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If online cake delivery in Madurai is something that has been something that you have been struggling to get right, then it is safe to state that you have not been able to connect with the best online cake shop in Madurai. Whenever you are planning to present your friends or family members with a certain surprise, it can be a real bummer if you are not offered with competent online cake delivery in Madurai. Fret not! As Chocolaty is here to put an end to your misery with the best online cake delivery in Madurai.

The services offered by the online cake shop in Madurai are highly dependable and you will have no problem with online cake delivery. At Chocolaty, we understand how crucial all these sweet gestures can be in determining the course of your relationship. Hence, we make the best possible efforts in order to make sure that you need not worry about the cake delivery in Madurai being offered. Our official website is flooded with a zillion options for you to choose from. Place an online cake order in Madurai and you will be astonished by the level of efficiency and professionalism you will get.

You can get online cake delivery in Madurai from In Madurai, you will not find a lot of cake delivery options and hence there we fill the gap by being the best cake delivery service portal. There are a few nice cake shops in Madurai but not all of them do online cake delivery. This is the reason we have started this service in this city for the best. We offer only fresh cakes. Our motto is to serve premium quality cakes at any hour of the day. This is the reason we serve only freshly baked cakes. Any type of cake that you want for any occasion can be delivered to Madurai through us. We have birthday cakes, special day cakes, festive cakes, anniversary cakes, corporate cakes, and lots more. You can check our website for more.

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If we are referring to us as the heaven place for cakes, we are definitely not exaggerating. There are not a lot of platforms doing online cake delivery in Madurai and here we are to help you with that in this city. Our platform is the only online one that sells the best cakes in the city. Even if you have last-minute plans to surprise anyone with cakes and other cute stuff in Madurai, you need to visit There are lots of reasons to go for us and being the heaven for these things definitely counts as one. If you choose us, you will never be late for any occasion. We can do same-day online cake delivery, midnight deliveries, early morning deliveries, and also fixed-time deliveries. Through these many delivery options, we make the best platform for Online Cake Delivery in Madurai. We are open 24*7 for you all. Hence, we can totally schedule an online cake delivery in Madurai during the early morning hours.

You can choose cakes, flowers, and other things and book it for any day to be delivered. As we said, we have so many things on our website that we make for the ultimate platform for all things related to parties and celebrations. We can easily help you surprise your loved ones with Online Cake Delivery in Madurai at your preferred time. This can be done through the fixed-day delivery options on our website. We will deliver freshly baked cakes on your desired date to your loved ones. You can fix the deliveries to be done on any other day and pay for it now and the delivery will be done on that day. For fixed-time deliveries, we also charge a small amount for deliveries. The same goes for the midnight-time delivery options as well. You are going to love our collection and services.

Order today and get the best cakes today from

This is one of the best reasons why we are the best in the town and also in the country. We are one of those online cake delivery platforms that can help you with same-day cake delivery anywhere in the country. No matter where you live in the world, you can schedule an online cake delivery in Madurai on the same day as the order is placed. Even if you order cakes on the same day through our website, we will get them delivered to your desired location on the exact same day. We would need 3 to 4 hours to send the cakes anywhere across the city. It makes it very easy for you to choose some amazing stuff for your loved one’s special days on our website. So, even if you have not sent any gift for any special occasion to your loved ones, you can still do it through us. Our standard deliveries are also free of cost; in the standard deliveries, you can get products delivered the same day you order.

It’s very simple with us and you only need to give us 4 to 5 hours for the cake preparation and delivery. So, make sure to order 4 to 5 hours before. No, we don't charge any shipping cost for the standard deliveries or the same-day deliveries. You just have to pay for the cakes that you have purchased. This is something very unique and something that is not available with other cake delivery platforms. We do charge an extra amount for midnight and fixed-time cake deliveries. But, that charge is also a small basic amount that is charged for the delivery agent’s extra work during non-working hours. The reflection in the amount of change is shown on the website itself. So, all in all, you can order cakes today from our website and will get them today in Madurai. This goes for cakes and all other things that are available on Also, if we are sending cakes just within 4 hours does not mean that we are not sending fresh cakes. You are only going to get fresh quality cakes.

