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Mango cakes are adorable, which is liked and loved by all age-grouped people. The luscious taste and graceful designs of online mango cakes are purchased by the customers to make their celebration colorful. We are specialized in baking and designing the cakes as per the needs and expectations of the users without letting them disappoint in any case. Do you have a plan to arrange for a surprise birthday party? Then send mango cake from chocolaty.in portal to tempt your loved ones. We bake the cake with a love of quality ingredients to get the cake with utmost perfection and taste. Instead of going out, just order mango cake without leaving your comfort zone and get the parcel at your doorstep. Damn sure, the mango cake delivery is really impressive, which lightens up the celebration with its yummy flavor and gorgeous appearance.

Come summer, it’s none other than the king of fruits, the mango. Our mango menu boasts a curated selection of items that showcase the fruit to bring out its best.You want to add sweetness with a season to your birthday or anniversary party. Or to your family members Birthday party or can be the anniversary, retirement, farewell party. Can it be a grand baby shower occasion? No wonders you want to make your beautiful occasion very special and we also want to deliver the same. Chocolaty.in deliver meticulously crafted designer seasonal fruit cakes which are customized beautifully with vibrant colors, latest designs of your occasion choice, featuring Intricate designs complimenting your event which are on trend or demanded by our customers reflecting latest and unique themes and flavourful tastes. You can customize your cake, pastry, muffins, cupcakes according to your occasion preferences. Whether it's a theme related to your party or a color matching or contrasting your theme or dietary requirements for your guilt free pleasures.You have a huge number of options available at your right click here in chocholaty.in pan India. All you have to choose is seasonal flavor complementing your occasion and a perfect choice for your guest list and add it to your cart.Your work end's here and from this very point our work starts by delivering a beautiful delicious seasonal fruit cake at your doors plan India for your memorable occasion.

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Same Day Online Mango Cake Delivery

Just think for a while: you have a long, workload day, with a hectic schedule and a heavenly juicy mango cake slice can lift up your mood. But unless you have some occasion, the chances of you getting your hands on a delicious mango cake piece seems to be low or null. Or do they?? Whether you need a quick on-your-door service or you are having your menstrual mood swings and want your mood fix with something sweet, delicious cake from Chocolaty.in is a rescue!

Do not want a full size cake then you can opt for a perfectly portioned mango pastry, or our one bite cupcakes and muffins. A single mouthful mango cupcake or mango pastry is exactly what you need to end your hectic schedule with a stress booster juicy sweet treat. Now with this treat your ordinary day will come special and your day will end on a sweet note.

Once you enter the world of juicy fresh desserts, the choices are endless. Gone are those days when you had to choose between basic vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry or pineapple. Now you can pick from an array of delightful flavors from chocolaty.in, including old days classics and modern fusions with traditional fruit flavors. From classic flavors like vanilla, butterscotch to exotic chocolate truffle and red velvet choices. Chocolaty.in has something for everyone with fusion of seasonal fruits like mango for the dessert lovers and their loved ones. With a diverse range of classic flavors and styles, these yummy and attractive designer seasonal cakes offer the same indulgent experience as traditional cakes but with the hinge Of some western seasonal flavors and styles.

If you are in the mood for a dessert and want to choose from an array of options, from the traditional classics to the modern, then head straight to chocholaty.in seasonal blast section. While our vast menu will leave you spoilt for choice, all our sweet treats are made using the freshest ingredients and classic, traditional, original recipes.

Dig Into The Best Seasonal Cakes At Chocolaty.in

If you are in the mood for something seasonal, it should be a dessert. You want to choose from an array of options, from the traditional classics to the modern, then head straight to chocholaty.in seasonal blast portion to have a blast this mango season. While our vast menu will leave you spoilt for choice, all our sweet treats are made using the seasonal flavors to feel the freshness, freshest ingredients and classic, traditional, original recipes. To enjoy the sweet and savory items off our menu you can head to one of our stores closest to you and partake in our signature items and charming ambience.

