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Kids are known to be the most excited for their birthdays. It is the zeal within them to celebrate this day and live it to the fullest. Be it the party, the celebration, the decoration, the presents, new clothes, or the cakes, kids love everything about this day and more. Parents do everything to make their kids feel special on important days like their birthdays. They try to get new kinds of cakes ready for their birthdays. If you are looking for a nice online kids cake for your kid’s birthday or any special day of their life, then you have to reach out to We are the best platform that deals with gorgeous cakes for the kids. Check out our website to find more.

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What kind of online kids cake do you have on your website?

If you have to choose a cake for the boys, we have lots of options but the most commonly selling one is the car cake. Car is the first of every boy. So, we at Chocolaty offer you a huge range of car shaped cake for every car lover. One can send any kind of customized shaped car for the little champ’s special day. Our car shaped cakes have various designs and flavours. You can order chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, butterscotch, pineapple, fruit, lemon or any flavour you wish.

Our car shaped design includes Racing Car Cake, Lamborghini Car Cake, Road Rash Car Cakes, Hot Wheels Car Cake, Sports Car Cake, BMW Car Cake, AUDI Car Cake, Ferrari Car Cake, Mercedes Car Cake, Police Car Cake, Jaguar Car Cake and you name it we have it.

Other than the car cakes, we have cakes like cartoon cakes, super hero cakes, photo cakes, minion cakes, piñata cakes, and lots more. If it is for a girl, we have cakes like barbie cakes, doll cakes, pull up cakes, princess cakes, and lots more.

We at chocolaty have a wide range of different Barbie cakes for online delivery anywhere in India. So, now it is very easy to make your barbie doll happy with real looking barbie cakes.

Our Barbie Doll Cakes include floral barbie cake, fondant barbie cake, photo barbie cake, princess barbie cake, rainbow barbie cake, fairy barbie cake, etc.

Why should I order an online kids cake from

If you are looking for the best online platforms or websites to get online cake delivery in your city then you have reached the best destination. At, we take pride in serving the best cakes for kids and everyone. We offer our cake delivery services anywhere in the country at any hour. If you want your child to cut the cake at midnight we have the option of delivering fancy online kids cakes at midnight as well. We also deliver cakes during the holidays because we know the importance of cakes during the holiday celebrations.

You can find a wide variety of cakes on our website with different designs and flavours that would suit everyone’s needs. Whatever kind of cake your kid likes, we have all of them on our website. You can also get the cakes customised as per your choice. One more reason to order a cake from is that you can get the same day deliveries of the fancy cakes and all of them are under a budget.

Buy online kids cake from

Cakes are very important for the kids on their birthdays and other special days. They want their days to be jazzed up with fancy and fun cakes. They do not care about anything else on their birthdays but lots of presents and gorgeous cakes that taste extremely delicious. A boring cake does turn them off because they have been waiting all year for this day to cut a fancy cake. Maybe they have seen their friends cutting fancy cakes or maybe they are fond of such cakes in general, all they want is a nice looking cake. To get them the most delicious and designer looking cakes, you must check out On our website, as we have already mentioned, there are lots of online kids' cakes. The best part of ordering these cakes from us is that you can get a cake of your choice delivered at your doorstep without moving here and there in search for the most perfect cake. Along with the cakes, you can also choose for some amazing chocolates, chocolates baskets, chocolate towers, and more.

Where can I get the best online kids cake?

Kids are the ones who are the most excited about the cakes. Well, this is not entirely true because adults also love cakes and cutting the fancy ons on their special days. Actually, it is the beauty of the cakes that makes everyone their fans. You cannot really blame someone for loving cakes unconditionally because cakes are a heavenly delightful dessert. To get the best online kids cake, you can visit We have a plethora of cakes for the kids in different varieties, flavours, designs, and styles. The top cakes for the kids which are also the best sellers on our website are cartoon cakes in an endless variety, photo cakes, and doll cakes. Brighten up your kid’s birthday celebration with a gorgeous cartoon birthday cake and you would have an option to customize the size, picture, colour, and theme of the cake as well from us.