Get cakes, flowers, chocolates, and more from in Madurai is the best platform for online cake delivery in Madurai and India. But, not only for cakes, we are known for a lot of other things. We have a lot of other stuff along with the cakes on our website. First, talking about the cakes, let us tell you that we have a range of cakes for different occasions, different types of gifts, plants, chocolates, and lots more. We have a lot of cakes on our website in different styles, designs, flavours, and sizes. We have cakes for all occasions and every person of all age groups. We are the one-stop shop for everything perfect for gifting, parties, and celebrations. Browse our website as you will find lots of cute stuff there. There is no other website or shop in Madurai that excels in selling trending cakes of the latest designs as we do. We also have the best collection of flowers so let us talk about flowers, right here. You can send bouquets and baskets of some of the best quality roses, orchids, and lots of other flowers. We have very strict quality standards and make no compromises. We make sure that we deliver only fresh and best-quality cakes, flowers and other beautiful gifts to your loved ones. Along with the flowers, you can also choose cakes, chocolates, bouquets, and lots of other things. All of these things can be delivered anywhere in Madurai. All of these flowers are available in glass vases, individual pieces, as a bouquet, with chocolates, with cards, and lots more varieties. All of these flowers can be sent anywhere in India as per your choice.

Along with these things, we also have the option of customisation. We allow lots of customisation in flowers and cakes on our website. Though we have lots of flowers, cakes, and other things on our website if you don’t like them or want something personalised, we can help you with that as well. We have lots of chocolate assortments on our website. Any chocolate assortment that you see on our website can be exactly replicated as the photo and the same will be sent to you. When it comes to chocolates, on our website, you will find some amazing chocolate assortments like chocolate towers, chocolate bombs, chocolate hampers, chocolate combos, and whatnot. We have designed some of the best flower and chocolate combos as well.

Why choose for Online Cake Delivery in Madurai?

We just gave you so many reasons as to why we are the best. But let us tell you in detail, one by one, by giving you reasons that state why is the ultimate platform for Online Cake Delivery in Madurai. We hope these reasons will help you make the right decision to send Online Cake Delivery in Madurai.

Different delivery options is one of the few websites that offers different delivery options. Select a cake of your choice and in the Delivery Details section select fixed-time delivery and select the time slot you're most comfortable with. Your cake will be delivered within that selected time slot. But, apart from this, we also have different delivery options like same-day delivery, early morning delivery, and even midnight time delivery. You can choose any delivery option from the above that suits you the best. You can easily send a surprise to your loved ones using the different delivery options on our website.

On-time delivery

Yes, with, all our deliveries are definitely on time. We keep some extra time on our hands for online cake delivery in Madurai because there is immense traffic in the city that could get us delayed. Since we work on time with good planning, we deliver cakes at midnight, early morning, or even during peak office hours on time. But, from your end, we need you to order the cakes by at least 8 pm so that the cakes will be delivered by noon, for the midnight deliveries. So, whatever time we have promised for the cake delivery, your cake will reach the destination on that time itself.

Delicious, fresh, and good-looking cake collection

One place for this has to be We serve the best, most delicious, fresh, and good-looking cakes. We are an online cake shop that sells a lot of cakes in different varieties. On our platform, you can find cakes that are trending, classic, minimalistic, designer, fancy, layered, and so much more. Hence, on our website, you can also easily find a variety of different-themed cakes. Our bakers have pre-designed a lot of cakes that are listed on our website already. Our cake collection is simply the most fabulous one.

Different types of cake options

All of the cakes available on our website are in different sizes, flavours, shapes, and lots more. We are quite sure that you will like a lot of them and will be able to find something for yourself. But, still, if you are not able to find something for yourself, we still have something for you. Through our website, you can get cakes customised for yourself too. You can order theme cakes from us in the exact same design of your choice. For this, you will have to mail us your requirements and we will get back to you. Hence, our cake options are simply endless.

Free home delivery

If you choose for same-day deliveries through our website, we can offer you free home deliveries which means that shipping costs will be zero. You just have to pay for the items that you have chosen from our website. Not any other website that works in the city offers free of cost deliveries that too in the same day. You can order for the stuff on our website 4 to 5 hours before and get the same-day deliveries of flowers and cakes. We are one of the only websites in the city that offers free delivery on even the same day delivery of cakes, flowers, chocolates, and more. Isn’t this fun, unique, and beneficial

Best-selling cakes on

We have said a million times till now that we have the best collection of cakes on our website. Now, let us tell you in detail some of the best-selling cakes on our website. These are some of the most trending cakes that we have. Have a look and make the best purchase for yourself.

