Flower Markets with an attached uniqueness across the globe

Nothing can be compared with the beauty, color, and the fragrance of flowers. Besides cultural and regional differences, flowers are the best gifts to offer. Enjoy the interplay of amazing colors, beauty and fragrance into some of the best floral markets in the world. Here you will learn a new side attached to flowers. So, Indulge in travel to these markets and explore the world’s best beauty. Here is a list of some floral markets which will leave you in awe, once you have explored them. In such markets, you will get a wide range of flower varieties, trees and plants to discover. 

Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This floral market situated in Amsterdam is the only floating floral market existing in the world. This market includes garden shops and 15 florists in the market. 

Adderley street floral market, South Africa Cape town 

This street floral market lives in the heart of the residents of South Africa. It is the favorite place in South Africa for both tourists as well as for residents of the place. The beauty of the place attracts thousands of visitors towards it every single day. The market exists in the place for more than 150 years. 

And of course, Valentine’s Day is the busiest day in the market when the place is flooded with several roses, red, pink, blue, yellow and so on. The view of the market can capture anyone’s heart in a second. 

Phool Mandi, New Delhi India

Phool Mandi is the most beautiful market existing in Asia. It contains a wide range of flowers such as Tulips, lilies, carnations, tuberoses to many more. In Phool Mandi, flower vendors open the market in the early morning as soon as the sunrises. The view of the market is beautiful with colored and fragrant flowers.  

Pak Khlong Talat, Bangkok (Thailand) 

Pak Khlong Talat market lies in the south of Wat Pho. Wat Pho is considered as one of the best tourism areas. This is the biggest retail and wholesale market in Thailand offering several flowers such as roses, lilies, orchids, carnations and so on. Here you can find flower bouquets at a very affordable price. 

Flemington flower market, Australia (Sydney)

The best floral arrangements are available in Sydney, Australia. You can find the best flowers present in the world here in this market. The wide range of flower arrangements available in this market is ready to amaze you. Visit the market if you get an opportunity to explore the beauty of the world.

How to make your loved ones feel special with the beauty and charm of flowers?

“Surprises are always greater than promises”, expectations always come with promises. This makes surprises better than promises. But in case, if you don’t promise anything to anyone then it adds a “wow” factor to all your surprises. So, get ready to surprise your loved ones with some creative ideas. You might have many special people in your life and if you want to bring a smile on their face then you can make them feel happy with surprises.  

You don’t just have to send a random gift to them but as well as you can put your thoughts into it to make it special for others. You can make anyone surprise with the help of flowers and can make their day special with ease. 

Flowers hold the beauty and charm that can attract anyone towards it. Therefore, flowers are the best way to woo anyone. 

Have a look at these best ideas to woo them with flowers:

Flower surprise for your mother 

Sundays are like the laziest day in one’s life. One does not even want to leave their bed on Sundays. But on this note, think about your mother who does not get any holiday. Even if you try her to do all the household tasks and ask her to leave all the tasks for one day, she would not, she will find out any household chore for herself. So, it is time to express your gratitude to her for all the tasks that she does all day long just for you. 

Decorate the tea table with red and pink roses, serve her a cup of tea in the morning and give a kick start to her day. This is the best way to make her feel happy and out of the world. 

Surprise for your boyfriend/girlfriend 

Are you in a long term relationship? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend going through bad emotion of state? If yes, flowers delivery is the best way to make your girlfriend or boyfriend happy. Choose lilies to send to your loved ones because these are the best flowers to improve the mood of someone. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will be thrilled by receiving thrilling flowers

A surprise for your sibling returning after a long period of time 

If your sibling has been returned to home after a long period of time then you should have lots of plans to surprise him/her. The first and the best thing you can do is by decorating him/her room with pink, red and other colorful flowers. Offer him/her a warm welcome that will make her feel how important your sibling is to you. You can also use floral arrangements for windowpane that will bring an amazing view to your room decoration and will capture the heart of your sibling. 

