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Father’s Day: 7 cute ways to celebrate fathers Day with your dad

7 cute ways to celebrate fathers Day with your dad – Father’s Day is on 18th June, this year. So, you know you have some time on your hand to plan something cute for your dad. There is something about dads and it is that they live for small gestures from their kid’s end. They always do amazing things for their family and do not even care about getting credit for it.

Yes, they are extremely selfless and they do not even want anything grand from you. You just follow a nice healthy lifestyle, do good for yourself, and spend some time with him and your mom and he is the happiest. But, of course, you love him and you want to do cute things for him on this day. So, we bring some 7 cute ways to celebrate fathers Day with your dad.

No matter what kind of relationship you have with your dad, here are things that will suit your vibe. We have mindfully created this list including all kinds of activities for different father-son and father-daughter duo. Choose the ones you like, customise them as per yourself, and make sure to plan a nice cute surprise for your dad on Father’s Day.

P.S. – A small tip from our end would be to see what your dad would love the most from the below-given suggestions. And stick to doing only those things because you want to surprise him in a way that makes him really happy. Think about his likings over yours. It will be easier for you to select. Also, if giving gifts is your love language, you can do that too.

7 cute ways to celebrate fathers Day with your dad

  1. Go for a breakfast date together

Okay, so there is a thing with Indian dads or rather dads around the whole world. The thing is dads like to wake up really early. Waking up early is surely a thing for Indian dads. They like to wake up early and also appreciate everyone waking up early and having their breakfast on time. Now, think about it! How many times has your father told you to have your breakfast on time? Quite a lot right? So, this day, surprise him, book a nice breakfast date at his favourite place, and go with him on this cutesy date. This will be a bonding time for you both.

  1. Gift him something meaningful

Again, one of the best things about dads is that they do not expect anything from their kids or their families. They have always provided for their family selflessly and do not want anything in return. They are just like that. But, of course, they love being gifted their favourite items which are needed by them. So, just do a quick check about what is the thing they need the most. And gift them that and see them blooming with pride because their kid understood what they need and gifted them that. You give them a small thing and they will talk about it to everyone for life. That’s how happy those gifts coming from you make them.

  1. Follow his daily routine, well, at least for a day

Just as much as dads would love the fact that everyone is waking up early and following a healthy routine, they would also secretly love everyone in the family following their routine. Now, we know that is going to be tough but you can do that for a day, at least. You would think how this can be a cute activity to do with him, right? But, think about it! You will be following his routine which gives you a chance to do all his daily chores with him and bond with him over those things. You can have tea time with him, you can go on a walk with him, you can have dinner with him, and so on.

  1. Go on a long drive with him to his favourite spot

If your dad is someone who loves to drive or loves to go on a drive, then this can be a nice bonding activity for the two of you. Decide on a place to go for a long drive and just hit the road. If you choose a place that your dad loves, it’s even better. While on the road, you can chat, have tea/refreshments, snacks, take pictures, explore new places, and just spend some quality time together. Going on drives with friends is a common thing but try going on a drive with your dad and it will be the best. Oh yes, you can take your sibling and mom along, because why not!

  1. Talk to him about your careers, money, etc

One of the best activities to do with an Indian dad is to sit down and talk to him about your life, career, money decisions, and more. This is the thing that is going to get him energised to the fullest. Well, the thing here is that your dad loves you and has major concerns about your life. He might not directly ask you but would want to know what is going on in your work life and how are you managing your money, etc. So, the best thing that you can do is talk to him about all these things. Talk to him about where you have invested your money, what will be the best idea to invest, etc. While you are at it, enjoy some tea, coffee, etc.

  1. Watch a movie together

One of the best things you can do with your dad on Father’s Day is to watch a movie together. As kids, you might be watching a lot of movies together, right? So, bring back those crazy old times. Pick either yours or his favourite movie and plug it in. You can also pick a new movie instead of a classic movie. Either going to the theatres would be a good idea or you can also just sit at your house and watch a nice movie while being cozy. Going on a movie binge day can also be a good idea.

  1. Order his favourite food and spend some quality time together

Finally, we saved the best for the last. This is probably the best and the most fuss-free activity that you can do with your dad. You just have to order your dad’s favourite food from his favourite restaurant and the whole family has to eat it together. This is going to be such a nice activity on this day. Also, food brings everyone together so this is going to be such a fun activity to try. If you are someone who loves going out or your dad is someone who likes to explore new places then instead of ordering in, you can also try a new place or have a meal at his favourite place.


We promised you we will give you cute tips on how to celebrate fathers Day with your dad and we did. If you are an Indian, you know exactly how desi dads are, right? No, we are not generalising dads and their nature but desi dads are the cutest. They all have a pattern and want some cute little things from their kids and we ensured you could make them happy just in their style.

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7 cute ways to celebrate fathers Day with your dad – Father’s Day is on 18th June, this year. So, you know you have some time on your hand to plan something cute for your dad. There is something about dads and it is that they live for small gestures from their kid’s end. They…