Online Truffle Cakes Delivery

Truffle cakes are one of the best cakes to be enjoyed. Truffle cakes are available in different flavours but the most famous truffle cakes are the chocolate truffle cakes. Truffle cakes have an intense flavour of the ones which they are made and hence they are sweeter and people crave them more. One of the best places to get the most satisfying truffle cakes is On our website, you will find lots of truffle cakes for a lot of occasions. Our truffle cakes are the ones to die for. People who love chocolate cakes, mostly choose chocolate truffle cakes because they are the yummiest.

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How can I get the best truffle cakes delivered to my place?

If you want to get truffle cakes delivered to your place in the easiest steps possible then the best way to get it is through You can get same-day online cake delivery in any city of India through happens to be the best platform for online cake delivery. The best thing that distinguishes us from everyone else is that we do online cake delivery in India on the same day. So, in case you order a cake on the same day and want same-day delivery, we can do that for you. On our website, you will find all your favourite cakes no matter what including the truffle cakes.

We can also do the midnight deliveries of the truffle cakes. If you order a cake today and would like the same-day midnight delivery, we can do that. But, all you have to do is make sure that you are ordering the cakes 4 to 5 hours before midnight time. We need this much time to get the cake ready and deliver it. We would need at least 4 to 5 hours to prepare the cake from scratch. Our bakers start preparing the cakes only after they get a confirmed order from your side. So, try to order a cake 4 to 5 hours before the time of delivery. We need this time to bake the cake, pack it, and then parcel it to your desired address.

Get Freshly baked chocolate truffle cakes on

We deliver only freshly baked cakes and only fresh quality flowers. We do not have cakes stored in our warehouses at all. Quality is the utmost barrier check for us. We are known for delivering premium quality cakes and hence we send fresh cakes only. Our bakers start preparing the cakes only after they get a confirmed order from your side. The same goes for the flowers. We will never deliver you flowers that are not fresh. Our truffle cakes are totally delectable and most tasty. You will fall in love with it once you taste our truffle cakes.

Truffle cakes at the best price on

On our website, you will find cakes starting from Rs 429. These are for the basic truffle cakes. We have something for every budget. Don’t forget to add a personalized message to the cake for your special one. For the kind of cakes you would choose from us and the kind of service that you will get, the amount we charge is extremely reasonable. The price varies as per the size and the design and also sometimes, it depends on the flavours.

Truffle cakes for all occasions on

Truffle cakes are the best ones for all occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, engagement functions, marriage functions, and all functions that come to your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is a chocolate truffle cake better than a normal chocolate cake?

Chocolate truffle cakes are made of chocolate cake layers filled with custard, then covered in ganache and chocolate chips. These cakes are moister than the normal chocolate cakes. They taste better because extra layers of chocolates are added to them.

Q. What are the different truffle cake options available on

The different truffle cake options available on are choco Ferrero cake, chocolate Oreo cake, barbie truffle cakes, photo truffle cakes, kit kat truffle cakes, Truffle sugar-free cakes, truffle chocolate fruit cakes, chocolate gems truffle piñata cakes, and more.

Q. What are the different delivery options on

We have fixed-time deliveries, same-day deliveries, and also midnight delivery options. All of these can be chosen by our customers depending upon their needs. In our fixed-time deliveries, we can also send items at midnight or in the early morning. It’s very easy to select the timing on our website and get the deliveries done.

Q. What are the standard deliveries on

Our standard deliveries are also free of cost and in the standard deliveries, you can get products delivered the same day on which you order. It’s very simple with us and you only need to give us 4 to 5 hours for the cake preparation and delivery. So, make sure to order 4 to 5 hours before. The truffle cakes can also be delivered through same-day deliveries from

Q. Can you also deliver truffle cakes and gifts along with the flowers?

Yes, we have options for flowers and gifts on our website in the combo form or any other form. We can deliver them all with flowers even at midnight and any hour of the day. We already have a lot of combos available on our website that include flowers, cakes, and gifts. You can choose from those or even order individually.

Q. What is the price range of truffle cakes on

The price range of truffle cakes on is quite affordable. These cakes start from Rs 429 on but the price varies on the size, shapes, and also designs of the cakes. The fancier cakes like the piñata cakes are also available but they are on the expensive side. But, we assure you that we have something for everyone at every price range on