Order Online Cake Delivery in Pune 

One of the ideal ways to cherish an occasion or an event is to end it up with a piece of a scrumptious cake. Grab the opportunity to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special event and make your loved ones feel special with online cake delivery in Pune. Browse through the largest assortment of creamiest cakes and select one that comes in your favorite flavor.

At Chocolaty.in, we strive to create memories and bring a smile on the beautiful faces of our patrons. The array of cakes offered at our portal fare freshly baked using some of the best industry ingredients. Our commitment to quality forms the base of the company ethics and the reason why our loyal patrons prefer us when they think to send cake in Pune. What keeps us motivated and steadfast is the happiness it brings to be counted as your trusted partners for cake delivery in Pune. Regardless of your age, old or young, cakes have always been loved and our collection of mouth-watering cakes will surely add sweetness to your lives.

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Luscious cakes online

Celebrations and cake-cutting are inseparable. Cake delivery in Pune has now made it easier and more convenient to host a party without getting into the ordeal of walking to the bakery, placing the order and then going back again to pick up the cake. Best birthday cakes in Pune can be ordered within seconds and since the major task is taken care of diligently, you can focus on other intriguing details about the party ahead.

Cake Delivery in Pune:

Before starting with the best cakes in Pune online, let’s delve into the buzzing Pune life and why ordering online is a viable option here. Pune-the city where dreams culminate into reality and aspirations are given wings is a Marathi metropolis where you will find people across the country coming in search of better opportunities and life. The city has seen tremendous growth in recent years and the infrastructure is a testimony to the fact that a lot is happening here. Having said that, it also means that the traffic on the road has increased manifold and in such a case, spending time on the busy lanes doesn’t make sense for every big and small task. Hence, the importance of online shopping has increased tremendously. Be it ordering groceries while sitting on the couch in the drawing room or searching for cake delivery in Pune, online shopping is a breather for people living here.

So if you are in Pune and looking for online birthday cake delivery, then this article will be a saviour, for not only will you come across different cake options, but you will also get an insight into various gift combos for special occasions. Keep on reading to delve into the world of sweet treats.

Is ordering cakes online a good decision?

Did you embrace online shopping with open arms or did you have apprehensions related to it? Given the fact that we are used to brick and mortar style of shopping, the online trend took a few years before it became an integral part of our lives. Today, if you are given the option to order online or walk to the store, you will prefer opening the app and placing the order instead of taking out the car and going physically. This is the transition which our generation has seen and needless to say, our lives have become a lot better than what they were.

Now, that you have fully accepted this new norm of shopping, how can you miss online birthday cake delivery? Fast and convenient, cake delivery in Pune or any other city has brought oodles of convenience to the one hosting a party. No longer do you have to walk down to the bakeries and spend hours searching for that eye-catching design because the online options are umpteen and the best cakes in Pune online come with guaranteed same-day delivery.

If you are still in two minds regarding online birthday cake delivery, have a closer look at the following reasons cited in favour of online cake shopping and then decide:

When you open an online shopping website, you land in a sea of options for there is something for every size, body type, age and most importantly budget. Online cake delivery in Pune same day gives you exactly what you want. Plethora of lip-smacking treats and a cake for every pocket!! What more do you want to complete your party? Say bye to the monotonous old cakes and get a cake delivered which shows your style!

Travelling for work and have no time to go to the bakery and order a cake? No worries, online birthday cake delivery will take care of the same. Given the time constraints and work commitments, it is understandable that you want an option from where you can order cakes online and get them delivered. This is exactly the privilege of cake delivery in Pune.

What if your parents are sitting thousand miles away from you or your partner is not with you on the special day? Will you skip sending a cake? Had it not been for the cakes online, you would have skipped sending the token of love. But, now that online cake delivery in Pune is happening, why do you still want to call off the celebrations? Get a cake delivered anywhere and at any time and show your loved ones what they mean to you.

What are you worried about regarding cakes online-taste, flavour and texture? Well, that is all clearly mentioned with every product you select and to top it, you have multiple reviews regarding each product which makes the choice easy. This transparency cannot be thought of when you visit any local bakery. Neither will you get genuine reviews straight from the customers, nor will you have an idea about its taste and texture. The best cakes in Pune online have made it to the list of the best cakes because they are truly the best in the market and you can vouch for the reviews written.

How many of you are left with the energy of going to the bakery and picking up the cake after a jam-packed day at work? You would prefer going straight to your house rather than spending time in the traffic. Online birthday cake delivery comes with reliable delivery options so that you don’t have to drive those extra miles to pick up the cake and go home.

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t have cash and the local bakery owner refused to accept cashless payment? If yes, then think about cakes online which come with multiple payment options. All these payment gateways are secured and none of your details are shared. The hassle-free shopping experience in online cake shopping is an advantage which cannot be ignored.

Are cakes online available for every occasion?

Now that’s a million-dollar question and be rest assured that when you order cake in Pune, there is no dearth of options to choose from. It is not just confined to birthdays and anniversaries but goes much beyond it. Whether there is a promotion party, baby shower or your child’s birthday, the best cakes in Pune online will cater to your theme and day. Have a look at the different categories of cakes available for different occasions:

Birthday cakes: When you think of a birthday party, the first thing that flashes across the mind is to order a cake without which the celebrations will be incomplete. The best birthday cakes in Pune can now be ordered online by browsing through a dozen options and selecting the one which matches your taste.

