweetness of the delicacy beyond the customers' expectations. You might have crossed hundreds of cakes shops over the Hyderabad city but the customers get in touch with the to enjoy the feel of “cake shop in Hyderabad near me” for celebrating all special occasions. You don’t worry about what type of occasion you have planned for, we can send the online cake order in Hyderabad at the right time and location.

We can make the cake in incredible designs and themes to surprise everyone at the celebration and make this day memorable. The taste and sweetness flooded over the delicacy of will never fail to treat your taste buds. Buying expensive and costly gifts is not so necessary to express your love and affection towards your girl. The cake with mouth-watering creams and chocolaty pieces spread over the layer will make her feel so special and unique on this special occasion.

Online Cake Delivery In Hyderabad For Enlightening All Special Occasion

The gifts displayed over the ecommerce portals are alluring but that never replaces the excitements of flavorsome cake. Once you have decided to order cake in Hyderabad, make use of the amazing customizable options introduced by us. We can prepare the cake in multiple designs and decorations to fulfill the expectations and requirements of the customers. We assure you that the cake of our portal will excite everyone at the party and make them feel like heaven.

1. Birthday Celebration

Birthday is the most expected and special day in everyone’s life. Is it right? This is the day to keep your friend or a girl to be happy and surprised. You might have purchased lots and lots of birthday gifts over the internet today but the cakes are something special and feel tempting. All you need to do is explore a wide gamut of flavors and themes displayed at the and choose one of your girl’s favorite flavors to satiate her taste buds. Cakes are the awesome choice to sweeten and brighten the celebration than you imagine. And so, it is mandatory to be present in everyone’s birthday celebration.

2. Wedding Anniversary

Planning to excite your parents on the day of the wedding anniversary? Then don’t delay to have the online cake order in Hyderabad or and let your parents enjoy the day with a massive collection of memories. The yummy and flavorsome nuts and creams whipped over the cake layer will mesmerize everyone at the celebration and let them reduce the mood swings. Apart from that, the cakes will help you to strengthen the relationship and make your family fulfilled.

3. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most welcome day of every couple’s life. This is the time to showcase your unconditional care and affection towards your dearest ones and make them special to have a lovely partner like you. You don’t have any compulsion to avail the costly gifts to greet your girl, just a yummy and graceful theme cake will do it better. Heart shaped cakes are a perfect choice to tempt her and let her feel for you once again.

4. Success Party

Celebrating the success party is quite important that encourages us to meet furthermore success in the future. Instead of wasting this precious time, get the delicious dessert at that is the best cake shop in Hyderabad supplying the fresh flavored cake at your doorstep. It is important to share your happiness with friends, family members, colleagues, and some others. To make the day event special, you would order cake in Hyderabad by considering the expectations of everyone at the party.

Delight Your Loved Ones With Flavorful Delicacy Of

Bringing a smile on your loved ones face can be done easily via the online cake delivery in Hyderabad. is the leading ecommerce portal liked by numerous customers worldwide. Smile is priceless that cannot be given all expensive gifts. Instead of searching for gifts over the internet, try the cake of at once to excite your special ones. The cake delivery in Hyderabad gains popularity among the people that will let the customers enjoy real happiness and fun.

Celebrations are the time to have sweet memories with your loved ones. You just skip all your tight schedules on the day of celebration and spend your special time with your friends and family members to extend happiness. Searching for the cake shop in Hyderabad near me? Don’t worry! is here to help you to avail of the mouth-watering cake at your doorstep. There is no necessity to move here and there to get the cakes to enthuse your loved ones on a special occasion.

Get The Scrumptious Cake Flavors Via The Online Cake Delivery In Hyderabad

We use the top-quality ingredients and nuts to make the cake to satiate your taste buds. The creativity of the designs is ultimate that is mesmerizing and customized as per your needs. This is one of the reasons behind the increasing demand for the online cake order in Hyderabad. In the following lines, few of the famous and widely-purchased flavor cakes are mentioned for your reference:

1. Chocolate Cake

The creamy layers of luscious chocolate cake is liked and loved by each and everyone at the celebration. There is no age limit to be a cake lover that impresses the kids to aged people with our additional freshness and sweetness. holds the name as the best cake shop in Hyderabad and delivers the freshly-baked cake at your doorstep. There are numerous online portals available in the internet world, but we are the one considering the needs and suggestions of the individuals.

2. Vanilla Cake

No one hates or ignores the scrumptious flavor of vanilla cake. All-time favorite delicacy liked by the customers most. To make the taste and deliciousness even better, we use some quality creams, and fruits over the layer that impress everyone to have again and again at the party. The white creamy layer will let your close ones and guests feel special and lovely. The flavor of the cake will never leave your tongue and makes you feel fresh and healthy.