This is how you can make your loved ones feel special with special flowers. Till date, flowers are the best creation by god, however, there are many more things to surprise your loved ones but nothing can match the natural charm and beauty of the flowers. These interesting ideas will help you to surprise your family and friends in unique ways

Raksha Bandhan 2019: A day of sister’s love and brother’s pride?

This year, Raksha Bandhan will knock the door on 15 August 2019. The festival will become even more beautiful because it is amalgamating on one of the most important days in Indian history. So on this 15 august, you have to make double celebrations for both family ties and freedom. 

What is the significance of Rakhi on RakshaBandhan? 

Rakhi represents love, bond, fun, and adoration. Rakhi celebrates the purest bond of brother and sister existing in this world with a thread of cotton. The pious feeling that a sister while tying rakhi on her brother’s wrist resonates with the love, care and affection of the brother. The beauty of this festival is that it is not only restricted to blood relations but also for those who are not biological brother and sister, still, they make the world’s best pair of brother and sister. All it requires a psychological bonding of brother and sister. 

The rakhi represents a lifetime bond between the two. However, Rakhi is just a thread of cotton but the feelings and emotions associated with it can’t be in words. 

When the Rakhi is celebrated this year?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full day moon on the Shravana. The day is commonly known as “Shravana Poornima”. Have a look at the Shubh Muhurats for this Raksha Bandhan:

  •   Shubh Muhurat for tying the Rakhi: 05:54 A.M to 05:59 P.M
  •   The Poornima Tithi Begins at 03:45 P.M on 14, August 2019
  •   The Poornima Tithi ends at 05:59 P.M on August 15, 2019
  •   Aparahna time Raksha Bandhan Muhurat: 01:43 P.M to 04:20 P.M. 
  •   Aparahna time duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes

This year, celebrate the Rakhi with full zeal and excitement even with the doubles celebrations. Sisters will tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrist praying for the long and happy life of the people. 

How Raksha Bandhan is celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the strongest bond of brother and sister. As the name of the word Raksha Bandhan represents, it signifies the bond of the protection where sisters pray for longer and happier life of their brothers and brother make promises to protect their sisters from any kind of danger and be there through every thick and thin. On this day, a full-fledged ceremony is conducted in the presence of all family members. Everyone dresses their best to look the best and celebrate the day with full of gifts, sweets and much more. 

First of all, sisters prepare a Rakhi Pooja Thali by keeping sweets, Diya, Roli and Chawal into it. Then they tie a cotton thread or Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers then they put a Tika on their brother’s forehead then feed them with sweets and perform other rituals such as Aarti. In return, brothers offer wonderful gifts to their sisters such as sweets, chocolates as Saghun to their sisters. 

However, the most suitable time to tying the rakhi on their brother’s wrist is in the afternoon. If it is not possible then you can tie it on the given Shubh Muhurat. So, celebrate the day to fullest and make this Rakhi memorable for life with wonderful gifts.

How to make a delicious blueberry Cheesecake with simple steps

The summer has arrived and the season of the blueberries is on. Blueberry is used in various smoothies, cakes, and juices. Anthocyanin is the reason behind the purple color of the cheesecake. These are not just delicious to eat but as well as these offer many health benefits to people such as it improves the heart and bone health. 

In this sultry and humid season of the cheesecake, a piece of the chilled blueberry cake offers a delectable taste. The cake loaded with cream and blueberries is the choice of everyone. So if you are looking for a recipe to bake this cake on various occasions then have a look:

Ingredients needed 

For crust

  •   Melted butter: ¼ cup 
  •   Graham cracker crumbs: 1 cup (if you are not able to find Graham crackers from the market then you can also use digestive biscuits instead of Graham crackers)
  •   Crushed white sugar: 2 teaspoon 

 For the main cake 

  •   Cream cheese: 2 packets of 8 ounces each 
  •   Crushed white sugar: ¾ cup 
  •   Vanilla extract: 1 Tsp 
  •   Number of eggs: 4
  •   Softened sour cream: 1 cup 
  •   Jelly blueberry: 1/3 cup 
  •   Fresh blueberries or frozen one: 2 cups 
  •   All-purpose flour: 2 Tsp 

The procedure used to prepare blueberry cake!!! 

