Chocolates and their hidden facts

Anybody would jump up at the chance of being offered their favourite chocolate. Almost everyone loves chocolates as it not only tastes good but also helps alleviate one’s mood and turn it into a cheerful one. That being said, not many of us are aware about the hidden secrets behind these chocolates and how did we get so lucky as to have them be a part of our lives. We have collated some facts about chocolates which we are sure you had no idea about.

#1. There did exist a chocolate river
At the time when Augustus Gloop drowns into the very famous chocolate river (1971) , it actually existed. This river was made by mixing 15,000 gallons of water, cream, and chocolate.

#2. Chocolates were used as currencies back in the time
During the Mayan times, a cocoa bean was believed to be of much greater value than gold dust which is why it was used as a currency. It was not allowed to cultivate these cocoa beans because of its value.

#3. The largest chocolate in the world weighs 5700 kg
Yes, you heard that right! The biggest chocolate bar in the history of the world was created by Thorntons in order to celebrate its 100th birthday and one of the employees came up with this brilliant idea of making the largest chocolate bar. This chocolate bar weighed 5792.50 kg.

#4. Solid chocolate was invented by a group of British confectioners
The term of ‘eating chocolate’ came into existence in 1847 after the Fry and Sons shop combined sugar, cocoa butter, and chocolate sauce to give a solid and grainy look to the chocolate.

#5. Milton Hershey was in fact the king of candies
Milton Hershey who is famous for have started the Hershey Chocolate Company, he was already the founder of an earlier company i.e., The Lancaster Caramel Company when he was just 30 years old.

#6. Even chocolates have a melting point
Chocolates have been found to be the only substance which can be consumed that melts just below the body temperature i.e. at a temperature of around 93-degree Fahrenheit. This is also the reason why chocolate generally melts so easily on the tongue.

#7. For all invention of chocolates, thank Switzerland
If you ever feel thankful for chocolates in your life, then, you have Switzerland to thank for it. The first chocolate treat was invented in 1875 by Daniel Peter after a number of failed attempts that he faced trying to make his recipe work. It also turned out that one of the prime ingredients for yummy chocolate was condensed milk.
These are some of the facts we are sure you had no idea about. Well, now that you do, you can go around and tell your friends all about it!

Buying your cake online- Is it a better than ordering from local bakeries??

However, e-commerce businesses have become really very popular but still when it comes on buying eatable items then most of the people hesitate to buy eatable items online. Although there is no any definite reason for this by all the people still many people find them apprehensive while buying cake online. But this is just a misconception and even one will get lots of benefits if one chooses to buy a cake online rather than visiting from one bakery to another bakery.

Here is a list of benefits which an individual will get while buying cake online

Lots of options to choose from
When you buy a cake online then you will get a number of options of cake to choose from while on the other hand, when you visit a bakery then you don’t have many samples or options to pick from and have to use your own creativity. If you choose to buy your favorite flavored cake or someone else favorite flavored cake to surprise him/her then it becomes difficult to get it from one bakery, you might need to visit one to another and many bakeries and this can be the case that still, you don’t get the right flavored cake. Fortunately, when you shop online you don’t have to worry about because you will get lots of options to choose from. So be happy, browse a wide variety of cakes online and select the right one of you and your loved one’s choice.

Save both of your money and efforts
It will save both of your money and efforts because in the online mode, you don’t have to visit bakery to bakery, and you will get it at your doorstep just sitting on your sofa. Now your favorite flavored cake is just a few clicks away from you. It will save both of your time as well as your efforts.
Additionally, it will save your money. You will get a number of options to choose from so that you can buy your favorite flavored cake in your budget. It will take just half an hour to browse a thousand numbers of cakes thus you can buy the right one in your budget.

Send it anywhere no matter where your loved ones live
No matter where you live, you will get your favorite flavored cake at your doorstep. Now, it does not matter whether your loved ones are far away from you. Now you can make your presence on every occasion and can surprise your loved ones by sending a delicious scrumptious cake at their doorstep.

Add a surprise element on your occasions
No matter what the occasion is now you can bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones on any occasion. Add a surprise element to any occasion whenever you want. Via online mode, you can also choose for the midnight delivery. This will add a surprise element on any occasion.

Bring smiles on your loved one’s faces
You can easily bring smiles to your loved one’s faces with online cake delivery which is not possible from the offline bakery.
These are the various benefits which you will get when you shop for eatable products online. So next time, whenever you want, choose an online option.

