The simplest recipe to prepare a delicious scrumptious chocolate cake!!!

There is no one in the entire world who does not love the taste of chocolate. The taste of the chocolate can’t be compared with anything. No matter whether it is the time of happy moments or sad moment, a chocolate cake is always the best companion. A chocolate cake is able to improve your mood when you feel depression or stress. If you are the one who loves the taste of chocolates, then here is a simplest homemade recipe for you. Now get ready, put on your chef cap on your head, wear your kitchen apron and enter your kitchen to prepare a delicious and scrumptious cake.

Recipe for delicious homemade chocolate cake

Ingredients used for a homemade chocolate cake recipe
• Baking powder – 1 and a ½ tablespoon
• Baking soda –1 and a 1/2 tablespoon
• All-purpose flour– 1 and 3/4 cup
• Eggs – 2 or 3 (based on size)
• Cocoa powder –¾ cup
• Vanilla extract – 2 tablespoon
• Buttermilk –1 cup
• Vegetable oil – ½ cup
• Sugar – 2 cups
• Hot water – 1 cup

Ingredients for frosting
• Powdered sugar –3 cups
• Vanilla extract –1 tablespoon
• Baking cocoa – 2/3rdcup
• Whole milk – 1/3rd cup

Recipe to prepare chocolate cake

The process of baking

Step no. 1: Take two cake baking pans of 9 inches. Use oil to grease these pans.
Step no. 2: Take a bowl, mix ingredients such as cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, flour, sugar. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Note that you have to stir all the ingredients together.
Step no. 3: Put eggs into the dry mixture and mix it well.
Step no. 4: Then add buttermilk, oil and vanilla extract. Mix all the ingredients for 2 to 3 minutes. Beat it well to get a smooth mixture. Remember that there should not be lumps into the mixture.
Step no. 5: Now add this batter into the hot water to get a smooth and thin batter. Note that the mixture should not contain any lumps in it.
Step no. 6: After the completion of the batter, transfer this batter into the pans. Bake the batter for 30 to 40 minutes.
Step no. 7: Use a knife to check whether it is prepared or not. Put the knife into the cake, if it comes out clean then the cake is ready else bake it again for 2 to 3 minutes.
Step no. 8: Let it cool for two to three hours and then refrigerate the same.

Process for frosting
Step no. 1: Take a medium size Bowl. Mix cocoa powder and butter in the bowl.
Step no. 2: Mix it for 2 to 3 minutes so that no lumps stays behind in the batter.
Step no. 3: Add milk, powdered sugar and Vanilla extract in the batter. State the mixture well so that you will get a smooth mixture.
Step no. 4: Refrigerate it for 3 to 3.5 hours to get it to prepare for frosting.
It is the time to assemble the cake and decorate it. Be creative while decorating your cake. Then serve it and enjoy with your family and friends

Cake- Buy it online!! More better!! More Efficient!!

In the modern era of technology, e-commerce websites have become very popular. However, some people still have fear while buying things online, some people resist themselves not to buy clothes online while some don’t buy eatable products or electronic things online. In a similar way, some people resist themselves not to buy cakes online. But I can’t explain to you what you are missing.

Here is a list of some reasons which will explain to you why you should buy an online cake.

1. It will save both time and energy!!!
Visiting one to another bakery in search for a good cake will consume lots of time and energy. Still, there is no guarantee that you will find the same cake for which you are hopping. Now you have an online option so visiting from one bakery to another one? Sit on your sofa, search for online cakes, you will get lots of options sitting at your home. This will save both of your time and energy. You can browse through hundreds of cakes in just one hour. You will get a splendid cake as you want in just an hour without wasting your time and energy.

2. A great way to save money!!!
Everyone wants to save money. There is no one in the entire world who does not want to save money. Saving money is the reason why online shopping attracts lots of people. Because you will get lots of attractive deals and discounts online. You will get lots of options so that you can choose an incredible scrumptious cake within your budget. You will get thousands of available options within your budget.