  •   First of all, preheat the oven at 165 degree Celsius or 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 to 30 minutes. While the oven heats, prepare your ingredients for the oven. 
  •   First of all, crush the graham crackers well. Then mix 2 tablespoons of melted butter and sugar into it. 
  •   Take a round pan of 9 inches and then place the mixture prepared in step one into the pan. 
  •   Now you have to mix the cream cheese. Simply mash the cream cheese and mash it until it becomes completely soft and creamy. 
  •   In the same bowl, beat the sour cream with a ¾ cup of crushed sugar. Add vanilla extract as well as all-purpose flour into it and beat the whole mixture. While you are beating this mixture, you have to add 4 eggs into it. Remember that you have to put one egg at a time into the mixture, don’t just put all the 4 eggs at once. Continue to beat after adding every egg. Again, in the end, beat the complete mixture to have a soft and creamy texture. 
  •   Now pour a layer of the white and creamy mixture onto the layer of the graham crackers. 
  •   Then put the cake pan into the pre-heated oven and then bake it for an hour. 
  •   After baking the cake, let it cool down and then remove the cake pan from the oven. 
  •   Now, put a layer of the blueberry jelly onto the cake using a spoon and then decorate the cake using fresh and frozen blueberries. Use your creativity to decorate your cake as much as you can. 
  •   Then refrigerate it for 3 to 4 hours and then serve chill and cool cake.

And get ready to receive compliments from your guests on your baking. If you love baking then this cake is a must-try thing for you. 

Celebrate your anniversary to fullest without making a hole in your pocket!

It does not necessarily mean to send a hefty amount of money to celebrate an occasion such as an anniversary. You don’t need to break your bank just to create some memorable moments. You can spend the day making unforgettable moments with some simple yet special ideas. Have a look at some budget-friendly ideas that can make your anniversary memorable without spending huge money on booking lavishing 5-star hotels or throwing a grand party or doing something else.

Have a bed and breakfast staycation 

Start your day with your spouse in a super romantic way.  Turn your room into a coffee shop that your partner love. Prepare a fluffy omelet waffle along with the fruit juice to create some wonderful moments. You can also order pancakes online with Chocolaty to give a great kick to your day. Choose this inexpensive way and spend hours with your partner and make him/her feel special on your special day. 

A love letter with candies 

This is one of the best budget-friendly anniversary celebrations. Write a love letter for your partner and glue chocolates and candies on it. Use colorful chocolates and candies to make it look brighter. This cute and innocent gift will bring an instant smile on your spouse’s face. 

Put away your phone for the rest of the day 

Go on a quality time date, spend some quality time by throwing out your phone aside. Put your phones away and concentrate on each other. Play games, go for a walk and go out for a coffee and just spend time with one another. 

Go for a romantic picnic 

Nothing can be sweeter and relaxing than that of a romantic picnic. You don’t need to go out from your budget to get these sweeter and relaxing moments. Visit a poolside, enjoy fishing with your partner. Bring home-cooked meals and spend the day there while enjoying meals and sharing your heartfelt emotions to each other. Play games like word games, Pictionary and some other games. Click a lot of pictures while sharing some crazy moments. 

Gifts in a special way 

You know the daily routine of your partner which makes gifting easier. Design scavenger gift hunt for her like you know when she enters into the kitchen, make a special note and put it on the shelve of the kitchen, you know when she will enter into the washroom, write a sticky note and hang it on the wall. Keep a few gifts on the table in front of her when she enters into the dining room. End up the day with a touch of personalization by surprising her with personalized gifts. This will make your anniversary day memorable for life. Gifts are the best ways to make someone feel special to go with a group of gifts, surprise her time to time throughout the day, she will definitely love the way and the gifts as well. 

