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Let your relationships blossom with scrumptious cakes from We deliver gorgeous and delicious cakes at your doorstep through our online cake delivery in Andheri West, a well developed residential and commercial suburb. We will help you reveal your feelings to your beloved with a scrumptious cake for Valentine’s Day or on her/his birthday. The most preferred cake by couples is a Red velvet heart-shaped cake. You can also surprise your kids with magnificent cartoon cakes from on their birthdays. Likewise, you can mesmerize everyone in your relations with amazing flavours of cakes on our online store You can order cake in Andheri West anytime and send cake in Andheri West to your loved ones from anywhere in India via our cake delivery in Andheri West. You will find an array of incredible varieties of cakes here on our portal to choose from such as cupcakes, jar cakes, tier cakes etc.

Are you looking for the best gifts that you can give to your friends for some special occasion but you don’t know what to give? We can help you with that. Well, the answer to this has to be cakes. If this is for some happy occasion then giving cakes has to be the best gift which is easily available out there. Cakes can be the best gifts that can be gifted to your friends or anyone on any occasion even if there is a party or not. These days getting cakes or sending cakes to someone has become easier. This is because of the presence of online cake delivery websites. is one of the best websites for Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai. We deliver cakes all across Mumbai even in Andheri West. No matter where you live, you can easily send Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai on any day at any hour through us. Check us out for more.

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You will be surprised by our timely online cake delivery in Andheri West. Because we understand the value of your emotions and feeling attached to the specially designed cake for your special someone. You can always trust for the incredible quality of freshly baked cakes and doorstep delivery with our same day cake delivery in Andheri West or midnight online cake delivery in Andheri West. You can also place an online cake order in Andheri West from any part or city of India and surprise your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, baby shower, etc. We are one of the most trusted cake shops in Andheri West for amazing services at any time. Why wait, when you have at your fingertips to order cake in Andheri West Mumbai and send cake in Andheri West to your loved ones.

Send Cake In Andheri West To Wish Loved Ones From Anywhere

It is very important to be connected with your loved ones and build your relationships over time. But it is quite tough to do so taking time from the hectic schedule. But not anymore, because via you can express yourself beautifully with our delicious online cake order in Andheri West from anywhere in India. Yes, you can order cake in Andheri West from the comfort of your home and surprise your loved one on his/her special day with scrumptious cake from, the best cake shop in Andheri West for amazing cakes and swift online cake delivery in Andheri West. Your search for the best cake shop in Andheri West near me for great quality and flavourful cakes will end at

Delectable Cake Delivery In Andheri West To Congratulate Your Friend

You can also send cake in Andheri West to your friend who got promoted or has completed a project successfully. Select the cake of your choice of flavour, as we have innumerable flavours like chocolate, red velvet, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry etc. Let him know how happy you are for him from the bottom of your heart on his achievement with delicious and amazing cake from Wherever you are just in a few clicks you can order the most delectable cake and strengthen the bond of friendship. Because happiness always multiplies when you share it. You can also custom design your cakes depending on the occasion and relation from Be it any special occasion of loved ones or just you wish to convey your feelings, we are always ready to serve you mesmerizing and delicious great quality cakes at your doorstep. - The best platform for Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai

At you can get the best online cake delivery in Andheri West Mumbai. We are one of the quickest cake delivery services in the city and we take pride in delivering the cakes in no time. Yes, we know we are talking about a city like Mumbai where traffic is a major problem but we are the fastest even in this scenario. We make sure that things are always done in the most systematic order. This way we ensure that the cakes are delivered on time. We plan everything in advance and that is how we are on time and that makes us the best platform for Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai. This, we are saying for the same-day online cake delivery in Andheri West Mumbai as well. If you decide to surprise your loved one on their special days or their bad days with a last-minute cake delivery service in Andheri West Mumbai, then you can surely trust us. This means even if you order today from our website, the delivery of the cakes will be done within 4 hours. And yes, the cakes will be super fresh, to say the least. These are some of the many reasons that prove that we are the Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai. Once you come and explore our website, you will understand what we are saying and you will agree with us.

Surprise your loved ones with Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai at midnight time or early morning time

We are working 24*7 so it means that we are not taking breaks from our work and making sure that your items reach you at any time of the day. This means we can help you with Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai at midnight time or early morning time. If you want to surprise your loved ones with a midnight cake delivery option, we are up for it, if you want a cake delivery in the early morning, we are up for that too. These are some unique time slots where a lot of websites do not agree on delivering cakes, but we do, and that too without any hassle caused to you.

