Order Online Makar Sankranti Cakes To Sparkle Up The Celebration

Kite flying, bonfire, song, dance and fairs are the common ways of celebrating Makar Sankranti. To sparkle up the celebration, Chocolaty presents a vast range of online Makar Sankranti cake designs that you can buy and add vibrancy to the celebration. Send makar sankranti cake to greet your dear ones who are living away from you. Our makar sankranti cake delivery is here to assist you in delivering your precise emotions to the people who are close to you. So, go ahead and order makar sankranti cake online from our assortment. We also have several makar sankranti cake ideas so that you can explore and choose the favorite one. The cakes available with us are baked using the highest quality of the ingredients and hence you don’t have to worry about the quality. We promise to deliver the best online makar sankranti cakes.

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Makar sankranti cake delivery for celebrating the traditional festival with a modern twist

Makar sankranti is a traditional festival of India and Nepal which is also known as Maghe festival in Nepal and Maghi in Punjab. Chocolaty has come up with makar sankranti cake ideas so that you can convey your greeting to the people you love just by sending a cake to their doorstep by choosing from makar sankranti cake designs. This festival is celebrated for many reasons and one of them is to celebrate the harvest of Rabi crop or winter crop which includes wheat, gram, barley, mustard, etc. Farmers thank God for their better crop and eat feasts. In Punjab and Haryana, people do the bonfire and eat traditional sweets like jaggery, gazzak, etc.

If you are from India then you would probably be aware of the reason behind the celebration of Makar sankranti. You should have the knowledge about your traditional festivals and should celebrate these festivals because the traditional festivals of any nation can keep the people connected to their roots. You must have knowledge of your origin but you should also adapt yourself with the changing environment. You can do this by celebrating this traditional festival with a cake along with traditional sweets. Instead of buying the same traditional food items in bulk, you can buy small quantities of different food items or cakes for makar sankranti. It is generally seen that people buy peanuts in good quantities which get spoiled after some time with moisture. Children should definitely be taught to eat traditional sweets but they should not be forced to eat as they do not like eating them in more quantity. How about ordering a delicacy from makar sankranti cake designs? It will be a wonderful treat for the children. They will not leave a single share of a cake because they love this dessert, so it is better to buy them foodstuffs which they eat than those which they do not eat. In the latter case, you would only waste your money. Also you can get the traditional foodstuffs added in your personalized online makar sankranti cakes so that it should not seem that you are not performing rituals. Apart from that, you have the facility to send cake with the assistance of makar sankranti cake delivery by choosing from different makar sankranti cake designs.

Online makar sankranti cakes as sweet for beginning of big days of the year on Makar sankranti

When the sun enters the Uttarayan, it starts to appear for more time during day time in Uttar or North, consequently the duration of day time starts to increase and the duration of the night time starts to decrease. Thus, the festival of Makar sankranti is celebrated because of the beginning of big days and as usual it is considered crucial to eat something sweet at the beginning of something important. Wouldn't it be a great idea to order Makar sankranti cakes online to be eaten as sweets as the cakes are loved by all. You can also get them prepared with Hindi or Punjabi quotes on Makar sankranti on them. Moreover, the sweet should not be too sweet as excess intake of sugar can be harmful for you, so this would be the only dessert which you can get prepared with less sugar which may not be in the case of traditional desserts. We cater cakes for Makar Sankranti across India. Therefore, send makar sankranti cake to tantalize the taste buds of your loved ones.

Buy Cute kite shaped online makar sankranti cakes on Makar sankranti for children

Kites are flown by people on Makar sankranti in some states of India like Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is believed that they started flying kites on this festival because they want to remain under the sun for more time. Sun rays are considered good for health as these are good sources of vitamin D. They also like the sun during this time because they would have missed the sun as it appeared for less time in winters and now when the sun is here for more time, they want to enjoy its warmth for more. Thus, they fly kites and children especially love this thing. A big Indian festival of kites is also celebrated in Gujarat where they fly kites of many designs. Various folk songs and other kites of songs are also famous on kites flying.

