A Wonderful Gesture- Time to Spread the Real Happiness!

Shivam, a fifteen years old boy, was standing with his parents in front of the ticket counter to buy circus tickets. He saw a family who left a great impression on him. This was the only family between his family and ticket counter. There were seven children, all are well-behaved. One can easily notice that they belong to a poor family who can’t afford such shows.

One can easily see the charm and excitement on their faces to watch circus show, they were really very excited watching clowns, elephants seem like it was their first time when they had come to watch a circus show. They were eagerly waiting for their turn to buy tickets. They have not worn very much expensive clothes but their clothes were neat and clean. All children have charm in their eyes, one can easily tell by looking into their eyes that they have waited long for this day to come. They were standing proudly with happy faces waiting for their turn.

Their father asked for the price quotation, the clerk at the ticket counter asked for the number of tickets he wants to purchase? The father says that he needs two adult and 7 children tickets. The clerk quoted the price to man.

After listening, the man looking nervous and again asked for the price quotation, the clerk again quoted the price of tickets.

The man did not have enough money to buy tickets worrying about how could he can say to his family that he does not have enough money to buy tickets for them. “How can he supposed to tell their children that they can’t watch circus show as they were eagerly waiting with so much excitement in their eyes” The thought made the man feeling nervous.

Shivam’s father was noticing the scene. He wants to help the man but how could they gave them money as it can make them feel embarrassing. His father has in his mind that they were standing proudly, they have not begged for money, if he asked them to take the money then this can be very insulting to man in front of his kids. Thus he used a trick to help the man.

Shivam’s father put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a 200 Rs note and gradually dropped the note onto the ground. Then picked up the note in front of others and tap the shoulder of the man and said: “this note had fallen out from your pocket, please have it”. The eyes of the man turn of moist and had a grateful smile on his lips. He took his hands in own hands and said a heartbreaking thank you to Shivam’s father.

Shivam himself does not belong to a rich family but the way his father spread the happiness was real heart touching. You know what? They themselves came back to their home without seeing the show as they didn’t have enough money for the show. However the action of his father made them feel the happiness which circus would not make them feel.

Spreading happiness is only the way to make yourself happy as well as others. Chocolaty can’t buy tickets but we do have a great collection of gifts which can help you to spread happiness all around

Lactose-free, Dark, Spongy and Soft chocolate walnut cake recipe!

Are you lactose intolerant? Are you looking for a unique lactose-free chocolate walnut cake recipe? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. The best part about this recipe is that you just need 10 minutes to whisk this lactose-free chocolate walnut cake and have a great party with the perfect dessert.
Walnuts and chocolates are made for each other and a perfect blend for taste thus get ready to satisfy your taste buds with every crumb and lick.

So, here it goes!!

Unsweetened cocoa powder: ¼ cup
All-purpose flour: ¾ cup
Powdered sugar (Brown/white): ¾ cup
Salt: ¼ tsp
Eggs: 2
Vanilla extract: 1tsp
Baking Powder: 1tsp
Vegetable oil/ olive oil: ½ cup
Chocolate chips: ¼ cup and more for sprinkling on the top of the cake
Walnut: ¼ cup chopped and more for sprinkling on the top of the cake.

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
2. Coat a round pan with olive oil/vegetable oil and place a baking paper at bottom of the pan. Coat baking paper with oil.
3. Take a bowl and add flour, cocoa powder, salt, sugar, and baking powder and sift together all these dry ingredients.
4. Then add vegetable oil/olive oil, vanilla extract, and eggs. Stir it till you get a smooth batter without any lumps. Remember you need not to whisk it for a longer time, whisk it till a smooth batter form.
5. Add chopped walnuts and chocolate chips in the formed batter. Then pour the prepared cake batter into the prepared pan coated with vegetable oil.
6. Tap the pan on the kitchen counter gently to eliminate all bubbles of batter. Do it a couple of times till the time when there are no remaining bubbles left in the batter.
7. Sprinkle chocolate chips and walnuts on the top of the batter and get ready to bake your delicious cake.
8. Bake the batter for 50 minutes while the time of baking can vary with the different type of ovens and different sizes of pans. Check your cake after 30 minutes of baking, insert a sharp knife in the cake to check the doneness of the cake. If you get your knife clean without any residue of cake when it comes out then your cake is ready else it needs to bake again for few minutes.
9. Then remove the cake from the oven and let it cool for next 10 minutes in the pan. Take a sharp knife and run it around the edges to turn it onto a cooling wire rack. Then allow it to cool completely.
10. When cooled, sliced and enjoy each crumb of the mouthwatering cake. The ices get thicker once cooled.

