Sugarfree Cake Delivery in Vadodara

Chocolaty is exactly what you are looking for in Vadodara. Yes, we are an online cake bakery that is popular for delivering absolute lip-smacking sugar free cakes with experienced bakers. Currently, we have been delivering cakes in almost all the cities for years with the tag of best sugar free cake shop in Vadodara. Here, we create some mesmerizing memories by helping you to send sugar free cake in Vadodara at the doorstep of your heartthrobs. The main motto of chocolaty is to deliver the box of happiness at your preferred time, to make your occasion celebrations brighter. Because for our team, it is not merely cake but it is a symbol of love, affection, and creativity. We guarantee you with our divine taste and myriad of flavors with exquisite designs. Gosh! Isn't this sound perfectly delectable to you. So, order sugar free cake in Vadodara to experience the happiest happening, which will definitely please you with delectable rides to the world of sweetness, where Chocolaty celebrates bliss by providing the best online sugar free cake delivery in Vadodara.

Craving for something utterly, butterly, delicious with a notch of guiltfree sweetness? You are at a right place! brings you various options for your sweetbuds In sugarfree range of cakes. For those cravings or those special moments which demands a great treat, brings you delicacies with top notch quality and delicious flavour. We at are passionate about baking and designing. Our cakes don't only excite you with it's great taste but they are also a exquisite work of art. Whether it's a traditional, moist vanilla cake or a exotic chocolate truffle cake, we take pride in baking cakes with high quality ingredients and care . Our bakers not only focus on the premium quality ingredients but also pay attention to details while crafting it, to ensure that the cake is not only a masterpiece in it's taste but also delight you visually. You can trust that your sugar-free cake will not only satisfy your palette but your eyes too.

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Order Sugar Free Cake Online Delivery in Vadodara

Cakes and celebrations are always synonyms of each other. We can’t imagine the completion of our celebrations without mouth-watering cakes. For instance, they bring a taste to your celebration, and secondly, they sprinkle the environment of your party with some tempting flavors. But what if someone is restricted from having sugar cakes? Fret not! When you are on a chocolaty online platform. We understand that every occasion has a special space for cakes on it, especially when we have to send sugar free cake in Vadodara for our loved ones. Well, we at chocolaty have a delicious kingdom of sugar free cakes, which contain a lot of happy aspects for people. And, For our customers living in the beautiful city of Gujrat, we come up with the tremendous services of online sugar free cake delivery in Vadodara.

We have some specified design sugar free cakes for birthdays and anniversaries. Like for birthdays we have coffee choco chip sugar free cakes, black forest sugar free cakes, sugar free truffle cakes, etc. Similarly, for ordering sugar free cake in Vadodara anniversaries, we have some sugar free cakes for our loved birds such as heart-shaped truffle sugar free cakes, two-tiered black forest sugar free cakes, sugar free creamy vanilla fruit cake, and many more.

There are many other sugar free cakes still left in our chocolaty menu that will provoke your cravings and pamper the taste buds of your closed ones. And those cakes will surely amaze you with their flavors and eye-catching designs, the best part is that you will never come to know that those cakes are sugar free till the time someone tells you. So now with chocolaty, you can make online cake delivery in Vadodara from any corner of India within your comfort zone.

Are You In Search Of The Best Sugar Free Cake Shop In Vadodara Near Me?

When you are searching for the best sugar free cake shop in Vadodara near me will always show you some impressive results, but if you wish to get sugar free cakes from the experts, Chocolaty is the only store that can help you the best. Our online platform can help you to order sugar free cakes at your doorstep and other parts of the country with hassle free delivery. Once you taste our delectable sugar free cakes we bet your taste buds will surely provoke you to visit us again and again.

Order Sugar Free Cakes In Vadodara From Chocolaty Soulful Resorts

The best thing that chocolaty serves you about the sugar free cakes is its huge variety with tons of flavors, designs, and toppings. And if you are searching for the best sugar cake shops in Vadodara with a myriad variety then you are in the right place. On chocolaty, you will discover a huge list of healthy sugar free cakes with different flavors and tastes and we are quite sure that you can taste the pride and aroma of our delectable sugar free cake in every bite. Now according to your celebration you can choose from the huge variety of our list that starts from our melt-in-mouth two tiers of anniversary sugar free cake, sugar free themed cartoon cakes for thrilling your kid on their birthday, and many more.

