Weddings incomplete without Cakes

Ain’t Weddings incomplete without Cakes? Celebrate with Joy of Cake.

November 24, 2021

The Wedding season is at its peak all over India, As per the reports Delhi NCR is to witness around 7000-8000 weddings on some particular days.  On November 21st, wedding planners, band & catering owners are in high demand, with the majority of them attending more than ten weddings on that same day. Almost all […]

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Cake and flowers

Cake and flowers trigger memories that make you smile at any moment!!!

November 21, 2019

Whenever you want to smile, a cake or a bunch of flowers is a great way. The sweet, delicious and soft texture of cakes makes you mesmerize the moments that you have to spend with the significant ones of your life especially when you live apart from your family because of your job or any […]

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How to make a delicious blueberry Cheesecake with simple steps

July 14, 2019

The summer has arrived and the season of the blueberries is on. Blueberry is used in various smoothies, cakes, and juices. Anthocyanin is the reason behind the purple color of the cheesecake. These are not just delicious to eat but as well as these offer many health benefits to people such as it improves the […]

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Cheating in Diet-: Is it a good idea or bad?

May 24, 2019

Cheat day is the day when you can eat anything in any quantity that you want and then starving for the same thing on the next day for the same thing. Some say a cheat day is helpful for them in keeping themselves on a proper diet while others say that it is complete nuisance […]

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Recipe for the all-time favourite Black Forest Cake

March 25, 2019

Whenever someone talks about cakes, the first one that instantly comes to everyone’s mind is the black forest cake. It was named after the black region of Germany and came into being in the 16th century. The cake got its name from the term Schwarzwald meaning secrecy which is derived from the concept of forest-loneliness […]

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Buying your cake online- Is it a better than ordering from local bakeries??

February 16, 2019

However, e-commerce businesses have become really very popular but still when it comes on buying eatable items then most of the people hesitate to buy eatable items online. Although there is no any definite reason for this by all the people still many people find them apprehensive while buying cake online. But this is just […]

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The simplest recipe to prepare a delicious scrumptious chocolate cake!!!

January 20, 2019

There is no one in the entire world who does not love the taste of chocolate. The taste of the chocolate can’t be compared with anything. No matter whether it is the time of happy moments or sad moment, a chocolate cake is always the best companion. A chocolate cake is able to improve your […]

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Cake- Buy it online!! More better!! More Efficient!!

January 15, 2019

In the modern era of technology, e-commerce websites have become very popular. However, some people still have fear while buying things online, some people resist themselves not to buy clothes online while some don’t buy eatable products or electronic things online. In a similar way, some people resist themselves not to buy cakes online. But […]

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5 Unique and Fabulous Cake Decorating Ideas for Your Next Party

December 7, 2018

A party without a cake is like a sun without its shine. A delicious, gooey, and fluffy cake is mandatory. Making a cake may seem like an easy task, just measure the ingredients and bake! But, sadly that’s not the case. For a perfect cake, apart from the right measurements, you must understand the little […]

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Most Popular Cakes for Birthday Parties

October 22, 2018

Today, we are all so busy in our lives that when it comes to celebrating our near and dear one’s special day, the planning and shopping becomes a chore. The infuriating traffic can frustrate anyone and foil your whole day. So, what is the solution? Simple! We have online shopping for just for your convenience. […]

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