Best Mango Cheesecake You Must Try This Season

Calling All The Mango Lovers: There you go with the lip-smacking Mango Cheesecake of the season!

When You Close your eyes and think of your summer breaks, you will instantly get flashbacks of juicy ripe Alphonso Mango spread all around Your mouth and fingers. These are the nostalgic moments from the warm old days of your childhood inundated with juicy yellow mangoes. From children coming back to home from schools, mother and father coming back from offices to grandparents back from temple. Indians of all ages enjoy mangoes dessert after their meals. We love the fruit to the extent that we eagerly await its annual return each summer.

At Chocolaty.in we respect the affection you hold in your heart for fruits like mango. We would love to take you to the memory lane and pay homage to your favorite king of fruits but with a delightful contemporary twist. Our seasonal menu highlights everything good about mangoes and helps you enjoy the golden fruit uniquely and unforgettably.

MANGO MAFIA : The Seasonal Menu At Chocolaty.in

If you walk in person to our bakery or if you scroll our website online, you will notice that we offer a wide range of seasonal delicacies. Apart from our classic menu, we focus on curating special seasonal menu focusing flavors of that particular season . Come summer, it’s none other than the king of fruits, the mango. Our mango menu boasts a curated selection of items that showcase the fruit to bring out its best:

Crispy- Buttery Mango Tart

If you are the one who loves baked goods, no matter, then our mango tart is right Up Your alley. Our tart is prepared using an original wheat flour recipe featuring a crisp and buttery shell baked to perfection. Once it is fully baked, it is filled with a juicy, cool, jelly texture mango filling. Chunks of fruit are prepared on top to create a nectar filled explosion in your mouth. You can enjoy this delicious tart at home or can pack it with you for traveling. The glory of the fruit will travel with you no matter where you are!

Mango- Vanilla Custard Cake

Cakes make every occasion special and vanilla makes every sweet special with a good reason. Our signature mango - vanilla custard cake features a light, airy sponge that simply melts into your mouth. To transform it into the perfect summer dessert, dollops of mango-flavored custard are sandwiched between layers of the sponge. Decorated with small pieces of Alphonso, our mango vanilla custard cake is a masterpiece that is presented as a showstopper for any birthday, anniversary dinner parties or family brunches. Perfectly portioned and equally delicious, it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long day.

Creamy Mango Cheesecake

Our cheesecake recipes have always topped the list. Giving it a twist of mango has only made it a masterpiece. Our batter is made with rich and indulgent ingredients, featuring a rich cream straight from dairy and creamy cheesy mixture. Along with balancing the richness of the filling, we also add a healthy dose of juicy mango puree, so you get a boost of the fruit with every bite of the cake. Our mangoful cheesecake filling sits atop a buttery biscuit base that adds a savory tinge to the sweet and decadent filling. A golden glaze made using mango pulp and chunks on top of the cheesecake ties all the elements together. Baked to perfection, our mango cheesecake is the most awaited treat of the season and will Quickly become a part of the reorder list! .If you’re wondering what makes Chocolaty.in mango cheesecake the best mango cheesecake you’ve ever had, here’s why:

Hand Picked mangoes from local

At Chocolaty.in we make sure To source mangoes from local farmers and support local products whenever possible. For mango recipes we partner with our nearby farmers and help them to produce high-quality mangoes, indirectly supporting our local economies. The taste of Indian mangoes rings through every bite of our mango cheesecake.

Premium Ingredients

Along with our mangoes we ensure to use high-quality, rich ingredients in our cakes. We tie-up with local dairies or farms to source fresh cream cheese, mill, cream for our cheesecakes. Since we use high-quality premium ingredients, you can be rest assured that chocolaty.in delivers you a rich, exotic, premium quality mango Cheesecake that everyone can enjoy.

Freshly Baked

Unlike a bakery that serves you a day-old cake, we make sure to prepare and bake everyday on our menu. Our mango cheesecake is no exception to the rule. Walk into our store any day this summer and rest assured that if you order our mango cheesecake, it will be freshly baked till it’s perfectly mouthwatering.

