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Make the celebrations of your friends and family occasion memorable by sending gifts to them. Our hand-picked gifts are both unique and creative making them perfect to convey your love, care and wishes to your loved ones. Select from our yummy cakes to mesmerizing flowers and surprise your loved ones living in Lucknow.

Gifts are miraculous. Do you know why? It is because gifts have the power to make anyone happy at any hour of the day irrespective of the occasion. If a person is feeling low, a gift can always bring a smile on their faces. If the person is in a happy mood, a gift of their choice can add a cherry on the cake to their mood. People do expect gifts on happy occasions like on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. There are some days when people are not expecting gifts and if given during that time, it just makes the things much better for the receiver. Also, no matter how senseless it may sound, instead of waiting for others to give you anything, always choose to gift yourself every amazing thing that you want in your life. To find some cute gifts online, check out This website has the most amazing collection of all cute gifts one can ask for and can purchase for anyone.

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Order Online Gift Delivery in Lucknow

We all know the warm feeling in our hearts when we get a gift from our loved ones, and so if you are looking for the gifts delivery in Lucknow to provide such feeling to your loved ones, then you are at the right place. If you are totally confused as to what gift should you give to your close family member on their birthday then we are here to help. Looking for birthday gifts delivery in Lucknow, checkout our products now and choose from the wide range of options. The best part about the gift delivery is that if you want to give the gift in person then you can opt for gifts home delivery in Lucknow and get the gift delivered at your place. You can also use the gifts home delivery in Lucknow if you are living in another city or country, however, want to gift something to your loved ones. All you have to do is give us the address and we will make sure that the gift is delivered on time.

Same Day & Midnight Gift Delivery in Lucknow

We all know the importance of anniversaries, as it is one of those special days that commemorate the celebration of something beautiful in our lives. If you are looking for anniversary gifts delivery in Lucknow then you have come to the right place, on our website you will get loads of gift options to choose from. The best part about shopping online gifts delivery in Lucknow is that you get total freedom, for e.g. if you want to deliver the gift to the special someone at midnight then you can opt for midnight gift delivery in Lucknow, which is bound to surprise the person getting the gift.

Gift delivery at Lucknow has become as easy as clicking buttons, all you have to do is visit our website and select the item, checkout and we will take care of the rest. If you had literally forgotten about the special occasion and forgot to buy something in advance for the person, then we are here to rescue you with our same day delivery gifts in Lucknow.

Everyone loves surprise gifts and if you are also looking to surprise your special someone with an authentic gift then worry not. We are here to help you make that possible with our surprise gift delivery in Lucknow. We advise you to make sure your camera is recording when we deliver the surprise gift to the person, as the look on their face would be something that you would want to capture forever. Using our Online gift Delivery in Surat, you can finally make your closed ones happy by sending them a gift full of love and happiness.

We ensure that the gifts reach on time and remain flawless at the same time. Gifts delivery in Lucknow has never been so easy and convenient. You can be located anywhere in the world and still be able to make the certain someone’s day by sending them a surprise gift. The best part about shopping with us is that we understand the message behind gifts, we know that you want to not only just send a gift but also your heartfelt emotions, and so we ensure that all of our products are top of the line and our services prioritized.

So what are you waiting for browse through hundreds of options present on our website and choose the one that appeals to your emotions? Be it any occasion, we are bound to deliver the best experience and so the experience of Gifts delivery in Lucknow with us will the best one ever. We are confident that you will love our service.

Make your loved ones happy with online gift delivery in Lucknow!!!

At Chocolaty, we will make your celebrations memorable for a life-time. We have gift delivery network across the country in various cities including Lucknow. You can also get Valentine and birthday gift delivery in Lucknow with ease at any time of the day.

There are some moments in life when an adult plays a role of children. Whether it is a birthday, silver jubilee, golden jubilee, Valentine Day or some other special day, cake cutting ceremony is a need of every occasion which makes one to celebrate an occasion to the fullest like a child.

Get instant gift delivery in Lucknow!!