3. You will get more options to choose from!!!
When you choose local bakery to buy a cake then the list of options available contains fewer options. But when you look for the cake online then you will get a large number of options. It is quite obvious that when you visit local bakeries to buy a cake for a special occasion then only you will get selective options but looking it online helps you to choose a special cake from the assortment range of cakes.

4. Location Is not the matter!!!
You don’t need to visit from one bakery to another bakery for a special cake because you will get a special cake sitting at your own home. You will get a cake delivered at your doorstep without putting efforts into buying it. Other than this, you can send cakes online anywhere in India on any special day. So, when it is the birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, make your loved ones happy and spread happiness by delivering cakes at their doorsteps.

These are the various reasons why you should buy cake online. If you have not bought cake online thinking about the quality or freshness of the cake then it is the time to switch yourself from offline to online by considering all these benefits. So, yes, it is the time to order for a cake online and to enjoy the scrumptious taste of the cake.

Pick the perfect Melting Bite of Chocolate for any or every Occasion!!!

When we talk about past, Belgian chocolates were the perfect chocolates for all the occasions. But now the time has changed, lots of Chocolate flavors are available all around across the world and people are also loving the various flavors as well.

Chocolates are considered a delight for all the occasions. There is no one in the entire world who does not love the taste of chocolates and if someone denies that he or she doesn’t love chocolate then he or she has not tasted the right flavor of chocolates. Whenever it comes on the gifting options there is nothing more great option than that of a box of chocolates whether it is Cadbury milk or an exotic banana chocolate box. Your gift will be appreciated by the receiver.

If you are looking for some right chocolates for every occasion then have a look.

1. Dark chocolates with nuts and fruits
Almond dark chocolates are prepared with the dark chocolates. When dark chocolate is blended with nuts almonds then it comes as the best dessert to taste. No matter whether it is a birthday celebration first marriage anniversary, 5th marriage anniversary or even 50th marriage anniversary, a box of almonds dark chocolate is always a perfect gift. Surely, a box of almonds dark chocolates will add happiness and delight in every celebration of the occasion.

2. Blue bandana chocolate bars
Gifting a box of blue banana chocolate bars will be a delight for the receiver. No matter on what occasion, you gift a box of chocolates to your loved ones, your gift will always be appreciated. The receiver will praise your thoughtful gift with each bite of the chocolate and will remember you.

3. Milk with fruit chocolates
Milk with fruit chocolates is always a great option. The receiver will do not only love the taste of the chocolate but as well the nutritional rich quality will leave the receiver to think about your thoughtful ideas. If someone of your loved ones has a weaker immune system then gifting this chocolate is a great idea because this will help in boosting the immune system.

4. Diary chocolate coins
Chocolates prepared using milk and sugar in the form of coins is a great idea to present someone on any occasion. Dairy chocolates are always a delight to receive. The savor deliciousness of the chocolates will make a perfect gift.

Representing this on the day of Diwali and Rakhi is a great idea because these are prepared in the form of coins. The gold foiled of these chocolates is a symbol of the wealth. Representing this symbol of wealth on occasion will create a moment that the receiver will memorize for years.

These are the chocolates which can be used for every occasion and these will never disappoint the receiver. Life is meant to be enjoyed, life is really very beautiful, you should enjoy each and every moment of your life. Eating chocolates with your loved ones and gossiping each other can add some beautiful moments in your life and will make every occasion memorable for life.

7 Best New Year Resolution Ideas for 2019

“Its Time to unfold new pages, start a new chapter in your life because its New Year. A very Happy New Year to You and your family.” From Chocolaty Team.

The year has started with loads of new hopes and plans. The very first thing people plan is the changes they want to bring in their lives in the new year which we sometimes title as resolutions. Have you made the list for this year? Are you aware of what you want to change?