Diamond Cut Piñata Cake

Pinata cakes have been really popular since the time they have been launched. We took not a lot of time to launch these on our website seeing their popularity. Piñata cakes are available in a lot of different designs and flavours. The most common design for the piñata cakes is the diamond cutting piñata cakes in the shape of a heart. The outer layer of these cakes is made with thick chocolate which is edible and inside these cakes are brownies, chocolates, or anything of your choice basically. We have sold this cake in so many flavours, colours, and sizes.

Pull-Up Cake

Another one of the most trending cakes on our website is the pull-up cake. The pull-up cakes are cakes in which you need to pull up the plastic from the cake upwards and when you pull up the plastic, the entire cake flows down like a waterfall. It is the liquid of the cake that flows down and looks totally pretty. The entire cake stays intact for you to relish and enjoy. In this cake also, we have lots of varieties and colours. The liquid of the cakes can be made in different flavours like chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, pineapple, and more.

Photo Cake

Personalised cakes are always the best and photo cakes are one of the best personalised cakes out there. We have lots of photo cake options on our website in different styles. You can choose any and get it delivered with your photos on it. You will have to send us the pictures and the pictures should be of high quality so that it looks amazing on the cake. You will have to mail us the pictures. It can be made for anyone like adults, couples, kids, and anyone. Just make sure to give us the best photo so that the cake is of great importance to you.

Plum Cake

Along with the latest styles of cakes, we also have fruit cakes. Plum cake is one of the best cakes out there and owing to its popularity, we have that on our website. We have a lot of customisation options for our plum cakes as well. You can check our website for more. When you choose a cake for delivery, you can get the customisation offers from there. When you choose a plum cake online delivery in Madurai, you can put the customisation details and we will do the rest. Our plum cakes are also available in eggless and sugar-free versions.

3D Pop-Up Cake

This is one of the newest additions to our website. If you are someone who is very active on social media and is up to date with the latest trends on everything, then you know that 3D pop-up cakes are everywhere. These are simple cakes made in any flavour and they are highlighted with darker colours (as compared to the base colour) and given some heavy outline to fake a 3D illusion. These cakes look extremely delectable and presentable. These cakes can be made in any flavour and you will not find a lot of websites that sell such cakes but we do, especially in Madurai city.

Mini Cake

In fact, this cake has also been doing the rounds for quite some time now. The best part of this cake is that they look really cute and pretty because of their small size. They come in a square box and are generally ordered in a small round shape. Lots of cute designs with colours and flavours are done on this cake. We have sold hundreds of these cakes in just a few months. These cakes are great cakes that can be ordered for any random occasion as they are not so grand but still exquisite and special. You are going to love the mini cake collection on our website. The designs on these cakes make them more gorgeous.

Order Online Cake Delivery in Madurai

It will not be wrong to state that the celebration is the essence of life. Before you know, life will pass you by and the only thing you will be left are the memories. Hence, it only makes sense that you make every possible effort in order to make sure that every moment you celebrate in life, you make the best of it. Make that extra effort in order to surprise the people who are dear to you. Send cake in Madurai to your loved ones even if you are living far away. While it might not be possible for you to fly down to see your loved ones just as you please but you can always turn their day around with online cake delivery in Madurai.

If you feel that you are too work swamped to find the best cake shop in Madurai and place an online cake order in Madurai, reach out to the official website of Chocolaty in order to send cake in Madurai. The online platform has all the flavours that you can think of, brace yourself because it is very much possible that you might not be able to make a choice when you are bombarded with a zillion cake flavours. After you finally make a choice, order cake in Madurai, specify the address and we will make sure that the online cake delivery in Madurai takes place at the scheduled time.

Send Cake in Madurai From Cake Shops in Madurai Near Me.

While we as a society have not been able to normalize this yet, but with a stressful life, it is common to forget important dates and events whether of personal or professional nature but once you realize your mistake, it is essential to rectify it as soon as possible. If your forgetful nature has again caused a blunder for you and you have no idea how to please a loved one whose birthday you almost forgot, it is suggested that you should head straight to the official website of Chocolaty when you can get the best cakes from the amazing cake shops in Madurai near me. Now you can place an online cake order in Madurai in a jiffy and a fresh cake will be delivered to the doorstep of your loved one.