Fusion of Flavors

It’s easy to get carried away while crafting a cheesecake recipe and end up with a sweet dessert. However, at our bakery Chocolaty.in, we have mastered the art of balancing and mixing flavors to create a balanced taste. With tart fruit and salty biscuits cutting through the sweet richness of the filling, our cheesecake allows you to experience a flavor fusion that is as complex as it is addictive.

Availability of Eggless Options

At Chocolaty.in, we try to cater to our diverse clientele to the best of our abilities. We’re mindful of the fact that in today’s day and age, a lot of customers adhere to different diets. So, we also offer an  eggless baked mango cheesecake to ensure that our vegetarian customers can partake in the goodness of this dessert too! Since we use substitutes for eggs, our eggless mango cheesecake tastes as scrumptious and airy as our regular mango cheesecake.

Choose From A Range Of Cakes And Pastries Flavors

Rich-Exotic Mango-Chocolate Flavor

When you think of a cake or ice-cream, immediately what clicks your mind is chocolate. Rich, Chocolaty, milky and decadent, a treat full of chocolate is one of the best ways to instantly enlighten your mood and your day. If you are hosting a party or a get-together, whether it includes children or elderly people, a chocolate cake with a fusion of mango which is everyone's favorite or cupcakes will surely impress your loved ones and have them gushing. A one stop choice for a reason, which will never disappoint no one!. Chocolate cupcakes with mango toppings can please even the harshest critic.

If you are a chocolate aficionado, then you can’t go wrong with our Choco-mangoholic pastry, delicious cupcakes treat comprising layers of smooth and airy dark, milk, and white chocolate mousse with thin mango slice toppings. If you want to travel back to the world of chocolate, then our classic german truffle cake, with its moist sponge and rich chocolate ganache and added toppings of mango, is beautiful on a plate. While our opium cake with its signature soft sponge and fluffy mousse will surely please children and grandparents together. Our mint garnished “After 12” treats is the perfect end to any night.

Mango Mousse Cake

If you are known for inhaling cups of soft and airy mousse like nobody's business, then you are in for a treat. Now, you can indulge in this lightweight, creamy French delicacy in the form of cake or pastry and get your sugar cravings fixed in the best possible way. A few basic ingredients are whipped to perfection, and voila, you’ve got yourself a dessert that sits light on your palette and satiates your appetite without overwhelming your taste buds. What’s better than mousse with a touch of seasonality, you ask? Mango Mousse cakes or pastries!

If you are looking for something having both the feel of cake and lightness of mousse, then you can’t miss the chance of getting your hands on Chocolaty.in Devil's mango mousse cake. With a perfectly whipped mango mousse baked on a moist sponge, it’s a must-have. If you are a nuts lover then our hazelnut praline mousse cake is a one stop option having the crunch of premium nuts picked from all around the globe. Lastly, our Chocolate Mango Mousse Cake, with its perfect amalgamation of sweet-tangy and savory tart flavors, will please fruit-lovers to no end. A combination with a perfect roller-coaster.

Sweet Creations by heavenly berry layers

Lip smacking, six layers, vibrant, Colorful Shawarma Cake by chocholaty.in will leave you in a complete awestruck moment with every layer full of different flavors and blast in your mouth. This combination of berries blast is embraced with the best-ever mango frosting with a blend of whipped cream with natural sweeteners in it in between of each layer, resulting in a light yet colorful texture of this beautiful cake. This huge flavorful cake will rekindle your tastebuds with ideal toppings of strawberries on top, raspberries in the second Layer, mulberry in it's third, small pieces of cherries In between fourth layer with blueberries added to it's last and fifth layer. Once this big bite is in your mouth, the juicy tangy berries essence will run throughout your gullet, satisfying your palate. Along with the juicy flavor of mango this delicacy is enriched with the sweet fragrance of berries. We can also customize your treat according to your preferences of layers, ingredients and size and shape. You can choose Your desirable size of the cake, preferred number of layers but minimum should be three, toppings of your choice whether it should be berries on top or cherries on and other sprinkles, fruit ganache for chocolates, and the shape in which you want to design your treat.

