Eggless Cake Delivery in Thiruvananthapuram

All of our eggless cakes are baked and dispatched on the same day, assuring maximum health. We know how delicious an eggless cake straight from the oven is, and we want you to enjoy it as well. Eating old eggless cakes is a no-no. It doesn't imply you can't consume eggless cakes if you're watching your weight, sugar intake, or cholesterol. We provide a variety of well balanced bakes that are both nutritious and tasty. We also don't use any artificial flavourings or colours, so you can unwind and enjoy yourself without worry. We also provide delivery via debit, credit card, and net banking from all major banks. Our customers can also pay on delivery, which is uncommon when working with a physical cake shop in Thiruvananthapuram, which normally requires full payment up front with the promise of timely delivery. Trust us you will love our services and we will never ever leave you in any doubts. All you have to do is place your online cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram right here.

”From kids to old-age people”, everyone's choice is Cake. Cake is joy and sometimes emotion. It's well said that every happy moment should start with sweets and Cake is the perfect dessert . Sometimes people face troubles to have eggless cake, even some people avoid eating Cake because they believe cake can't be baked without egg but ensures to provide absolutely 100% eggless cake. We bake our eggless cake separately to avoid confusion. we provide our service of online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. You can get eggless cake in each and every flavor and design and all the trendy cakes such as pinata cake pull me up cake or jar cakes are also available in eggless flavor. All the options are available on our website.

You just have to browse our site and you will find delicious options. You can even have bouquets of fresh flowers for adding more special things in your celebration. Our bakers always ensure that customers should receive eggless cakes which will not disappoint them and make their day special and memorable. Even our trained professionals make the customized eggless cake up to the demand and imagination of our customers. You just need to provide us the picture by email or any social media and we will start working on your cake.Our you still in dilemma? Browse our website and order your online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram.

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Online Eggless Cake Delivery In Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram is a culturally rich city with historical sites, parks, and temples, among other things. This city provides numerous prospects for establishing a successful profession. The city is now immune to receiving wishes and blessings in the shape of eggless cakes from their loved ones. Chocolaty, a leading online cake shop, will help you deliver eggless cakes to Thiruvananthapuram for special events such as Christmas Day, Brother's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Weddings, so that you can share these wonderful occasions with your friends and family. You will enjoy many cake flavours for every occasion, from birthday cakes to anniversary cakes. Classic black forest, pineapple piquancy, butterscotch grandeur, chocolatey magic, toothsome truffle, fruity joy, velvety affair, and many more are some of the most amazing  cakes that will tempt your taste senses. You may also personalise your eggless cakes by engraving a lovely portrait of your loved ones. Simply place an order for eggless cake in Thiruvananthapuram online and leave the rest to us. There's no need to be concerned about costs. Chocolaty provides free shipping for eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram online.

Bring A Beaming Smile On The Face Of Your Sweetheart With Eggless Cakes

Eggless cakes are delicious desserts Yummy! They not only add glitz to your parties, but they also elevate your spirits, satisfy your taste buds, and much more. Yes, a single mouthful of delectable cake can brighten your day. That is why you can come up with any excuse to order online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram and treat yourself to a delectable sweet treat. Furthermore, if you want to make a sweet gesture to your friends, family, colleagues, relatives, or others for no reason, eggless cakes are a good option. Chocolaty eggless cakes have the power to bring more joy, happiness, and love into your life, as well as making special occasions more memorable. So, for any occasion, buy same day eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram and make it a memorable day for everyone. Furthermore, eggless cakes are the best choice when it comes to impressing your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, spouse, or anybody close to you. Consider the following example: You can propose to your crush on days like Propose Day or Valentine's Day and take romance to a new level. So, whatever the cause for enjoying a taste of your favourite eggless cake, take it and get a delectable cake from us, the greatest cake shop in Thiruvananthapuram.

Eggless Cake Delivery in Thiruvananthapuram Quick and Hassle Free, Order Now and Save up to 25%

Did you also face difficulty while searching for eggless cake in your city? I feel you are definitely faced, nowadays trusting anyone is very difficult especially when it comes to food with the solution launched the range of eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. With lots of design and options of flavor. Our Designs can be different but the taste will be the same and tasty according to the flavor. Whenever, you plan to order the eggless cake the first thing that comes to your mind is where to order your eggless cake is the right place. We deliver our eggless cake PAN India, give us a chance to make your celebration most enjoyable and delightful. You just have to select one of the designs of your choice in your favorite flavor of your eggless Cake and after that we will start the process of baking your cake and deliver the freshly baked cake to your doorstep.