Your children or children in your house would also love to fly kites as this is a way they can play at their homes without going outside. Therefore, it is concluded that flying kites is an indoor sport, however you should fly kites in such a way that you do not cause any harm to anyone or even to you. There is a thread for flying kites sold by the shopkeepers which can cause injuries to the birds or can even kill them, so you should boycott that kind of thread. Instead of using these harmful things for thrilling experiences, there are other things as well which can make you or feel excited. Children would feel amazed to see the online makar sankranti cakes in the shape of their favourite kites. The cakes for Makar Sankranti can also be prepared with the quotes on them for not killing birds which can be a good way to make your kids understand this thing. So, browse our online makar sankranti cakes today and pick a tempting delicacy for them from the makar sankranti cake near me store.

Choose yellow coloured cake to relate to the god Surya on Makar sankranti

On the festival of Makar sankranti, they worship the sun god Surya for which they take dips in holy rivers to offer the holy water to the god Surya or the sun. This is because their god Surya or the sun begins to appear for more time than in the winters, so they want to thank the god. They also offer sweets or other foodstuffs to the god Surya and pray to this god for prosperity. As the festival is more about the sun, so you can order and send makar sankranti cake in yellow colour. By doing so you can relate your cake to your rituals and to the god Surya for which the celebration is done.

When the sun appears for more time and the days are long then people feel more active and do more work. It can be quoted from an example of a country where the death rates are more because of depression and they suffer from this problem as they do not see the sun for more time. In that country, the duration of the night is more and the situation of this country tells us how darkness for more time can make people depressed. The visibility is less during the night time as compared to morning time and most work is required to be done in a bright light, so people can not do much work at night. In that country, where the duration of the night is longer, people would have become depressed because of over thinking in their free time as people usually do the same in their free time which can make them depressed.

Order makar sankranti cake to acknowledge the famous songs of Makar sankranti

Many folk songs and bollywood songs are popular which are based on Makar sankranti or kite flying. There can be religious songs as well. One famous song of a Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan comes to mind whenever I think about kite flying and the tagline of the song is "Udi udi jaye dil ki patang". People dance to these kinds of songs at their traditional festivals as it is all about enjoyment. The famous lines of the songs of Makar sankranti can even be embedded on the cakes which you want to order online from makar sankranti cake near me. These songs have made these festivals so special as the same are played during these festivals. We have embroidered such types of wonderful messages on our makar sankranti cake designs so that you can commemorate the essence of the festival.

Healthy Makar sankranti cakes with ingredients like jaggery, peanuts and sesame seeds

You can yourself bake Makar sankranti cake designs with the ingredients which are traditionally used for making dishes in Makar sankranti or Lohri. There is also an easy recipe for making a cake like this. For the recipe, you need a bowl of suji, half bowl of curd, one bowl of jaggery and one fourth bowl of oil. You also require one tablespoon of baking soda, some milk and one tablespoon of baking powder. These are the basic ingredients of the cake. Things like peanuts, sesame seeds and vanilla essence are also added.

First you should put the oil in the curd and mix them well. Next, you should add jaggery which should be cut in small pieces to mix it well in the mixture. When all these things are mixed properly that there is no solid piece of jaggery then you can add suji and it should be mixed as well. After that, you should add the milk to dilute the mixture and put the vanilla essence for flavor. Then, you should add baking soda and powder after keeping the batter for fifteen to twenty minutes. At last, you can have your cake prepared once you bake it for about thirty to forty minutes. If you do not have the vanilla essence then you can use true cardamom powder in its place.

You would find peanuts and sesame seeds more tasty if added in the cake as otherwise you would not like them as much, especially the sesame seeds. You can even order Makar sankranti cakes online with nuts and multi grains in them. These ingredients have many health benefits like jaggery can protect your body from cold and has many antibacterial properties, so whenever you crave for sugar replace it with jaggery or put the jaggery in dishes instead of sugar. Peanuts and sesame seeds are good sources of protein and calories which provides energy to the body. If you don’t want to invest a lot of time, then you can simply send makar sankranti cake online to whom you adore.