Customize Cake

No wonders you want to make your birthday special and we also deliver the same. All you have you tell us the details of the party theme and from here our works start. These designer delicious cakes are customized meticulously with vibrant colors, latest designs of your occasion choice, featuring Intricate designs complimenting your party which are on trend or demanded by our customers reflecting latest and unique themes and flavourful tastes. You can customize your memorable birthday cake according to your event preferences whether it's a theme related to your party or a color matching or contrasting your theme or trendy requirements for memorable pleasure. We have end number of cake options available for your occasion from tangy lemon flavor cake with an adventurous gest of it's gesty flavor, to meticulously handcrafted chocolate cake with exotic sugar free ganache spread all around your treat, to velvety red velvet with cashew made cream cheese layering your premium red velvet sugar free cake, to red wine & white wines premium sugar free flavors in chocolaty.in.

To enjoy the sweet and savory items off our menu you can head to one of our stores closest to you and partake in our signature items and charming ambience. You can also place an order online through our chocholaty.in website to make the most of our delivery service. If you are confused with placing an order, or you have any time preferences or any special demand during delivery or addition to your orders , feel free to contact our customer service desk anytime. We will reach out to you for help as soon as we get time or immediately after receiving the enquiry. So, what you are waiting for is to just choose your treat, place Your order and relax !

Art Your Mango Cake : Cake Making By Chocolaty.in

Magic of Baking

The first thing which a person notices about a cake is how it looks. Thus, a cake appearance is its paramount. So for the cake to be perfect it must be rightly symmetrical. It should not have any cracks or peaks on its surface and neither should it have uneven or disturbing sides. How does the final look of your cake appear? It depends on the volume of the cake. A good volume of a cake indicates a good rise of it ,which ensures a great appearance.

Blooming Beauty

Getting a good bloom on your regular cake is the sheen which appears on a cake which takes time and a lot of expertise, that makes the delicious regular cake shine with a brilliant look. And to enhance this look the decoration of a regular cake is the cherry on a cake, in true sense. Cake decoration is an art embraced by delicious light creamy icing and evenly spread creamy frosting and you can see its pinnacle in designer beautifully decorated regular cake. Bakers often add other edible decorative pieces to the cake, like fondant, pictures, sprinkles and tempered chocolates to make it more neat and attractive for more creative and difficult designs.

Smooth Texture

A beautiful regular cake should be smooth in its texture with a uniform color crust . Once it is cut, and served what will define its quality is the texture and crust of the cake. It should be soft in texture with each bite but it should also hold its shape and not crumble if you press it lightly with a crust which is not inconsistent in color, patchy or detract.

Taste And Aroma

Taste and Aroma are two things which will give your regular cake a score of 100 on 100. No matter how beautiful it looks, what decides the final score is its taste and the aroma which will make your mouth water by standing beside it. Chocolaty.in bakers always take the natural sweetness of frosting, fillings inside the cake, ganache of any flavor and other decorations like sprinkles or syrup into account while making the perfect sugar-free cake. And the aroma of a cake has to be pleasant and appetizing for the one standing at a distance. It should neither be flat, nor it should be overpowering. And if you smell any tangy, musty, or sharp aroma from the cake, it is probably spoiled and you should avoid eating it.

Balance Of Flavors

A perfect cake fits in the perfect circle with its balance of flavors. We ensure that the flavor of your regular cake especially when it is without any flavor is authentic and the frosting on it or any other decorations do not clash with the actual and natural essence of cake flavor. From the conventional dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, and tangy strawberry variants right up to the exotic creamy red velvet or tangy blueberry-lemon-bitter coffee and walnut maple syrup variants, the choices are endless available in chocolaty.in. All you have to decide is whether you want any of these flavors or want your cake simple and elegant.