Now without giving any second thought, send sugar free cake in Vadodara for your loved ones. Here, you must end your quest of finding the best sugar free cake shops in Vadodara and order cake from us to make their special day more happening and joyful.

Place An Online Sugar Free Cake Order In Vadodara For Midnight Venture

What do you think about surprising your loved ones on their birthday when the clock bangs on 12 a.m? If yes, then without wasting any jiffy, book your order from us and leave the rest on the team of chocolaty. With our exceptional services of online cake delivery at midnight, we are oath-bound to our customers for the timely delivery of your happy parcels at the doorway. And if you forget to wish your heartthrob on their big day then let me tell you that action speaks more than anything. Are you regretting it now? Don worry, For avoiding regretting you just have to place an online sugar free cake order in Vadodara from chocolaty. See, boom! You are done, this is just a matter of a few clicks. Our special sugar free cake design and taste will surely appeal to the emotions of your loved ones. So, come up with us and become a part of this beautiful journey to spread happiness in your loved one’s life. At chocolaty, you can enjoy the privilege of different flavors, toppings, weight, base, and design. And don’t worry about the taste as we use the best substitute of sugar for baking our cakes. Therefore, stop overthinking, and book your favorite from us, as we guarantee taste and health at chocolaty to each customer. So, hurry up! Order now…..

Same Day Sugarfree Cake Delivery in Vadodara

Celebrate Your love or make your mood good with classic flavors and unique creations with high quality ingredients by our skilled bakers from You have an end number of choices from our array of flavors from classic butterscotch, vanilla or chocolate to exotic and premium truffle, cheesecake range. We offer a wide collection of sugar-free cakes with mouth watering flavors. Out wide collection offers you all the classic flavors like vanilla, butterscotch, pineapple, chocolate to premium exotic flavors like red velvet, dark chocolate truffle, white truffle, to cheesy blueberry cheese cake, raspberry cheesecake to the traditional touch of rasmalai and gulab jamuns with our rasmalai cakes and gulab jamun cakes.

We offer a perfect blend of classic, traditional, premium yet elegant, vibrant and beautiful sugar-free Cake with no compromise in flavors and quality. Our cakes are well prepared with proper precision and care, also attention to each detail and hygiene methods. We use fresh premium quality ingredients sourced from all around the world with a Combination of superior aseell artistic preparatory methods. We also provide you a seamless experience with our online customization, online payment option and doorstep delivery from All you have to do is choose the flavor of your choice, guide us with the design or pattern you want to add on your cake, select the ingredients, tell us about the size of the cake and how you want it to be in shape. Once all these steps are completed you can now choose the time slot at which time you want your order to be delivered and the last step is to select the mode of payment, whether it should be online or cash on delivery.

No matter how big or small, sudden or unplanned, day or midnight your event is, allow us to be part of your joyous celebration. We have got you covered with an array Of meticulously crafted sugar-free cakes. Our USP is delivering cake at midnight and that is why people prefer ordering cakes from our bakery. We not only provide delicious variety which tantalize your taste buds but our cake Just gives you melt in your experience for an extra dose of decadence. Our only goal is your satisfaction and if we are not able to satisfy you with your order for any reason, please don't hesitate before contacting us. Whether you're celebrating your birthday, or your first anniversary or it can be silver jubilee, your wedding or any special occasion moments of your life. is right there for you with its array of options to meet your sugary taste buds without any added sugar in Vadodara. You have a huge number of options available at your right click. All you have to choose is flavor complementing your occasion and a perfect choice for your guest list and add it to your cart.Your work end's here and from this very point our work starts by delivering a beautiful delicious sugarfree cake at your doors in Vadodara for your memorable occasion.



Are you looking for a sweet without sugar?? Possible or not? Yes ! It is absolutely possible with our online bakery, first choice for every dietary sweet lover. If you are wondering how cake can be without sugar and so on, makes it Possible for its loyal customers. Our bakery tops the list of bakeries in Vadodara for sugarfree delicious cakes. In our bakery we use natural sweeteners like dry fruits which includes raisins, dates, berries, fruits like kiwis, pineapple, strawberries. We also substitute sugar with stevia for any flavors of your choice.