Also, just not the cakes, but we are here for everything. You must know that we have a lot of other things on our website and we can deliver them all during these hours. It is very simple to get a cake delivery during midnight or early morning hours. You just have to select a cake on our website. Enter the postal code of the area where you want the cake to be delivered and see if we are accessible there. We are accessible in most of the areas but checking like this makes it easier for you to know. If we are accessible in that location then we will surely do a midnight cake delivery over there. For the midnight cake delivery in Andheri West Mumbai or for some fixed-time deliveries like the early morning deliveries, we charge a small shipping amount. This is because some extra efforts are needed from our delivery agent’s side. But, this delivery is not that much and we assure you that. Our usual same-day cake deliveries anywhere across the country are free of charge. This is also called the standard deliveries.

Send cakes and add a cute note on the cake parcel to make them smile only through

If you want to surprise your loved ones on their special days then we are here to help you. is the best cake delivery platform that can help you to design the best surprise for your loved ones. This is the reason we have so many different types of delivery options on our website. We can surprise them with fixed-time delivery along with some special messages. This is something very personalised for each of our customers. This can even happen in your city even in Andheri West area of Mumbai. You can surprise your loved one with any time surprise delivery in Andheri West with cakes and other stuff. We can also help you do midnight time and early-morning delivery of the cakes, just as we said above.

We can also customise the cakes with a personal touch. This is one of our major specialities. We do this because what are cakes without a personal touch? Having special messages written on the cakes makes them even more special. Yes, you can also message us that you want to print on the cake or the parcel. We can add a short message on the cake and for the long messages, we can add a tag and write the message on it. You just have to choose any cake that you like, add on your customisations, write a special message if you have any, pay online, sit back and wait for the delivery. We are there for you in all ways.

Find the cutest cakes online on

If you are planning to surprise your loved ones with beautiful cakes for their special occasions, then you can get online cake delivery in Andheri West Mumbai done through us. We have the cutest collection of cakes on our platform. We have photo cakes on our website. These cakes can be made in a lot of flavours and styles. We can customize the photo cakes with your photos on them. These cakes can be made in the chocolate flavour or any other flavour. You just have to send a photo to us which is of high quality in the mail and trust us to deliver the cutest cake to you. We do delivery of eggless cakes also. All the cakes listed on our website can be made in an eggless base and can be sent to you via home delivery. The option to get the cakes customised in an eggless base is available right beside all the cakes.

Not all websites provide you with this option but we do. You can simply choose the eggless option through just one click and you are done. Another easy customisation that is available for all of our cakes is also the heart-shaped cakes. You can get all the cakes designed in the heart shape from our website. On our website, one can find different types of cakes like heart-shaped cakes, minion cakes, cherry cakes, red velvet cakes, pineapple cakes, fruit cakes, cupcakes, car-shaped cakes, Mickey Mouse cakes, and lots more. We can deliver a fruit cake or a plum cake online anywhere in India. You can check a variety of fruit cakes that we have on our website. You can check the delivery based on the PIN code of the area. All of these cakes are available in cute styles.

Best cakes to purchase from

We just told you that we sell some of the cutest cakes. Now, let us tell you in detail about all kinds of cakes that we have. Oh, well, we cannot talk about all kinds of cakes because we have a plethora of them but let’s introduce you to some of the most aesthetic cakes that we have on our platform. Just keep reading below.

Chocolate Truffle cakes

If you are looking for the most gorgeous, non-flimsy, sturdy, soft, and the most delicious cakes, then you will have to check us out. We have some of the most gorgeous and delicious chocolate cakes. It is honestly a struggle to leave behind your home and go for a cake shop hopping in search of the most perfect cakes. All of these struggles end here with You can order a lot of trending cakes from our website from your homes. Our chocolate truffle cakes are just out of the world and we take pride in serving the best chocolate truffle cakes ever.

Pineapple Piñata cakes

A cute detail about the piñata cakes is that these cakes are for everyone. There is no strictness about these cakes that they are entirely for the kids or adults or girls only, etc. The thin crust of the piñata cakes can be made in any favour and pineapple is the top flavour that we recommend to our customers. You can find lots of Pineapple Piñata cakes already listed on our website. They are made of rich chocolate, caramel, and amazing flavours. This is a trending cake that would bring a smile instantly to the face of the receiver. It would be a great surprise for them as you expected.