Anniversary cakes: Be it the first anniversary or the 25th milestone anniversary, cutting a cake on their anniversaries is a ritual. So order cake online near me and take care of the rest of the arrangements for the party.

Valentine’s Day: For all those love birds who have been waiting for the right time and day to go on the knees, now is the time to propose with a bouquet and cake!! The best cakes in Pune online have heart-shaped cakes variety which will show the depth of your love and emotions without you saying a word.

Baby Shower: Baby-on-board and celebrations on mind? A baby shower is the right occasion to pamper the parents-to-be especially the new mom and what can be better than looking for same day cake delivery in Pune so that you don’t have to go through the ordeal of driving to the bakery to order the cake and pick it when ready.

Which are the best cakes in Pune online?

Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, promotion parties and the list of celebrations is endless. They say that life is a celebration, so whenever you get a chance, indulge in sweet delicacies and seize the moment with your loved ones.

When celebrations come knocking, how can you miss the best cakes in Pune online? If the word cakes online seems vague and misleading, then read about the vast options of online cake delivery in Pune same day and all your apprehensions will be answered. The freshly baked cakes delivered to your doorstep are a vision to behold and a desirable addition to the ensemble is the customization offered. Whether you want an eggless chocolate cake or a sugar-free truffle slice, all you need to do is refine the search filter for the cakes online and you will get the options which match your expectations.

Are you ready to dive into the world of sweet and yummy cakes? If yes, then keep on reading to explore the best cakes in Pune online for birthdays and other occasions:

Coffee Choco Chip cake:

A delight for coffee and chocolate lovers, coffee chocochip cake is one of the bestsellers in the best cakes in Pune online. Delve into the intoxicating world of coffee and chocolate with every spoon of this moist cake and add galore to your celebrations!

Black Forest Cake:

An ode to good old times and an absolute favourite of people across all age groups! Black Forest Cake is your go-to option forcheap online cake delivery in Pune. Reasonably priced, this cake is for those who find too many options on the shelves overwhelming and prefer sticking to conventional tastes and textures.

Pinata Chocolate Cake:

Now here comes a fascinating option foronline birthday cake delivery near me! Sheer indulgence and fancy, piñata chocolate cake looks plush and tastes divine. A die-hard chocolate fan will be over the moon if you get this cake delivered on his/her special day.

Truffle Cake:

Dark and dense, truffle cake has to be on the list ofsame day cake delivery in Pune for reasons more than one. This immensely chocolate-laden cake takes you to the engrossing world of cocoa and sweetness. Simple and tasteful, truffle cake is a must-have if cocoa is your calling.

Pineapple Cake:

Cheap online cake delivery in Pune has one very interesting option on the list and this cake has everyone’s heart for you will hardly come across a soul that hasn’t tasted pineapple cake. Simple yet thoughtful, a pineapple cake can be ordered for old times’ sake and it will be a beautiful way of showing how much you value your old relations.

Creamy Vanilla Fruit Cake:

Plastered with cream and fruits, you can consider creamy vanilla fruit cake for online birthday cake delivery if the person for whom you are ordering loves extra sweetness in every bite. Vanilla flavour in the cake is not to be missed which balances out the texture of the final product.

Kiwi Punch Cake:

Kiwi is tangy and if it is the punch you are looking for in the cake, order cake in Pune which comes with this kick! A perfect blend of punch and sweetness, this cake comes as a pleasant surprise to the palette if you are done and dusted with chocolates and fruits. Try ordering this moist treat to add charm to your party.

Mango Cake:

Mango lovers out there are in for some serious treat because the same day cake delivery in Pune has mango cake on the menu. Packed with mango pulp on the top and mango cubes inside, this cake is nothing short of pure bliss. Extra sweetness in this cake is a gift from you to your special one.

Red Velvet Cake:

Red and white is a perfect colour combination and red velvet cake is an ode to this perfection. Online birthday cake delivery of red velvet cake is a thoughtful surprise for someone you truly adore. You can choose the eggless option as well by paying extra if you want.

Butterscotch Cake:

The best cakes in Pune online for birthdays are those which take you through a seamless journey of selection and delivery. Butterscotch cake falls in this category because of its appeal, texture and divine taste. When too many options seem confusing, look for the ones which have always created magic and butterscotch cake will surely cross your mind.

Cherry Heart-Shaped Strawberry Cake:

Cupid as it might sound; a heart-shaped cake is probably one of the tried and tested ways of wooing your love. Now that you have the same day cake delivery in Pune of this beautiful sweet treat, what is stopping you from showing your emotions and telling him/her how much you love? Order it now and wait for the magic.

Choco Gems Pull Me Up Cake:

Layers of chocolate cake neatly wrapped to treat the chocolate fans make this cake a must-have if chocolates and only chocolates is what your heart desires. Nothing short of pure bliss, this is one of the best birthday cakes in Pune you can ask for.

Chocolate Walnut Cake:

The crunchiness of walnuts in every spoon of chocolate walnut cake makes your heart go out and out for this sweet treat which is available for online cake delivery in Pune.Simple yet inviting, every bite of chocolate walnut cake is satisfying and yummy.