Bake a delicious cake now! Surprise your family!

Things you should know
• The time of baking can vary with the type of oven and the size of the cake.
• To get nicely looking cake, cover your cake with loose aluminum foil after 30 minutes of baking when your cake gets proper brown on the top else you will get over browning cake.
• You can store the cake into refrigerator into an airtight container and can enjoy it till one week.
• Don’t over mix the batter and bake it properly.
• Before icing and dressing the cake, allow the cake to cool properly.

Is there a Birthday? Buy a cake to make it special!!

Cake, a word itself sets an image of celebration in our minds. But have you ever wondered why a cake is an essential part of celebrations? If No, then this article will let you know why the cake is an essential part of birthdays. No one knows whether having a cake is a ritual or a fun but having it is a necessity of the celebration. We can’t even consider a birthday party without a cake. But why is it? Here you will get your answer.

Cakes are always an essential part of a celebration no matter whether it is birthday or anniversary, cakes have the capability to make a celebration more special. A cake cutting ceremony has always been the center attraction and highlight of any birthday.

Everyone in this world is in love with the sweetness of cakes. Every year we celebrate our birthday with a delicious cake. A birthday party can’t be completed without a birthday cake. Whether you are a child or an adult, having a cake around you makes you feel happy.

Here is a list of a few things which shows that how cake can make a birthday more special.

The excitement of cake remains the same with all ages

NO matter whether you are a kid or an adult, your birthday cake hold the same level of excitement for all ages. Choosing the cake design and the flavor of the cake is the most important task on a birthday. There could be the difference in taste and favorite flavors of cake with the age but the significance of the cake remains the same.

Kids usually love to have cakes of cartoon characters while adults love to have cakes of bikes or cars designs and so on. Cakes are popularly used for celebrating birthdays and make birthdays more special. Since childhood, we start cutting cakes on our birthdays and till now, the significance and importance of cake on birthdays have not changed a bit. The excitement of having cake still remains the same.

Spreading Happiness from Centuries- A Dessert loved by all

Cakes are with us since centuries holding the same significance even now. Cakes spread happiness all over the world with their sweetness. Cakes are multi-flavored, multi-colored and of attractive designs and play a role of sweet desert across the world. It is the fact that no dessert is as tempting as a cake. It even makes adults drool.

Creates a pleasing atmosphere

A birthday celebration creates a pleasing atmosphere. Cakes are considered as a symbol of happiness and thus these have the capability to make the surrounding atmosphere pleasing. The presence of cake makes people hang around in the party a little more and makes them enjoy the birthday party with the sweeter taste.

A cake has the ability to make the environment lively with full of happiness. It works as an effective tool in changing an environment. Everyone waits for their birthday as birthday is one of the special days in everyone’s life. We have not seen any birthday party without a cake cutting ceremony and now with online cake delivery, it becomes much easier to have the cake of your own choice without any hassle.
A cake is also the way to symbolize your love to your loved ones. Cakes are available in various shapes, sizes and flavors thus you can choose as per your preferences to show your love.

Scorpion- Zodiac sign which is full of surprises

Scorpio is the eight Zodiac sign in the series. Scorpions have the magnetic charm knitted in their personalities which can’t be ignored. Being very intensive and dramatic to some situations, Scorpions are known as quite a powerful astrological sign. The Scorpio-born people are passionate, intelligent, possessive and secretive. Because of their mysterious and charming behavior, most of the people are curious to know more about Scorpions. It is said that that, “It is really hard to know the working of a scorpion’s mind”, Still we have tried our best to inform you.