It was never this easy to send cake in Madurai to your loved one before the introduction of Chocolaty. It is not even necessary for you to be in the same city when you wish to order cake in Madurai. If you want to take things up a notch, you can opt for a personalized cake rather than a regular cake. This will make sure that the heart of your loved one will not crush into a million pieces because of your forgetful nature. Connect with the official website of Chocolaty in order to avail cake delivery in Madurai.

For Best Online Cake Delivery in Madurai Choose

Chocolaty is hands down the best platform for cake delivery in Madurai because we have the best collection of cakes online. We can serve the most delicious cakes anywhere in India during midnight or any other hour of the day. This makes us the best. We also schedule the online cake delivery at fixed hours of the day of your choice. To find endless cakes online, just visit our website. serves a lot of different kinds of cakes in different shapes, flavours, and designs.

We have cakes for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. You name an occasion and you will be able to find that cake on our website. We also have piñata chocolate cakes, multi-layer chocolate cakes, heart-shaped chocolate cakes, photo chocolate cakes, floral chocolate cakes, and lots more. We can deliver a midnight cake in the least time in the simplest steps.

You just have to visit our website, choose a cake for online delivery , give us the address, and pay for it. The rest will be taken care of by us. Your cake will be delivered in Madurai in no time. We also have some pre-designed combos of flowers with cakes and flowers with chocolates, and all of them can be sent to Madurai. This makes us the best of the best platform for online cake delivery in Madurai. So, without wasting much time, come and explore Chocolaty.

Get Cake Delivery in Madurai From the Trusted Platform

When you opt for cake delivery in Madurai, you are not just selecting a service that can offer you convenience for delivery. Cake delivery means much more than that. There are so many emotions associated with it that there is no way that you can rely on a random online platform to order cake in Madurai for your loved ones. Hence, when you are losing your mind trying to find the best cake shop in Madurai, make sure to give a shot to Chocolaty. The online cake shop in Madurai has been highly popular among the masses for offering exceptionally well service of delivering cake from a reliable cake shop in Madurai. Not only do we have different offers for you to benefit yourself from but we are also associated with the best cake shops in Madurai to make sure that you are able to get your hands on the best cakes.

Get Personalized Cake From The Best Cake Shops in Madurai Near Me For Mother’s Day

Cake delivery in Madurai on special days such as Mother’s day can be quite difficult to pull off. Since there are so many people ordering cakes for their loved ones, thus, it is more essential than ever that you connect with the best possible platform in order to make sure that the cake reaches to your doorstep in the scheduled time. Hence, when you have to search for the best platform for online cake delivery in Madurai, it is suggested that no other platform can come close to the services being offered by that of Chocolaty. Hence, it is rather advisable that you choose Chocolaty over the other platforms. Connect with Chocolaty to get cakes from the best cake shop in Madurai.

Where can I get online cake delivery in Madurai?

You can get online cake delivery in Madurai from We are one of the leading websites for cake delivery in India. We cover most parts of the country and also Madurai. A delicious cake is all that is needed for a fantastic party or any celebration. Also, cakes are one of the most thoughtful gifts for your loved ones to give on special occasions. Hence, we make it easier to get online cake delivery in Madurai. It is very easy to do online cake delivery in Madurai with us. You could be sitting in any part of the world and sending cakes in Madurai.

To make your occasions memorable, cakes are important. We help you get amazing cakes at affordable prices at your doorstep. If you have not ordered a cake beforehand for any of your occasions, don’t worry because we got you covered. You can order cakes from our website at the last minute and get speedy online cake delivery in Madurai. We make sure none of your occasions go for a toss without a cake loss. Hence, we are here for you to deliver cakes at any hour of the day.

If you want to get midnight online cake delivery in Madurai, then also we are here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your best selling cakes?

Some of our best selling cakes are black forest cakes, Mickey Mouse cakes, piñata cakes, choice chips cakes, heart shaped cakes, red velvet cakes, and also truffle cakes.

Q. Can you also deliver flowers along with cakes in Madurai?

Yes, we can also deliver flowers, plants, and gifts along with cakes in Madurai. We have flowers and other gifts as well on our website.

Q. Can you customize the cake as per my choices?

Yes, the cakes are for you and your loved ones. So, everything will be as per your choice. You can add endless customisations on the existing cakes from our website and then get it delivered to your loved ones.

Q. Are there extra charges for add-on customisations?

Yes, there are some extra charges for the added customisations. The extra amount instantly gets added up, so you can see the final price and then make your decision.