Fusion Irish Coffee Cake:

Bringing to you the ever-enchanting aroma of coffee in the guise of cake is this flavoursome and rich fusion Irish coffee cake which is heaven for coffee lovers. One of the best birthday cakes in Pune, this cake will melt in the mouth and take you on a trip to coffee plantations.

Red and Black Mickey Mouse Cake:

One look at this cake and your kids will give you a tight hug for this beautiful surprise on their birthday. A perfect addition to the category of the best cakes in Pune online for birthdays, you can order this cake and get it delivered to amaze your kids and their friends at the party.

Avengers Energetic Cake:

Online birthday cake delivery is no longer confined to conventional cakes and Avengers Energetic Cake is a testimony to the same. Amazing design and colour combinations of this cake will take your boy by surprise.

Booties Baby Shower Cake:

A baby shower is a ritual close to the hearts and something as special as this needs to be celebrated by cutting a delicious cake. Order cakes in Pune related to this particular theme and give the mom-to-be an extra dose of sweetness.

Pink Dress Barbie Cake:

Barbie and girls are synonymous with each other. There definitely comes a time in the life of your girl when her world revolves around Barbie. Order one of the best birthday cakes in Pune which is none other than the Barbie cake for your baby girl to give an edge to her birthday celebrations.

Eggless Sugar-free Truffle Cake:

Cakes can be healthy as well!! A perfect pick for the health-conscious member of the gang, this cake is baked for those who want a cake but also want to stay away from sugar. The cake tastes divine and same day cake delivery in Pune of this cake ensures that nothing will come between you and your celebrations.

Cricket Fondant Cake:

Cricket is religion in India and boys want to make bat and ball a part of their parties no matter what their age is! Online birthday cake delivery near me comes up with a very smart addition to the list and it is the cricket fondant cake which catches the attention. The pitch, ball, bat and wickets on the cake are beautifully designed keeping in mind the depth of your emotions for the game.

Is customization possible in cakes online?

Now this is something that needs to be answered when we are talking about online birthday cake delivery. Well, the obvious answer is a BIG YES!! You can get the cakes customized according to the tastes and palette of the person for whom you are getting the cake delivered. Some of the customization options are:

Eggless cakes: Cake delivery Pune comes with the twin options of eggless and egg cakes. If you are ordering a birthday cake for someone who is a strict vegetarian, then choose eggless cake options else you can get the cake customized by paying a minimal amount.

Sugarless cakes: How many of us have become diet conscious lately and refrain from eating sweets come what may? But should your diet plans be a hindrance in your celebrations? Certainly not! With sugarless cakes now on the list of the best birthday cakes in Pune, you needn’t go on a guilt trip while cutting the cake.

Photo cake: This is true customization!! Getting the photograph of your special one fixed on the cake. Available in chocolate, black forest, vanilla and multiple other flavours, photo cakes can be ordered online.

Fondants: Are you hosting a party for the kids who are fond of fondants? If yes, then how about getting a fondant cake customized for the kids? Cake delivery Pune has innumerable options wherein you can get fondant cakes which are loved by kids.

Final Thoughts:

Starting right from the first birthday to achieving different milestones in life, cakes are an indispensable part of every celebration. Something so integral and close to the heart has to be carefully picked. Hence, the best birthday cakes in Pune are baked and delivered to your doorstep with much love and wishes so that your parties are complete in all aspects.

Depending on how many people you have to cater to in a party to how much you are willing to spend on the cake, there is one sweet treat waiting for you on the list. All you need is an eye for detail and online cake delivery in Pune same day will relieve you of the stress which comes with spending hours on the roads picking the right stuff for the party at home.

We would love to be a part of your celebrations by bringing to you finger-licking delicious chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, coffee and many other flavoured cakes! Give us a chance to serve you and you will be amazed with our services!!

Chocolaty.in- Your Best Cake Shop in Pune

Are you looking for a gift that your loved one would cherish for a long time? How about conveying wishes to your loved ones through a cake? If you’re thinking about it, you’ve visited the right place. If you’re looking for the best cake shop near me, we’ve got you covered with an array of the most delicious cakes that would leave your loved one delighted. Chocolaty.in is a perfect platform that helps you convey your wishes, your feelings for each other, also helping you share the blessings to someone special with cakes that speak of deliciousness in every bite. One thing you can be assured about is returning to our portal for more cake orders since they are delicious and taste heavenly.

When you place an online cake order in Pune with Chocolaty.in, you can be assured of receiving freshly baked and spongiest cake that tastes delicious and can be a perfect accompaniment with your celebration. Select from an assortment of sugar-free cakes, photo cakes, eggless cakes, cupcakes, designer cakes, and heart cakes that are available at pocket-friendly prices. We guarantee you, the cakes we deliver are so tempting, and it’s hard to resist taking another piece.

No matter where you stay in Pune, at Chocolaty.in, we offer you a series of cakes that could be personalized and delivered to you at your doorstep, even if it’s midnight. You can now send cake gifts that are made from some of the finest and exquisite ingredients to your special ones at any time of the day. Make the most of the deliciousness with the cakes and make your celebration more memorable. Be it any occasion, simply select your design and place the order.

Quickest and the best online cake delivery in Pune, don’t wait, order now!