Well here are some ideas to help you making the better changes in your life this New Year:

1. New Habits: New year makes us think a lot about our current and past habits. This year try something new, apart from analyzing your habits try to add few new habits in your life. Be it reading, writing or anything which interests you is a kind of hobby which will bring something new in your life.

2. Some Me Time: Try to spare some “me time” for yourself this year. It will help you to analyze yourself and making better decisions. You might have heard people taking about their space or they need space once in a while. Well if you can spare some me time daily then the need for the space will not be there and you will feel more happy as well as elated.

3. Be Responsible:One can become responsible in many facets of life. However here our suggestion is completely in terms of finances. If you are planning your resolutions means you are old enough to start planning your finances as well. Don’t become a Financial wizard, however, try to be efficient and save more than you normally used to do.

4. Be Healthy: Being healthy doesn’t mean losing weight or getting in shape. It is about keeping yourself healthy- physically as well as mentally. Keeping all your organs happy and well-oiled is necessary. Hence, adding healthy habits in your daily lifestyle is good.

5. Cleanse your Circle: Try to avoid negativity and if possible then cleanse your circle from negative people. Negativity not only impacts your though process but eventually it starts making you negative as well as it arises problems like doubt, insecurities, lack of confidence and what not. Eliminate the possibilities of negativity from your surroundings this year.

6. Stay Connected: Instead of making use of social media try to hang out with your family and friends outdoors. Step out from your home or office and enjoy the nature with your loved ones. It will not only strengthen your bonds with each other but will also bring you inner peace. Staying in touch with your loved ones keeps the loneliness at bay and bring joy knocking at your door.

7. Bring the Change:This new year try to bring changes not only in your life but also around you. The society we live in is also a place which needs cleaning, making an effort is also important. Hence make an effort and bring the change.

Ideas to make a birthday more special with these Cute Little surprises

Birthday is the most awaited day in one’s life. Everyone want to make their birthdays special by spending quality time with the people who are the most important in one’s life. Now it becomes your responsibility to make your loved ones extra special. And Undoubtedly, your loved one’s birthday is also the most awaited day by you as well. So that you can shower them with surprises and play pranks on them.
You can do anything whatever you want to do, you can give any gift but make sure that your gift should be thoughtful and should be memorable for him or her.

If you are looking for the ideas to make your loved one’s ideas extra special, then have a look at these few ideas.

1. Give a soft toy to your special one- Some Cuteness overload!!!
When it is the birthday of your special one then gifting a sweet soft toy is the best idea for you. This sweet soft toy will give him or her cuddling at night when you are not there. This sweet will make your presence every time whether you are there or not. The sweet toy will make your special one remember you each time such that you will become a great friend in his/her life.

2. Choose a gift hamper- How about some crunchy munchies!!!
If it is the birthday of the one who loves food or who is foodie, then it is a great idea to gift hamper of eatables. A delicious birthday cake with an eatable gift hamper is always a great gift. You can spend a great time with your loved one eating chocolates, cake and other things of gift hamper. There is nothing better than memorizing those moments which you have lived together happily.

3. A house party for your friend- Surprise is just behind the door!!!
Decorate a room or hall of your house with flowers and other decorative things. Use colorful and fragrant flowers to decorate the space, keep it organized and make the space an attractive one. Fill up the space with the colorful balloons to make the space appealing and attractive. Keep it all secret and disclose this surprise at midnight by ordering a midnight cake from Chocolaty. This will make her or him feel special on his/her special day. It will make him/her live the moments which the one will memorize for life.

4. Gift a bouquet of colorful flowers- Beauty & Fragrance!!!
A bouquet of colorful and fragrant flowers is a great gift which can bring a smile on the receiver’s face. With the help of a flower bouquet, you can also express your heartfelt feelings for others. A bouquet of flowers with the best floral arrangement will express a number of feelings on the receiver’s face.
Birthdays are really very special days in everyone’s life. If your calendar is saying that your loved one’s birthday is near then get ready to make this birthday memorable and the best one for your loved one. Making a birthday extra special is always a difficult task but now it will be easier for you with these above-written mini surprises that will help you a lot.

