Online Cake Delivery in Siliguri

The moment we talk about desserts, just the mere name is enough to fill our mouths with water. There are certain desserts in the world that don’t need any introduction and one of them is a cake. Cakes are generally served after a heavy meal, and no one would ever mind indulging in amazing flavors and designs that are enough to satisfy their sweet cravings. We at Chocolaty offer a wide range of cakes that are specially baked by our professional bakers using the best quality ingredients, who make sure to bring out the best on your plates. We are an online store doing online cake delivery in Siliguri, where you can order cakes or can send cakes in Siliguri to surprise your dear ones. Along with the flavors, we also make sure of timely cake delivery in Siliguri so that you can enjoy our freshly baked cakes right at your doorsteps.

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Online Cake Order Delivery in Siliguri

For every occasion be it a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, baby shower, or any other celebratory event, it always calls for a yummy and creamy cake that is enough to add the perfect amount of sweetness to your celebrations, and to make it more fun and exciting than ever. Blowing the candles and cutting the cake is no new tradition that we are witnessing, cakes have been an integral part of our lives for ages now and are here to stay forever. The fresh flavors of the delicious pineapple cake and the classic taste of the dark chocolate cake are enough to woo anyone’s heart.

We at Chocolaty have it all right from everyone’s favorite chocolate cakes to the delicious red velvet cakes, our menu will surely impress your taste buds. What if we send you these yummy cakes right at your door and make you experience its heavenly flavors? It’s indeed the best feeling in the world. To taste these amazing cakes in the comfort of your home, all you have to do is go through our menu and look whether you are more attracted to a simple pineapple cake or a classic dark chocolate cake and place your order. You can use our online cake delivery in Siliguri option to get these cakes right at your doors.

Send Yummy Cakes from Chocolaty in Siliguri for your Dear Ones

There is something so amazing about cakes that just a bite of them is enough to lift the mood and to lighten your days. Cakes are a part of our culture, and we have been munching on them all our lives. You must have witnessed a delicious cake in almost every celebration you have ever stepped in, why not send this yummy dessert to your close ones on their special days? Cakes have the power to make days more special and memorable through their amazing flavors and designs.

We at Chocolaty offer a wide range of cakes right from a simple dark chocolate cake to a black forest cake and from a red velvet cake to a delicious pineapple cake, that tastes nothing less than heaven and melts like a dream in your mouth. These are baked by our professional bakers who always aim to bring out the best flavors on your plates so that we can satisfy our customers. If you are planning to surprise someone on their special day, then cakes are your best option. The fluffy base, the nice frosting on the top that is fully decorated with fresh fruits and chocolates are absolutely dreamy. You can choose to send cakes in Siliguri and can throw a sweet surprise to your special ones.

The best way to order cakes in Siliguri is through Chocolaty

Chocolaty is the best platform for cake delivery  for various reasons. We offer premium quality cakes in a variety of designs and flavours. On our website, you can find a lot of trending cakes . We deliver cakes in real-time in Siliguri, at fixed times, and even at midnight.

So, the last-minute delivery options is sorted through our website. Also, on chocolaty, you can find lots of other items like flowers, plants, customised mugs, cushions, and lots more. We have budget-friendly cakes on our website. This is so because everyone can find something on our website. The price of the cakes starts from Rs 449. Gone are the days when you used to schedule cake delivery days before the main occasion day. There were only offline shops on which you had to rely but that is not the case anymore.

Now, you can just order cakes online through a few clicks on our website and get same-day delivery anywhere in the country. This is even possible in a city like Siliguri. Try it out now and send happiness to your loved one’s house out of nowhere. Getting same-day delivery cakes is really easy for us. We can also do fixed-time cake  and midnight cake deliveries in Siliguri.

Order Lip-Smacking Cakes in Siliguri and Enjoy with your Family

Among all the different and amazing desserts in the world, cakes are one of the most loved and preferred desserts not only because of their lip-smacking flavors, whereas because of their beautiful designs. It’s pretty evident that the world is crazy for cakes because of the number of flavors we have on the list. With us at Chocolaty, you will find more than 50 flavors of cakes that start right from a chocolate cake to a chocolate truffle and from a red velvet cake to a delicious pineapple cake. These cakes are baked by our professionals who make sure to bring something new every time so that we can win your hearts. It’s always a great idea to sit back and relax with your family especially, on weekends, then why don’t you call us over to join you guys. Chocolaty loves to be a part of your celebrations and your casual days to add more sweetness to the environment, therefore you can always choose to order cakes in Siliguri and can enjoy every bite of them with your family. These cakes are freshly baked, and we guarantee you they taste nothing less than heaven.

Timely and Safe Delivery of Yummy Cakes in Siliguri from Chocolaty

Right from a small family get together to a big wedding reception, cakes come in even without saying. Despite the fact what the occasion is, the one thing that is common in all is a delicious cake, therefore we cannot afford them to be late for the event. The amazing flavors and the satisfying designs are the two factors that can make or break any cake business, but Chocolaty being an online cake business, it’s equally important for us to make sure that our delivery professionals are reaching you on time. Make sure to choose the services that not only promise delicious cakes whereas, also take care of timely cake delivery, so that we do not have to eat a stale cake. We at Chocolaty make sure that our delivery professionals are reaching you on time so that you are eating a freshly baked cake that is specially made for you by our professionals, therefore if you are looking for taste as well as timely cake delivery in Siliguri, Chocolaty is your ultimate destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I pay for cake delivery in Siliguri on

There is no COD option as of now. We only have online and net banking options as of now. So, you can pay through UPI, wallet, debit/credit cards, net banking, etc

Q. Are you available any time of the day for cake delivery in Siliguri?

Yes, we are available 24*7 for cake delivery in Siliguri. Be it any time of the day, we can do the cake delivery at that hour. You just have to place the order 4 to 5 hours before you have any fixed time for your deliveries.

Q. Do you also sell flowers and do their delivery in Siliguri?

Yes, we also sell flowers and we can do online flower delivery in Siliguri for any of the flowers at any hour of the day. We are also the best online florist in India.

Q. Can you do customised cake delivery in Siliguri?

Yes, on you can get customised cake delivery in Siliguri. We have some customisation options already available on our website like choosing an eggless or an egg-based cake, a heart-shaped cake, etc.

Q. Do you offer fresh cakes online through

Yes, we offer only fresh cakes. Our motto is to serve premium quality cakes at any hour of the day. This is the reason we serve only freshly baked cakes.

Q. What kind of combos do you sell on

We deal in different types of combos like flowers with cakes, flowers with chocolates, and lots more.