Flowers meaning and language of Flowers

Flowers meaning

Flowers are one of the most popular and beautiful gifts to send to your loved ones. Since ancient times, people were using flowers to express what they feel inside. The moments when your loved ones achieve something very special like cracking a big deal, getting dream job letter or celebrating a child’s birth or so on, it is not enough to send a congratulatory message, it is necessary to send a beautiful bouquet along with heartiest wishes. Flowers never fail to bring smiles on the receiver’s faces. 

Flowers meaning and language of Flowers

Daffodils: Daffodils are not just beautiful, these flowers denote innocence and sweetness. These flowers are perfect when someone starts a new beginning. So, daffodils are the best flowers to present when someone of your loved ones conceives a baby when your close friend get his/her dream job. These flowers are best to say congratulations to your loved ones. 

Roses: Though roses are known to express love and romance but these are also great when you want to say good luck to your loved ones. When your friend gets his/her dream job, express your wishes and happiness with a bouquet of yellow roses. Apart from that, white roses are also a great way to wish for newly married couples.

Flowers meaning


Carnations: Different colors of carnations are perfect to gift on several occasions. The best use of carnations is to express your love. The color of carnation flower you use will express the message you want to deliver to the receiver. You can also send a bouquet of mixed color flowers to brighten their day in the most unique way. 

Daisies: When it comes to expressing your friendship goals, Daisies are the best. So when your close friend achieves something bigger, don’t forget to express your wish with a bunch of Daisies. These flowers are known to express the happy vibes at the moment. 

Lilies: Congratulate your loved ones with pink and white lilies to express your heartwarming wishes when they buy their dream apartment while orange lilies are perfect to express your love when your friend gets success in a competitive exam. 

Flowers meaning

Tulips: These flowers are perfect to send when you want to say congratulations to your loved ones on their successful stage of life. These flowers never fail to bring happiness to your moments. 

Gerberas: These bright colored flowers are perfect to represent fun and happiness. These flowers are best to wish birthdays to your loved ones. these flowers can last long in a vase if someone cares them properly and can keep the moments brighter and happier. 

Orchids: These flowers are best to express your pride in someone when someone of your loved ones achieves something unique. These flowers are not gifted widely, so if you want something unique then these flowers are best to send. Yellow orchids are known to express joy, orange symbolizes the enthusiasm, purple expresses the royalty, respect, and dignity. Choose the one as per your preferences and express any emotions to the significant ones of your life. 

This is how different flowers denote different meanings. Choose the perfect bouquet to express what you have inside your heart.

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