Same Day Express Rakhi Delivery

Have you not yet decided what you have to gift to your brother on this Rakhi? Don’t worry, have a look at a wide range of available online gifts online and get it delivered to your doorstep in just a few hours. Don’t let this rakhi pass without having some beautiful moments.

Sending Rakhi through courier is one of the most important and popular activities that people do prior to the Raksha Bandhan. The festival is all about tying that special ribbon on your sibling’s wrist and no matter how far you live, sister’s are never going to miss out on an opportunity to send you the perfect Rakhi. But, to be honest, doing the Rakhi delivery through the traditional courier means is a definite pain. Either one has to do a lot of days before Rakhi or it won’t reach on time. People also cannot send any chocolates through courier as mostly they get lost and lots of issues are attached with it. Hence, try the most fuss free same day Rakhi delivery through

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Same Day Rakhi Delivery in India @399 | August 30th 2023

If you are looking for a website that can do rakhi same-day delivery then let us tell you that is the place you need to check out. There are multiple websites in India that are doing online rakhi deliveries even on the same day but is the best of them all. There are a lot of reasons for this. Let us break it down to you one by one. First of all, we have an amazing collection of rakhi and combos for Rakhi deliveries. Our range of Rakhi combos is wide and endless which gives you a lot of options to choose from. You will surely find something to your taste on our website. We have combos of Rakhi and chocolates, cakes, dry fruits and sweets and so many more things. If you are looking for some Rakhi-related gift items, then you have reached the best place.

Another reason why is the best website for rakhi same day delivery is we deliver all the items in real-time even on the same day of order. Just within 2 to 3 hours from your order time, you will get your parcel at your home. The third reason is that we have a lot of other things on our website like cakes, flowers, plants, chocolates, cushions, customized gifts, and lots of other knick-knack gift items.

If I live in Mumbai can I Send Rakhi Same-day delivery to Kolkata?

Yes, this facility is possible through It is so because we offer PAN India delivery of rakhi and all other items. So, no matter where you are living, you can easily send Rakhi to your siblings in any part of the country through The range of Rakhi combos offered at Chocolaty is priced to fit in anyone’s budget. You will surely get some amazing Rakhi on our website along with some really trending chocolates like Temptations, Cadbury celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, and lots more. They are highly affordable as compared to other places. Order now for tasty, reliable, and client-friendly online delivery.

We need a 3 to 4-hour time to deliver your Rakhi parcels from Mumbai to Kolkata or anywhere. No matter what you order from our website, this is the whole time we need to deliver items from our website. If you place an order at around 11 am then it will be delivered at around 2 to 3 pm through the Rakhi same-day delivery. So, make sure to order as early or within a particular time slot that you want. This way, you can also customise your deliveries.

How can I send Rakhi same-day delivery if I forgot to send it earlier?

We get you, this can happen to anybody. Because of work or any other reason, you might forget to send Rakhi to your siblings. And now that you are late, you feel guilty about it but still, you wish that you could send your rakhi parcels to your siblings. Traditional courier services cannot help you because even with express courier services they would need at least 24 hours. This is also possible in those cities that have the best access to everything. So, to solve all your issues, here comes that can do rakhi same-day delivery to any part of the country from any part of the world. We will deliver your Rakhi parcels on the same day of order without incurring any shipping cost that too within a few hours from your order time. This is how you can send Rakhi through same-day delivery. does the deliveries of rakhi to all the big cities, all the metro cities, most hill stations, most small towns, and most of the rural places as well. This is our USP. You can count on us if you got late in sending rakhi parcels to your siblings.

Why is the best platform for rakhi same-day delivery? can do rakhi same day delivery which is a plus point in itself. We save you from the trouble of going to the courier service to stand in the queue to send Rakhi. We also save you from waiting for so many days for the rakhi to get delivered. Everything happens instantly through Your order will reach even on the same day as Rakhi in case you have gotten late in sending your parcels. We take no more than 4 hours to deliver your parcel to any part of the country from your order time. This is our major USP and this is the reason why we are the best platform for rakhi same-day delivery. We do not charge for the same-day shipping charges as well. This is something you will not find anywhere. Even through traditional courier services, you will be required to pay the courier fee but not through us. You just have to pay for the things that you have chosen from us. That is it.

Another reason is that on our website, you can also club different things together like flowers with cakes and Rakhi, chocolates with cushions and Rakhi. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to the personalisation and customisation on To begin with, we can do same-day Rakhi deliveries from anywhere to anywhere across India. On our website, you will find lots of gifts related to rakhi that you can send to your sibling.

What is the price for Rakhi same-day delivery?

