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Father’s Day – Try these things to strengthen your bond with your dad

It is Father’s Day on 18th June 2023. You might be thinking this is yet another blog post to talk about this day. Yes, it is, but not the usual ones. Here, we are not talking about gifts, etc to be shared with your dad on this day. We are not even telling you how to celebrate this day. We have other blogs for that, make sure to check that out. Well, we had to do that, as well, didn’t we? Anyways, coming back to our blog right here, in this blog post, we are talking about some activities that you can do or some life changes that you can adopt because of which you are able to strengthen your bond with your dad.

Now, we want to put a small disclaimer here. We do not mean this is for only those people who do not share a good relationship with their dads. The thing is as a part of growing up, we all get involved in our lives, with work, money, partners, etc. So, the bond with parents especially fathers kind of gets overlooked. Lots of people these days also live away from their parents so obviously bonding with parents gets weaker.

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So, this blog is for everyone. Do not take it as a negative blog that directs to people who have not been keeping up closely with their fathers. It is a positive way to spend more time with your dad and strengthen your bond with him.

Father’s Day – Try these things to strengthen your bond with your dad

  1. Go for a nice trip, he wants one

We begin this list with a cliche idea. But, let us put a cliche line to prove the fact that ‘cliches are cliches for a reason’. Maybe a lot of people might have suggested you go on a trip with your dad to strengthen your bond with him. But, they are all correct because so many people advising the same thing from different perspectives might be on to something. Consider this, book a nice trip, leave the worries of the world behind, and have the time of your life with your dad. Also, do not just have high hopes for that one trip because going on one trip and then forgetting about it, doesn’t help. Make this a ritual and stick to it.

  1. Talk to him daily, he longs for it

No matter you live with your dad or not, having a daily chit-chat time is necessary. This is something we all tend to overlook in all our relationships but healthy communication is the key to a happy relationship. Having some time in the day to just sit down and have a chat about the day with your dad is something you need to do. A lot of you might be living away from your dads and hence the talking thing could have gone lesser. But, you need to catch up on it because there is nothing like having a regular, comforting, and heartfelt conversation with your father and everyone you love.

  1. Talk about the future, it gets to him

Now, while you are talking to your dad, we want you to be raw, real, and totally out there. Just random talk, pretending to be in a world where everything is fine doesn’t work. You have to talk about your life, his life, and about your family. You must talk to him about your future, about your plans, about your decisions, about your money, and everything. To be honest, he wouldn’t feel burdened with it but he will feel really amazing because this way you are getting closer to him. The real things bring people closer.

  1. Have a daily ‘to-do together’ activity, he would love it

Well, this activity need not be something grand. It can be anything like having tea together, reading the newspaper, watching the news, eating dinner, having breakfast, working together, going for a walk, or anything. Everyone has something that they love doing with their dad and you might be having something too. So, start or keep continuing to do those things with your dad. These things seem to be very minimal or small but they bring you closer in ways that you cannot see. These are things that you long for doing together during the whole day, so they are definitely creating a powerful place in your hearts.

  1. Try to work on a project, he would love to share ideas with you

Some of you reading this might be working with your dads on a regular basis on your businesses, etc. So, you already get to spend a lot of time with your dad. But, if you are someone who doesn’t work with your dad or has different jobs, etc, then you need to start some projects together. If you are someone who is looking for some ways to bond with your dad then this is something to work on. You can start working on any project be it a DIY project related to carpentry, planting, investing, etc. This could be something totally amazing to bond over.

  1. Go for outings every week/month, he loves spending time with you

Okay, something to trust on! This is something you might think doesn’t work but it does. You might be thinking you are already living with your dad, you are already talking to him every day, etc, so what is the need to do extravagant activities like this? Well, now think like this. You even want to go out with your partner even if you are staying together or even if you are staying with your roommates, you want to go for outings together. So, the same goes for your dad. Going to different places with your dad every week or once a month is going to bring you a lot closer.

  1. If you are in a long-distance, call him over for a long stay, he secretly wants it

The final activity to do that brings you closer to your dad is calling him over to stay with you in case you are not living in the same town/house. Distance is the killer of many relationships and people need to communicate with each other to keep their relationships strong. So, if you are living in a long-distance relationship with your dad, just call him over to stay with you. He won’t tell you openly but he secretly wants to visit you, stay with you, wants to see how your life is and wants to stay with you while being a part of your life. So, try this out right now.


These things will make you come closer to your dad like never before. Get honest with yourself and answer how many of the above activities you do on a regular basis with your father. If you cannot do any or less than 4, now is the time to get back on the route and start doing cute things with your dad. And it’s Father’s Day, so you might be thinking of gifting something cute to him. So, some of the best things to gift him on Father’s Day are customised items. You can consider giving him customised mugs with some special quotes, customise cushion covers, customised key chains, etc. You can also get him some chocolate hampers and chocolate bouquets, flowers, indoor plants, etc as well.

And not to forget, one of the best things to gift him is a cute cake that says that he is the best father in the whole world. All of these gifts are available on Find them all on our website and get their free home deliveries right at your doorstep. Also, wishing here a great Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there.

It is Father’s Day on 18th June 2023. You might be thinking this is yet another blog post to talk about this day. Yes, it is, but not the usual ones. Here, we are not talking about gifts, etc to be shared with your dad on this day. We are not even telling you how…