We provide 24 hours online service of eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. You just have to browse our site and you will find delicious options. These deliveries will be handed over to you with absolutely fresh and safe. You will not find any damages in your eggless cake. Our bakers always ensure that customers should receive cake which will not disappoint them and make their day special and memorable. Even our trained staff make the customized cake up to the demand and imagination of our customers. You just need to provide us the picture by email or any social media, and we will start working on your cake. Online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. We provide delivery services from early morning to midnight delivery with minimum delivery charges and if you need your eggless cake at the given time. We also provide fixed time delivery options even though we also have same day delivery options with zero delivery charges.

A Guide for Placing the Order for Delicious Cakes Online

Wondering where to buy eggless cake online, no worries we have listed some useful tips and suggestions. For your Online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. Mentioned below

Pick the flavor

Flavor is the major element of any of the cakes. Whenever you order an online eggless cake for delivery in Thiruvananthapuram you can see varieties of flavors like vanilla, pineapple, chocolate, red velvet, butterscotch and many more. All these flavors are always available for online eggless cake. You just need to select one of your favorite flavors while checking our website.

Even you go with seasonal flavors like mango or fruit cake. These seasonal fruit flavors are the most refreshing flavor.

Cake design

For online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram you can get varieties of design, the pictures are already updated on our website. You can choose your preferable best option from the site and if you are not satisfied with our designs, we can also prepare your cake according to your preference and our staff will ensure to customize according to your preference. You just need to provide us with a picture by email and your eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram will be delivered as soon as possible.

Cake size

As you have made up your mind for the delivery of an eggless cake in Thiruvananthapuram, next is to choose a cake size suitable for guests. Before placing an order for an online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram, it is mandatory to have a count of your guest list, as the cake you have selected should be adequate and sufficient for all guests.


It is of utmost importance to discover the specific occasion for which you are selecting an online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. The occasion could be a birthday party, an anniversary, or any other form of celebration. In the present day, it has become customary for individuals to opt for theme cakes, which are specifically designed to align with the nature of the occasion.

Delivery time

For an online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram, it is important that the delivery should be on time. If your event is in the morning and you are receiving the cake in the evening, it is crucial to avoid any delays. In order to ensure timely delivery, we recommend choosing as they provide a 24-hour delivery service without any delays.

Regardless of whether you require the eggless cake in the early morning or at midnight, we guarantee prompt delivery for a minimal fee. Additionally, we offer same-day delivery within 3 to 4 hours at no extra cost. Furthermore, we always deliver eggless cakes freshly. This offer provides the best value with minimal charges and no delivery delays. Therefore, there is no need to wait. Place your order for an online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram and enjoy it without any complications. Share the moments of love and indulge in a delicious cake with


If someone is placing an order for an online eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram, they anticipate receiving significant discounts or obtaining their online eggless cakes in Thiruvananthapuram at reasonable prices. offers online eggless cake delivery at the most competitive prices to ensure customers can purchase the most affordable eggless cakes online. We invite you to explore our website for more information.

How to Place the Order for Online Cake Delivery at Chocolaty?

The process of placing an order for cakes at Chocolaty is easier and quick. Only you need to follow the mentioned instruction’s step by step whenever you are thrilled to order eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram.

Pick a cake

We have a huge range of varieties of cakes according to all occasions and the most popular ones are displayed on our site. Suppose you have a pre-plan cake flavor or design, search for that cake in our site’s search box. You will find it within a few seconds. has many delicious and delightful desserts for you. Check each cake to assess the design and flavor. Go through the ingredient list to ensure the cake does not contain something that your religion or community does not allow.

Pick the size and design

We would advise you to contact us if you wish to bake a special design cake for the upcoming event. It won’t be necessary though because there are so many cool designs in each category to choose from. Assess how many people will be attending the party to choose the right cake size. Prefer a larger size cake if the number of guests is not confirmed yet.

Regular or eggless?

As already discussed earlier, Chocolaty is pretty popular among vegetarians and vegans. Our bakers keep vegan cakes away from regular ones to avoid delivery-time confusion. You can pick the type of cake along with the shape of the cake as they go to place the order.

Buy it

Once you have decided all the aspects such as design, size, and other things, place the order. Click on the Buy Now button to place your order. We will confirm it and start working on your eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. Here you get several convenient modes of payment options to complete the buying process within a few minutes.

Why Choose Chocolaty to Buy Cakes Online?

If you are thinking of choosing for your eggless cake then you are in the right place. We have described briefly, Why to choose for ordering eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram, mentioned below.

You get cakes prepared with top-quality ingredients

For your eggless cake, we will not compromise with the quality of ingredients. We do not use local products instead we use top quality ingredients which will not affect your health. As customers, health matters a lot for us.

Top-notch hygiene

In our bakeries, we maintain the hygiene of our bakeries are cockroach and bacteria free. We take all the measures to maintain the hygiene even our bakers wear hand gloves and hair caps while baking the cake. I'm bakeries are cleaned before and after baking the cake, Even we wash our utensils on a daily basis.

