The new air of same day delivery changing the retail and Online sector

Now a day you might be hearing the term “Same-Day Delivery” in retail and Online businesses. The services are not limited to perishable goods anymore. It has expanded its berth and now entering in to the domain of each and every product. It is no-doubt making the customers happy as well as creating a relationship of trust and reliability between customers and the companies.

Anything and everything like cakes, flowers, and gifts have same day delivery option to grab the customers’ attention. However if you check the other side of the coin then you will understand that the party which is majorly getting benefitted from this exchange is the consumers’ one only. They get the products on the same day if they have urgency or emergency or lack of patience.

Saves Time: The most basic benefit of same day delivery services to the consumers is time saving. You get the products you have ordered on the same day without the need for waiting for weeks.

Great help in case of urgency: I lot of people are not good with dates hence they tend to forget the special days more than the normal person which eventually offer them couch to sleep in night instead of bed. If you happen to be in similar situations here and there, then the option of same day delivery of cakes, flowers, and gifts is like a god’s gift. You might not know but this particular service does helps in urgency to a lot of people on daily basis.

Convenient: It is no doubt a convenient choice in many cases such as when you forget about the day, when you don’t have time to run to the store, etc. Same day delivery service has made it to breathe easy for the people who are too much busy in their lives.

Less worries: Somewhere in the back of your mind if you know that your favorite store offer same day delivery service, then you tend have less worries as you can order your favorites at any hour of the day.

In current era market is flooding with entities offering similar products which no doubt has increased the competition by several points. This increase in the competition has given consumers something to think about and something to compare as well. In order to bring the best on the table all the entities try to stay one step ahead of other by offering something extra, hence your same day delivery option.
Same Day Delivery service has changed the face of the retail industry. It has not only benefitted the consumers but also the economy. To adept to so many requirements courier as well as delivery companies are adding more employees and raising the job opportunities for the people.

More job opportunities mean more employment means uplift in the economy of the country. The service has favored so many aspects of lives of the people that covering them all, is a hard task.

In the end, we wish to conclude by saying that your days of worries are over as you have something to smile upon, even if it is a same day delivery of a cake for your loved ones.

All Occasion Cakes- Need to try in 2018

Every occasion has a different significance regarding cakes; somewhere it brings good luck where as somewhere it takes the wishes to the god. In the end cake has become a significant part of our lives. For us it is a delicacy to sweeten your special day. Here are certain flavours and trends which are a must to try in the year 2018 or the remaining part of the year. Missing these flavours and trends means you are missing a great deal. So hop on and have a bite.

Truffle cake: Yum the chocolate truffle cake!! Who is in their right mind can say no to this mouth melting chocolate heaven. The exquisite layering of cream and cherries can bring anyone to their knees. Don’t forget the bouquet to go along with the cake while ordering it for your loved ones.

Butterscotch cake: You have tasted the ice-cream now it is time to taste the flavour in the cake. The buttery flavour with the munch of salty-sugary taste is not only delicious but also a joy for the people. It wins the heart just by its looks.
butterscotch cake

Red velvet cake: As the name signifies, this cake is as smooth as velvet and as gorgeous as red colour. The splash of red colour on white cream attracts every pair of the eye. You might not know but it is the new favourite of the town, don’t forget to order it on the next occasion.
red velvet cake

Chocolate cake: The taste of rich chocolate along with a silky texture is ready to take you to the sweet coma. Isn’t your mouth watering just by reading the description? We believe mouth watering is just a start; we can assure you a trip to sweet coma and back just within a bite.

Strawberry Cake: How about a strawberry dipped in whipped cream or chocolate and placed on a beautiful strawberry cake? If this not romantic then we don’t know what will be. However they are good for birthday parties too. Hence this cake is good to go for every occasion in the house.

Chocolate walnut cakes: The combination of a nut with a chocolate can never go wrong especially if the nut is our good old walnut. A low calorie nut along with a delight of chocolate is loved by every cake lover.
chocolate walnut cake

Kit-Kat cakes: No we are not kidding here. There are cakes under the name of Kit-Kat and has a layer of Kit-Kat chocolate on the sidelines. The top layer is covered by colourful gems to make it look fascinating and yummy. It is the perfect treat for all the chocolate lovers.