Information about Scorpions

Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Day: Tuesday
Color: Scarlet, Rust, Red
Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Taurus
Ruler: Mars, Pluto
Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22
Date Range: 23rd October to 21st November

So, let us have a look on a bit closer to various characteristics of Scorpions.

1. Scorpions are stubborn and full of passion
Scorpions are stubborn, determined, confident and stable in their ideas. If they decide something to do then it becomes very difficult to change their mind. If they decide to do something in a certain manner then distracting them from their path is a hard deal.

2. Scorpions stick to their words and periods
Scorpions stick to their words even when the other people have gone back on their words. The words of Scorpions are like “cash in the bank” if a Scorpion promise to deliver something then there is no chance that they betray you.

3. Scorpions are mysterious and secretive in their nature
There is no any more mysterious and secretive sign rather than Scorpio. They are often considered as most secretive as they keep secret about their as well as other’s affairs with ease. They can be very well investigators and detectives because of their secretive nature.

4. Scorpions are ambitious and intense
Position, power, and money are the key factors which every Scorpions want to achieve. They don’t settle for less than they want like if they desire for stars then they will do each and every possible effort to reach the stars. They are extremely ambitious and confident. Scorpions have the capability to manipulate others for their own wish and wants.

5. Scorpions are intuitive and emotional
Scorpio-born people lead with their instinct, they follow their instinct to take right decisions. The element is the water sign which concludes that the Scorpio-born are highly sensitive and emotional. They are the type of people who are not easy to understand.

They usually have a strong intuition power which allows them to get to know about other people easily. They create an image of other people in their mind, they don’t give much attention to psychic while gives importance to intelligence. Scorpions are extremely intuitive and emotional people.

6. Scorpio-born are jealous and possessive in nature
Scorpions are jealous and possessive in nature. There are various types of jealousy in them but the stem of Scorpion’s jealousy is their deep love for their loved ones. They are extremely protective of those whom they love. The jealousy comes in their behavior whenever their confidence slides a bit and insecurities take over. Scorpio-born are possessive to their life partner, if you are with a Scorpio-born then you will be the happiest person but whenever distrust takes place, the relationship can become complicated.

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8 Best Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

Stumped on what to gift your man on his birthday? Don’t worry folks! We’ve got you. No matter how long you’ve been dating your boyfriend, be it five months or five years, getting a birthday gift for a boyfriend is never an easy task. Chocolaty.in provides a wide range of products to choose from for the man who makes your heart go thumpty-thum. Score major gf goals and shop for these gifts from chocolaty, which say “you’re the best girlfriend” – at affordable prices.

1. The one I love Mug:

The description on the cup clearly describes your feelings for your man. “For the one, I love” with floral patterns would surely remind your boyfriend of you when sipping coffee. Priced at just Rs.375, this cup gives us all the feels. Surprise him with this mug and vent out your feelings in a letter. Softness and tenderness are described by the subtle pink color of the mug and would also keep his mind cool.

2. Red Roses Bouquet:

Flowers are a specialty of chocolaty.in. We believe in timely deliveries and providing quality products. Red roses are an excellent way to convey emotions like admiration, romance, devotion and loads and loads of love. We provide a bunch of 10 roses beautifully wrapped and designed with a ribbon. Just tell us the address we’ve to deliver the roses at and the date and relax!

red roses bouquet

3. Cakes!! :

Wondering about midnight delivery of cake to your boyfriend’s place? Well, look no further, with chocolaty Existence, cake delivery has never been simpler! There are many sites, which don’t deliver quality products and are a waste of money. But chocolaty. In delivers freshly baked cakes from the bakery you want. If you think you’re late in ordering the cake, don’t worry. We promise same day delivery and 3 hours delivery regarding cakes. Our website has some of the widest range of delicious cakes with an amazing topping on it. We have one of the best cakes to share with you and your loved ones.

4. Chocolates! :

Well, with our name, isn’t it pretty obvious that we have a special section for chocolates. From international chocolates to home made chocolates, we have them all. Chocolates are a great option if you’re looking for gifts for boyfriend.