Buy Mango Cakes Online

Mango cake is ever favorite dessert purchased by the customers most. The special occasions are the right time to taste and enjoy the sweetness of the mango cake design. Instead of buying and cutting the usual flavored cakes, relish the celebration with flavorful online mango cakes that will be given on your hands at the right time and location. The taste and fragrance of mango are mesmerizing which would be considered as the king of fruits. The cakes from mango fruit are really awesome, which might be filled with yummy taste and deliciousness than any other flavor cakes. And remember, any other expensive gift is better than the mango birthday cake, so it would be a perfect choice to surprise your loved ones immensely.

We at chocolaty.in are the best and reputed online portal, and a wide gamut of users are engaging here for purchasing yummy and tasty cakes. To make the birthday celebration of your close ones even special, order and get the special mango eggless cake with customized designs and shapes as you want.

Send Mango Cake Online To Impress Your Close Ones Instantly

Searching for a way to avail of a little place on your loved one's heart? Don’t worry! Make use of the chocolaty.in to order mango cake and send it to her on the celebration of the born day. The sweetness and taste overflowed in the dessert will impress your girl and fall in love with you at the moment. You don’t have any compulsion to send your wishes with a costly gift, right? Then tempt her with the luscious mango cake and let her understand your true love and feelings on this special occasion. The cakes at chocolaty.in have the power to induce everyone at the birthday or wedding celebration to taste the desert until the last slice.

We are having an intention of baking and delivering the online mango cakes in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customers. To bring the utmost flavor, we made the cake with fresh and rich-quality ingredients to jazz up the celebration. If you are thinking of surprising your close one on the celebration of a special occasion, then order mango cake from chocolaty.in.

Send Mango Cake – To Brighten And Sweeten Up The Celebration

The birthday celebrations are boring and dull without the presence of yummy flavored cake. The online mango cakes are one of the foremost choices that should be considered while buying at chocolaty.in. The mango cake design is adorable and it would be a great choice to surprise your loved one, even if she is located anywhere from you. Explore and choose the eye-catchy mango birthday cake to tempt your dearest one at the first sight. Believe it, the designs and taste of the mango cake at chocolaty.in are alluring and it would be one of the major reasons for the increasing demand for a mango cake delivery online.

The birthday gifts displayed at the portals are incredible. Instead of getting confused about such expensive gifts, just send mango cake online without letting her know. The decorations and mind-blowing themes of the cake will bring a pretty smile on her face and it’s going to be the most special moment in her lifetime. Sending online mango cakes via the chocolaty.in portal is quite an impressive and convenient way to propose your girl and the taste of our product will let her avoid your feelings.

Convey Your Hearty Wishes Via Yummy Mango Cake Delivery Of Chocolaty.in

Is your loved one located far away from you? Then make use of the chocolaty.in portal to send mango cake at her doorstep to convey your wishes and make her feel loved at the moment. The cakes of chocolaty.in will let her feel the heavenly taste until the last slice of dessert. Any other expensive items can replace the amazing mango eggless cake that helps to strengthen your bonding and makes her impressed.

To make the gift even special and adorable, choose the design and decoration of mango birthday cake on your own. We can bake and design the layer of the cake by considering all your needs and expectations. The cakes are usual but we can make it beautiful and adorable with attractive designs such as barbie dolls, mickey mouse, heart-in shapes, and more. All you need to do is pick out any one of the best and graceful designs to stun your girl once she gets the parcel.

Get The Tempting Online Mango Cakes At Chocolaty.in

We at chocolaty.in are the leading portal, bake and supply the mango eggless cake in accordance with your expectations. Instead of sending your wishes with usual gifts, buy mango birthday cake at chocolaty.in and make this special occasion even sweet and memorable to her. Once the order is placed, we send mango cake at your doorstep as much as fast. Instead of wasting your valuable time, just place your order and get the yummy mango birthday cake at the doorsteps without sacrificing your routine in any case.