An amazing race: Is same day delivery achievable in Bakery Industry!!!

Same day delivery has become really very popular. Most of the companies are opting same day delivery option just to get back in the race. Imagine a scenario in which you place an order at 10 am and get the delivery of the order by 5pm without any additional charges or cost. In this world, where everyone wants things on an urgent basis, most of the people opt for a solution to get the product as soon as possible. This is why most of the companies are opting for same day delivery options.

These days most of the retailers are focusing on the same day delivery options delivering products with the convenience. If you are the one who doesn’t want to get on driver seat, when you need a thing in a pinch of time, in such a case choosing same day delivery option is a great idea.

These days, people opt for the company which is offering the product at a faster rate that is why speed is becoming a great factor when it comes on purchasing a thing.

However, the companies are facing challenges for this like the expenditure on the vehicles, moving smart volumes over a large distance is costly, the traffic in the cities and much more. However, besides all these obstacles that persist in the same day delivery, many companies have made it possible and offering same day delivery options without any shipping cost. Thanks to the bike delivery guys, it has become possible to get same day delivery. The trend of same-day delivery has been started from 1998 and still is in the trend because the companies who had adopted it has witnessed a great hike in success.

Current status of same-day deliveries

Same day deliveries are feasible and have become really very fruitful. Wallmart, Amazon and some other companies have already adopted the solution of same day delivery. However, there are also some companies which are offering shipments at a specific cost. In India, same day delivery has been rolled out. Currently, same day delivery option has been offered in the major countries of the country.
The challenge faced by the retailers is that they need ware houses, physical inventories in the cities such that the shipping time can be reduced and same-day delivery can be achieved because if a company does the intra-city movement of the product then the process will take 1 to 2 days. In this process, the time can be reduced and can be cut to the minimum thus till now, the same day delivery has been offered in some major cities where the retailers have warehouses and physical inventories. Chocolaty also take same day orders till 6 PM and deliver it on the same day without any shipping cost. This is how it has become feasible to get same day delivery.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Most of the customers are preferring to buy a product from a company which delivers the product at a faster rate that is why the companies are opting for the same day delivery options. Not just the companies are adopting for faster and convenient deliveries but as well as they are seeing a great hike in the same as well.

Prediction 2019: Know your future based on your zodiac!!!

It is really very exciting to know your future in advance. If you are also excited to know your future then you have come to the right place. Though our choices and decisions define our lives to an extent, however, you know that things do not go in the same direction is we want thus astrology comes into existence. Here you will get to know your future based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to 2019, you will face lots of ups and downs throughout the year. In the first half of the year, you might feel anxiety and anger, however, this year you can meet with someone special in your life. You are going to face lots of challenges next year however, your courage and leadership skills allow you to handle all the circumstances with ease.

It will be a fruitful year for you with lots of amazing moments. However, at the beginning of the year, you might be tested by illness. Your endurance and other earthly qualities will bring you back soon and you will see lots of happy moments ahead.

2019 is going to be a very important year in your life. This year you are going to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Your family will behave like a support system for you. This is going to be a great year and you can also go on a trip with your family.

You will experience a great start of the year with lots of happy moments. This year you will live a luxurious life with great prosperity. However, you might face some challenges while your excellent decision-making power will help you to solve all the problems associated with you.

The year is going to give you the opportunity to shine, it is your decision to grab that opportunity or not. You will get lots of success. This year, you might feel jealousy, however, in the end, you will fill with the enthusiasm and confidence. You will reflect your enthusiasm in your everyday work and will be appreciated by all.

This year, you are going to face both the good and the bad moments. However, those moments would not lower down your confidence and you will face everything full with enthusiasm. It is the time when you will get the opportunity to complete your dreams.