When it comes to special deliveries, it is very difficult to wait. This is the reason chocolaty.in is the best website for online cake delivery in Pune through which you can get cakes delivered to your doorstep within a few hours from the order time. We take around 3 to 4 hours to do same-day online cake delivery in Pune from your order time.

So, if you want the cake delivery in Pune on the same day of ordering, make sure to get it after 4 to 5 hours. If you order the product around noon, you will get the cake delivered at around 3 to 4 pm. The same-day cake deliveries or the standard deliveries are free of shipping cost. So, what is stopping you now from ordering from us?

A Guide for Placing the Order for Delicious Cakes Online

Well, cakes are personal and what are cakes if they are not personal, right? So, this is the reason we are sharing this quick guide with you on how to choose the best cake online and place an order for them.

Pick the flavour

The first step in choosing the best cake online for yourself or your loved one is to pick the right flavour. On our website, you can find cakes of all flavours like chocolate, chocolate chips, black forest, white forest, butterscotch, chocolate truffle, pineapple, strawberry, Belgian chocolate, vanilla, and lots more.

Also, you can find cakes in different designs like piñata cakes, pull-up cakes, fondant cakes, floral cakes, tiered cakes, and lots more. All of these fancy cakes can also be made in any flavour of your choice from our website.

Cake Design

Cake design is a very important or rather the most important factor to consider while ordering a cake online. You need to decide for whom you want to order the cake and what design will suit them the most. We have lots of kids’ cakes like minion cakes, doll cakes, photo cakes, car cakes, cartoon cakes, and lots more. You will also find cakes for the girls like Barbie cakes, etc.

For adults, we have piñata cakes, heart-shaped cakes, photo cakes, layered cakes, minimalist cakes, and lots more. On our website, you will find lots of cake options for everyone. We have special moments cakes as well like anniversary cakes, engagement cakes, wedding cakes, relationship milestone cakes, and lots more.

Cake Size

On our website, you will find cakes in all varieties and sizes. The cake size is important to consider as per the occasion and party for which you are ordering the cakes. If you are having a big party, then of course the cake needs to be bigger. If you are ordering for yourself then maybe a cake of half or 1 kg will suffice.

Half kg cake will be enough for 6 - 8 people for one serving and you can calculate the other sizes and its potions as per that. If you want to reserve the birthday cake for the next day then you might order a bigger cake size even for fewer people.


A special occasion without a cake is almost like a sin. So, the next thing to consider is the occasion for which you are ordering the cakes. The special occasions are so incomplete without the cakes that the feeling of celebration and happiness are not felt in the heart.

You need the cakes to turn up the level of excitement of memorable days. Seeing a cake that resonates with your personality or suits the occasion is a beautiful way to say that you think so much about that person and are willing to make extra efforts for them. We have cakes for all occasions on our website.

Delivery Time

chocolaty.in offers extremely little time to deliver cakes to your doorstep. Even if you turn towards us in the extreme last moment, we are here to help you and solve all your queries and we will be able to send cakes at the last hour.

If you have to order cakes at the last hour, you can check us out. We would need around 3 to 4 hours to deliver the stuff from our website to you. So, if you have ordered the cake at 3 pm then you will get the cake by a maximum of 6 to 7 pm on the same day.


Last but the most important factor to consider while choosing online cakes in Pune or anywhere is to check the prices of the cake. You might want to compare the prices on different websites and then make a purchase. We, at chocolaty.in, ensure you that you will be getting cakes at the best price.

We have a collection of the most gorgeous cakes in every price range and a lot of styles for our customers. We have cakes of different price ranges. The price depends on the design and the extra items added to the cake. However, the starting price of the cakes on our website is Rs 429. You can get the cakes for as low as this price at chocolaty.in. This is why we say that you can find the most budgeted cakes on our website.

What Types of Cakes You Can Buy Here Online?

On chocolaty.in, you can buy a lot of cakes online. We have a huge variety of cakes available on our platform for different occasions.

Regular Cakes

We have a huge collection of regular cakes on our website for different occasions and functions. You name a kind of cake and you will find that cake on our website. Customers can sit in the comfort of their homes and order regular cakes online through our website.

We will easily do online cake delivery in Pune for regular cakes in any corner of the city at any hour of the day. If you are looking for the best regular cakes in Pune then you just have to select a cake from our website.

Photo Cakes

Are you looking cute-looking for photo cakes? Well, then the best place to check out has to be chocolaty.in. Chocolaty offers a variety of designer cakes including photo cakes, multi-tier cakes, and cartoon cakes as per the occasion. You can choose from the website and order. Photo cakes are one of our top USPs. We have photo cakes in different designs and patterns.

It’s quite easy to choose any photo cake from our website and get it customised for yourself. We can customize the photo cakes with your or your loved one’s photos on them. You can get any and every kind of photo printed on the cakes. You just have to send a photo to us which is of high quality so that the print on the cake is nicely visible.

Theme Cakes

The best part about chocolaty.in is that we offer theme cakes on our website. The beauty of the theme cakes is that they look more personalised and suitable for different occasions. These are fancy and theme cakes that are good for major occasions like engagements, anniversaries, wedding functions, and more.

These are theme cakes and not one design suits all. Hence, always make sure to add as much personalisation to these cakes as possible. Not all shops or websites will allow such features but chocolaty.in does.