We believe in providing happiness and love in every aspect of your life. We specialize in same day delivery for flowers and cakes. There are several combos as well. You can find the perfect gift as we have a wide range of gifts ranging from mugs and cushions to designer cakes. Well, speaking of the cake, it’ll be there. Even in this heat and blazing sun, our icing would be just cold enough for a perfect treat or a facial. We deliver emotions with love, and we believe that your emotions become a part of us. Be it early morning deliveries or midnight deliveries; we do them all. Go on, order and experience the magic of spreading happiness.

Distance doesn’t matter- It’s Raksha Bandhan

There are ample of ways through which you can make any celebration a joyful one. However in case of long distance, making a day special needs a little more effort. The bond of a brother and sister intensifies more on the special occasion called Rakshabandhan. We all know this year Rakshabandhan is on 26th August 2018 and on the occasion may be few of the brothers didn’t plan to come in advance or the sisters didn’t plan to visit their brothers.

In these cases there are certain ways through which you can make the day more special and unforgettable for each other.

Send Gifts: Brother and sisters don’t need an occasion to send gifts to each other. However, in case of rakhi it is kind of must. Else the sisters are going to throw a special tantrum where brothers are going to play the sympathy card. This year if you are unable to enjoy the day together then the best way to make each other smile is through sending gifts. Surprise Gifts can make anyone smile.
Surprise visits: Well, maybe you didn’t have a plan to go one week back but if you have even one day leave in your account then booking a flight and seeing your brother or sister is not a bad thing. Just plan or a single day and give them the surprise of their live. It will not only show your love for your sibling but will also show that how important your family is for you.

Social Media: Social media is one big magic key you have in your hand to make anyone’s day special and make them happy about it too. You can post random quotes and images which you and your sibling can relate to while wishing them happiness on the day of rakshabandhan. It will make them happy and the anger will also go down few notches. You can also start a prank war here. Pranks are also one way of showing your love for each other.

E- Rakhi: If you can’t go to your brother or your brother can’t visit you this year then try not to be disheartened, as there are several ways that you can send your love and thread of trust to your brother. You can send E-Rakhi to your brother. There are several websites which are selling E-Rakhis of different types. You just have to pick your favourite one and send it to him. He will definitely have something to wear on his wrist on the day of Rakshabandhan.

Video Call: How about setting up a video call on the special day. Send your sibling the respective rakhi gifts and then set the video call on Rakshabandhan. We understand you are far from each other to make it real. However the advancement in technology can make it as real as possible. You can carry out the rituals while being on the screen and feel the presence of each other in a way. The love is always there and few miles cannot curb it. So make use of the option you have in your hand to make everyone happy.

Brilliant Ideas for Sisters to get Return Gifts for Brother

Rakhi is the festivity of siblings’ vibrant care, emotions and attachment. Each year, the bond strengthen even more and Rakhi threads are a perfect way to symbolize that. Brothers never forget to bring gifts for their sisters and are always astonished to receive a gift back as a return present. Raksha Bandhan is near and curiosity for gifts must be on its peak, among siblings, of what kind of gifts they are going to receive this time. Here are some great ideas you can chose from as Return Gift for your brothers divided into sections of elder, younger and twins.

1. For Elder Brothers

The best return gift suggestion for elder brothers would be; elegancy. Buy something that has an abstract meaning behind. As people grow older a sense of maturity strikes them, and they love to have more meaningful gifts like a Painting. Painting is good way to make yourself remembered, even if you physically absent. Other suggestions could be some famous seller Novel/Book. A Spiritual Gift could also work wonders, like a Feng Shui or Buddha idol. Not suggesting spiritual idols gifts are for elders, but you can consider these suggestions as a symbol of auspiciousness and good health.

2. For Younger Brothers

There should always a comfortableness from your end, when it comes to nurturing your relationships with your younger siblings. If you want them to treat you more as a friend, you got to set your standards to match up to their idea of coolness. Watches for starters; no elders can afford for themselves – so this is a suitable suggestion for younger brothers and sisters. Accessories such as pendent, bracelets or anklets could be a great return gift for sister. Jackets, shoes or shades could make an excellent choice for your cool brother

3. For Kids

So if you are looking for suggestions for sibling kid, you have to innovative and peculiar about his taste and dislikes. They won’t lie, if they didn’t like you gift and that could be an embarrassing situation at times. Blue for Boys and Pink for girls is very old-fashioned. Kids Tricycle or Kids Bicycle could be a perfect return gift, this Rakhi. But you could also go for new School bags or some cool stationary as return present.