This year is going to be a great year for you. This is going to be a great year for you if you love technological gadgets because this year your dream technological gadgets will going to be in your hands. Other than this, the year is coming with lots of amenities with you.

The year is going to be a splendid year with full of excitement. You will have lots of unique experiences. But remember that don’t allow your emotions to become heavy on you.

Get ready to see a luxurious time ahead. You will see a lot of happy moments. You will meet with lots of your friends and will get the opportunity to socialize.

You will experience a positive change in you. You will adopt lots of positive changes. You will get lots of opportunities in your personal as well as professional life.

This year is going to be a tremendous year for you with lots of patience. You will analyze situations carefully and will take better decisions for yourself.

Your understanding and ability to read people will help you a lot in the upcoming year. But remember not to be egoistic and move ahead with lots of opportunities.

A Glimpse of 2018: What all has happened in just last 12 months

Another year is gone and a new beginning is about to start. Overall 2018 is the year of surprises and shocks. With the Congress winning in three major states of the country to the number of celebrity marriages. Well the first part is definitely a shock for few but a lesson for some. Female power has also outshined the year 2018 with their winnings and success.

Here are some highlights of the year based on the industries.

Politics & Economy:

The year started with people calling names and making fun of politicians here and there. However the year has marked few big changes in the history of the country. Naming the changes as right or wrong is still in debate. It’s the year of growth and success from the looks of it, even ISRO placed 31 Satellites in orbit including the Cartosat-2 series satellite.
With the change in the colour of currency the current ruling party changed the colour of Caste system by passing few bills in regards to SC/ST/OBC community and general category. We all know the ending of the year has marked the loss of votes for BJP a.k.a Modi Party in three states namely Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

Entertainment Industry:

When it comes to marriages, well the whole year is painted with the colours of celebrations. Virat and Anushka initiated the opening ceremony of celebrity marriages in December last year, since then a lot of big names including “Sonam Kapoor”, “Deepika & Ranvir”, “Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas” and several other cinema personalities have taken the vows to stay together.

Sports & Achievements:

2018 has turned out to be the year of achievements in sports for the country and the success streak is lead none other than by the team of females. The year started with national blind cricket team winning the World Cup 2018 and moved on to different successful winnings. From “Mithali Raj becoming first Indian cricketer to score 2000 T20I runs” to “Dipa Karmakar becoming the first Indian gymnast to earn a Gold Medal at a Global Event”. With the very First all-Female SWAT team to first Female Fighter pilot in Air force, In the series of firsts these two ones has definitely made us proud. Even our Sports star “Saina Nehwal” has tied the knot to end the year with celebrations.

The above heads are not the only sections of the society where the stones has been turned. The year was full of Happiness and Sorrows. With as many success in the row there were some great losses as well. We lost several legends in the year starting from Sridevi; the gorgeous Indian actress to several political names including Ex- prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Somnath Chatterjee, N D Tiwari and many more.
In the End, the year is yet another successful part of our lives which has made loads of changes in our heart and lifestyle. Lessons from mistakes and smiles from success is always on the radar and will always come by in small amounts every year. Now let’s get ready to welcome the New year 2019 with celebrations and smiles.

Do men like flowers? Is it okay to gift flowers to Men?

When it comes to the right gifts for women, there are plenty of options, right from flowers to cosmetics and so much more. But, what about men? When it comes to expressing you grand love, why not do it with flowers? Yes, it is okay to gift flowers to men. From celebrating Father’s Day to Valentine’s day, don’t shy away from sending alluring flowers to the men in your life.

Today, the world has evolved. We no longer view flowers as something merely feminine. Today, equality is something we all believe in and men don’t hide the things they enjoy such as going to the spa or even the flowers. They are comfortable in their own skin and accept their likes, even if it is slightly feminine.
Men of today enjoy receiving flowers or feeling pampered. They no longer live in a pressure to be masculine and strong all the time. Even the film industry is trying to change this perception that we carry for men. They are not someone who doesn’t know how to smile or don’t enjoy beautiful things. Men of today are strong yet sensible and respect their partner as an equal.