Pamper at home 

You don’t need to go out to make the moments special. When your sweetheart is away from the home then decorate your home to surprise your better half. Use chain lights and colorful candles to decorate the room. Make popcorn and open a bottle of cold drink. It will surprise your partner for sure when she/he will return. And at last, spend some memorable moments with each other.

Some impressive, mind-boggling gift ideas for your dad (Superhero)

Dads are equally important as mothers for overall growth and development of a kid. With the intellectual, emotional, physical and mental growth of the child, fatherhood can become a complicated task. A father does a lot of sacrifices just to make us feel safer without speaking a single word. A father is someone who is the pillar of the family when it comes on the financial terms. Your father is your superhero who can fight against the whole world just to make you protect you and to make you feel safe. He has done a lot of things for you without telling you a single word. Now the time has come to reciprocate all the love to him. However, you can’t do all the things like your father can do for you but you can show your love and gratitude to him which would be the biggest award for your dad.

Yes, you will always go with the best when it comes to choosing the gift for your superhero (dad). If you are trying to find the best gift ideas for your dad then have a look at these impressive gift ideas. Don’t whack your mind anymore, just have a look at the following ideas.

A personalized mug

It is time to gift something unique to your dad that will make him remember you all the time. At that time, what can be a better gift than that of a personalized mug? A personalized mug is something that your father will use regularly and will remember you every time. You can opt for the printed mugs for your dad that has written a unique quote on it. You can also choose to gift him a personalized mug that contains a memorable picture of your father and you.

Grooming Kit

You know that a grooming kit is one of the most essential products for a man. When it comes to choosing a gift that is usable for a man then nothing can be compared with a grooming kit. Your father will definitely love your care and gratitude.


If you are looking for something delicious then a cupcake can be a perfect fathers day gift. The deliciousness of the cupcake is ready to satiate the taste buds of your dad and will add some sweetness to your bond as well. Browse Chocolaty’s wide range of cupcakes and select the perfect one for your dad to surprise him.

A Pen

A pen is again an essential tool for your father regardless of the business or job your father does. Gift a stunning pen to your father and make him feel proud of you. you can also choose to send a personalized pen instead of a normal pen by giving a personalized touch to it.


The cardholder is a thing that your father will use regularly. It is also an essential item for a father. It does not only a useful item to send to your father but also an impressive gift that will add confidence in the personality of your father. It is useful to hold all credit and debit cards.

In the end, what matters is your feelings, love, and affection towards your father. Select a perfect gift idea from available options and impress your dad. Appreciate your dad for all the things that he has done for you without saying a single word.

Are you a Gemini – What can you expect from 2019?

Gemini is considered as the 3rd astrological sign. Gemini zodiac sign ranges from 21st May to 21st June. 2019 for all Gemini people seem to be a very important year as well as an excellent year. In this year, you will face both optimistic and pessimistic experiences. Too many changes will be there throughout the year. This year will be full of possibilities for better improvement and growth in the field of finance, health, family, etc. The Gemini people who are interested in the sports field, 2019 will bring lots of opportunities for you. The change in the position of Jupiter is the reason that this year brings lots of improvement and development in the life of Gemini people. If you are excited to know the changes, see this content.  

Now let us discuss how 2019 would be for zodiac people in each and every field:


Mercury will be in the first house of Gemini in the starting of 2019 that is directly in contact with your health. So, if we will talk about health it will be an amazing year if you will take care of your diet and will follow a proper healthy routine. People can face some issues in this year like weight gain and pain in knees and ankles. But you can avoid all these, if you do exercise regularly and eat properly and timely. You need to keep track of your diet throughout the year and have to follow a healthy diet plan to protect yourself from weight gain and other health problems.