Eggless Cakes

If you are looking for the best eggless cakes then the best online platform for it has to be chocolaty.in. All our cake range is also available in an eggless base. You just have to turn on the button for the eggless cake option which is right next to all the cakes that are listed on our website.

It is just a two-minute work on our website. The eggless cakes are however a little expensive but the whole price details will be reflected on the website itself. For the best eggless online cake delivery in Pune, you can check out our website for more.

How to Place the Order for Online Cake Delivery at Chocolaty?

Now that we have explained to you a lot of things about how to place an online cake delivery, let us tell you how you can place a successful order on chocolaty.in.

Pick a Cake

The very first step to place an order on chocolaty.in for a cake delivery in Pune is to pick a cake of your choice. We have endless cakes listed on our website for different occasions and people, so check our website and pick a cake of your choice.

But, if you have something specific in your mind and would want strictly that kind of cake only, we can get them delivered to you as well. We are known to customise the cakes of your choice.

Pick the Size and Design

The next thing that you need to consider while placing an order online on chocolaty.in is to consider the size and the design of the cake. Consider how many people you are ordering the cake for and order the cake as per that size. We have cakes in all sizes and we can customise the cakes in any size of your choice.

We serve designer cakes in a way that they look extremely real and taste heavenly. No matter if the cake is designer or fancy, there is no compromise on the taste of the cake. Our cakes are made from fresh and extremely delicious ingredients.

Egg or Eggless Cakes

All our cake ranges are also available in the eggless category, as we said above, including the coffee cakes. All our coffee cakes are available in the eggless category and egg bases as well. This is a very basic customisation that is available for all our cakes.

This option is present on our website right beside each cake. You can choose the eggless cake options for all the cakes we have on our website. You can choose this option with just one click and see the price change right on the screen. The eggless cakes are pricier than the egg-based cakes because of the use of extra ingredients.

Just, Buy it

Now that you have finalised it all, now is the time to purchase the cake. Ordering cakes on our website is a very simple process. Our website is user-friendly and is suitable for everyone. Even if you are ordering for the first time, you can still purchase without any issues.

Place an order, add any customisation if you want, send us the address, fix the time, pay online for the cakes that you have ordered, and your order will be sent to your loved ones.

Why Choose Chocolaty to Buy Cakes Online?

There are different reasons to buy cakes online from chocolaty.in. Apart from being the best website in the country for online cake delivery, let us tell you some of the specific reasons as to why you need to choose chocolaty.in to buy cakes.

You get cakes prepared with top-quality ingredients

We are in business intending to deliver the best quality cakes and ensure it is not compromised. Our bakers start preparing the cakes only after getting a confirmed order from your side. We use high-quality fresh ingredients only.

We make sure to use all the fresh ingredients and we have professional bakers in our team. All the ingredients that we use for making the cakes like cream, fondant, fruits, choco chips, nuts, flavours, essence, and everything that we use in our cakes are of utmost fresh quality. We never compromise on the quality of the ingredients because that would affect the quality of the cake and we would never want that.

Top-Notch Hygiene

Choosing a platform for online cake delivery in Pune can be crucial because you are not seeing the place in real. So, you don’t know about the hygienic conditions of the place. You don’t really know the place where the cake will be cooked and who will be baking it.

But, with chocolaty.in, you can ensure that you will get only freshly baked cakes from our website where we maintain top-notch hygiene. Hygiene is one of our prime concerns and there will be no compromise on that for sure.

Great customization options

You can also add customisations to it if you want. For all the cakes listed on our website, some easy customisation options are available. There are few customisations that we allow on our website that can be done just through a few clicks. You can choose to get a cake on an eggless base or a heart shape for every cake that we have on our website. These customisations can be chosen by just a click right beside the cake on our website

For more customisations, where you want the cakes to be customised right from scratch, you can send us an email with your requirements along with the sample pictures. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Top-quality packaging

We will never compromise on the quality of the packaging of the cakes as well. We have amazing sturdy packaging boxes in which we deliver the cakes so that the cakes are not hampered. So, don’t worry because the piñata cakes are also not going to be hampered in transit.

In flimsy boxes, the cake gets ruined during the transit process, hence we assure you that our cakes are well-packed in nice packaging boxes.

Same day delivery

The best part of choosing chocolaty.in for online cake delivery in Pune is that through our platform, you can get the same-day delivery of cakes. Right from the order time, you can get the cakes delivered to your doorstep within 3 to 4 hours.

This goes for all the cakes. Our top USP is the same-day online cake delivery in Pune. Also, our same-day deliveries are free of delivery cost. This is a rare USP which is not available with all cake delivery platforms in the country.

Affordable pricing

One thing that is going to make chocolaty.in your favourite and the first choice is that we offer cakes at affordable prices. Our cakes start from Rs 429 and even go up to Rs 5k. This depends on the type of cake that you order from our website.

So, when it comes to pricing on our website for cakes, we must tell you that we are highly affordable. We have something for everyone in every price range.

Skilled delivery partners

We take great pride in being the best platform for online cake delivery in Pune for many reasons but primarily for our team. In our team, we have skilled delivery partners who work right on time with utmost professionalism.

Our customer service executives are available 24*7 to help you from the back end as well. So, our team is a set of skilled people who are the best in their work domain.

The Most Demanded Cakes at Chocolaty

Now that we have told you so much about chocolaty.in and our services, let us also tell you about some of the most demanded cakes that we have on our platform.