We talked about different kind of cakes to taste in 2018, now let’s talk about styles for those yummy cakes you have found on the bakery shelves. Here are some trendy styles moving in the market to make your cake look more sweet and delicious.

Fondant cakes: You have a dream make it alive on the cake or you have a prank play it on the cake. Fondant cakes includes a layer of sugar which is styled as per the imagination of the buyer, you can get a cricket pitch or the favourite cartoon character Doremon in the most real look.

Photo cakes: Pick your favourite picture and get it printed on the cake to surprise the special person on their special day. Guess what the picture is edible too. These cakes are certainly in demand among the people of all age and groups.

Personalized gifts- Connects the special one with you and gift

What is your first thought when you plan to surprise someone with a gift? Well if you ask us then, our first thought will be what should we gift? Different people have different perception about gifting things to their friends, loved ones, family, etc. their choices are based on their personal perception and the likings of the recipient. However, we have always believed that a gift should have the ability to connect with the recipient. It should be something personal which they can relate and connect with.

This need of personal connection made companies think about introducing personalized gifts in the market. It started with personalized accessories and now has moved to a broader scale. The latest inclusion is the sugary, mouth melting personalized cakes.

Cakes has always been the part of celebrations and parties. It is not only the dessert to be served but also a way of sharing feelings, emotions and a lot more with the people you care for. Making them personalized is an idea applauded by everyone from every age.

Personalized cakes don’t only include cakes with a personal touch or messages but also includes cakes with pictures or images. The process of making these picture cakes is nothing different than the ones without them. Once the cakes are baked through the standard procedure, a layer of icing including a photo printed on edible sheets also called as frosting sheets. The ink is basically made from the different type of essence used in baking.

Some of the people still feel vary towards the idea of personalized cakes, maybe they didn’t get the right connection.

Hence, here are some reasons why getting a Photo Printed Cake Online is a great idea:

Sweet Memories: Every second, every moment has the power to create a memory which cannot be forgotten. You can make the memory a happy and sweet one by bringing something sweet and personalized on the table.

Shares feelings: Once you have a photo printed cake in your hand, you don’t need words to share your feelings or emotions to your loved ones. Just one look on the picture can make them understand the whole story and a bit more. It is one of the perfect way to share your feelings.

Connection: Our pictures are something we love and treasure. One always connects with their pictures as they have a unique story of behind the scenes. Hence pulling up a happy moment and using it on the cake can certainly make you the favorite person on the block. Hence think about which picture you want to put on the next cake you are getting. Just order photo printed Cake online from chocolaty and wait for the miracle to knock on the door.

Every occasion: Photo printed cakes can be used for almost all the occasions and happy moments. Anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, re-unions, etc. are also covered here.

A good surprise: Even if the other person knows that you are bringing something unique, they can never think about a photo printed cake as well as which photo you are going to use. Hence there is always an element of surprise in this gift.

Impressive: There is no doubt that these cakes are impressive and attractive for every pair of eye. Additional bonus is that you can get photo printed Cake online at Chocolaty with quite an ease.

photo cake

Best gift According to Zodiac Signs

We completely understand that making someone special by choosing a right gift suiting receiver’s taste, is quite a difficult task. And, if you are still confused in choosing the best suitable gifts for your loved ones, go by their sun-signs. Zodiac signs have been studied and researched for years and people have shown much similar personality traits falling under their respective zodiacs. Chocolaty is going to help in choosing the best gifts for your loved ones characterised under following sun signs.

Aries – Mar 21- Apr 19

The personality traits of Aries talks about courage, enthusiasm & passion. We have something special to gift your Aries loved ones:
• Red-Velvet Cakes with Wine would be a suitable combination of gift here.
• A beautiful neck piece would be a great choice of gift for Aries women

Taurus – Apr 20- May 21

Taurus show personality traits of devotion, romantic & reliability. People with Taurus sign should be gifted with:
• A Mix lilies Bouquet with Butterscotch cake would be a great way to surprise to your Taurus loved ones
• Since Taurus are hard core romantic, gift a romantic DVD or watch a romantic movie together.

Gemini – May22- Jun 21

Gemini are gentle, curious and affectionate. Our idea of gifting people with Gemini zodiac would be:
• Yellow Roses and Truffle cake will be a great choice for gift.
• Take them for wardrobe shopping, Geminis are passionate about their wardrobe additions.