How can I get the best mango cake online order?

cakes are simply the best, aren’t they? The essence, the softness, the flavour, and the taste of the mango cakes are like no other. It is all in the mangoes we guess. Mangoes are one of the most sumptuous fruits to ever have and that makes mango cakes hundred times better than any other cakes. There is something about the mango cakes which makes them special and the most unique. Trust us, if you eat a mango cake then you would have a really hard time not wanting more of it and always. To get this experience, all you need to have is a perfect and the most delicious mango cake. That you can get very easily on our website. Trust us for the best mango cake online order.

Just sit in the comfort of your homes, order a delicious piece of mango cake from our website, sit back, relax for the order to arrive, and indulge in the happiness of having a heart melting mango cake. Mango cakes are also so good looking. We mean let’s leave aside how amazing they taste for some time and let’s focus on their appearance. They look so drooling with that perfect yellow colour. The additions on it with some real mango pieces or flowers make it even better. Take our word when we say that you need to taste a mango cake from our website, if you haven't already. Get the best mango cake online order from our chocolaty.in.

If you have your closed one’s birthday or any special day just around the corner, then make sure to order a mango cake for them for a change. They will enjoy it to the fullest. You can order that on our website with just a few clicks. All you have to do is order the best mango cake from our website. Send us the address as we will deliver the cakes on time to your preferred address. You can also add customisations on the mango cake on our website. You can have it in the shape of our choice, you can choose for either eggless or with egg base option, and you can also customize any personal message if you want through us. All of these can be done right from your home. You can scroll our website on your phone, order it via your phone, and get the mango cake online delivery at your doorstep. You don't even need to move anywhere to enjoy a delicious mango cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What shapes do you have in mango cakes on your website?

We have mango cakes of different shapes on our website. Also, you can add customisation and request for heart shaped mango cakes as well.

Q. Do you have eggless mango cakes on your website?

Yes, we have both egg and eggless mango cakes on our website. You can choose the eggless option with just a click on our website.

Q. Can you deliver mango cakes with flowers to my friend?

Yes, we can surely do that. We can send mango cakes along with flowers and other things from our website to your loved ones in most parts of the country.

Q. Can you do same day cake delivery for mango cakes?

Yes, we can do same day cake delivery for mango cakes and all the other cakes. We can also do midnight cake delivery and fixed time cake delivery in most parts of the country. It all depends on you what type of delivery you want.

Q. Can you deliver mango cakes in Delhi?

Yes, we can deliver mango cakes in Delhi and most cities of the country. All you have to do is select a mango cake and check the delivery in your desired address by inserting the pin code. It is very easy to find if we are accessible in any area or not.

Q. What other flavours of cakes do you have on your website?

We have lots of other flavours of cakes on our website like strawberry, chocolate, truffle, Dutch chocolate, black forest, vanilla, pineapple, red velvet, and the list is a big one. You name it and we have that flavour of cake on our website.

Q: Do you use fresh mangoes for mango cake or any other dessert?

Yes, we use Absolutely fresh mangoes from our farm or nearby local farms for baking our desserts. We take immense care of hygiene and ingredients that we use while baking and selling our products. You can also contact our customer service help desk if you find any compromise in our cakes.

Q: How pridely chocholaty.in supports vocals for locals?

Chocolaty.in strongly believes in supporting local farmers. We take immense pride in using mangoes from our nearby farms. We support the local community of farmers Of India. We believe in purchasing organic fruits from our farmers rather than importing it from abroad.

Q: Does your price range vary from the types of mango you use in the cakes?

Yes, you can find slight variations in the price of cake. As premium mango varieties like Alphonso cost high due to their market value and normal daily use, mango will cost you average cost of the cake only.

Q: Do you deliver Mango Flavor Cake Throughout The Year?

Yes,we deliver mango cake throughout the year. But if you want mango toppings or mango tarts then it is available only during the season as we use only fresh fruits. We avoid using preserved fruits or off season fruits.

Q: Do your fruit cakes cost more than the normal cakes?

Yes,our fruit cakes are higher than the normal cakes prices. It differs due to the availability of fruits,type of fruit, design of cake and also what type of dessert you are ordering. We prepare these cakes on demand from customers only. Thus,all these parameters collectively increase the price of your delivery.