Birthday is a day of joy, fun, happiness and party. Birthday is the most awaited day in everyone's life which is celebrated with family, friends and parties. By any which way it is incomplete without cakes. Here, chocolaty makes it easier for you with a wide range of birthday cakes. Chocolaty offers all kinds of cakes for every age group especially for the kids. We also offer customized birthday cakes. Our huge variety of flavours are vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, pineapple, hazelnut, rose, fruits, butterscotch and many more. Chocolaty delivers all kind of birthday cakes all over India.

If you want to get fancier, you can also get cakes like jar cakes, cupcakes, heart-shaped cakes, tiered cakes, pinata cakes, marble cake, ribbon cake, bomb cake, number cake, floral cake etc. You can send our cakes to your loved ones from any corner of India.

Photo Cakes are very much in the trend, so how can one miss the trend on your celebration! So, why not choose from Chocolaty’s unique section of extremely delicious and mouth-watering photo cakes, which are perfect for any occasion.

Photo cakes at Chocolaty are available in an exclusive range including a pineapple square shaped photo-cake, a delicious chocolate cake, a heart-shaped chocolate photo cake, a special photo cake, a photo square chocolate cake, a photo red velvet cake, and many other options. Choose the one that you think your kid will find the most amusing. After all, it is for your kid.

It's wonderful to see your child with a beautiful grin because it makes you feel whole and special. Rather than welcoming them with the customary toys and presents, you can get Cartoon Cakes from the comfort of your own home through our website. Chocolaty fulfils all your needs in one go.

Chocolaty offers a variety of design and flavour options. Our skilled bakers make various figures on the cake to surprise your children on their special day, from Doraemon to Dora, Minion to Mickey Mouse, Chota Bheem to Simba. We never ask you to compromise on the taste and quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Would you send a Cartoon cake to my city for my kid’s birthday?

Absolutely yes! We deliver in almost every city in India. Whether you are in a metropolitan city or a small remote town, we love to deliver a cake for the celebration of your kid’s birthday. You can choose a cartoon cake of your choice and it will be delivered in your city at your desired time.

Q. Can I buy Avengers Cake for my son’s birthday?

Yes, we deliver all kinds of cartoon and superhuman cakes for the kids birthday, you can place the order by choosing the cake from the above section. You can choose the basic customisations for your cake, the options for which are right beside each cake. For more customisations, you can also mail us your requirements with the sample picture.

Q. Can I be assured that the cartoon cakes will be fresh from

With us, when you buy a cartoon cake online, you can be assured that the cakes delivered to your doorstep will be freshly baked. We are in business intending to deliver the best quality cakes and ensure it is not compromised. Our bakers start preparing the cakes only after getting a confirmed order from your side.

Q. Can you deliver online kids cake in cartoon design in multi layer?

Yes we can do that too. You have to check our website if this kind of cake is available or not. If it is available, you can order it directly. If not, you can customize your cartoon cake as per your requirement, you can opt for the multilayer cartoon cake for your kid. For this, you will have to send us an email with your requirements and a sample picture of the cake.

Q. Does Chocolaty Deliver Spiderman Cake for a kid's birthday?

Yes, offers a wide range of Cartoon cakes for every possible occasion. You can go through the website to choose the Spiderman cake and place the order. We have a lot of options for the Spiderman cakes over there. These cakes are available in different flavours and colours. You have to choose the one that you think your kid will enjoy the most.

Q. Can I order a photo cake in half kg?

Usually, it is difficult to bake a photo cake in lesser weight. Therefore our bakers have suggested us to take an order of a photo cake which is of 1 kg cake atleast. But, don’t worry as our cakes are really affordable and will definitely fit into your budget. If you want a cake in half kg then we would recommend you to go for other kinds of cakes.