Cancer – Jun 22- Jul 22

People with cancer traits are firm, imaginative and emotional. We have bagged in special gift for people with Cancer sun-sign:
• Create something on your own. Emotional as they are, they love self-made gifts.
• Silver jewellery, accessories, bracelets, etc. go too well with gift- choices for Cancer

Leo – Jul 23- Aug 23

Leos are creative, humorous and generous. We suggest you should shop following gifts for Leo loved-ones:
• Take them for a Horse Riding Adventure, by the way there are much chances they already know horse-riding, but this choice would put a great impression.
• Yellow Lilies with fruit- cake would be a great choice of gifts for Leos

Virgo – Aug 24- Sep 22

The personality traits of Virgo reflect their analytical, loyal and hardworking nature. You must consider buying out of our following suggestion for Virgo zodiac people:
• Intellectual they are, buy them a glass chess. They are going to love it, even if they don’t know how to play. “Intelligence is sometimes to show-off”
• A small home plant would be a great gift to impress Virgos

Libra – Sep 23- Oct 22

Libra’s diplomatic, social and mystical traits days it all. These suggestions would definitely help you choosing gift for your Libra loved one:
• Libra’s are die-hard social butterflies. Arrange a surprise party, and they would love it.
• Buy a bottle of Wine or their favourite liquor with creamy cakes and greeting cards.

Scorpio – Oct 23- Nov 22

Scorpio are true-friends, brave and resourceful. They love being acknowledged in friendship & take a lot of pride in being “Scorpio”. Therefore, following are the suggestions you can take from us
• Personalised Coffee mugs or Photo-Cake with memories of you and them together.
• A Scorpio zodiac signed wearable accessories with blackish hue would be appreciated.

Sagittarius – Nov 23- Dec 21

The zodiac sign Sagittarius show generosity, idealism and impulsiveness. Here are some options you can buy for your Sagittarius friend:
• Gifting Purple Orchids along with a box of chocolates would be a great option here.
• Book a trip with your Sagittarius loved-ones. They are serious adventure freaks.

Capricorn – Dec 22- Jan 20

Discipline, Responsibility and Management are some of the common traits found in Capricorns. The following suggestions would help you bag in some awesome gifting ideas for Capricorn people:
• Dark Chocolate cake along with a Greeting card could be an excellent choice to gift.
• Leather Bag or Purse would be a great gift for your management addict Capricorn fellow

Aquarius – Jan 21- Feb 18

Aquarius believe in progress, humanities and independence. Following traits pops up the following suggestion for people with Aquarius star sign:
• A combination of turquoise orchids and Red Wine will do it all.
• Bold artistic Sky Blue or Peacock Earrings will be a great accessories gift for Aquarius women

Pisces – Feb 19- Mar 20

People with Pisces zodiac sign show Artistic, musical and Compassionate personality traits. Following are the suggestions you can take as gifting ideas for your Pisces loved-one:
• A coffee cake with beautiful toppings and Mix lilies Bouquet will be an excellent gift combo.
• Gifting a meaningful artistic painting will leave a long lasting impression on your Pieces loved one.

Celebrate Fathers Day with Best Type of Cake

A cake makes a celebration “A celebration”. An event does not seem to be an event without a cake so this father’s day, surprises your Dad with his favorite flavored cake. Cakes are something, which really makes the day special, and sweeten the day as well as moments a lot more than any other thing.

A father does not take a break and works continuously, he don’t take a holiday, he is the only one who will love your unconditionally, he makes each moment of our life special and love us unconditionally.

He deserves to feel special as your father does not say that he loves a thing or he needs a thing. He is like a sea of patience and would not demand anything anytime so you need to choose a gift for him by own.

While you may have spend a lot of time in searching “what is the best gift on this father’s day to make him special to my father?”, if yes then here you will find an appropriate answer. A treat of scrumptious cake is the perfect option for him to celebrate father’s day with your family.

