Online Rakhi Delivery in Delhi

Celebrate this Rakhi with your family and friends to add some beautiful moments to your life. Send Rakhi to Delhi online to epitomize the eternal love of brother-sister love. Bring a broad smile on your brother’s face and let him know that distance will no more be a matter to send your heartiest wishes to him.

Chocolaty is the best platform for Rakhi delivery in Delhi and many other cities for a lot of reasons. We offer premium quality Rakhi and Rakhi hampers in a variety of designs. We deliver hampers and all kinds of items from our website in real time, on fixed time, and even during midnight. We have the freshest cakes, flowers, chocolates, and lots of other things that one can ask for. On our website, we allow heavy customisations to happen and that too in the least amount of time. If you count on us, we will surely make sure to give you the best service no matter what.

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Yes, we can do that. We can easily send Rakhi even within a few hours from the time of your order to any part of Delhi. If we say we are accessible in Delhi, we are accessible in most parts of the city. You can check if we are available in a particular location or not by entering the pincode of that area on our website itself. However, we do cover most parts of the city including the outskirts and office campuses. Just make sure that someone is there to collect the parcel at the office campus/gate because they don’t allow outsiders to enter the campus. You can easily check on us and track our delivery partners by calling to see whether they are on time or not.

We offer premium quality Rakhi and Rakhi hampers in a variety of designs. We deliver hampers and all kinds of items from our website in real time, on fixed time, and even during midnight. We have the freshest cakes, flowers, chocolates, and lots of other things that one can ask for. On our website, we allow heavy customisations to happen and that too in the least amount of time. You have to count on us for all things good.

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If your brother or sister resides in another city as yours and you would want to send them cute Rakhi along with the Rakhi sweets then the best place has to be You could be sitting anywhere in the world and can get Rakhi delivered in Delhi or any other city at any hour of the day and even on the day of Rakhi through us. Well, it is the generation of technology and the internet and everything is fast and totally possible now. So, with the help of technology and the internet, you can easily get online Rakhi delivery in Delhi in no time and even on the same day of Rakhi. Try us for Rakhi deliveries all over India and you will love our service more than anything else.

Plus, we can do deliveries where we do not incur shipping costs. If you choose same day Rakhi delivery from our website, you do not have to pay for any shipping charge. Yes, you read the right. You just have to pay for the items that you have purchased. Shipping is totally on us and that is our USP. So, save your courier money now and order from us and also get the fastest deliveries.

Avail Fixed time deliveries of Rakhi hampers through in Delhi

You can avail of a fixed time delivery from our website for any item including Rakhi and the Rakhi hampers. Select any Rakhi (or any product) of your choice and in the delivery details section select Standard Delivery and select the time that you need the delivery to be done. This is how the fixed time delivery works. Whatever fixed time you will specify on your order, we will deliver the flowers in that time limit only. If you want the delivery at 5 pm, then make sure to place the order by 1 pm. Opting for the fixed time delivery option is simply the best because this lets you get the parcel delivered on the time of your choice. For the fixed time deliveries or for the deliveries wherein you need to schedule it as per your time or preference, we charge a little extra for the shipping costs. This is for the extra effort needed on our delivery agent’s side.

In case you have forgotten to send Rakhi and it is late or because of any reason, you need to send the Rakhi on the day of Rakhi, then you have to trust You could be sitting anywhere in the world and can order Rakhi from our website and get its delivery on the same day in Jaipur. From the day of order, in the same day delivery, you will get the parcel 4 to 5 hours from the time of order placed.

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Apart from Rakhis, we have a lot of other things on our website. We have flowers, plants, chocolates, cushions, customized gifts, and lots of other knick knack gift items on our website. We are a one stop platform for all things cute and party ready. On our website, we have some exclusive Rakhi pages on which you can find pre-curated Rakhi items like Rakhi with chocolates, Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with dry fruits, and lots more. The best part of ordering Rakhi from is that you don’t have to pay for the deliveries unlike in the courier service. You just have to pay for the items that you have purchased and the deliveries are entirely free of the shipping cost. You won’t find something as easy as our website for such facilities. You also don’t have to stand in a queue for the Rakhi delivery. If you choose us, you can get everything done online. High time you got to count on us.

How can I send Rakhi online in Delhi if I am late in sending the courier?