Chocolate cakes

Do we even need to say that we have the best collection of chocolate cakes? Well, when it comes to chocolate cakes, you will be spoilt for choices when you come to chocolaty.in. There are different kinds of chocolate cakes available on our website like choco-chip cakes, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate walnut cake, chock-dip cake, and more.

All the chocolate cakes are made of real chocolates and real chocolate essence. Come, explore, and fall in love. Once you taste our chocolate cakes, you are going to love them like no place else.

Celebrations Cakes

We have all kinds of celebration cakes on our website right from regular cakes for minimalist people to avant-grande cakes for extra people. Be it a chocolate cake, piñata cake, red velvet cake, pull-up cake, or any other cake, all the celebration cakes are in the best styles on our website.

With all the celebration cakes available on chocolaty.in for online cake delivery in Pune, we can assure you that you will have the best celebrations possible.

Customized Cakes

There is nothing better than customised cakes for special birthdays or any other occasion. Customised cakes make the whole occasion a lot better because they make the occasion even better.

On chocolaty.in, you can easily get customised cakes wherein you can customise the cake’s flavour, size, design, and lots of other things. To get a customised cake from scratch, all you need to do is mail us your cake requirements with some sample pictures and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Order Cake in Pune for Midnight Delivery with Chocolaty.in

Wondering why you should opt for Chocolaty.in? Firstly, with us, you are just a few clicks away from selecting the most delectable cakes available in chocolate, black forest, and red velvet flavors. And secondly, your wish is our command and that’s why we offer midnight delivery services in Pune. Considering how youthful the city is, we were always sure of one thing, to receive midnight orders. Since serving cakes and delivering cakes is our passion, we grabbed every opportunity of cake delivery in Pune and ensured our clients received their packet of joy.

Carrying a collection of cakes that is mouth-watering, we ensure that make the event for you and your guests worth remembering. Whether it’s yours and your loved one’s birthday or anniversary, send cake in Pune together with beautiful flower bouquets. We try to make sure your loved ones feel extra special with the cake combo that makes you choose from some of the most delectable cakes and a gorgeous set of lilies, roses, carnations, and orchids available in glass vase arrangements, basket arrangements, and heart-shaped arrangements. Not just this, at chocolaty.in, we help you add a personal touch to the cakes you ask us for delivering by making you add a personal message along. Believe us when we say, midnight delivery, flower and cake combo, and a personal message works like magic.

At Chocolaty.in, we don’t just deliver sweetness; we also wrap up your emotions and feelings and deliver those carefully to your loved ones. Usually, we say love isn’t materialistic and one’s feelings can’t be judged by money, but what’s the harm if you need to show all the love and affection by spending a little bit on scrumptious cakes? We ascertain to bring a smile on the precious face of your loved one at the first bite of the delicious cake we offer. There’s a reason we call ourselves the best cake shop in Pune.

What makes us the Best Cake Shop in Pune Near Me?

Going with the present trends, there are usually two or three cakes at a birthday party as compared to a few years back where just one cake would suffice. Staying well in trend, we offer you the widest collection of some of the most interesting cakes that look amazing and tastes equally good. Not just this, the variety of flavors and categories offered like sugar-free for those who want to keep it safe with sugar, eggless for the vegetarians, and designer cakes for those who like it fancy. With these considerations in mind, we have designed a portal that you can trust to take care of your happy moments and help you celebrate the important occasions of your life with just the perfect amount of sweetness when you plan to send cake in Pune.

At chocolaty.in, our business strength has been our sheer commitment towards offering unparalleled delivery services. Our team ensures your cake is delivered at the desired location in Pune within the committed time-frame so that you and your loved ones can cherish the happiness and sweet memories. This is the reason we are uncompromising towards our cake delivery approach. Order cake in Pune at Chocolaty.in and we guarantee you’ll return to us.

Online Cake Order in Pune from Chocolaty.in

While birthdays and anniversaries are occasions that if planned well before turn out to be great. However, considering the busy lifestyle and schedules, it’s quite common for anyone to forget these important dates. If you’ve found yourself in an embarrassing situation like this, don’t worry for we’ve got you covered. The same day cake delivery option in Pune helps you make last-minute orders and choose from the plethora of beautifully decorated and amazingly baked cakes online. We believe that even though people love experimenting with dishes, one thing they don’t compromise with or always relish eating is their favorite flavored cake. This is one of the many reasons why we are always in the quest in becoming the best cake shop in Pune that delivers your cake order in time.

No matter which corner of Pune you’re putting up in, we don’t let the distance become a hindrance in our endeavor of offering the most scrumptious cakes on the very same day and contributing to making your celebration a sweet success.

It’s our promise to serve you with the spongiest and creamiest cake in Pune that would be almost difficult for you to resist. With our quality service, it’s our guarantee to hear from you again. Chocolaty.in is committed to timely cake delivery in Pune. Whether you opt for the same day or midnight delivery, stay assured that you’ll receive the best in quality and unsurpassed service.

Send Cake in Pune with Speedy Delivery

We believe in delivering happiness and joy through our assortment of professionally baked cakes that are at par with any high-end bakery shop. It’s our commitment to offering people with unmatched quality products and delivery services that we have gained a reputation for being one of the best portals for online cake delivery in Pune.