What would be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s day is a day of love and love always needs to be celebrated. However, at times we become so overwhelmed with all the happiness that we do not really know how to go ahead and turn the day around and make things special for our partner/loved ones. Well, to help you get out of this mess and utter chaos, we have put together some ideas which will definitely make up for a great Valentine’s day and probably make your partner fall in love with you even more.

#1. Breakfast in bed
The most romantic thing that you can do for your partner is to make them feel pampered and loved. You can do this by starting the day with pampering them by preparing them some really good breakfast, or bringing them their morning coffee/tea just the way they like it. They are going to feel very special and very important in your life.

#2. Some relaxation is always needed
In such a stressful life as today with micromanaging everything, some time away from this hustle bustle is much needed. Why not book a spa session for your partner and accompany them such that you both get to spend time together while relaxing yourselves and having the most comfortable time of your lives?

#3. Write love notes
With everything going digital, it is as if we have almost forgotten how to love in the old way. Well, you can turn things around this valentine’s day. Instead of messaging your partner about how much you love them and how much you adore them, you can put in some short and sweet hand-written notes in their wallet. The moment they open it, they are going to feel so very special and loved.

#4. Plan a dinner date
If your partner is the romantic kind, then, a candle light dinner would be the perfect way to make them feel special. You can either take them out or cook their favourite dish at home. After this, you can put on their all-time favourite movie on the projector and watch it together snuggling together. It is going to be the perfect romantic date for both of you.

#5. Express yourself
Another very simple yet romantic thing that you can do for your partner is to simply spend time with them talking about how life was before them and how they have turned it around by just being with you while sitting under the stars. Nothing can be more romantic than this gesture.

#6. Add your touch
You can get a cushion or a lamp personalized for your partner with something like I love you with their name appearing on it. These days, a number of personalized gifts can be found online. This is going to make them feel really special and loved.

These are some ways in which you can express your feelings to your loved one. In case there are any more ways that you would love to add to the list, feel free to mention them in the comments section below. We hope you have an amazing Valentine’s day with your beloved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Perfect gifts for your loved ones on Chocolate day

Valentine’s week is full of love, surprises, and a lot of enthusiasm. It is celebrated between 7th February and 14th February. One of these days is known as Chocolate Day and who doesn’t love chocolates? So, it makes this day one of the best days to express your feelings to your loved one that you have been holding back for some time now. To help you out, we have put together a list of some of the gifts that would be perfect to gift someone on Chocolate day.

#1. Chocolate combo packages

With the increased number of online stores, it has become to shop online so much easier. You can order chocolate baskets or something more on the lines of a chocolate combo pack with teddy bears and some roses online. These can also come with chocolates arranged in the form of bouquet with the difference that instead of flowers, there will be chocolates arranged. If your loved one is a chocolate lover, then, this ought to be the perfect gift for them.

#2. Heart-shaped chocolate box

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like heart-shaped chocolates. Well, expressing something as pure as love definitely calls for a celebration and some sweets and what would be a better way to top that off except than chocolates? At, there are a number of heart-shaped assorted chocolates that you can gift you loved on this beautiful day.

#3. A three-layered token of love

This is another super way of simply thanking someone for always having your back or telling them how much you love them. Well, in both the cases, this beautiful and delicious three-layered chocolate arrangement is going to win you brownie points. This Cadbury arrangement is going to take your loved one down the memory lane since this is the chocolate that we have been having since forever. This is a gift that nobody can refuse to have which is why it makes up for one of the best gifts there exist on Chocolate Day. You can find it online on

#4. A thing with a little pink

Well, pink is a symbol of inner peace, affection, and friendship. So, if you are looking forward to telling your best friend how much she means to you, well, this is the best way to go about it. This pink bouquet comprises of a beautiful Barbie doll dressed in pink with her gown embedded with Ferrero Rocher. Once you give this to your best friend, she is going to love you for life. She is going to feel so loved and pampered and this doll can be a token of appreciation for all those years that she has spent taking care of you.

These are some ways in which you can make your loved one feel special on Chocolate Day. In case there are any more ways that you would like to add, feel free to mention them in the comments section below. Hope you have a splendid Chocolate Day with your loved one.

What makes rose day such a special day and how to celebrate it?

With the Valentine’s week approaching, the season of love is about to begin for all the lovebirds out there. Amidst this, it is very important for everyone to stay informed throughout the week full of love. For those who are new to the concept of Valentine’s week, it begins from 7th February(Rose Day) and goes on till 14th February. During this week, people go on to express their feelings to their loved and dear ones.

