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Best indoor plants for the monsoon that would liven up your living room

Best indoor plants for the monsoon that would liven up your living room – Let us tell you one hack to make your house look expensive and luxurious. It is to add enough real plants in different corners of your house, especially your living room.

Yes, this makes a lot of difference and not only makes your house look classy but also gives luxury aesthetics. No matter how beautiful and real-looking fake plants you buy, they cannot add that touch to your house. Of course, it is a bit of a task to take care of real plants but if you choose the ones that are low maintenance, you are sorted for life.

Talking about the real plants, here we come to the topic of the blog which is the Best indoor plants for the monsoon for your living room. Here, we bring you 5 of the most amazing indoor plants that are great for the monsoon season in India. Also, the aesthetics of these plants are desi and totally home-y. These are surely going to liven up your living spaces by demanding very little care from your end.

P.S. – You can even gift these indoor plants to your special people or to anyone on some special occasions. Gifting plants is a positive gesture as you are gifting them a real thing to brighten their homes. These days people consider gifting these things on various occasions.

Before we begin the blog, we want to add that these plants will make the vibe of your more relaxing during the monsoons. They will help your mind be at ease. You will love being around these plants for sure.

Best indoor plants for the monsoon that would liven up your living room

  1. Plumeria – The Tasteful Yellow Flowers

So, the very first plant in the series is Plumeria which is basically the yellow flowers. These yellow flowers are really beautiful and aesthetic. The best part about these flowers is how gorgeous they look. The insides of the petals are yellow in shade and the outer area is white. Their presence is enough to make your house look cheerful. These also come in a range of colours. If they are kept in the direct sunlight then they really look like bushes with green leaves all around. These require occasional trimming and thrive in well-drained soil. They are totally sand and wind-resistant.

  1. Gulmohar – A Treat to the Soul

Next on the list, we have another one of the most gorgeous Indian flowers which is Gulmohar. This is basically a shrub that has red and orange blooms. They are the best for the rainy weather because they bloom during the monsoons. They look best during their maturation phase because at that time they produce large umbrella-shaped crowns. It looks quite unique and when placed in the living room, they change the house’s aesthetics completely. Their maximum height is 30-40 feet which is extremely long and needs trimming. They will become a very beautiful landscape sight for your living room.

  1. Cleome – The Fancy Pink Perks

Another extremely aesthetic flower that is a great addition to your living room for the monsoons is cleome. Cleome is a flowering plant. They are a plant species in the Cleomaceae family. The best part about these flowers is that their spiked appearance looks totally aesthetic. Another name for this flower is the spider flower bee plant, or spider plant by whose name it is popular in India. These are really tall and spiky shrubs with beautiful flowers. The fragrance of these flowers is really amusing and refreshing for the monsoon weather. They are available in pink, white, rose, and light purple shades.

  1. Pigeon Berry – A Hint of Lilac and Love

No matter what is the aesthetic of your house, these plants will suit them all. The plant is none other than pigeon berry. Duranta is another name for this flower. These are lilac or light purple in the shade which will compliment any colour of your house as well. It is a tropical shrub that thrives in hot conditions. These have trailing wide evergreen leaves with a small number of flowers in between which looks totally refreshing. The two other colours of the plant are blue and creamy white which are also equally pretty. You can choose the one that goes the best for your house.

  1. Hibiscus – That Desi Flower

The last flower in this series is hibiscus. Hibiscus is a typical Indian flower that most people grow on their terraces and also in their gardens. You can also include these plants in the living rooms. These colourful trumpet-shaped flowers have dark green foliage. These are gorgeous monsoon flowers that bloom profusely and can be cultivated as a single plant or as a hedge plant. They ar available in a lot of colours like red, orange, yellow, and others. The most common flower colour in this is red. They attract a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds if they are exposed to the outside area. These will add a pop of colour to your house.

Quick Tips to take care of your plants during Monsoons

Now that we have told you about some of the best monsoon plants for your home, let us also give you some quick tips to take care of them during the rainy season. A little care and maintenance go a long way. So, here are some care guiding tips for indoor plants for the Indian monsoon season. Trust us, it will take minimum effort from your end.

  1. During monsoons, the first very important thing to keep in mind is that indoor plants must receive enough light and ventilation. Since the humidity levels are extremely high during monsoons, this is the first thing to take care of.
  2. During monsoons, the pots of the plants by no means should have standing water inside them. They must have a good drainage system.
  3. Some of the indoor plants might attract insects, so once a week, you can take these pots out in the garden or any open space that attracts toads or frogs. They will eat up the insects.
  4. By no means should you overwater these monsoon-friendly indoor plants because over-watering in this weather can do them more harm than good.
  5. Also, since these plants are kept inside the house in the living room, make sure to spray insecticide and fungicide once a week so that your house is free of insects.
  6. When you are keeping any indoor plants in the living room, make sure to let them have good sunlight for the entire day during monsoons because the weather is mostly cloudy. So, that much amount of sunlight will be good only.


So, these were all the best indoor plants for the monsoon season for the homes in India. These plants will just liven up your living room space and also will thrive in the monsoons. As we said, taking care of these plants is very simple and you can do that daily. All you need to do is fix your routine in a way that catering to these plants for 5 minutes a day becomes a part of your lifestyle.

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Best indoor plants for the monsoon that would liven up your living room – Let us tell you one hack to make your house look expensive and luxurious. It is to add enough real plants in different corners of your house, especially your living room. Yes, this makes a lot of difference and not only makes…