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Positive Woman’s Day Changes: Let’s make this world a better place for every woman

Starting this blog with a very positive statement and that is ‘we should all be feminists’. Feminism is all about preaching gender equality for the good of society. It is not about telling making women strong or stronger, they are already strong, it is all about telling society that they are equally strong and need equal respect.

Celebrating one day as women’s day, doing quite a few stuff, and giving cute gifts is definitely not enough. International women’s day has started to lay some important fundamentals in society. So, it is just not about celebrating this day but about bringing positive changes in society at the big and even at the small levels.

Let us see some of the positive changes we can bring to our society from this woman’s day and make this world a better place for every woman.

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P.S. – We are talking about some really small changes that can be induced at an individual level can that create a great difference and also some bigger changes that society needs.

  1. Paid Monthly Menstrual Leaves

This has been a topic of debate for quite some time now. Lots of countries have started paying serious attention to this notion because lots of doctors around the world have expressed how difficult it is for women to work during the first and second days of their menstruation phase. Spain is one of the countries that has already rolled this out and this needs to be adopted by every country for real. The government needs to come out with laws for this asap.

  1. Strict Laws and Actions against eve teasing/attacks

This goes without saying and this is the topic of the biggest level of concern for women throughout the world. There are some countries where laws are really strict because of this the crime rate has decreased immensely. But, then there are countries where we don’t have any records of helpless women suffering every day thinking that this is their lifestyle now.

  1. Gender Equal Pay

Another big issue is gender-equal pay. It is high time that people should start getting paid on the basis of their work, profession, achievements, skills, and not their gender. Of course, there are professions where this is not considered and then there are professions like acting where people are biased with gender and pay. This needs to be equal at all levels.

  1. No casual sexist thought process

Now, this is something that needs to be controlled at an individual level. It is not only the things that the government needs to do for us but there are things we need to work on by ourselves as well. All of us, irrespective of our gender, have a lot of sexist thoughts about women for example, women are bad drivers, women need to know cooking, women must know how to drape a saree, etc. We need to educate ourselves that how sexist we are being by having thoughts like these and making it difficult for women to just survive.

  1. No rules and agendas for the daughter-in-law/wife

The changes in this zine have been phenomenal over the years but still, we have a long way to go. There are people who still have some ground rules set for their wives and daughter in laws which is nothing but pathetic. It’s 2023 and women are not ready to be tamed by any means. Hence, the boys and the girls of the house need to take the charge and educate their parents and themselves about this whole situation and how to make it better.

  1. ‘Not blaming the victim’ thought process

Well, this is again something for an individual level. Whenever there is a woman victim of being physically or sexually assaulted, most of us have in the back of our minds to either make her feel sorry for the incident or blame her for it. This needs to be stopped. We as individuals need to stop making it tougher for the victim to survive. We need to be there for them.

  1. Letting the women be themselves anywhere

There are so many notions that are induced on women on a daily basis like ‘women should sit like this’, ‘women should not laugh so fast’, ‘women should not enjoy their own marriage’, ‘women should dress in a certain post marriage’, etc. These need to go. The worst part of these is that most of these are pushed by one woman to another woman. These are so casual that women have become immune to them but we need to educate ourselves to not carry it further.

  1. Including women in important discussions

Right from the households to the parliament to the corporate world, this change needs to come faster than we are expecting it to. As individuals, we need to understand that women are not just mere workers in different sectors but they can also be leaders and their opinions can be voiced. So, this needs to be done as soon as possible. For this, women need to stand up for themselves as well.

  1. Full freedom for women to take their life decisions

Once a woman is an adult, she has all the rights to take care of her life and she is all ready to take her decisions. Manipulating, forcing, and allowing her to take decisions is a superiority complex that needs to be stopped. Of course, we are not talking about the meddling of the loved ones in between when she is wrong (by parents, partners, friends) or when she needs someone. But, we are talking about taking her liberty of deciding for herself.

  1. No judgements on or through social media posts

This is for the boys and for the girls as well. Let us make social media a place safe for all women. Let us make this space so safe for her that she can post pictures wearing whatever she wants and there will be no judgements on her of any sort. Let us make social media toxic-free for her. Let it be the space where she expresses herself the way she likes.

  1. Encouraging every woman to be financially independent

Now, this is something that needs to be taught at home. Parents should be very determined to educate their daughters on this subject. The daughters also need to educate their parents on this matter in some cases. The same goes for life partners. Earning money is not a genera specific role and women should be ready to take charge of their lives as soon as they wish.

  1. Schools focusing on boy’s behaviour and not girl’s uniform lengths

This is a very casual sexism that begins right at the schools too from our teachers. This not only puts the girls in an embarrassing state of mind but somehow gives the young boys an impression that they are good but girls need to be dressed appropriately to not provoke them. Well, in reality, it should be the other way around. Boys need to be taught that the length of the skirt of any girl does not give them consent to touch or talk about them. Girls’ body parts are normal and there is nothing to get aroused by them.

  1. Teaching the importance of consent to your kids very early

Finally, one of the best things that need to be started at home and school is the fundaments of consent. You need to teach your kids (especially boys), the meaning of consent and how important it is no matter what the world is doing out there. Even schools are responsible for such education. Boys need to be taught that making love is an art and is only good when it is reciprocated from the girls.


So, these were some positive changes that we can bring into our lives to make it easier for women to co-exist. This is not tough but surely they have been in our minds as a chain of patriarchal and stereotypical thoughts that needs to be stopped. Also, happy women’s day to all the women out there. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are fighting for a lot of things every day and there is no one stronger than you are. You are learning each day to stand up for yourself and even for other women and that makes you one of a kind.

Starting this blog with a very positive statement and that is ‘we should all be feminists’. Feminism is all about preaching gender equality for the good of society. It is not about telling making women strong or stronger, they are already strong, it is all about telling society that they are equally strong and need…