Roses have always been a symbol of love, be it any kind of love. They smell good and look so beautiful that it is bound to make the person on the receiving end of it so very special. Valentine’s week is not just for those that you are involved with romantically but also for your best friend who has always been your rock-solid support and your family who have loved you unconditionally your whole life. We will now tell you about what each colour of the rose symbolises.

  • Red rose for the love of your life: The best way to express your love to your dear one is by buying him/her a bouquet of a dozen red roses. A red rose symbolizes strong emotions for the other person.
  • Pink rose for someone you really adore: The colour pink, in general, appears very gentle and cute. So, if there is someone in your life who you really like as a person or someone who you would like to thank for being there for you, then, some pink roses tied in a bouquet would be perfect.
  • Yellow rose for the sunny side up: The yellow colour just like sunlight is very warm and receptive. So, if you have a budding friendship that you would really like to celebrate, then, a bouquet of yellow roses is the way to go.
  • White roses for purity: You would have noticed, a newly-wed bride carrying white roses in her hand when she walks out of the church. This is because the colour white is a symbol of innocence and purity. So, if you have a relation in your life that is similar to this wonderful colour, then, you should definitely buy some white roses for them.
  • Green for growth: Well, everything that is right is generally highlighted with the colour green. It is a colour of peace, and also symbolises growth. It usually refers to a fresh start. So, if you have a new relation in your life that you would like to take forward or someone with whom you are taking a fresh start, then, green roses are the way to go.

You can order these online on You can also find rose bouquets coupled with chocolates online in order to make your loved ones feel special. Roses are present in each and every shape and size to ensure that your rose day remains the most amazing one ever!

Some delicious desserts that can sweeten up any occasion!!!

When we talk about any occasion, a delicious dessert is a necessity. No matter whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, a dessert is loved by all at every occasion. There is no event which can be completed without the sweet taste of the dessert.
Now, you don’t have to go bakery by bakery to avail a dessert because, with online mode, you can easily get a dessert just at your doorstep.

Here is a list of delicious desserts that can add sweetness to any occasion

1. Chocolates
If you ask 100 people that what is his/her favorite dessert, 99 people will answer the flavor of chocolate and the last one is the one who always lies. There is no one in the whole world who does not love the taste of the chocolate. That is a dessert which is the need for every occasion. A bouquet of chocolates is what can bring a smile on anyone’s face. Chocolates can also be considered as the best gift to gift someone. It is always a great idea to get to know the favorite flavor of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Keep some chocolates with you of the same flavor and share it with your girlfriend or boyfriend whenever you met.

2. Cakes
A cake is the necessity of every birthday occasion. A birthday occasion can’t be completed without any cake ceremony. If your calendar is saying that the birthday of your near and dear ones is on the way then surprise the one with his/her favorite flavored cake. These days, not just the birthdays, even almost all the occasions have been celebrated with cake. A cake has become a necessary dessert for each occasion.

3. Ice creams
No matter whether it is the time of an occasion or whether you just want to enjoy your Sunday, ice cream is just the best thing to indulge yourself in the rich creamy and sweeter taste of the ice cream. Ice cream is a dessert that has been loved by all aged people in summers as well as in winters.

4. Toffee pudding
A toffee is always a delight to enjoy for everyone. The sweet and sticky amalgam of the toffee pudding is able to add sweetness to any occasion. No matter what is the occasion, a delight of toffee pudding is always a great idea to add life on an occasion.

5. Sweets (Indian)
Indian sweets are also one of the most famous desserts which are the need and necessity of each and every occasion. Almost all Indians have sweet tooth, they love to eat chocolates and when it is the time of the occasion then no one can stop them to enjoy the delicious taste of the sweets. Now you can also buy some famous Indian sweets online such as Kaju Katli, laddoos, Gulab Jamun and many more others.

Each time, whenever we talk about an occasion, it is not necessary to celebrate each and every occasion with grand celebrations. These desserts can make every occasion great and can improve your mood anytime. So, enjoy one of these desserts or more at each and every occasion and celebrate each and every moment of your life.

Make her feel special with these sweet little midnight surprises!!!

“It is time to make her feel special with these little surprises “
“It is time to make her yours”

No matter whether it is her birthday, her work anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any other special day, a little gesture can work as the biggest milestone. It is really very easy to make a girl feel special. So the biggest question is that what are those little things which can make her feel special whether it is a dinner, shopping or something else. How to create those moments to make her feel special? Here, you will get to know some ideas which will help you to create some moments that can make her feel special.