4. For your Twin Sibling

What possibly could be a great return gift for your twin sibling? Are you sure? Okay, since you are adamant –let’s do this. Twins share a much closer bond, and it’s very less that you are not sure about their likes or dislikes, since mostly they are same. So, smarter move would be if you want to buy a return gift for your twin, choose options which you would like the most to be gifted. Two benefits; firstly, your choices match so your twin is definitely going to like it and secondly, it’s gonna be yours too (just kidding).

If you are running short on money chocolates, cakes and flowers are your saviour this Rakhi. Don’t just think now, Rakhi is near. Start planning now!

Raksha Bandhan- Gifts Not Only For Sisters But For Brothers Too

Everyone has a series of relationships in their lives some comes with their birth while some of them are created later by themselves. One relation among all which has the utmost freedom is the relationship of a brother and sister. They will fight, tease each other, sometimes won’t even talk, play pranks or get angry but in the end of the day they love each other beyond limits. Even a quote says it all,
“A bond between a brother and sister, sometimes tightly woven, sometimes loosely held, but is never broken.”

The occasion which enhances the strength of this bonding is “Raksha bandhan” and is just around the corner of the month. This year “Raksha bandhan” is celebrated on 26th of August. So are you ready to strengthen the bonds more and get something special for your brother along with a beautiful Rakhi.

Here are some of the amazing gift ideas to help you put that add on with the Rakhi for your brother.

Mugs: The suggestion might look alright and not too special, but trust us males are tend to brake more mugs then they accept. Gifting them a special mug on this special occasion will not only cheer them up but will also make them take care of it. Brothers may not show but they like when they get gifts from their beloved sisters. Anyhow you can always get creative with the style of mugs.

Greeting Cards: There are lots of things which we can’t share through communicating. Well cards helps to share those feelings and emotions in the most beautiful words. If you are more of a prankster then you can always play a prank through cards as it has lots of tricks in it. anyhow it will share your love in a beautiful and sweet manner.

Chocolates: It is a myth that males don’t like chocolates. Maybe some of them don’t but not all. A large share of males enjoy a bite of chocolate here and there, so find the preference of your brother and buy his favourite along Rakhi with Chocolates. Who knows may be you will also get few of them either by smile or snatching. We are talking about brother and sister here and it happens. So have fun and get some chocolates to make the day more-sweeter.

Cakes: Cakes are not the traditional gifts for Rakhi, however cakes symbolises happiness and smiles. Who wouldn’t want to bring that megawatt smile on the faces of their brother? Plus cakes also works if your brother is in a different place then you. This way you can send Rakhi with Cake something sweet with it.

Watches: It is always said that rakhis are men’s best accessory. A birdie also says that a watch symbolises the long lasting relationships. It says that time I have spent or will be spending with you is a treasure and you wish to keep the relationship for forever. Plus a watch on your brother’s wrist will not only remind him of you but also, not to get late whenever he needs to reach somewhere.

Cushions: Pillow fights are not restricted among sisters they are common between brothers and sisters too. So how about gifting them a cushion so that you can enjoy that loving fight with your brother.

This Rakhi’2018 – A new tradition!! A gift for Brother!!

“There is no better friend then a brother or a sister. You might tease, irritate, Knock each other down, still can’t live without each other.”

The quote explained the relationship of a brother and sister in not so many words. Both are like Tom and Jerry, running after each other yet so loving. It is true that a daughter is a father’s princess, but it is also true that a sister is a brother’s pride. So this Raksha Bandhan get ready to shower your brother with the loving gifts to show him your love and affection in the best possible manner.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for your brother on this Rakhi:

Personalised Gifts- Just for him

Splashing a personal touch on the gift enhances its value by ten folds. There are many options you can choose from when it comes to personalised gifts For Rakhi. You can go for a personalised mug with a picture of you both or a personalised cushion with your brother picture. Even now things like calendars are also getting personalised. Just think and get the best gift with your personal touch for your brother to make him special.