Send him customized cake to pamper

Now you can send him a cake with his photograph and with a lovely caption for him on cake which will definitely make him happy when he will see your gift as well as if you limited in budget and can’t spend much money then this personalized cake is the ideal option which you should choose.
So start searching a beautiful and his favorite picture with you and get ready to customize it on cake and make the cake look amazing as well as mouth watering one.
personalised cake for dad

Celebrate occasion by heart shaped cake

This shape of the cake is best to describe your love to your father without even speaking a word. You will get the cake in the flavor which your father’s favorite. Like if your father loves chocolate then you can gift him chocolate cake, if hhe loves vanilla then you can gift him vanilla flavored cake or a fruit flavored cake. It depends on his choice and you just have to celebrate this father’s day with his happiness.
heart shape cake

Why One Should Gift Flowers to Dad on Father’s Day?

While there are people who would not love to gift flowers as they consider a bouquet of flowers is just an ordinary gift but do you know there are various reasons why one should gift flowers to one’ Father. You will surprise and get amazed by knowing why you should gift flowers to your Dad on this father’s day. Flowers convey a lot of messages in a single go. It shares emotions in a way which sometimes your word can’t convey.

Every type and color of flower shares something unique and different. It tells a different emotion and story. Gifting this valuable emotion conveyer to your father is the best thing you can do on any occasion or day.

Here are some reasons for gifting flowers to your Father:

The fragrance of flowers add positive vibes in your home

You very well know about the fragrance of the flowers but do you know before that the fragrance of the flowers have the ability to add positive vibes in your home. Only a one flower has ability to refresh one’s mind and have the ability to improve once mood. So whenever you want to feel sorry to someone or even your Dad, then just gift him or her bouquet of flowers or a flower to brighten up mood.

When you will gift flowers to your Dad on this Father’s day then her mood will brighten up and you can see happiness on her face.

You will able to convey your warm wishes with heavenly goodness of flowers

Flowers are the best gift to convey your warm wishes to your Father as each flower symbolize something. You may get surprised by knowing this but it is a fact. Flowers are the symbol of love, peace, affection and you can gift her flowers which will express your love and affection to your Dad. While when you will gift her other things which usually does not represent or express anything and often have no meaning. So it is an ideal way to gift your Dad flowers on this Father’s day or on any other special day.

They have the capability to make environment more beautiful, to spread happiness

The fragrance, the vivid colors of the flowers has the capability to add happiness. Flowers create an environment which is thousands time more beautiful with flowers. Flowers have the capability to brighten up one’s mood and brighten up any place spreading all around happiness and smiles.

The non materialistic character of flowers add celebration mood in your home

When you will gift flowers to your father, it just not bring smile on her face as well as flowers will add a mood of celebration and happiness in your whole home. So let the positivity know your door, let the prosperity come in your home by gifting flowers.

All you need to know about those luscious layers of cake

Did you know? The term ‘cake’ is derived from the word of a Viking origin, from the old Norse word ‘Kaka’. A sweet, delectable dessert, food historians believe that the Egyptians were excellent bakers known for their honey-sweetened dessert bread. During the ancient times, there was not much of a difference between a cake and a bread, as a bread was a fancy dessert, similar to our modern-day fruit cakes or plum cakes. As time passed, the dense cakes became more fluffy and gooey. The Romans started the trend where yeast was added to the dough to make it airy. However, during the 16th Century, the Italians excluded the yeast and started adding eggs.

For centuries now, this mouth-watering dessert has been tried out in various styles, resulting in several lip-smacking versions. So, what is a cake? It is nothing but a baked dessert. With a porous like texture, a cake is baked to perfection only when it rises while it bakes.

European countries and North America are basically the centres of cakes. However, there are a few cakes, which are popular throughout the world. The unique blend and the wholesome flavours make them our favourites. Curious to know about them? Scroll down to know more.

Angel Food Cake

A fluffy, soft, and spongy cake, Angel Food cake was baked using egg whites, flour, and sugar. For the porous texture, beat the egg whites to perfection were mandatory. They had to be whipped until they became a foamy liquid. The other ingredients were folded into it gently for a fluffy cake. According to food historians, this exotic dessert originated in the Afro-American regions. Some historians also believe that this exquisite cake was invented during the early 1800 A.D in South Eastern Pennsylvania, the same place which produces the maximum cake molds.