It is the time of anniversary: Appreciate her looks and get her something too
It is your anniversary the day when you get together. Make this day special for her. Don’t hesitate to show your love and to appreciate her looks. It is the day when you should express your deepest feeling to your love. You can also use a gift to make her feel special.

The very first day of her job after motherhood: Encourage her with a bouquet of flowers
Motherhood is such a beautiful yet difficult time for every woman. It is the time to support her in all ways. When the time comes to start her job again, when it is the first day of her job, make her feel special with a bouquet of flowers. A midnight surprise will be a great idea, write a note using pen and paper, keep a bouquet of flowers in front of her so that she will see that bouquet at first whenever she will awake. Whenever she will get up and will see flowers, it will definitely encourage her to wear a smile on her face throughout the day.

It is her birthday: Use a bouquet of flower or soft toy to make her feel extraordinary
A birthday is a day when you can make her yours. Make this day extraordinary for you. This is not just a day, this is an opportunity for you to make her sweep her feet with joy. There is no any better surprise than a midnight surprise with a cake and a bouquet of flowers. Start this day with this and then make this whole day extraordinary for her. Give surprises throughout the day and let her know your love and gratitude for her.

The day of love, Valentine’s day: Show your love with a sweet gift for her
A sweet gesture with some sweet words is enough to make her feel extra special. It is the day which has been known for the day of love and romance throughout the world. It is the day when you have to show your deepest feelings to your partner. Show the warmth of your love and the deepest feelings you have for your partner. You should also surprise her with some sweet gestures and gifts with little gifts.

These are the little midnight surprises which can help you to make her feel special. Let her know the deepest feeling you have for her and celebrate each moment of your life together.

Some anniversary gifts for your parents that can bring smiles on their faces!!!

Are you limited in ideas that what will be the best gift for your parents on their marriage anniversary and the date of marriage anniversary of your parents is approaching near? If yes then here you will get some amazing ideas of gifting for your parents on this marriage anniversary.

Parents are the most special person for all of us. They make lots of sacrifices for their children. They are the one who had made lots of efforts and sacrifices to make you what you are today. It is time to thank them. This marriage anniversary is coming as an opportunity for you to bring smiles to their faces.

Here is a list of some amazing gifts which you should gift your parents on their marriage anniversary to make them feel good and happy.

1. Cushions combo
Choose a special cushion combo with cute and little wordings such as Mr. and Mrs. or Mom and papa or something else. This cute, sweet little cushion of red color is a perfect combo to gift your parents. The red color of the cushions denotes that the love between your parents grows with the time. This cute little gift can be used as the home décor and whenever your parents will use these cushions, they will remember the love and care you have for them.

2. Mugs combo
Similar to the cushions combo, mugs combo is also a great choice to surprise your parents on their marriage anniversary. Your parents have done much hard work for you to make you who you are today. It is the time to let them enjoy a mug of coffee that will refresh them.

3. A bouquet of flowers
A bouquet of flowers is a great idea to express your love and gratitude for your parents. Flowers are always the best gifts which you can give to your parents. When it is the time of their marriage anniversary then a bouquet of red roses will be a perfect gift for them. As you know that roses are the symbol of love, so a bouquet of red roses is an appropriate gift for your parents on their marriage anniversary. This will be a grand gift for your parents.

4. A heart-shaped red velvet cake
A heart-shaped red velvet cake is a great gift for your parents. This heart-shaped cake will symbolize the love you have for your parents. If your parents are pure vegetarian then you can book an eggless cake for your parents. The sweeter taste of the cake will add sweetness to your lives as well as your parents will love this gift given by you.

5. Throw a party
Throwing a party on their marriage anniversary is also a great gift for your parents. Surprise your parents by throwing a party. Use flowers to decorate the space, give an online order for a cake, invite your family and friends. This will go to make your parents remember this anniversary for life.
These are the various gifts which you can give to your parents on their marriage anniversary to bring smiles on their faces.

The simplest recipe to prepare a delicious scrumptious chocolate cake!!!

There is no one in the entire world who does not love the taste of chocolate. The taste of the chocolate can’t be compared with anything. No matter whether it is the time of happy moments or sad moment, a chocolate cake is always the best companion. A chocolate cake is able to improve your mood when you feel depression or stress. If you are the one who loves the taste of chocolates, then here is a simplest homemade recipe for you. Now get ready, put on your chef cap on your head, wear your kitchen apron and enter your kitchen to prepare a delicious and scrumptious cake.