This year will be very much effective in order to achieve growth in the education field. You can easily achieve all your dreams and if you are thinking of going abroad for your higher studies, then this will be the best time to go. This year will be very lucky and you will defiantly achieve success. Other than this, if you are preparing any exam then get ready to see positive results. Decide what are your limitations and strengths and then decide which would be best for you and go ahead without worrying about anything else.


There will be too many career options this year. People who are eagerly waiting for a government job can see a positive outcome. Even work relationships with colleagues and work environment will also be improved this year.


Gemini people are known for their very frank and loving behavior. This year some sort of problems can be there between couples but they will be sorted timely. End of 2019 will be the best time for making love for Gemini people. If you are in a relationship you should always surprise your partner. The early of the year can be a bit complicated or tricky but if the ends well then everything is well.


In this year, too much financial opportunities will be there for you but always be aware of doing heavy investments. This year will be good for your property and assets and also you will receive some unexpected money. So this will be a great year to enhance your earnings.


In this year, you will have too much enjoyment. You can even take pleasure of foreign trips and if you are a kind of religious person you can have that kind of trip also.

So, get ready to receive a lot from 2019.  

Celebrate the fatherhood essence: The overprotective nature of fathers

Father’s day is the occasion to pay tribute to all the fathers present in the world. On this father’s day, let us celebrate the overprotective nature of father and saying “no” to you just to protect you from the danger of the world.  

Daughter: Can I go on a trip with my friends?

Father:No, A clear “no” what if some goons come on your way and snatch all your stuff? What if a wild animal comes on your way? What if fall ill during your trip? What if you forget something and so on?

If in the end, you become able to make your dad say yes to you, be prepared to receive calls from him after every one to two hours of interval.  

While on the other hand, if the son is dating a girl then the overprotective nature can’t calm down. However, it might look silly but dads can even go on a date with their adult kid. But do you know? These kinds of dads can do anything for their children just to make them feel safe and protected. They can go beyond to make your security. They just want to see their children safe no matter wherever they are.

Celebrate this father’s day with “father’s day gifts”. Father’s day is an occasion to celebrate the fatherhood. It is an occasion to express your love and gratitude to your father. Mango is the favorite summer fruit that is loved by all. There is no one in the entire world who does not love the taste of the mango. Therefore, a mango cake is the perfect surprise gift for this father’s day to celebrate the moments.      

Have a look at some common traits of fathers:

Dad: “I am there to safeguard you from any problem”.

Fathers would not ever feel that you have grown up. They will take care of you no matter how old you are they will consider you a small kid of 5 to 6 months that is kept under a lap regardless of your age. From bullying in school to a fight with a friend, your dad will reach to you to solve all your problems. If you face any problem in your work even when you are grown up and doing a job, your father can call up your boss just to make sure that you would not take any stress regarding your work. This is how your father can protect you regardless of your age.  

Dad: “come home early before 8 P.M.”.

This time limit is the Laxman Rekha for all of us. No matter what situation we are, we have to reach at our home before 8 P.M. If you are not following the rule then you have put yourself in a danger zone.

Dad: “why your phone is ringing at midnight?”

Your dad can watch you while chatting at night. You can’t protect yourself from the eyes of an overprotective dad who has always concern for you. You might face a terrific situation if you are dating someone.

Bottom lines: It is time to show your gratitude to your dad who is always concerned for you, who thinks of you every time, who can go beyond just to safeguard you. Celebrate this father’s day with father’s day gifts online available and add some beautiful moments to your memories.

Make these sweet promises to your father on this father’s day!!

Father’s day is the annual reminder of all the things that your father has done for you. Father’s day is not just for the fathers, it is the day for mothers, children, and fathers as well, it is the day for the whole family. It is the day for the special promises and for the bond that you share with your father. A father makes his first promise to his child when he holds his child for the first time to protect his child from all the danger of the world. He stays always there to boost your confidence and spirit. Although he has a lot of complaints against you, this father’s day make these promises to your father and make him feel special and out of the world.