Why flowers make an excellent gift for you man?

First of all, the flowers are affordable. Even if you are under a tight budget, you can pamper your man and show him your love. In fact, if you have your own garden, a small flower arrangement to just wish him a great day at work will do wonders to his mood and keep him happy all day long. They are a way to express your emotions better. They show how earnest you are and that your feeling is true and simply real. And, who doesn’t love flowers? They instantly brighten your day and put a smile on your face. When you place flowers in your desk or room, you feel a sense of joy.

What flowers are best suited to men?

Just like for women, all flowers are suited for men. Yes, it definitely depends on the occasion. For example, if it is to show your love to your partner, there is nothing better than a bouquet of fresh red roses. Flamingo flowers or boy flowers are another unique blooms well-suited for you man if you want something out-of-the-box. Their striking shape and the enchanting color are surely one of a kind. If you don’t want flowers, but something that will stay longer then bamboo plants are a great option. They depict good luck and are said to bring in good fortune and your man can keep it on his desk.

On what occasions should you choose flowers?

Every occasion calls for flowers. From birthdays to anniversaries, they are suited for all your special events. In fact, flowers can be given just like that, to wish good luck or even to simply say ‘I love you’ to your special someone.

5 Unique and Fabulous Cake Decorating Ideas for Your Next Party

A party without a cake is like a sun without its shine. A delicious, gooey, and fluffy cake is mandatory. Making a cake may seem like an easy task, just measure the ingredients and bake! But, sadly that’s not the case. For a perfect cake, apart from the right measurements, you must understand the little nuances of baking to achieve perfection.

A beautiful and a delectable cake brings immense happiness to the party. It sweetens the whole atmosphere and spreads a sense of joy.

Cakes can be enjoyed any day and anytime, even if there is no special occasion. This lovely dessert brings in a sense of bliss even on days that are mundane. A piece of cake packed with your lunch when enjoyed during the lunch break can erase the Monday blues. Eating fluffy pancakes with delicious syrup can make the day seem oh-so-bright! Enjoying the Sunday evening, chilling with the family and some fruit cake, just out of the oven is an occasion in itself. So, you see, cakes add joyous quotient even on the usual days. But, with a slight bit of creativity and a unique touch, you can make the regular cakes look like something out of a magazine. How? A few simple cake décor ideas will make you look like a MasterChef and add feathers to your cap.

Simple and sprinklers

Let’s first start with the décor the kids enjoy the most- colorful sprinklers. You can simply sprinkle them on the cake or make it into shapes. For example, you can draw alphabets or numbers using sprinklers or even a simple smiley. If you are not confident with your freestyle, you can always use stencils.

Edible flowers

Flowers can make anything beautiful. And, when placed strategically on cakes, it will make a simple white cream cake look gorgeous. Colorful and enthralling flowers will not only enhance your taste buds but also act as a soothing balm to your soul. But, you cannot simply use any flowers to decorate your cake. You can try your local markets to find them. However, make sure you only use the petals and not the pollen or the stem. Before using, wash them thoroughly and dry them. Some of the edible flower petals are an organic rose, violet, geranium, carnations, chamomile, lavender, etc.


Strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, blackberries, and more can be placed on the cake to make it look beautiful and add a tangy taste. However, for this pairing, make sure the frosting of the cake compliments the fruit your use.

Chocolate Ganache

Take a plain chocolate cake and keep it aside. Now, using a double boiler method, take some heavy cream and heat it. Once it has become hot enough to melt the chocolate, add regular milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate. Whisk it well until it reaches a smooth consistency and voila! Your ganache is ready. The cream and chocolate ratio can vary according to your taste. Now pour the ganache over the cake systematically and finish it off with chocolate shavings.

Photograph by Babiche Martens.