3. Red Velvet Cake

It is an obvious choice to attract your loved ones at the celebration. Make the occasion sweet and colorful? Then the red velvet is the foremost flavor to be considered in your mind. Make use of the online cake delivery in Hyderabad to get the cake with a parcel of happiness and excitement at your doorstep. To make the occasion even sweet, we spread the yummy color creams over the cake that makes you feel delightful and happy.

Share Your Happiness With Your Dearest Ones On The Time Of Celebration

In today’s modern era, everyone is leading a busy life without spending some time with their family members. To bring some pleasant memories into your life, celebrations are the right opportunity to get rid off from all your stress and tension. We at will take part in all your celebrations in the way of cake delivery in Hyderabad. How would the celebration fulfill without the presence of yummy cakes? In that case, you just get in touch with to have the online cake order in Hyderabad that makes your purchasing job easier and convenient.

The rapid advancement of technology will keep the users in their comfort zone as well by delivering the cake at the doorstep at the right time and location. It is one of the leading and noteworthy cake shops in Hyderabad used by the customers to place the orders.

Enjoy The Fast Cake Delivery In Hyderabad Of

Apart from the delicious dessert, we also have an option of the same day and midnight cake delivery at your doorstep. The customers just need to send cake in Hyderabad via and the parcel will be delivered at the hands of your loved ones at the estimated time. You don’t want any unwanted stress or tension in your mind regarding the delivery. We assure you that the cake delivery in Hyderabad is fast and reliable that never lets the customers be disappointed. Once the order is placed, we start to work together to deliver the cake on your hands without making any delay or excuses.

The online cake delivery in Hyderabad is quite familiar among the customers because of sending cake online at the right location and time. It eliminates the issues and obstacles that have been faced by the customers at the outdoor shopping and keeps the users in the comfort zone.

Send Cake In Hyderabad To Bring A Smile On Your Loved One's Face

Excite your girl with a special gift? Nothing is more perfect than the delicious cake. The flavors and creamy layer will impress her at first sight and induce her to taste at the moment. The cake varieties at the are alluring that never fails to satisfy your expectations at the time of celebration. Instead of wasting your precious time at the outdoor cake shops, make use of the convenient online cake order in Hyderabad to brighten up everyone at the celebration.

We are the top-notch online portal that displayed hundreds of designs and decorations under a single roof. All you need to do is identify the best and favorite among them to treat your taste buds on the celebration of special occasions. Once you understand the benefits associated with the online cake order in Hyderabad that will encourage you to place your order all the time.

Time to bring the happiness and excitement in your loved ones face with a flavorsome dessert of!

On our website you can find a lot of cakes of different flavours. This is the reason why we are the best for online cake delivery in Hyderabad. You name the flavour and we have the cake in that flavour on our website. This means that there is no dearth of cakes to be delivered of the trending design on our website. This is the prime reason why we are the prime delivery portals of cake delivery in Hyderabad. We have cakes in chocolate, truffle, dutch chocolate, red velvet, pineapple, strawberry, nutty chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and lots more. Under all these flavours, we have different styles and designs of cakes for everyone. We have something on our website for everyone. We have cakes for everyone be it for the kids, girls, women, corporates, men, couples, etc. Nobody is going to be disappointed when you order a cake from You can explore the cakes and can find something for each person. There are so many cakes on our website that you will be spoilt for choices.

It is very easy to order cakes from All you have to do is visit our website and check out the plethora of cakes that we have. Choose the cake that you love, give us the address, add any kind of customisation you want, and give us the delivery date and time. We will deliver the cakes exactly on the day, date, and time you have requested for. You can pay for the cakes online through various online payment options we have. You can be sitting at the comfort of your homes and get online cake delivery in Hyderabad just through a few clicks on your phone. It can be done within a few minutes from your home. Start your journey now.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. How can I place an order for cake delivery in Hyderabad at Chocolaty Dot?

A.If you are a new customer, you need to register at Chocolaty Dot. If you are an existing customer, then, you simply need to login and choose from the exciting flavours available in cakes that you want to be delivered to any address in Hyderabad.

Q. What are the advantages of registering at Chocolaty Dot In?

A. Once you have registered yourself, you don’t need to enter your details every time that you want to place an order.

Q. How can I get the cake personalised?

A. After you have selected from the wide range of cakes available in awesome flavours, you need to email us the photo that you want on the cake along with the order number.

Q. Do you deliver sugar-free cakes in Hyderabad?

A. Yes, we provide delivery of sugar-free cakes in Hyderabad.

Q. Do you provide midnight delivery in Hyderabad? Are there any extra charges for it?

A. Yes, we provide midnight deliveries at doorstep where the time is from 11.00 pm to 11.59 pm. We suggest that midnight delivery orders be placed well 5 hours before the scheduled delivery time. We Charge 250 Rs for Midnight Cake Delivery in Hyderabad