Cake Delivery in Dera Bassi

In simple words, cakes are everything you want on your sad days, on your happy days, and in your celebrations, isn’t it? Your love for cakes is not hidden. This yummy delight with the delicious frosting on the top and sprinkles of love to complete it with is everything we want and has totally taken our hearts out. So, to double-up your love for cakes, and to add the punch of flavors into your boring menu, here we are presenting you the best cake shop in Dera Bassi, Chocolaty. If you want your celebrations to be grander than ever, order cakes in Dera Bassi, and get timely cake delivery in Dera Bassi to your doors by using our online cake delivery services. Talking about cakes, you can also choose to send cakes in Dera Bassi to your family members and can throw a heart-warming surprise that they will never forget in their lives.

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Online Cake Delivery in Dera Bassi

Cakes are an essential part of our lives, and Chocolaty very well understands your love for cakes. Let’s break it to you- it’s a dessert that has been by our side since the time we remember, the dessert that we spot in every celebration we go in, and the dessert that stands at number one position for us and almost all of you in the world of desserts. Believe us, nothing in this whole world can give you a better feeling than a big bite from a delicious cake can. From the beautiful strawberry cakes to the delightful chocolate cakes, our menu includes everything that will undoubtedly bring a cute smile to your face.

To introduce you further, let me tell you that our cakes are baked by our professional bakers who put in their 100% to bring out the best flavors and the best cakes in front of our clients. To make you happier, we have the option of online cake delivery in Dera Bassi, using which you can get your yummy delicacies delivered right at your doors, and you can enjoy them in the comfort of your place. We know our tempting flavors and yummy cakes will win your hearts, and with every bite, you will be craving more and more!

Send the Super Delicious Cakes in Dera Bassi from Chocolaty as a Token of Love

Gifting something to your close ones is itself a beautiful experience, and if you’re planning to surprise them, then what better than surprises, isn’t it? Everyone loves surprises. It’s altogether a different feeling and especially when it’s coming from your close ones. Here we are not asking you to spend a pile of money to bring a smile on their face, or buy something materialist, whereas we are talking about the small gestures that will bring real happiness to their face. A bunch of roses for your better half, decorating your room for them, or sending cakes to your family on their big days, we promise these small things are always better and impactful than buying dresses and diamonds.

If you also believe less is more then you have found your perfect gift and now all you have to do is, send it to your family as a token of love from your side. AT chocolaty we offer you cakes in a bunch of amazing flavors like chocolates, pineapple, black forest and so that is lip-smacking and delicious at the same time. So, how about sending cakes to Dera Bassi as a surprise to your family? If you agree that cakes are a perfect gift and can instantly bring a smile to anyone’s face, then without wasting much of your time, order cakes in Dera Bassi now, and surprise them with something they never thought of.

Order the Tempting Cakes in Derabassi from Chocolaty that are Really Scrumptious

With so many amazing flavors and delicious cakes, there is no way that we keep our calm when there is a cake near us. Our big days are always special, but unfortunately, they are not every day as they arrive only once or twice a year. And our cravings for this delicious dessert are forever, isn’t it? So, to fulfill your cravings on a regular day, we at Chocolaty are here to make you go crazy with our delicious cakes. Gone are the days when birthdays were the only occasions when we used to get a chance to munch on our favorite dessert.

But now, at Chocolaty, we give you a chance to order cakes in Dera Bassi whenever your sweet cravings kick you in, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Our menu is long enough that by looking just at our menu, you will easily identify our love for baking cakes for you. So, if you think you need a partner with your Sunday tea or your evening snacks, give Chocolaty a call and enjoy the delicious cakes from the best cake shop in Dera Bassi.

Get your lip smacking Cakes Delivered in Dera Bassi from Chocolaty

The happiness that you get after ordering a cake from Chocolaty is real, the happiness of sending a delicious cake to your family is real. Cakes have been an important part of our lives and are believed to be the most loved dessert in the world for all the good reasons. We totally agree with what our clients say and believe in. At Chocolaty, we not only offer you the best quality cakes, whereas we also try to fulfill all your expectations that you keep from any online cake portals. Yes, we are basically talking about the cake delivery services. For any online cake portals, fast delivery services are as important as baking delicious cakes for them. To ensure that our clients are munching on the freshly baked cakes that are nothing less than heaven, we have our delivery professionals who make sure of timely and safe cake delivery in Dera Bassi.

Is it possible to get online cake delivery in Dera Bassi?