If by any chance you got late in sending the Rakhi parcel then the best thing you could do is trust It is because through our website you are never too late as we can also deliver Rakhi to your place or to your sibling’s place on the day of Rakhi too. You can order on the day of Rakhi and your parcel will be delivered on the day of Rakhi. Isn’t this the best solution for being late? You don’t have to feel guilty anymore now. We have got your back. With, you are never too late to order for Rakhi even if you have missed out sending it till one day before. From our website, you can order for the same day Rakhi delivery in Jaipur and get its same delivery even on the day of Rakhi. There is no other platform as fast as us in the city.

We have a lot of Rakhis in several designs on our website. Apart from Rakhi, we also have Rakhi hampers, Rakhi combos, Rakhi collection, etc. Some of the most popular chocolate hampers that we have are Rakhi with Temptation, Rakhi with Cadbury celebrations, Rakhi with Ferrero Rocher, Rakhi with Ferrero Rocher and cakes, Rakhi with Dairy Milk, and lots more. You will definitely find something you like. You can also choose Rakhi and chocolates differently and get its delivery at the same time. We are also the most fuss free platform to get Rakhi and other items delivered in the least amount of time. We can deliver Rakhi, Rakhi combos, Rakhi hampers, Rakhi gifts, cakes, flowers, chocolates, plants, customised gifts, and a lot of knick knack items from our website.

There are different types of Rakhis on our website that you can easily choose from. Talking about the Rakhi combos, we have Rakhi with dry fruits, Rakhi with chocolates like cadbury, celebrations, kit kat, Ferrero Rocher and lots more. We also have Rakhi with sweets like kalakand, milky bar, laddoo, and lots more. We don’t have only high budgeted products on our website. We have something for everyone. You can check it out for yourself and we are pretty sure you will find something for yourself. The Rakhi combos start from Rs 429 on our website which has a few more things along with a Rakhi.

Hands down, the best platform in India for Rakhi delivery is We just stated a lot of reasons as to why we are the best. To know more, just explore our website and you will definitely fall in love with it. Our website is also very easy to navigate and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to send sweets to my sibling on Rakhi as he loves it a lot. Can you help?

Yes, we have a lot of combinations of Rakhi with sweets on our website. We have lots of sweets in the combo on our website like Kaju Katli, Soan Papdi, Rasgulla, Kalakand, Milk cake, and lots more. There is enough variety on our website. Whatever sweets or mithai that you want to choose, you can easily choose and get them delivered at your brother’s doorstep. Also, we assure you that we will deliver only fresh mithai and nothing less than that.

Q. If I don’t stay in Delhi can I still send Rakhi to my siblings residing in Delhi?

Yes, why not. This is totally possible and very easy to do. As we said, we work in most cities of the country including the small towns so can be a help of yours in this scenario. You could be staying anywhere in the world and can get Rakhi deliveries in Delhi or any city for that matter done through us. It is very easy.

Q. Can you customize a Rakhi combo for my sibling including dry fruits and chocolates in it?

Yes, we can totally do that. We are known for customisation and we can do the customisations on every product that we have on our website. If you want a Rakhi combo with dry fruits you can choose that from our combo list. We can also add chocolates in it of your choice. To make it easy for you, we want to tell you that you can also choose two combos, one with dry fruits and one with chocolates as well. If you want to design a combo from scratch then we can do that too. For this, you will have to mail us your requirements and we will get back to you.

Q. Give three reasons as to why I should consider over other websites for Rakhi delivery in Delhi?

Well, three is quite a small number to explain our USPs but we will definitely cover the best of them all. To begin with, we can do same day Rakhi deliveries from anywhere to anywhere across India. We do not charge for the same day shipping charges as well. On our website, you will find lots of gifts related to rakhi that you can send to your sibling.

Q. What is the guarantee that you will safely deliver my items?

If you choose traditional courier services, there are multiple chances of items getting misplaced or damaged. We have already heard a lot about sweets getting stolen from the Rakhi parcels or gifts getting misplaced. Because of this reason, people have stopped sending gifts and sweets with the Rakhi parcels. Try from where you can send safe deliveries to your brother anywhere in the country without visiting any place.

Q. Can you help me with Rakhi delivery if I got late in ordering?

Yes, we can definitely help you with that. That can be done through the last hour’s delivery option on our website. The last hour's delivery means that we can help you with the delivery of Rakhi and everything related to the Rakhi gifts even one day before or on the same day of Raksha Bandhan. Yes, we can help you to deliver Rakhi to your siblings on the same day of Rakhi even when you are living in different cities and want to courier stuff in another city.