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Try these 9 amazing chocolate cakes from Chocolaty on world chocolate day

Try these 9 amazing chocolate cakes from Chocolaty on world chocolate day – Okay, so a lot of you might not know this but world chocolate day is on the 9th of July. Yes, the chocolate day that comes in Valentine’s week is different and is dedicated to Valentine’s week.

But, the main world chocolate day is on 9th July. It was in 1550 that chocolates were first introduced in Europe in England and this day is celebrated to mark its anniversary. Of course, it started in Europe and now the whole world celebrates it because who would miss a chance to celebrate this day and indulge in having amazing chocolates.

Hence, we made sure to make our readers celebrate this day to the fullest. For you all, here we have listed the top 9 amazing chocolate cakes from Chocolaty on world chocolate day. Why eat just chocolate when you can eat an entire chocolate cake? For you all, here we have presented the finest and the most selling chocolate cakes from chocolaty.in that are our best sellers.

P.S. – Whatever kind of chocolate you like, here are cakes for all of your choices and selection. Make sure to check them out all.

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Try these 9 amazing chocolate cakes from Chocolaty on world chocolate day

  1. Choco Chip Loaded Chocolate Cake

Of course, we had to begin with this. There is nothing in comparison with the choco chip-loaded chocolate cake. The richness of nice chocolate cake moulded in the entire flavour of the cake with thick cream and frosting and every bite of the cake has loads of chocolate chips. If this is not heaven, we don’t know what is. We also have choco-chip cakes with white chocolate chips added so you get more variety on our website. You will get these cakes in different sizes, shapes, and designs, so choose anyone that you like and order for yourself.

  1. Dark Chocolate Fantasy Cake

This one is for real chocolate lovers who love rich and dark chocolate flavours. Dark chocolate is really tasty, soft, moist, has a fantastic aroma, and leaves you with a divine experience. This is only if you eat a real dark chocolate cake from a nice place. chocolaty.in has professional bakers who make sure that you get nice dark chocolate cakes. Our bakers also make fresh cakes after getting an order from your end. We have dark chocolate cakes with nice fondants and styles. In dark chocolate flavours, you can Dutch chocolate, chocolate truffle, double chocolate loaded cake, and lots more. 

  1. Light Milk Chocolate Cake

There are a lot of people who are not fond of dark chocolate cakes yet love chocolates which are mild and may be made of milk base. For those people also we have different cake options on our website. We have a plethora of light milk chocolate cakes. Light milk chocolate cakes are really popular and they are also the most sold ones on our platform. We have light milk chocolate cakes in different designs and patterns. We have chocolate cakes with fruits overloaded on them, chocolate cakes with chocolates on them, and so many more. Check out Chocolaty for more.

  1. Kit Kat Chocolate Cake

Yes, you read that right, we also have Kit Kat chocolate cakes on our website. If we are talking about one of the most fun and aesthetic chocolate cakes then you cannot miss out on Kit-Kat chocolate cakes. A classy Kit-Kat cake has Kit-Kat on it. Along with it, there are lots of fun patterns created with Kit-Kat cakes all over. We have the best-selling Kit-Kat cakes which are the typical chocolate cakes in round shape with Kit-Kat pieces surrounded from all sides on it. They are gorgeous.

  1. Chocolate Vanilla Mixed Cake

Call it a chocolate vanilla mixed cake or a black forest cake, we have them all in different variations. Chocolate vanilla cakes are fun cakes with an adequate amount of flavours with chocolates and vanilla in the same quantity. So, if you love both of these flavours, you can go for this one. If you love light chocolate mixed with some other essence then also you can go for this one. Through our website, you can order chocolate vanilla cakes and get them delivered even on the same day at your doorstep. Our deliveries are super fast and hence with us, you are never late for any occasion.

  1. Chocolate And Oreo Cake

We said chocolate cakes are better than chocolates alone. Now, also let us tell you that chocolate and cookie cakes are better than chocolates alone. If you haven’t tried the classic chocolate and cookie cake then you must try it now. You can find some amazing varieties of chocolate and Oreo cake on chocolaty.in. We have chocolate cakes with Oreos on the top, chocolate cakes with Oreos loaded from within, and lots of varieties. We are quite sure you will find something for yourself too. When you are ordering chocolate cakes or any cakes from chocolaty.in, you don’t have to worry about the freshness and softness of the cakes. Our bakers prepare the cakes with fresh ingredients just after receiving your order.

  1. Chocolate and Coffee Cake

There are many people in the world who love coffee cakes to the fullest. It is their addiction to coffee that makes everything related to coffee their ultimate favourite. So, our bakers came up with an exciting idea to prepare coffee cakes with the right amount of chocolate flavour added to them. Hence, you are going to find the richest and the most amazing chocolate coffee cake on chocolaty.in. You got to try these flavours and you can find these in the coffee flavour cakes on our website. This is an addictive cake and your idea of celebrating world chocolate day will be a successful one through this.

  1. Chocolate Piñata Cake

Talking chocolate cakes gives us no option to leave this cute cake. Piñata cakes have been doing the rounds for a while now. On chocolaty.in, you will find different designs and varieties of chocolate piñata cakes in different sizes. We have piñata cakes with gems inside, chocolates inside, toffee inside, jellies inside, and so much more. It is like having chocolates one after the other while having this cake. To make things exciting on the world chocolate day, you must try this fun cake. Also, they are really picturesque and Instagrammable for sure. Have a lovely time with these cakes delivered to your homes from chocolaty.in.

  1. Ferrero Rocher Cake

Just like the cliche habits go around, we saved the best for the last. This cake is a chocolate cake with an addition of the best and the fanciest chocolate ever. Ferrero Rocher has a separate fan base and there would hardly be anyone who would not be loving these chocolates. Our bakers make the best Ferrero cakes with different designs and ideas. We make sure that through these cakes, you get enough chocolate pieces in the best chocolate cake ever. So, do not miss out on having this fantastic cake on International chocolate day. Get it from chocolaty.in within 3 to 4 hours of your order time.


It will be a sin if you celebrate the world’s chocolate day without having some delicious chocolate desserts. There is no better dessert in the world than chocolates and if chocolates are mixed with cakes, that is pure heaven. Hence, if you are any of these or any chocolate cake on the International chocolate day, you are doing the best thing for yourself. Indulging in these 9 of the finest chocolate cakes available at Chocolaty is indulging in luxury. So, make sure you enjoy this day to the fullest without any guilt.

Also, if you are wondering how to get these cakes. All you have to do is visit our website chocolaty.in, order any cake of your choice, give us the address, pay online, and we will deliver these cakes to your doorstep even on the same day. We are working in PAN India so we are available in most cities and small towns. So, you can just sit inside your home and enjoy these cakes.

Try these 9 amazing chocolate cakes from Chocolaty on world chocolate day – Okay, so a lot of you might not know this but world chocolate day is on the 9th of July. Yes, the chocolate day that comes in Valentine’s week is different and is dedicated to Valentine’s week. But, the main world chocolate day…