Lucknow, a city known for its great music, architecture, and literature and full with the aesthetically intelligent and busy people. People here don’t find time to show their emotions in the right manner because of their busy schedules. So, Chocolaty has come up with the option of instant gift delivery in Lucknow so whenever there is an occasion you have a place to order gift from that too at instantly.

Shop and send amazing gifts with online gift delivery in Lucknow

There can be loads of things which you can gift. You can send flowers to Lucknow whether you are in the city or not with our home delivery gift shop in Lucknow. Birthdays are always special days and everyone celebrates their birthdays with great celebration, pomp, and show. You can also get cake delivery in Lucknow as a gift and surprise your loved ones on their birthdays to make them happy on their birthdays. We had made it easier to show your emotions, just browse a wide array of gifts and select one for your loved one.

How can I get the best online gift delivery in Lucknow in less time?

Online gifting has become really popular these days, especially post covid. It is because people have become accustomed to sending things online to each other. One of the best platforms in India for online gift delivery has to be This is also the best website to choose for online gift delivery in Lucknow. Lucknow has quite a few options of online gifting platforms in the city but the best of them all has to be This website helps in doing online gift delivery in Lucknow in the least time.

If you choose standard deliveries from us which also means the same day deliveries of the gifts in Lucknow, then you can get free shipping on those items. This is applicable for all the products that are listed on our website. When it comes to same day deliveries, you get your orders 4 to 5 hours after you have ordered from our website. Let’s say you have ordered something at around 6 pm, the delivery of it will be done on the same day till 10 pm without any extra shipping charges.

If your loved ones reside in Lucknow but you are staying somewhere else in the world, you can still send them gifts through this platform without any hassle. You could be sitting anywhere in the world and can get gifts delivered in Lucknow at any hour of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the gifts available for online gift delivery in Lucknow? has the best collection of gifts online. First thing to mention about our website is that, we have gifts for everyone, for every age, and every gender. On, you can find gifts like flowers, customised mugs, bouquets, chocolates in different assortments, greeting cards, cakes, cushions, plants, and a lot of other things. You just have to visit the Lucknow gift page on our website and you will find the list of all the gifts that are available for delivery in the city.

Q. Do I have to dig big holes to send online gift delivery in Lucknow from

No, not at all. This is the misconception that we need to clear. Well, the different things have different prices on our website. But, the price range of is really affordable. There is something that everyone can afford from For example, the cakes start from Rs 429, chocolate hampers start from Rs 259, coffee mugs are available from Rs 299, and so on. It is an affordable website that can be used by anyone to send gifts online anywhere in the country at any hour of the day.

Q. What are the different types of shipping available on your website?

The different types of shipping options available on our website are definitely more than any other gifting platform in the city offers. We have shipping flexibility like shipping during the midnight hours, early morning hours, fixed time deliveries, same day deliveries, and the standard deliveries. All of these options are available for all our products on our website and are open for everyone who browses our website and wants to purchase from our website.

Q. Can I send cakes and customised mugs as gifts from your website to my loved one in Lucknow?

Yes, why not. Our website is just like any other website from which you can order as much stuff as you would want. You can either purchase all of the items that you want in one go or you can order them differently as per your choice. You can choose the cakes of your choice along with the customised mugs and get their delivery in Lucknow. Both of them can be sent together to your loved ones.

Q. How can I plan a perfect time online gift delivery in Lucknow through the fixed time delivery service available on

If you want to plan for a specific time delivery of the gifts for your loved ones residing in Lucknow then for that case also is there to help you. You can avail of fixed time gift delivery from our website. Select a gift of your choice and in the Delivery Details section select fixed time delivery and select the time slot you're most comfortable with. Your parcel will be delivered within that selected time slot. Fixed time delivery simply means that your parcels will be delivered in the fixed time of your choice. The fixed time could be any time of the day as per your choice.

Q. What are some of the most popular chocolate hampers on

Some of the most popular chocolate hampers that we have are with different chocolates like Temptation, Cadbury celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, chocolates and cakes, Dairy Milk, chocolate towers, chocolate bombs, chocolate basket, chocolate bucket, and lots more. You will definitely find something you like.