Recipe for delicious homemade chocolate cake

Ingredients used for a homemade chocolate cake recipe
• Baking powder – 1 and a ½ tablespoon
• Baking soda –1 and a 1/2 tablespoon
• All-purpose flour– 1 and 3/4 cup
• Eggs – 2 or 3 (based on size)
• Cocoa powder –¾ cup
• Vanilla extract – 2 tablespoon
• Buttermilk –1 cup
• Vegetable oil – ½ cup
• Sugar – 2 cups
• Hot water – 1 cup

Ingredients for frosting
• Powdered sugar –3 cups
• Vanilla extract –1 tablespoon
• Baking cocoa – 2/3rdcup
• Whole milk – 1/3rd cup

Recipe to prepare chocolate cake

The process of baking

Step no. 1: Take two cake baking pans of 9 inches. Use oil to grease these pans.
Step no. 2: Take a bowl, mix ingredients such as cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, flour, sugar. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Note that you have to stir all the ingredients together.
Step no. 3: Put eggs into the dry mixture and mix it well.
Step no. 4: Then add buttermilk, oil and vanilla extract. Mix all the ingredients for 2 to 3 minutes. Beat it well to get a smooth mixture. Remember that there should not be lumps into the mixture.
Step no. 5: Now add this batter into the hot water to get a smooth and thin batter. Note that the mixture should not contain any lumps in it.
Step no. 6: After the completion of the batter, transfer this batter into the pans. Bake the batter for 30 to 40 minutes.
Step no. 7: Use a knife to check whether it is prepared or not. Put the knife into the cake, if it comes out clean then the cake is ready else bake it again for 2 to 3 minutes.
Step no. 8: Let it cool for two to three hours and then refrigerate the same.

Process for frosting
Step no. 1: Take a medium size Bowl. Mix cocoa powder and butter in the bowl.
Step no. 2: Mix it for 2 to 3 minutes so that no lumps stays behind in the batter.
Step no. 3: Add milk, powdered sugar and Vanilla extract in the batter. State the mixture well so that you will get a smooth mixture.
Step no. 4: Refrigerate it for 3 to 3.5 hours to get it to prepare for frosting.
It is the time to assemble the cake and decorate it. Be creative while decorating your cake. Then serve it and enjoy with your family and friends

Cake- Buy it online!! More better!! More Efficient!!

In the modern era of technology, e-commerce websites have become very popular. However, some people still have fear while buying things online, some people resist themselves not to buy clothes online while some don’t buy eatable products or electronic things online. In a similar way, some people resist themselves not to buy cakes online. But I can’t explain to you what you are missing.

Here is a list of some reasons which will explain to you why you should buy an online cake.

1. It will save both time and energy!!!
Visiting one to another bakery in search for a good cake will consume lots of time and energy. Still, there is no guarantee that you will find the same cake for which you are hopping. Now you have an online option so visiting from one bakery to another one? Sit on your sofa, search for online cakes, you will get lots of options sitting at your home. This will save both of your time and energy. You can browse through hundreds of cakes in just one hour. You will get a splendid cake as you want in just an hour without wasting your time and energy.

2. A great way to save money!!!
Everyone wants to save money. There is no one in the entire world who does not want to save money. Saving money is the reason why online shopping attracts lots of people. Because you will get lots of attractive deals and discounts online. You will get lots of options so that you can choose an incredible scrumptious cake within your budget. You will get thousands of available options within your budget.

3. You will get more options to choose from!!!
When you choose local bakery to buy a cake then the list of options available contains fewer options. But when you look for the cake online then you will get a large number of options. It is quite obvious that when you visit local bakeries to buy a cake for a special occasion then only you will get selective options but looking it online helps you to choose a special cake from the assortment range of cakes.

4. Location Is not the matter!!!
You don’t need to visit from one bakery to another bakery for a special cake because you will get a special cake sitting at your own home. You will get a cake delivered at your doorstep without putting efforts into buying it. Other than this, you can send cakes online anywhere in India on any special day. So, when it is the birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, make your loved ones happy and spread happiness by delivering cakes at their doorsteps.

These are the various reasons why you should buy cake online. If you have not bought cake online thinking about the quality or freshness of the cake then it is the time to switch yourself from offline to online by considering all these benefits. So, yes, it is the time to order for a cake online and to enjoy the scrumptious taste of the cake.