Online Frozen Theme Cakes

Do you have a special girl in your life? We are quite sure you might be having some of them be it a daughter, wife, lover, friend, sister, or anyone. Is her birthday or any special day round the corner? Do you want to surprise her with something unique and special that not only brings an instant smile on her face but also creates happy memories in her head. Then get her a frozen theme cake.

Frozen is a Disney princess who is very famous amongst the girls. Be it Frozen or any Disney princess, they are all very popular and loved amongst the girls. They will love to have these cakes for her birthday or any special day for that matter. Now, you can easily get her online frozen theme cakes or more through These cakes can be made in various styles by our bakers just as she would like.

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What are Frozen theme cakes and why are they so popular?

Frozen is a very popular Disney princess. She is famous for her gorgeous and beautiful looks. She looks amazing in her blue dress and is really popular amongst girls of all ages. There is hardly any girl who wouldn’t like Disney princesses and especially frozen. Frozen is just so different and beautiful with her ice blue gown and her braided hairstyle. The frozen theme cakes are the cakes that have her picture, her shape, or designs made of fondant that looks like her.

Give your girl the most gorgeous surprise of her life through a frozen theme cake

There are a wide range of cartoon or fun cakes that have been ordered at the but the barbie cakes are the most quite famous among the customers. Call it the barbie cakes or the Disney princess cakes, all of them are really popular on our website. If the girl in your life is a barbie /disney addict then you would be happy to send her online frozen theme cakes on her special days. Don’t delay getting this beautiful and admiring frozen themed birthday cakes to make her happy on her birthday celebration. We will deliver you the prettiest and the most graceful Disney photo cakes with a heavenly taste and delicious as you expect. So feel free to order frozen themed cakes and make this celebration a memorable event in everyone’s mind especially for your daughter, lover, or any girl.

Barbie Cakes are just the prettiest of them all contains a plethora of barbie birthday cakes that are made in different flavours, sizes, shapes, and colors to fulfill your needs and expectations. We have all the barbie and Disney princess cakes that you can think of. All of them are popular as girls are really peculiar about their favorite doll. We are damn sure that our collections will truly make your special event more memorable and delightful for your daughter’s or any important girl in your life. One of the most popular barbie cakes has to be the frozen theme cakes. Conveying your greetings with usual gifts will definitely increase her excitement but sending her online frozen theme cakes can create wonders. In earlier days, people were celebrating all the special events and occasions with a limited flavoured cake because they didn't even have any other options to make it better.

The advancement of technology has brought the option of online cake delivery services. Online Barbie cakes are quite popular among the customers, which creates a cute smile and excitement on her little princess face on the day of the birthday celebration. And let us tell you one thing. When it comes to Disney princess or online frozen theme cakes, there is no age bar for girls. Girls of all ages will love these cakes as these are her childhood favorites.

Buy the most gorgeous frozen theme cakes at

Ordering a cake from an online website looks tricky because you don’t have any trust on the quality or the taste of the cakes. You are not sure what will be delivered to you. You might think about the taste and design of even the frozen theme cakes supplied by the online portals. Is it Right? But, let us give you a little bit of trust and enough guarantee for the same. is one of the leading online cake delivery portals that provides numerous cake varieties as per the demands of the customers. The bakers are really efficient and experienced, they know how to bake the cake and decorate it with attractive perfection. Our bakers start baking the cakes only after getting a confirmed order from your side which means that you will be getting only fresh cakes delivered no matter what. So, the birthday Barbie cake of will never fail to bring happiness and delight at the event that you are going to celebrate. However, Barbie doll cake is the best and perfect choice to excite your princess on the day of the birthday celebration. Make every moment as beautiful with this attractive and mouth-watering online frozen theme cakes.

Where can I get the best online frozen theme cakes?

Are you looking for some options of online Frozen theme cakes for your girl? Do you want to surprise her by giving her the prettiest and the most delicious cakes? Well, then you have landed on the best cake delivery website. At, we excel in doing delivery of the online frozen theme cakes anywhere across India. There might be lots of options of cake delivery in the city but we can be counted amongst the best for various reasons. First and foremost is that we do cake deliveries in minimal time. We take not more than 4 to 5 hours from your order time in delivering your cakes on the same day. We also do midnight cake deliveries and fixed time deliveries.

On our website, you can find lots of cakes. There are endless cake options listed on our website to choose from. All of the listed cakes have customisation allowed on them. You can change their shapes, flavours, etc to your choice and get them delivered. Along with the cakes, we can also deliver flowers, plants, and also some really thrustful gifts to your loved ones.

We can serve online Frozen theme cakes anywhere in India during midnight or any other hour of the day. We also schedule the deliveries of such cakes at fixed hours of the day of your choice. To find endless cakes online, just visit our website. You can design a frozen theme cake as per your choice. If you want to get a Frozen theme cake in multiple layers, you can get that, you can get a castle theme fondant cake in the frozen style, you can get a frozen princess cake in fondant or just in drawing. The varieties that you can get of these fancy cakes on our website are plain endless. If you want to design a Frozen theme cake with the photo of your girl on it then we can do that too. It will be her face and frozen’s body which will make her look like the Frozen princess in her attire and hairstyle. It will definitely be her best cake ever.

We are also the best because along with cakes, we can also deliver lots of flowers, bouquets, a combo of chocolates, cakes, and flowers, a combo of flowers and cakes, different types of gifts, and also plants in your city. We are the one stop shop for surprising your loved ones with thoughtful items. You can always rely on us for all things special, fun, and fancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you deliver online frozen theme cakes in eggless base?

Yes, we can easily do that. All our cakes that are listed on our website are available in both egg base and eggless base. You can choose the eggless option through just a click which is right beside the cakes. You will see the price change with the base change as we are transparent with every customisation right from the start.

Q. Are your eggless cakes soft?

Yes, our eggless cakes are extremely soft. We make sure to use all the fresh ingredients and we have professional bakers in our team. They make sure to serve you the softest eggless cakes possible. Using milk or any ingredient for eggless base is fresh that ensures only soft eggless cakes for our customers.

Q. How much time will you need for the same day cake delivery?

We need a maximum time of 4 to 5 hours for preparing the cake and delivering it. Our bakers started preparing the cakes only after getting a confirmed order from your side. This means we do not have cakes prepared beforehand with us. We deliver only premium quality cakes made of fresh ingredients no matter what. We would request you to order a cake at least 4 to 5 hours before to get the same day delivery. If you order a cake at 12 pm, you will get it by maximum 4 to 5 pm.

Q. Are there any shipping charges for online cake delivery in my city?

No, there are no extra shipping charges for the same day deliveries of cakes or the standard deliveries as we call it. However, if you choose to get midnight cake delivery or the fixed time cake delivery, then you will have to pay some extra amount to us for shipping. But, this amount is not much and we assure you that.

Q. Can you customize the cake as per my choices?

Yes, the cakes are for you and your loved ones. So, everything will be as per your choice. You can add endless customisations on the existing cakes from our website and then get it delivered to your loved ones. Basic customisation options are already listed on our website right beside the cakes. But, if you want more customisations, then you can simply send us a mail with your requirements and the sample pictures. We will surely get back to you at the earliest.

Q. Do you have online Frozen theme cakes in all flavours?

Yes, you can choose the flavour of your choice for the online frozen theme cakes. It can be made in vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, black forest, white forest, butterscotch, pineapple, or anything.