Our high range exclusive dark chocolate and white chocolate truffle cakes are also make with sugarfree chocolates especially imported from around the globe. We believe in quality and so we make sure our ingredients and products which we use to bake our cakes are made from high quality premium products our bakers not only stop at baking sugar free cakes base but also they ensure that creams and toppings are also made with care for our healthy and diet conscious believe in making each of its customers happy. We don't take it as a challenge if we get without any sugar cake orders, it's like an opportunity to embrace our customers who want sweetness and happiness guilt free at there doorsteps. We don't stop at baking and decorations but our next step which is packaging your delicious beauty is also a challenge. Because we believe in delivering your delicacy with immense care and safety.

Top Notch Hygiene

We don't wait for covid to follow the hygiene protocols in our bakery. Our bakers make sure that they wear masks, caps and hand gloves while baking your absolutely delicious sugar-free cakes. Steps followed in our bakery to bake your treats are as follows:- Cleanliness- we start our work daily by cleaning our floors, utensils, baking ovens, whipping machine and all the nosils and gadgets used for baking your delicious sugarfree cakes. Our floor is cleaned twice a day by our house helps, who absolutely believe in maintaining the hygiene Of our bakery.

High tech instruments- we use high-quality technology gadgets for cleaning our vessels After our utensils are washed then they go under a uv rays machine which not only dry our vessels but also kills harmful and unseen germs present On the utensils. For baking our bakers go through a screen test which detects any disease if present in our bakers. If something is detected then we ask our bakers to take a leave From the work. For the final baking it's compulsory for the bakers to wear a mask on their mouth, shower caps on their head, and gloves on their hands. Any violation of these protocols leads to heavy fines Implementation on bakers. Thus, top notch hygiene to be maintained in our bakery is priority Of and that's why you should Believe in ordering cakes from here in Vadodara.

Cake Sculpting Tools

We here at use all the latest equipment and tools for baking and designing the beautiful treats of sugar-free cakes. Baking must not have to be a complicated task, I know, right? Despite that, the cake baking gadgets make the process simpler and a lot more fun. Baking tools are necessary to bake a beautiful and fantastic cake. We have proper stainless steel different shapes and size mixing bowls for blending and mixing of dry and wet ingredients. Our bowls are so premium and lightweight that they don't absorb the smell from the previous bakes and won't even chip off if you mix your ingredients more enthusiastically. For proper measurements of ingredients we use wood perfect measuring scale, so that even a smaller amount is measured accurately and there Is no compromise with our baking.

For whisking of ingredients well we have spatulas, whisk, and blenders which grind or mix the ingredients With proper precision. Measuring the perfect temperature is the most crucial part of baking which can ruin or make the cake. We use infrared temperature guns for exact measurement of melted sugar, melting chocolate, or baked dessert without penetrating or contacting in between of the baking process. Once mixing and baking are done then comes the time to Decorate your beauty with standard shapes nozzles and all types of piping bags also smoothening the texture with comb scrappers. Now everything is done , all you have to do is place your beautiful piece of art on a rack or a beautiful cake stand.

Premium Packaging

First impression of anything is its appearance. No matter how good a thing is from inside but to attract anyone towards it, utensils should be eye catchy in its first glance itself. Ultimately what will excite first is a premium, good looking outer covering. If an opening is exciting then it will raise the standard of that moment only. not only offers you wide range of cake flavour varieties but only different type of creative and eye-catching packaging. We have a list of cake packaging ideas available at for your special day and if you want to gift a delicious sugar-free cake to your love ones. Remember to add a unique touch to your cake boxes with creative cake packaging ideas.

Sustainable and eco-friendly cake packaging

We provide eco-friendly box packaging remembering safety of our environment. These boxes are beautifully designed in a brown cardboard box, with a steady handle on it top and covering of transparent sheet with a beautiful customize logo sticker of your choice. These boxes are not only designed to look beautiful but they are hard enough to balance two to three kg cake and can be easily deliver to your door steps. You can customize the shape of the box According to your preferences and also you can reuse these boxes later in future. We use eco-friendly packaging to showcase our commitment to the mother earth who provide Us delicious food to eat and ingredients use to make our delicious cakes. So, what you are waiting for, opt for these biodegradable packaging and Help us to reduce the carbon footprint.

Minimalist Cakes Packaging

Simplicity is exquisite, less is more!! provides minimalist cake packaging for your big multi tier cakes with numbers of color options available in combination to your party theme. Now you can flaunt your cake with more ease. Simply keeping the cake with it's beautiful minimalist packaging with attractive colors ,complimenting your party will add one extra addition to the beauty of your party. By looking at its cover, your guest will get more excited about the cake inside. So, if you are looking for elegant yet attractive on a budget then go for our minimalist cake packaging.

