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7 ways to celebrate the women in your life on this Woman’s day

7 ways to celebrate the women in your life on this Womans day – Since women’s day is just around the corner, we want to wish all the lovely and fantastic women out there, a very happy women’s day on the behalf of the entire team.

We are definitely one of those people who think celebrating and dedicating just one day to women is not enough. Every day is a woman’s day but there is also no harm in going totally out there for one day to celebrate all the women and their uplifting spirits. And, we are also going to advise you that you should also celebrate the women in your life every day but on International women’s day, you have to give them a bit more attention and love.

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Here are some of the ways in which you can celebrate woman’s day for the lovely women in your lives. These 7 ways to celebrate the women in your life on this Woman’s day are for everybody, suits every person, and include both minimal and maximal celebration styles.

  1. Start the morning by giving them beautiful flowers

There is a popular quote that says “Flowers are the second most beautiful thing on earth after women.” So, how about starting the day of your special be it your wife, girlfriend, mother, aunt, best friend, or anyone, by giving them some beautiful flowers at the start of their day? This will be such a fantastic way to start someone’s morning on a special occasion. Of course, this surprise gesture is going to make a beautiful start to their day and they will love you a lot more for this. Also, check out to get your hands on some of the freshest and most gorgeous flowers ever. The best part is that you can get home deliveries of these flowers through us so you can easily send them wherever you want.

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  1. Send them some cute gifts and hampers

Just after you have done sending or going flowers to the lovely women of your life, now you have to spoil them a little more by giving them some cute gifts and hampers. This is the day to love them, spoil them, pamper them, and also give them all the cute things of their choice. Check out for some incredible women’s day gifts and hamper collections which can be delivered anywhere in India. On our website, you can find gifts like customised mugs on which. Personalised quotes and photos can be printed, customised cushions, chocolate hampers, flower bouquets, and lots of other things.

  1. Take them out on dinner/lunch/coffee

Yes, this is something mandatory and has to be done without even us mentioning it. This is the day of celebration and what is a better way to celebrate this day other than taking the lovely women of your life to lunch or dinner or even for coffee? It has to be something they love and enjoy the most so you need to plan it accordingly. Take them to their favourite restaurant or coffee shop and order the things they love and make them as special as possible for them. You have to do something extraordinary to make it a special date. You can also take all the special women of your life together for a combined lunch or dinner party.

  1. Spend the whole day with them doing their favourite things

You can call it underrated or not so special but think about how special it can be. You just take a day off from work for just spending it with the special women of your lives. You dedicate this entire day to them and do the things they love along with them. It could be anything like shopping, having coffee, watching movies, talking, gossiping, clicking pictures, doing some household work, or anything. This is going to be so wholesome and they are going to love it so much. Well, it is not always about the grand things but finding happiness in smaller things. Just your presence with them on this day can be such a mood uplifter.

  1. Send them notes every hour to tell them how much important they are to you

Well, we have grown up hearing actions speak louder than words which are true but sometimes, we tend to miss out on explaining through words how much our loved ones mean to us. So, on this International women’s day, we advise you to sit down with the women you love and with the women who matter to you and tell them how much you love them. Express your love through your words and tell them how much they mean to you, how important they are to you, what positive changes they have bought into your lives, and more. Just make them feel special, worthy, and important through your words.

  1. Cook for them/Order their favourite food

Now, nothing is more special for your mother, sister, or for your wife, when the men in their lives cook for them. You might have always seen the women in your life spend most of their time in the kitchen and nothing comports them more when someone offers them help in that department. So, all you have to do is cook them their special meal today and reverse the roles of the house for the day. If you don’t have the time to cook or if you don’t want to cook or if you do not know how to cook, you can also order their favourite food from their favourite place and that will also do the trick.

  1. Hug them and tell them how much you love them

And finally, we are here at the best part of the blog. Here, you do not have to do anything but just go to them, hug them tight, look into their eyes, and just honestly tell them that you love them the most. For some people, the physical act of touch is their biggest love language and you need to express love towards them in their love language. This is going to be so heartwarming and will fill both of your hearts with a lot of contentment and love.


Well, we want to conclude this blog by saying any activity done with the intent of purity and love is always better. So, no matter what you do for the women you love, just do it from your heart and make sure you are giving your 100%. Also, do the things that you are totally sure that the woman you are doing for will love to the fullest. When you are doing something for someone then it is always advisable and makes sense to do it as per their love language and not yours. Once you keep all these in the loop, you are good to go.

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7 ways to celebrate the women in your life on this Woman’s day – Since women’s day is just around the corner, we want to wish all the lovely and fantastic women out there, a very happy women’s day on the behalf of the entire team. We are definitely one of those people who think…