I will Plan my finances well

Everyone has to work harder to earn a bit of money. Therefore, it should be your responsibility to stop spending too much money. The lecture of yours to save the money will help you in your future and will make you have a good habit. He is the man who knows the hard work behind the money, therefore, he hints you to save money. He doesn’t tell you to sacrifice your lifestyle, he just hints you to save a few bucks.

I will follow the discipline

A father is the engine of the home. Therefore, he wants to have everything in discipline to run a home effectively.

Discipline is, of course, one of the most important things that you have to learn in your life. If you are not disciplined and your father is complaining to you about that then you should learn to follow the discipline.

I will talk and laugh with you every day

With the flow of time and getting busy in your life, you might not find time to talk and laugh with your father. I promise you to spend some quality time with you while playing games in the way as we do before when I was a kid.  

I will express my love

Although the father seems to be hard the reality is different, there is no one in the entire world who does not want to be loved. He is the one who makes lots of sacrifices just to make you live safe. It is time to express your love to your father and to make him feel special. It is time to say thank you to your father for all the things that he has done for you.

I will appreciate the importance of father

It is time to appreciate the importance of a father and the sacrifices that he made for you. Parenting is a thankless job without any compensation, you are the only compensation of your parents. On this father’s day, convert their thanks less job and send a thank you message to your father. Promise yourself to say thank you to your parents for all the sacrifices that they had made just to give you a great, happier and safe life.  

Mothers always held a special place in your heart and on this father’s day, your mother can help you in bringing a smile to your face. Mother and father is the glue of the family. They keep the family holds together. It is time to make promises to your parents that can bring a smile on their faces.

Cheating in Diet-: Is it a good idea or bad?

Cheat day is the day when you can eat anything in any quantity that you want and then starving for the same thing on the next day for the same thing. Some say a cheat day is helpful for them in keeping themselves on a proper diet while others say that it is complete nuisance based on their own experiences and opinions. Millions of definitions are there that represents cheat day offered by millions of people. Here you can get a little more about cheat day. So let us dig it more.

A cheat meal is a meat that is often referred to as junk or oily food. It is a meal of choice of an individual that can contain anything in any quantity usually with lesser nutritional value.

But are you aware of the fact that “cheat meal can fire up the metabolism”? Yes, cheat meal can enhance your metabolism it is because the things that you love to eat encourage your body to have an enhanced and faster metabolism. The regular diet can make the body habitual, in such case, a cheat meal comes into play that gives a change to our daily diet. It does not only make us feel loved and refreshed but as well as it enhances the metabolism process.

But it does not mean that a cheat day or a cheat meal is completely in favor with you. However, a moment of weakness can cost a lot. However, no one can deny the fact that a cheat meal or a cheat day is great to have a change in your diet. Although having diversity in food intake is great but these a few minutes of your joy can make your workout zero and can affect your health as well.

You should practice a controlled intake of cheat meals with diversity. This can solve the problem to an extent. High intake of pastries, cakes, burgers, pizza on a cheat day can be risky for your health, however, for a change in your diet, you can consume these things in a controlled manner whenever you want to have throughout the week. Don’t give any day a name as a cheat day, enjoy the yum present around the world throughout the week but in a very controlled manner.

Like one healthy meal can’t make you skinny in the same way, one cheat meal can’t make you look fat. If you are the one who is working hard to lose your body weight and to get back in the shape then you should not follow a strict diet. A strict diet can make it worse later. Start with a low carb diet but it does not mean you can’t enjoy the dishes that you can love. It helps you in keeping your mind, soul, and mood happier. Another biggest mistake people do is making cheat day a rest day. They usually get leave from all workout. This is the biggest mistake because if you don’t keep yourself active and take a leave from workout then how can you digest your cheat meal during cheat day. An active lifestyle helps you in burning the calorie at the same time so that they will not accumulate for longer. So with these few suggestions, you can make your cheat day a good one.