Considering the long distances and expectations of people for swift delivery, we have come up with express cake delivery in Pune where the package arrives at the destination within the committed time-frame. Once you’ve selected the cake along with the flavor and have checked out from the portal after paying, we will make sure to deliver the cake in the timeline as committed. There are two delivery options you can opt from, normal delivery and midnight cake delivery. No matter what option you opt for, something you can be convinced about is that the order will be at your doorstep speedily.

Hassle-free Cake Shopping Experience at Chocolaty.in

When you opt to book your cake at Chocolaty.in for online cake delivery in Pune, expect it to arrive at your desired location within three hours. The best part about our online portal is that we have made the selection process extremely hassle-free. All you need to do is browse through the extensive selection of cakes and add to the cart a product that appeals to your eyes and taste buds. Further, proceed through the transaction and fill in the details required like name, address, or in case you want to add in a special message along with the cake. You shall be notified about the status of the cake delivery via a message or a mail.

Another interesting feature on the portal giving you a chance to order cake in Pune is that you can now order flowers along with the cake. You can go for the usual bouquet, a glass vase arrangement, basket arrangement, or heart-shaped arrangement. Not just this, something that makes this combo exquisite is the assortment of exotic flowers available including roses, lilies, carnations, orchids, and mixed flowers. These combos can be ideal for both birthdays and anniversaries celebrations. We give you a chance to get connected with your loved one by sending them a spongy and creamy cake along with their favorite bouquet.

Celebrate your Occasion with the Little Sweet Nothings from Cake Shop in Pune

Birthdays and anniversaries mark the celebration of a new year in a person’s life and what better way to mark a new beginning with delectable cakes and beautiful flowers. Enjoying a spoonful of the most scrumptious cake while in the company of your loved ones makes the moment all the more special. Hence, we bring forth a collection of cakes that not just pleases your taste buds but also prove to be a treat to your eyes.

For sugar maniacs, our portal proves to be a blessing in disguise and one of the best cake shops in Pune. Choose from the assortment of chocolate, black forest, and red velvet cakes that are baked to perfection and satiates your cravings. Other cakes included in our catalog include designer cakes that include superhero figurines or any other favorite cartoon character, perfect for birthdays. Also included are two-tier cakes that can add beauty and charm to your anniversaries. Apart from these cakes, there are ones including fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, photo cakes where the desired picture is imprinted perfectly, and lots of other designs and flavors that are hot favorites among the audience.

Send Cake in Pune with Exotic Flowers

Flowers and celebrations go hand in hand and add beauty to the occasion when paired together. Pairing them up with delicious cakes add charm to the celebration. At Chocolaty.in, we work to send across a bouquet of exotic flowers together with your favorite cake to anywhere in Pune. Our flower collection ranges from exotic orchids, lilies, carnations, roses, and a bunch of mixed flowers. The success story behind the love and affection we have been getting from our loyal clients is our commitment towards offering the most delectable cakes together with beautifully and intricately structured bouquets. How wonderful it is to receive freshly stemmed and fragrant flowers at your doorstep in the morning?

Treating your loved one with a beautifully decorated bouquet could never go wrong. All you need to do is visit Chocolaty.in and choose from the combo section your preferred cake along with flower bouquet for online cake delivery in Pune. You get a choice to opt from the simple bouquet, glass vase arrangement, basket, and heart-shaped arrangement. With us, you can be assured to receive the spongiest cakes from the finest bakeries and freshly stemmed flowers to adorn your gift. Once you place an order of your favorite combo, all you need to wait is for your loved one to call and share their happiness at receiving your thoughtful gift.

Order Cake in Pune with a Personalized Message

A message along with a delicious cake is cherry on the topping. The reason being, sending a cake without any message is a mere formality. We don’t ask you to be all sweet while quoting something, say something funny, something that the receiver can relate to, and instantly thinks of you. Online cake order in Pune would give you an opportunity to select from an array of mouth-watering cakes, perfect for birthdays and anniversaries along with a personalized message that would shout you care.

We understand there would be instances when you would fall short of words. This is where we would help you by giving you options to choose from the wordings that would match the occasion and express your delight. We truly believe things go well and lay more impact when they carry a personal touch and speak out loud that you invested your time in selecting something worthwhile for your loved one. We boast of being the best cake shop in Pune and do so since we value your love and emotions and deliver the cake package to your loved one the very same day.

No matter the weather condition, whether there’s a heavy downpour, it’s sunny, windy, or late night, we make sure that your package gets delivered safe and sound at the doorstep and believe us when we say that the happiness and surprise on the face of the receiver make all the efforts worthwhile. Whether it’s your parent’s anniversary or their birthday, a cake accompanied by a personal message from you would make their happiness go bound and leaps. So, even if you or your special ones are putting up in the remotest area of Pune, we help you and your feelings reach out to them no matter the distance through our online cake delivery in Pune.

Online Cake Delivery in Pune comes with a Bouquet at Chocolaty.in

At Chocolaty.in, we don’t deliver happiness with cakes alone. We believe in making this happiness better and larger with a combo that includes scrumptious cakes partnered with a beautiful and gorgeous bouquet of blooms. Going an extra mile for your loved ones and surprising them with a delicious cake together with a blooming bouquet would surely bring a smile on their face and fill their heart. At Chocolaty.in, we give you an option to book from the largest assortment of cakes available in chocolate, red velvet, and black forest flavors together with flower bouquets including lilies, roses, carnations, orchids, or mixed flowers.