Dry Fruit Hamper- Something munchie

Everyone likes to munch something or other in their free time. Hence a dry fruit hamper along with the sweet silver Rakhi is one of the best gift to adorn your brother with. Anyhow almonds helps in keeping the brain active which is a plus for you. Dry Fruits are something which you can keep for a longer time and can enjoy it for more time.

Sweets Hamper- A Treat for a sweet tooth

Most of the brothers have a sweet tooth. So gifting them a box of sweets along a Rakhi bracelet is something you can think this Rakhi. The sweet box can be the assortment of his favourite sweets or your favourite sweets (just as a prank). A lot of online websites offer great options of Rakhi with sweets Online hampers for these occasions only.

Photo Frames- A click to remember

This Rakhi surprise your brother with a Photo frame along with couple of pictures of you both having great time in the past. It will not only bring smile on his face but will also revive the old beautiful memories. We are sure you will also be having few embarrassing shots of your brother. There is no harm in placing them in the frames as will. The occasion of Rakhi represents love, fun, smiles, happiness and the sweet bond among the brother & sister. Every gift is the best one on this day. Hence go wild and get creative.

Plaque- Memory to treasure

There is a new concept of gift in the market. Plaques are the memoirs which can be gifted to keep a memory alive or represent the happy moments. We are sure you will also have several happy moments between you and your brother. So finding the one and getting it on a wooden plaque can be a good gift this year.
Raksha Bandhan is as fun filled as you can make it. Get creative and bring out those hidden smiles and laughs from your brother which you always love to hear

Why flowers are influential part of gifts and proposals?

Flowers are soft, beautiful, spread fragrance and make everyone smile. Still these reasons are not sufficient for someone to pick them.The most eminent reason for picking flowers as gift is that they convey feelings and emotions along with above mentioned perks. Either you Buy Roses Online or Orchids online, every type and color of flower has a unique story and emotion to convey.

“Flowers are like friends, which brings color and fragrance in your life without any effort.”
The quote explains a lot about the nature and connection of the flowers to a person’s life. Hence gifting them to your loved ones is never a bad decision. Any flower you pick for proposal or gift is beautiful because of the reason they are bought not because of their color and type. Still here are some reasons as to why flowers are the most influential gifts. So, next time when you are confused about buying roses online think about these reasons.

Bring Smiles: Flowers has the ability to turn any frown upside down and bring that sweet smile on the faces of the people you love, care and adore. A simple bouquet of white and red carnations can bring forgiveness for any silly mistake of yours that too without saying anything much. An anonymous speaker once said, “Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.”

Create memories: Flowers make any or every moment memorable. It’s a special day for your loved one just get a bouquet of roses online and turn the moment into something magical and romantic. Your loved one will treasure the memory for their lifetime. There are several types of flowers you can use for this purpose like carnations, orchids, roses, Gerbera daisies, etc.

Spread Positivity: Flowers are always known to spread positivity and energy in the environment. The quote said it all in not so many words, “where flowers bloom, so does hope.” So gifting somebody especially your loved one a tool to spread positivity and good vibes around them is no doubt a special thing. You can buy flowers like Gerbera daisies; Sunflowers even orchids online and have that sweet positive feeling around you and your loved ones.

Convey Feelings: The trend of gifting flowers is mostly common on days like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, etc. as flowers convey the feelings in the best manner. Red roses are always associated with love and affection. Hence buying a bouquet of red roses online and gifting it to your loved one can show the intensity of your feelings of love to your partner in a grand manner.

Speak thousand words: The colors and fragrance of the flowers speak thousand words without saying anything. Red roses say about love where pink roses talk about friendship on the same hand sunflowers talk about brightness as well as smiles. On the other hand orchids talk about love, affection, strength as well as beauty in a single sentence.

Next time whenever you think about gifting flowers be it roses or orchids, remember that they have a unique language to express your emotions and feelings and you will be good to go.