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The world is a magical place if you believe so. Yes, it is. We just have to find the magic in everything possible and we will be then able to see how things unfold magically in front of us. Did it get too philosophical? Well, and then let us jump back to reality. By talking about all things magical, one of the most magical things is Unicorns. Totally another topic if Unicorns are for real or not but we won’t get into that now. Unicorn cakes are totally real and for the people who love and believe in Unicorns can get a piece of it through the gorgeous Unicorn cakes. It is the easiest way to get closer to the Unicorns and get them for you in real life. If you are looking for some awesome and delicious Unicorn cakes, then the right place to visit has to be Stop waiting and searching and get going through us

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Buy and Send Unicorn Cakes Online

Do you know how you can turn the mood of the parties? It is by including the most gorgeous cakes into it. One of the most gorgeous cakes has to be the Unicorn cakes. Unicorns are such pretty animals that looking at them make you feel so amazing. And imagine how gorgeous they would look if their appearance were made into cakes. Unicorn cakes are for everyone and not only kids. Even women love Unicorn cakes like nothing else. Unicorn cakes are beautiful because lots of colors are used in making them including all the pastel shades like pastel pink, lilac, powder blue, pastel yellow, white, beige, and lots of colors from the same family. You can order the most gorgeous Unicorn cakes on our website chocolaty. These cakes are for everyone and we are going to make it personalized to suit your personality like no one else would do it.

Unicorn cakes are so gorgeous to ignore

Not going to lie but Unicorn cakes are the most gorgeous cakes ever. They are one of the most trending cakes available out there. Everyone likes these cakes because of their appearance and also because of their flavour. A lot of things can be done on these cakes to make them unique. Birthdays and other special occasions are all about merriment and extra oomph can be added to these occasions through fancy cakes. One of the fanciest cakes has to be the Unicorn cakes. Having these cakes in the celebrations just makes the receiver a lot happier than usual. Everyone likes to have beautiful cakes for their birthdays and hence Unicorn cakes could be one of those cakes. If you surprise your loved ones with these cakes then you are not only bringing a smile on their faces but are also changing their happy days into the happiest ones.

Buy Unicorn Cakes with different flavors and Design From Chocolaty

One of the most unique things about the Unicorn cakes is that they can be made of different flavors. These cakes have different colors and that is the beauty of these cakes. Unicorns are colorful animals and hence the same needs to be depicted on the cakes too. So, these cakes have various colors as well. Including all those colors also gives you a chance to include lots of flavours in just one cake. Have you heard about the beauty of these things in any cake, not, right? So, you got it with these cakes.

Buy tasty and good looking Unicorn cakes on Chocolaty

For those who are looking for the gorgeous Unicorn cakes, you can simply scroll and explore chocolaty. On our website, you can find a lot of Unicorn cakes in different styles and flavors. The design of these cakes is obviously the best but also the taste of these cakes is supremely amazing from our website. Our bakers make sure that these cakes taste the best like you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Chocolaty offers the best Unicorn cakes at affordable rates. Usually these cakes are very expensive because of the design and flavors used. But, not on our website. On our website, you will find these cakes at a very affordable rate. Along with the Unicorn cakes, you can also find other trending cakes like piñata cakes, photo cakes, tiered cakes, multi layered cakes, fruit cakes, plum cakes, pull up cakes, cartoon cakes, and lots more.

How can I get Unicorn cakes online?

Getting Unicorn cakes online is a tough task because not a lot of websites sell such fancy looking cakes. No doubt there are tons of websites for selling cakes in India but most of them excel in selling minimal, regular, and basic cakes. The cakes that have been widely popular since ages are the cakes that are being sold by most of the websites. And cakes are no longer just a formal thing to include in the parties anymore. Cakes are the most important things of any party and you have to believe in the power of the cakes. So, getting that perfect cake online which is beautiful, tasty, and is available online is a task.

Even if you find cakes that are of trending designs online their taste is not that good and there is an evident compromise on the quality of the cakes. You were not ready for this, were you? We mean you are obviously paying for the quality cakes that not only look good but also taste extremely delicious. But, don’t worry as your search for the most perfect cake that is of trending design and also tastes out of the world ends on chocolaty. On our website, you will find lots and lots of varieties of trending cakes that taste totally out of this world. There are a lot of reasons as to why our platform is the best for online cake delivery.

The most important reason is that our cakes are of supreme quality. Our bakers are very crucial about the quality of the cakes and they use all the fresh ingredients to prepare our cakes. Be it the fondant, fruits, chocolates, choco chips, essence, flavour, or anything else, all of them are of fresh quality and that makes our cakes super delicious. Also, we do not have cakes stored with us beforehand. We start preparing the cakes only after getting a confirmed order from you guys. This again gives you another surety that the cakes from are of the best quality ever.

On our website, you will find the best Unicorn cakes in various designs, styles, flavours, and also egg or eggless base. We do not have just one Unicorn cake and send that to everyone. You can also easily customize a lot of knick knacks on these cakes as well. If you have an entirely new design in mind related to Unicorn cakes, you can mail us the requirements and we will get back to you with that design too.

Other reasons to consider and stick to us are that we do different timing delivery that is suited as per your needs like midnight delivery, fixed time delivery, and even same day delivery. We deliver in almost all cities of our country. We are available during the holidays, weekends, and even during the festivals. Also, on our website, you can find a lot of other items like flowers, chocolate towers, chocolate bouquets, customised gifts, and lots more. And lastly, you should consider us because we offer a delightful experience right from the time of ordering to getting the parcels delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of Unicorn cakes do you have on your website?

We have different kinds of Unicorn cakes on our website. We have simple cakes with Unicorn cream coloured layers, we have cakes with Unicorn fondant, we have cakes with Unicorn pictures, and lots more. You can explore all of them on the page above.

2. Can I get an eggless Unicorn cake from your website?

Yes, of course. We do understand that a lot of you guys are vegetarians or prefer eggless cakes only. So, we do have the option of getting all the Unicorn cakes to be made in eggless base also. You can choose this option with just one click which is right beside the cakes. You can click the button and get the same cake delivered in an eggless base.

3. What are Unicorn cakes? Is it a flavour?

No, Unicorn cakes are not any flavour but it is a design. Unicorn is an imaginary animal with one horn in front of the head that is very pretty and hence is popular amongst girls and kids for a lot of reasons. They are unrealistic but so popular that people enjoy having these cakes.

4. Can I get Unicorn cakes customized from your website?

Yes, you can easily do that. Some of the basic customization options are already mentioned on our website beside all the cakes. The basic options include the egg base or eggless cakes, heart shaped cakes, etc. You can choose these if you want in just a second with a click. If there are further customization that you want, then you can mail us your requirements with the sample picture and we will get back to you.

5. Are Unicorn cakes appropriate for anniversaries?

Yes, why not! There is no rule for anything. You can get any kind of cakes for any occasion as per your choice. You do you. If you want to have a Unicorn cake for an anniversary function, you can have that. There is no one to judge you.

6. How much time will you need to deliver a Unicorn cake?

For any cake that you order on our website will take around 4 to 5 hours to be delivered to you. We already said that we do not have cakes prepared beforehand on our website and hence we need this much time to prepare the cakes from scratch. 4 to 5 hours is needed to bake the cake, pack it, and put it in transit to make sure it reaches you on time.