Angel Food Cake

German Chocolate Cake

Fun fact – 11th of June is celebrated as the National German Chocolate Day in the USA. Maybe, we can all start this practice, can’t we? After all, how can one say no to some delicious chocolate cake?
Another fun fact? The German chocolate cake has no connection to Germany, was not invented by a German, and there is no brand of chocolate known as the German Chocolate. Your curiosity has been piqued, isn’t it? The German Chocolate cake was basically made of sweet chocolate, coconut, and pecans. And, the person who invented this chocolate goodness was Sam German. In 1852, he sold his recipe for the dark baking chocolate bar to a company known as Bakers. And, later on in 1957, a Texan Homemaker, Mrs. George Calay published her German Chocolate Cake recipe in the Dallas Morning Star newspaper as the ‘recipe of the day’.

German Chocolate Cake


A popular Italian dessert, tiramisu is a crowd-pleaser. It is such rich and moist dessert, that it will leave you craving for more. When it first originated, it is said that loose custard was used for the creaminess. However, today, it has been replaced with mascarpone cheese. A tale attached to this delicious dessert is that once upon a time, in the North West Region of Tuscany Italy is a town named Sienna. One day, to honor the Grand Duke Cosimo Demideci III, a dessert similar to that of Tiramisu was prepared and named Duke’s soup. The Duke enjoyed the scrumptious dessert so much that he took the recipe from the bakers back to his hometown, Florence. The same thing happened to the English men who enjoy this lip-smacking dessert. They loved it so much that they also took the recipe back to their hometown, England. Since the dessert was exquisite, the popularity of it grew in England. And, so the love for Tiramisu spread


Best Gift Ideas for 18th Birthday

18th birthdays are a rite of passage – from teenage to semi-adulthood! Most teenagers are eager to spend their birthdays their way with people of their choice. While they enjoy the brink of adulthood, it is also important to make your gift to them memorable and exciting! Here are some unique gifting ideas for 18 year olds!

18 gifts for 18th Birthday

18 for 18! Gift the birthday girl or boy 18 gifts to commemorate the important day. And you could do this in a number of exciting ways like a treasure hunt or hourly gifts on the birthday or a countdown to the b-day could be fun ways to build excitement. You could select small gifts or build up the gesture as you reach the final gift.

18th Birthday Gifts

Song lyrics

Selecting the favorite songs of the birthday girl or boy and selecting the most epic line from them can be a great activity. You can customize these lines into posters with lights or calendars or even a dairy with one lyric line per page. Makes for a memorable gift and something they can treasure. You could even have them engraved onto frames or jewelery.

Newspaper clipping

By collecting the newspaper titles across 18 years from the same day as their birthday, one can make a collection of interesting things that happened on that day around the globe for 18 years. You could print the newspaper articles into a book and gift it to the birthday person.

Time capsule

This is where you can involve friends and family. Creating a time capsule involves identifying things which mean a lot to the birthday boy or girl and collecting it all and putting it together. You could use a box made of plastic or steel to keep everything in it and post an expiration date for the box. This is an amazing way to create excitement and a memory. Alternatively, you could make a memory box which they can access at any time they want to go through childhood memories or teenage memories and keep adding to it as they go through life.

Travel fund

Start a travel fund for them. Or for anything they love – a vehicle or a musical instrument or even an expensive bag or pair of shoes they want. It could be a tip jar or a piggy bank or a bank account for that matter. You could make it funny by having the birthday girl or guy go around collecting funds to put in their jar.

travel fund

Get a hashtag trending

With social media being such an important part of everyone’s lives, it would be a great gesture if you could get the name and birthday wishes for them trending on twitter. For example, #Happy18thBirthdayAjay could be made into a trending hashtag by having all friends and family members tweet it out say 500-1000 times. It would be enough to create a city-wide trending hashtag. It would be a birthday gift which is not only memorable but gets many people involved.

Jigsaw puzzle

Select a picture or a set of pictures that means a lot to the birthday person and have it made into a jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw can be as complicated as you want it to be – a 100 pieces or even a 1000 pieces!

How can you pamper your Mother on this Mother’s Day?

Mothers are most important and precious part of a home that makes a home looks a home. She makes our each day special, fill each day with full of happiness and keep your home and lives well organized. Whether you can make her every day special or not, but when it is the time to celebrate her birthday or mother’s day then you can pamper her with the gifts which make her day more special and filled with happiness.