The best thing about ordering rakhi from is that we deliver rakhi to your sibling’s place on the same day as your order. Yes, it means that if you have ordered rakhi today on your website, they will be delivered to your desired location today itself. We offer standard or same-day delivery of rakhi and along with this, we also offer other deliveries like midnight deliveries, early morning deliveries, and even fixed-time deliveries. You will not find a lot of websites that will help you with so many delivery options for Rakhi. Also, when it comes to the price of the rakhi same-day delivery, let us surprise you by telling you that our rakhi same-day delivery is extremely free of shipping cost. In case you find a website that does rakhi same-day delivery other than, you will surely not find a service that offers free same-day deliveries. This is our USP and this is where we stand better than everyone else. You just have to pay for the items that you have purchased and you can save on the shipping charges.

But, this facility is offered only on standard deliveries. Other deliveries on our website like midnight deliveries, fixed-time deliveries, and early morning deliveries are not free of shipping cost. We incur a few shipping charges on these deliveries because these deliveries require a lot of effort on our delivery agent’s side. However, this amount is not that much.

Can you do last minute same day delivery of Rakhi?

Yes, if you choose, you can easily get last minute same day Rakhi delivery anywhere across India. We are one of the very few websites in the country who excel in doing such extravagant deliveries of such items in the country. On our website, you will find lots of Rakhi in different designs and aesthetics. We have Rakhi for various budgets as well on our website. So, be sure that there is something for you without any doubt.

Find lots of combos to directly choose from on our website and get their delivery anywhere in India on the same day. Better than sending just the Rakhis, it is always good to send the Rakhi combos in which you can order a lot more stuff just than the Rakhis. We have rakhis with chocolates, cakes, cushions, customized gifts, and lots more. Our same day deliveries work the best and also they are very easy. If you want the same day delivery, all you have to do is make sure to order 4 to 5 hours before the preferred delivery time. Or let us say whenever you order, you will get its deliveries post 4 to 5 hours in the same day. If you order at around 4 pm, you will get its delivery at around 8 to 9 pm on the same day.

The best part of the same day deliveries from our website is that we do not charge any shipping cost for it. You just have to pay for the items that you have purchased and nothing more. In case you choose the traditional courier services for this, you obviously will have to pay for the items as per their weight. But, you can cut down on those costs by choosing us. There are different types of Rakhis on our website that you can easily choose from. We don’t have only high budgeted products on our website. We have something for everyone. You can check it out for yourself and we are pretty sure you will find something for yourself. Try us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I trust you for the same day Rakhi delivery?

You can totally trust us for the same day Rakhi delivery anywhere in India. We say this because we are the champions of this sector. We have been doing this for quite a time now. We have sent cakes, flowers, and other gift items on the same day deliveries extremely successfully everywhere in the country and so we can do the same with Rakhi. Trust us and we assure you that you won’t get upset. You can also refer to our Google reviews and testimonials for more.

Q. I forgot to send Rakhi early through courier, can you help me?

It happens. We feel that we will do it on timer when there is enough time left but sometimes, we are not able to calculate how much time would be needed by the courier service for the delivery. No issues, if any of such issues has happened with you, now is the time to trust There is never too late to get your Rakhis delivered on time through We are the easiest and the best platform for the same.

Q. Why is ordering Rakhi from your platform better than ordering from any other platform?

Well, honestly, there are a lot of reasons for it. First and foremost, we do the faster deliveries of Rakhis even on the same days of your order. We have Rakhi in every budget. Along with just the Rakhis, we have Rakhi combos on our website too. So, you can easily choose from a lot of Rakhi combos and get them delivered anywhere in India in real time. Also, if you choose us, you do not have to pay the shipping cost and move out of your house in search of good rakhis.

Q. How to order Rakhi for same day delivery through

It is very simple. Just visit our website Search for the Rakhis or the Rakhi combos over there. Choose the one that you like the most, order for it, pay for it, give us the date, time, address for delivery, and wait for the rest. If you are ordering for the same day, be assured that your order will reach the destination 4 to 5 hours from the time of your order. We would need this much time for the whole delivery process.

Q. What are the shipping charges of same day Rakhi delivery from

If you choose same day Rakhi delivery from our website, you do not have to pay for any shipping charge. Yes, you read the right. You just have to pay for the items that you have purchased. Shipping is totally on us and that is our USP. So, save your courier money now and order from us and also get the fastest deliveries.

Q. What are the famous Rakhi combos on your website?

Our range of Rakhi combos is wide and endless which gives you a lot of options to choose from. We have combos of Rakhi and chocolates, Rakhi and cakes, Rakhi and dry fruits, Rakhi and sweets, Rakhi and cushions, and so many more things. Just browse our website and you will get tons of fabulous options to choose from.