Red Velvet Heart Shaped cakes

We believe that there is no other dreamy cake as compared to the heart-shaped red velvet cakes. If you want this cake specifically, we are seeing that you are quite romantic with your choices. So, all of these can be done and sent to your loved one to make them feel special. We can also customise the cakes with a personal touch. We have sold so many of these cakes over the years and honestly, no, we do not have a count on it. If you want to get the best love anniversary cakes for yourself then there is one place that can satisfy you and this is the cake to go for.

Vanilla Fondant cakes

Most of the cakes these days include fondant icing to make them look elated and more realistic. Fondant icing adds life to the cakes. Other than the fondant cakes, there are many other cakes which also have basic icing done on them which also look gorgeous but fondant cakes top them all. Seeing a cake that resonates with your personality or suits the occasion is a beautiful way to say that you think so much about that person and are willing to make extra efforts for them. This proves that you can design any type of cake through fondant icing.

Beautiful Butterscotch cakes

The varieties displayed over the are amazing and satisfy the needs and expectations of the individuals. You will get affordable cakes on our website that look pretty and taste out of the world. You will find a variety of butterscotch cakes on our website at different rates. The butterscotch cakes are really famous because of the right amount of sweetness and crunch. There has been an increasing demand for butterscotch cakes lately. These cakes are not only trending but they are absolutely loved. We have seen an amazing response for these cakes on our website since the time we launched it. They are also very photogenic and Instagrammable and also, of course, taste delectable, to say the least.

Want to get Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai? Try

If you have any occasion lined up and you want to surprise your loved ones with something cute, then let us do the online cake delivery in Andheri West Mumbai. We are the best for cake delivery in the entire Mumbai because we understand your needs better than anyone else. We value the specific times in which you want the deliveries to be done. We have a lot of fancy and designer cakes listed on our website. We have these cakes for engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and lots more. When it comes to different chocolate flavours, we have chocolate truffle, plain chocolate, dark chocolate, KitKat flavour, and Oreo chocolate flavour cakes listed on our website. Choose the one that you like the most.

Also, we are quite good with the design of the cakes. We surely take pride in that because our bakers are professionals who have been working in this industry for over 15 years. Any cake that you see on our website can be exactly replicated in the photo. We are not here to dupe you by any means. We have amazing sturdy packaging boxes in which we deliver the cakes so that the cakes are not hampered. It is so because we are as concerned about our packaging as we are about our cakes. In flimsy boxes, the cake gets ruined during the transit process, hence we assure you that our cakes are well-packed in nice packaging boxes. Through us, you can also get the cakes customized from scratch. If you want to get a particular kind of cake designed from us then you can mail us the sample pictures along with your requirements and we will get back to you. So, come and try us out.

Why Choose Chocolaty to Buy Cakes Online?

There are a lot of reasons to love and choose Of course, we have the best collection of cakes, to begin with, that are prepared by professional bakers. This is the best reason to consider us for Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai. One of the prime reasons for us to be the best is that we don't charge any shipping cost be it for flowers or cake deliveries in Mumbai city or any city. Yes, you heard that right, you just have to pay for the products that you have bought through us and that’s it. This applies to standard deliveries. For midnight or fixed-time deliveries, we do charge a small shipping amount. But, we do assure you that this delivery charge is not a lot. Also, if you read it thoroughly, along with the cakes, we also sell flowers via online delivery in Mumbai.

So, in a city like Mumbai, where you will surely find enough options for online cake delivery in Andheri West, Mumbai, we are willing to do free deliveries. Isn’t it something amazing? This is something totally unique that you will not find anywhere else. We are helping you save enough bucks on the delivery charges. If you have placed an order correctly on our website, you get an order confirmation from our side, and if you have paid for the cake, your cake will definitely be delivered to your desired address. In the extreme worst-case scenario, if we are not able to send the cakes, we will refund your amount at any cost. This is something that never happens and hence you can be free of all worries. But, in any emergency, if any of such things happen, we will help you out if we mess up. See, there are so many reasons to choose us for Online Cake Delivery in Andheri West Mumbai. So, come, check us out.