Vintage Inspired Cake packaging

If you looking something to gift your guests after party then what you are waiting for ? Get your hands on our vintage, aesthetic packaging. You can pack mini jar cakes of different flavour of your choice, or can have two muffins or cupcakes in a single box in these vintage boxes. Once you select what you want to keep inside the boxes and once the size of the box is decided we will pack the treat in these beautiful brown boxes. We will add a custom written sticker with a warm wish or a thankyou message on it and get it stick on top of the box. At last box will wrap with a beautiful dark brown or white ribbon in a bow shape all around the box. And here is your aesthetic, attractive Delicious return gift treats are ready to get your guest attention after the party also. Your guest will not only leave the party with a joyfull memorable but will also take the memories of your party with them to their homes. You can do both bulk order or a count according to your preferences.

Cake Slice Packaging

If you are organizing a theme party or a first birthday party for your child then this packaging is a must go packaging you should definitely order . Small cake pieces will be put inside these mini colorful cardboard cake slices box. Now you are good to go to transfer these vibrant slices with a tempting treat inside it to little hands invited to your party. You can customize the size and color of these boxes according to your preferences and theme of your party. So, Order these colorful slices with delicious slice inside to make your little ones happy. Don't send your little champs home empty handed, Order these delicious slices and let them take happiness with goodness of sweetness with them.

Illustration Cake Boxes

These boxes are especially launched to add more creativity to your theme parties. You can get these boxes illustrated according to your theme. All you have to do is tell us the designs of illustration you want on these boxes, shape and size of the box and at last color of the box. If you Don't have any illustration in your mind you can just tell us the theme of your party and we will give you the illustration options and you can choose ant one which you want to be printed on these boxes. So, don't think much just add these artistic illustrations to your cake packings to add a unique and personalized touch to your party. helps you turning your boring cake boxes into a beautiful art with unique illustration cake packaging to embrace your party and delicious treat inside it.

Seasonal and Theme Cakes Packaging

Celebrate Your holidays and embrace your special dates and Seasonal celebrations like christmas, Halloween or Valentine's with our beautiful and impressive seasonal and theme cake packaging. You can simply order sugar-free cakes related to your theme and occasion from any bakery but how makes it different from other bakery is not only the taste but it's beautiful theme base packaging. You get not only the option of customization of cakes but also to personalize your cake boxes according to your color preferences and adding personalize messages showcasing your feelings to embrace the beauty of your favorite festival. We have red boxes of all size and shapes with touch of bells, cherries and beauty of greenery with red bows and green socks adding the essence of christmas to your delicious cakes or treats.For valentines we provide heart shape boxes with sparkles and messages for your love ones adding essence of love to your treats.

Halloween is something you can add end number of creativity to it. This the festival of joy And animations. When you don't leave any scope of adding creativity to your party with your attire, why would we leave behind to add touch of creativity to your Halloween night. So, don't wait much for any other option just give us the glimpse of your party and leave the rest on us to add beauty to your dreamy party night. The premium, Colorful, aesthetic cake packaging ideas have collected for your delicious treats, will help impress your loved ones and make your special day, seasonal theme parties even more loving and memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do provide eco-friendly cake packaging?

Yes, to reduce carbon footprint and make our environment more safe from plastic packaging and harmful color cake boxes, we use eco-friendly, recycled paper boxes, bio compostable boxes and bio degradable and plant based material cake boxes and bags for your safe and secure cake delivery which not only protect your cake but also our mother Earth.

Q: How can you ensure that cake stays fresh during transportation?

We provide insulated containers for ice-cream cakes which keeps The cake fresh throughout the delivery. And for normal cakes we provide boxes which are made of steady cardboard which offers excellent protection and stability to minimize the risk of cake damage while delivering it to your doorsteps.

Q: What are the starting price of your cakes?

Our cakes' price range depends on the size, customization, design or ingredients used in the cake. If you order a normal half kg cake it will start from 250 rs but a big, multi layer, exclusive design with premium ingredients cakes will cost you from starting price of 800rs to the customization asked which can exceed 1500 rs to 5000 rs.

Q: Do you have eggless cakes available?

Yes, we offer eggless cakes in our bakery. In Fact we bake eggless cakes only for our daily cake range. Cakes with eggs are only made with the customer's demand. We don't cheat with our customers religious values as we have a separate setup for egg cakes and eggless cakes.