If you are looking for some online cake delivery in Dera Bassi options and facilities then your search of a lifetime finally ends at There are absolutely no to very few options for cake deliveries in the town. Owing to it being a small town, the options for these stuff in the city are little less to no. There are cake shops in the town but they do not have the trendiest of the cakes available at their outlets. Even if they bake a cake as per your choice they do not have enough bandwidth to do the home deliveries of the cakes. So, it becomes very difficult to get any kind of cakes delivered at the homes in this small town.

If you have any relatives, friends, close ones, or family members living in this city and you would like to surprise them with cakes on special occasions then it is very difficult. But, it is not very tough these days because is available in the city. It is very easy to book cakes from our platform online just through your phone. You can simply choose the cake of your choice from a variety of cakes listed on our website. The next thing that you have to do is add the address of the delivery person concerned and we will effectively send the cake parcel to your person. It is that easy with

We are the best platform in the town to do the cake delivery at any hour of the day. You can choose us to get the midnight cake deliveries, fixed time deliveries, and also same day deliveries of the cakes in the city. It is very easy to choose any of these options for online cake delivery in Dera Bassi from our website. Along with the cakes, you can also find some other things on our website like flowers, flower bouquets, customised gifts, mugs, chocolates, chocolate hampers, chocolate towers, and lots of other gifts. All of these can be customised with the cakes or can be sent alone as well from our website choosing any of the delivery options mentioned above.

Imagine having your loved one staying in this town and you sending them cakes online at midnight on their birthdays is such a nice experience for you and them, both. So, always choose us and we will deliver the best thing to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can you do midnight online cake delivery in Dera Bassi?

Well, it is very easy. We can do cake delivery at midnight time because we have our delivery partners working at that hour. All you have to do is order a cake at around 7 to 8 pm on our website and schedule the delivery time at 12 am. The rest will be taken care of by us. You just need to be assured that someone is there to collect the delivery at the midnight time.

Q. Are there extra shipping charges for midnight online cake delivery in Dera Bassi?

Online Yes, for the midnight cake delivery and for the cake deliveries during the special time and fixed hours, we do charge a small extra amount. This amount is not much and we assure you of that. Other than this, there are no extra shipping charges for the standard deliveries which are basically the same day deliveries.

Q. Do you deliver fresh cakes in midnight online cake delivery in Dera Bassi?

That goes without saying. We have the freshest cakes and we deliver only fresh cakes at any hour of the day. There is no compromise on our quality. Our bakers start preparing the cakes only after getting a confirmed order from your side. So, this ensures that the cakes you will be getting will be of utmost quality. Our bakers prepare the cakes from fresh ingredients be it fondant, cream, fruits, nuts, etc.

Q. Why is Chocolaty the best website to get online cake delivery in Dera Bassi?

There are not a lot of options for cake delivery portals or cake shops in Dera Bassi. Chocolaty stands out in this area in that case. We can deliver cakes in any area in Dera Bassi and also at any hour of the day. We just stated a lot of reasons as to why we are the best. But, in a nutshell, we are the sole platform who do any time cake delivery in the city.

Q. Can I get same day online cake delivery in Dera Bassi?

At, we do offer same day online cake delivery in Dera Bassi and most of the cities in India. It is one of our USPs to deliver cake in real time. Even if you order a cake on the same day through our website, we will get it delivered to your desired location on the exact same day.

Q. Apart from cakes, what other things do you have on your website for anniversaries?

We have a lot of anniversary-appropriate things on our website like flowers of different varieties in different assortments, chocolates in different assortments, other gift items like customised cups, romantic cushions, plants, and lots of other gift items.

Q. Can I get fancy cakes delivered to Dera Bassi?

Yes, all the cakes that you see listed on our website can be delivered to Dera Bassi. All you gotta do is choose a cake, choose a flavour, choose other options, and complete the order. The rest is taken care of by us.

Q. Are there additional shipping charges for cake delivery of fancy cakes?

No, there are no additional shipping charges for cake delivery for standard deliveries or same-day deliveries. Be it simple or fancy cakes, they can be delivered free of cost.

Q. Do you customize cakes on your website and do online delivery in Dera Bassi?

Yes, we do customize cakes. Basic customisations like changing of flavour, eggless or egg base, and heart shape options are right there beside the cake option. Also, we definitely deliver customised cakes to your homes.

Q. Can you do online cake delivery in Dera Bassi?

Yes, we can easily do online cake delivery in Dera Bassi. It is also on time.

Q. How many flowers can I order at

You can order as many flowers in any assortment of your choice. If you want all of them to be delivered together, just order together and we will deliver as many as you want at the same time.

Q. Do you have car shaped cake in cream only?

Yes, we also make car-shaped cake with whipping cream only.