We at Chocolaty offer you to choose from buttercream and fondant cakes that can be shaped and designed just the way you want. Also, these cakes are eggless, sugar-free, designer, cupcakes, and photo cakes. When you select to go for the combo, you also get to choose whether you wish to send the bouquet in a glass vase arrangement, a basket, or a heart-shaped arrangement. You can be assured that this combo will definitely make the occasion more cheerful and eventful. After all, nothing adds to the beauty of the celebration of flowers. The team at chocolaty.in has thoughtfully made combos of the flower bouquets that would go well with a particular cake design so that you don’t have to waste time browsing through the cake section and then the flowers.

How can I get online cake delivery in Pune in the least amount of time?

If you are looking to surprise your loved ones with the same day delivery cakes on their special occasions, you can choose chocolaty.in. We are hands down the fastest platform for online cake delivery in Pune. Hence, if you want to get a cake delivery in no time in Pune then you have to trust chocolaty.in. We are one of the best cake delivery services in India who do same day delivery cakes throughout the country. In this fast world where everything is progressing at such fast rates, the cake deliveries should be fast as well. Gone are the days when you used to schedule cake deliveries days before the main occasion day. Now, you can just order cakes online through a few clicks on our website and get the same day delivery anywhere in the country.

On our website, you can get same day cake delivery, midnight cake delivery, and even fixed time cake deliveries. All of these options are dependent on you whichever you want to choose as per your requirement.

If you have plans to surprise your loved ones on their special days with cakes and gifts, then you must use our same day delivery cakes and gifts option. We can do same day online cake delivery in Pune along with the deliveries of some other items as well. We need a maximum time of 4 to 5 hours to prepare the cakes and schedule the delivery from the time of your order. This is because our bakers start preparing the cakes after getting a confirmed order from your side. We do not have any types of cakes stored with us in any form and hence we need the time to prepare the cakes from scratch.

Also, this ensures that from our website, not only would you be getting the fastest online cake delivery in Pune but also freshest cakes. There is no compromise on the quality of our cakes. We bake our cakes with premium quality ingredients so that your experience is good. We take the cake preparation seriously and will never disappoint our customers no matter what. Getting same day delivery cakes is really easy for us.

Along with the cakes, we can also do same day delivery of gifts, plants, and flowers. You can find all these items listed on our website. We are a one stop shop for cake and other gifting platforms as you can get lots of items on our website.

Questions you Need Answers for While Opting Chocolaty.in

Q. What is the best place to get online cake delivery in Pune?

The best place to get an online cake delivery in Pune is chocolaty.in. We already told you a lot of reasons why we are the best but let us tell you in a nutshell. We do same-day deliveries of cakes, we are faster than others, we have a huge variety of cakes on our platform, and we are simply the best.

Q. Can you deliver chocolate and vanilla cakes in Pune?

Yes, we can deliver vanilla and chocolate cakes in Pune too. There are so many cakes available on our website and we can deliver all of them in Pune at any hour of your choice.

Q. Why should I order cakes from chocolaty.in for deliveries in Pune?

Well, if you want to enjoy fresh cakes that taste amazing then need to order cakes from chocolaty.in. When you are choosing online cake deliveries, you are not seeing the cake in person. So, instead of ordering from other places, you can simply order from us and be stress free.

Q. Can I opt for Customized Cakes in Pune?

Yes, chocolaty.in offers you the option of getting a personalized cake designed. For getting your cakes designed, you can share a photo that needs to be imprinted while placing the order.

Q. Do you guarantee that the cake I order would look exactly the same as in the picture on your portal?

We usually ensure that the cake delivered to you is exactly the same as displayed on the portal. However, there can be minor changes in the shape and size of the cake sometimes, but one thing you can be assured about is that the flavoring of the cake won’t be compromised with.

Q. Do you provide cake delivery in Pune hotels?

When we say, cake delivery anywhere in Pune, we mean it. Whether it’s your residence or you’re celebrating an occasion in a hotel, being your trusted cake shop in Pune near me, we make sure that the ordered cake is delivered speedily. All you need to do while placing the order is filling in the name and address of the hotel along with the telephone or contact details.

Q. Do you offer Midnight and same day cake delivery in Pune?

At Chocolaty.in, we understand celebrations have no time and that’s the reason we offer both the same day and midnight cake delivery service in Pune. However, you need to make sure to place the order before 7 PM.

Q. Will I always get fresh cakes at Chocolaty.in?

Yes, we always make sure to deliver you freshly baked cake by the finest bakeries each time you order cake in Pune with us.

Q. What does fixed time delivery mean?

Fixed time delivery is the service where you get an opportunity to fix the delivery timing according to your convenience and we would ensure your package gets delivered at the mentioned address ad within the timeline. But you need to place the order beforehand for the delivery to be carried out on time. We do need a few hours to get the cake freshly baked and then deliver it at your place.

Q. Do you deliver cakes early in the morning in Pune?

Why not? We do deliver happiness in the shape of cake to our clients in the morning too. The happiness on the face of the recipient to receive the gift first thing in the morning is unmatched. But, do remember, you need to place the order a few hours prior so that we deliver the package on time.

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