Great customization options

If you want your cake of your imagination or you have a specific design in your mind, we will definitely imprint the eggless cake. Are trained. Staff have a specialty to customize the cake according to customers preference. You just need to provide us a picture via email or any social media and after it we will copy the same.

Top-quality packaging

As we do not compromise while choosing the ingredients, the same goes with our packaging. We provide our customers attractive packaging which is also safe. In our boxes cakes are very safe.

Same day delivery

We offer same day delivery options for our customers which includes zero delivery charges. I think the delivery option is pretty convenient as if you do not need a cake in a hurry then we get sufficient time to bake your cake and deliver it timely.

Affordable prices

Our eggless cakes range is most affordable as you guys get these cakes with top quality and lowest price but lowest price doesn't mean that we compromise in our quality. We are the best online platform for selling the most affordable cakes.

Skilled delivery partners

Our delivery partners are well-trained and they have skills on how to deal with our customers. They are well-mannered and do not misbehave with any of our customers. They talk to our customers politely and deliver the product safely to the customer's doorstep. Our staff partners are well aware about the maps of the city and deliver the product timely.

Satisfying customer service

Our customers are our goodwill. You will never find any wrong review in our feedback column. From baking a cake to delivering, We take all the measures which are needed and that's why we have satisfied customers. We have repeat customers on a daily basis. Our priority is to satisfy our customers' needs in which we always exceed.

How Do We Prepare and Deliver Top-quality Cakes to Customers’ Doorsteps?

Whenever, we get the order of eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. Firstly we check the flavor, design size and requirements of the cake and pass the same instructions to our professional bakers. Before preparing the eggless cake, firstly we clean our bakeries before and after baking. Even maintain the bakeries with all the measures so that our bakery should be bacteria and insect free.

Our bakers where hand gloves and caps after that, we start baking your cakes by using top quality ingredients which are chemical free as your delicious eggless cake is perfectly baked and decorated as demanded, we pack it safely and hand over the cakes to our delivery stuff they deliver the cake carefully to your doorstep and handover special token in your hands.

How to Decorate the Cake Table to Make Any Celebration Unforgettable?

Everyone likes surprises, only cake does not make that much impact. So with cake you can also decorate the table, even the room. It will add more vibes in your celebration. Follow the instructions to make your celebration unforgettable and special.

Clean table cover

As your table cover will be the base of your decoration, it should be clean and attractive. You can choose a pastel color table cover or any of the bright light colors cover so that after placing decoration materials and cake it will look more attractive. Things should not look dull on the cover. Or if you are getting confused which type of cover you should use or you do not have any colorful cover. You should use white color clean cover decoration automatically pop up the table

Decorate the table

You can decorate the table with flowers, petals, candles that will give the vibes of celebration, place the memorable photos for remembering the memories. You can also arrange chocolates and a greeting card for adding on. To your surprise, this will make your day remarkable. The gesture will definitely make your loved ones feel special and memorable.

Pick a perfect backdrop for impressive pictures

Photo booth is the most interesting and essential element of every party. It gives you a chance to enjoy and make a lot of happy memories. Your photo booth should be attractive and relatable to the celebrations. Clicking photos and posing are the most trendy things. Nowadays people are crazy to click amazing pictures with amazing props and upload them on social media. You can select your backdrop according to the theme or you can browse any of the apps in Google which will give you an idea which kind of backdrop you can select, select the color of backdrop according to the lighting in daylight you need light color backdrop and in nights. Shiny things will give you attractive pictures. You can place small props which anyone can carry in their hands and click the picture. You can also place carry-catchers indifferent areas of your party place so that everyone can have attractive pictures without waiting for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship fresh cakes when a user places an online order?

Yes, We provide freshly baked eggless cakes. Whether you choose regular cakes or any designer cake, We start our baking process after receiving the order. We never give our customers unfresh cakes as our customers' health is on our priority list. We do not compromise with it. You can order any of the eggless cakes carefree. We are the best one for eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram.

Q: Can I pick a specific time slot for cake delivery?

Yes, you can pick any time slot according to your preference. provides 24 hours services for their customers. Whether it's early morning or midnight we will deliver your eggless cake delivery in Thiruvananthapuram. Our early morning deliveries, midnight deliveries and fixed time. Delivery includes minimum delivery charges and if you prefer same day delivery that is absolutely free No charges applied.

Q: What can I do if the cake is damaged?

If you receive your cake with any of the damages because of any reason, you can claim on our site. On our website we have an option of customer care number. You can call us and our staff will help you out. You can even message us or email us if your cake has been damaged from our staff or from our side. We will definitely compensate you by returning your money or providing another cake. Be worry free, we are here to help you out in any of the circumstances. Even if you need any of the help regarding your query. You can call us at the customer helpline number. We are available for 24 hours for our customers.