Mothers never ask anything in return for the all the love they share, for all the care they do. Your one smile is everything for her. However don’t you think it’s time to realize that she also needs some pampering, some love and some care from your side?

And what is better than a Mother’s day or her birthday to show your feelings and emotions.
A gift is not just a gift it helps you to express all your love care towards someone whom you are gifting. A gift will add memories in your life for last longer. A gift will create memories, which will lasts for whole life.

Add fragrance in her life with a bouquet of flowers

If you don’t exactly know what your mother wants and if you don’t have that much time to shop for her then gifting her flowers bouquet is the perfect gift for you and if you gift her the flowers of her favorite color then this will bring a smile on face of your mother.

flowers for mothers day

Gift her a piece of jewelry or cosmetic

Women have a special love with piece of jewel and cosmetic products and if you gift her either a jewel piece or cosmetic product, this will pamper her from her inner beauty to outer as well. If you don’t have an idea which brand she would like to use then you can take an idea from the product’s brand, she is using currently.

Bring smile on her face with chocolates

The first person you come to know in the world is your mother. Sending her a gift allows you to revive the feeling when you are just a 6-year-old kid, so get ready to bring a big smile on her face. Chocolates are something which is loved by everyone, no matter whether you don’t know the taste of your mother as you can gift her chocolates which will express your love, affection and care towards your mother and you don’t to say even a single word.


Gift her personalized pillow or mug

A pillow and a mug with customized picture of you with your mother are the best gifts for your mother to pamper her on this mother’s day. A customized gift with your lovely wording towards your mother makes it more special to your mother. A mother just wants your love and affection and with customized mug and pillow, you can show her the same.

So get ready to pamper your mother on this mother’s day

Looking for Best Online Cake? Here’s what you need to know

Cakes are the gooey, delectable desserts that can make or break any event. These creamy, fluffy goodies are the center of attraction everywhere. Whether it is a birthday celebration or a wedding reception or even a farewell party, cakes add a special touch to any and every celebration. Today, finding the right cake is easy as you come across a plethora of variations, both in a physical store and an online Cake Shop. But, the most difficult part is choosing the winner amongst them all. When you go to an offline store, you can taste it to know if it truly suits your needs. However, with the online option that is out of the question. So, how do you select the best online cake? Read on to know more. These below tips will help you choose your perfect cake, making the occasion absolutely memorable.

Plan it Right

Always plan your event well in advance. Whether it is a small occasion or a big one, a proper plan leads to its success. When you are short on time, you will make hasty decisions and the party might not turn out the way you would’ve wanted. So, think it through, make a plan, and execute it perfectly.

plan a event

Flavor, Flavor which flavor?

This is probably the most difficult part of choosing the cake because you need to get the flavor right. For example, you are choosing a cake for your partner, then it becomes simple, because you need to go as per your partner’s taste. But, what happens when it is for a large crowd? Maybe a birthday celebration? Here, the cake should be the birthday girl/boy’s favorite and even the people who have joined the celebrations must like it. So, what you can do is make a list of all the flavors that the concerned individual likes and choose a neutral flavor that most people like, such as a cake with vanilla and strawberry frosting, chocolate cake , red velvet cake, etc.


Design of the Cake

Today, from photo cakes to various designs, cakes are not just mouth-watering desserts, but they have become a piece of art. Whatever your preference is, you will find a cake that matches your description. But, how do you choose the perfect design? Because the design of the cake, holds the same spot as the flavor. A beautiful design will create an impact and leave its mark on the guests. Therefore, for example; if it is your kid’s birthday, go for his/her favorite cartoon character, toys, etc. If it is to celebrate love, then you can go for the obvious choices, i.e. the heart shaped cakes or red velvet cakes to add a special feel. For a reception, a tier-cake with floral work looks elegant and classy.


How much is too much?

Once you finalize the design and the flavor, you must next decide the weight of the cake. The leftover cake makes a delicious breakfast the next day, but a party with no cake might cause embarrassment. Therefore, talk to the baker and let him know about the number of guests you are having, for his suggestions. And, make a wise choice.

Finalize it

Once all the factors are decided, look at the online cake stores and choose the one with highest ratings or a start-up (because they will do their best to impress you). Talk to the baker and the customer service agent of the online store well in advance and let them know your preferences and your budget. This will help them design the perfect cake for you and have it delivered on time.