New Year Celebration with Cake

New Year’sEve celebration ideas at home with friends/families

New Year’sEve celebration ideas at home with friends/families – There are different ways in which people like to welcome the New Year. Some people like to bring it with a lot of fun and noise and some people like to keep it lowkey with no jazz around. Well, there is no rule on how to bring this day and you do you. You should only do what your heart wants and what will bring more comfort to you. However, if you are deciding to celebrate New Year’s Eve at your home with your family then we have some fun ideas to spend this evening.

If you have decided to spend the new years eve with your family then you can use this as an opportunity to bond with your loved ones. You can chill, have fun, eat lots of good food and enjoy the drinks. But, how to go about it in a process so that everything falls into place? So, to sort this out, here we are to give you some ideas on what you can do with your friends and family on New Year’s Eve to celebrate it to the fullest.

We have included all kinds of activities right here so that you can find the activity that suits you the best for your group.

  1. Play family game night

We are starting with a cliche choice but one thing that is guaranteed in this cliche option is the family games night. You can never go wrong with this one and you are surely going to have a lot of fun. Now, when it comes to the kind of games to play with your family, the option is limitless and we would suggest you choose the game that each member of your family can play and will enjoy. You can go for board games, lottery games, card games, hunt games, treasure games, and more. If not for the entire night, you can play games for 1 to 2 hours.

  1. Turn on the Countdown Knockdown Thriller

Okay, so by the name of this option, you might have understood that this is all about the new year countdown. The excitement of saying bye to the old year and bringing in the new year is something else. When the ball is about to drop and the ten-to-one countdown is done, that thrill is something else. But, this happens in public places only, right? Well, who said that, you can bring in the countdown knockdown thriller experience at your place to amp up your new car eve home celebrations. You can hang a balloon on the ceiling and everyone can pretend to be out and enjoy this moment followed by lots of drinks, dance, and desserts.

  1. Play the Time Capsule Game

This is something you might be hearing for the first time so let us tell you about the concept of this game which is fresh and of course a lot of fun. So, basically this is about creating either the time capsule for the bygone year or for the coming year. In the game, each member of the family can write or draw something to remember about the past year. They can write about their favourite memory, their success, or anything. For the coming year, they can talk about their resolutions, new goals, something that they are looking forward to, and more.

  1. Fire and Lit Up the Barbeque

Yet another attractive and fun thing to do on New Year’s Eve is to set up a barbeque food night. When it comes to celebrations with family, food and drinks are a must. The best food set-up that you can do for the family and friends’ night is arranging for the perfect barbeque night. You can set up a beautiful outdoor dinner area and manage a nice barbeque setting that involves cooking, music, games, drinks, chats, and even a little bit of dance. This is going to be such a memorable time of the year that you are going to remember for ages.

  1. Have a Movie Night Marathon

For people who like to keep things simple and extremely low-key yet enjoyable, this is the one thing for you. We are talking about a movie night marathon. You can gather all your family members or all of your friends and arrange for a nice movie set-up at your home. Make sure to have snacks, popcorn, soft drinks, and even main dinner meals for the night. Line up all the movies that you have been longing to see, or the movies that you have nostalgic feelings with, or some movies that have some special relatability with you all. Do this all night and you will feel so light and cozy.

  1. Go Desi with Award Nights Binge Watch

If you are an Indian and a true desi then you are going to love this idea. We are pretty sure that most of your childhood New Year’s Eve has been spent this way and this is your comfort zone ever since. Bollywood has been pretty generous in arranging for the best award nights for the New Year for its audience. You might have seen the award shows with your family and friends already and if you have no plans, you can try doing this again. Entertainment is guaranteed and it costs nothing. To jazz it up a little, you can order your favourite food from your favourite place and enjoy it.

  1. Have a Karaoke Night

You might think this is a bad idea or a waste of time but this is going to be really fun. Having a Karaoke night at your house with your friends and family is very simple. You just have to arrange all the best songs with lyrics on your TV. Indulge in the party mood and make sure everyone catches the mike and is singing to the lovely songs on the top of their lungs and making the party mode on. Fun songs and friends are going to make this event a very enjoyable one. Also, if possible make sure to record these moments while you are living them.

  1. Play some fun Party Games

There are a lot of party games that you can play with your friends and family apart from the board games. You can play games like never have I ever and get to know your family and friends even closer. You can play truth or dare and challenge your loved ones and see them go to different lengths for a challenge. Also, games like treasure or gift hunts can be played where people have to search for their gifts as per the clues. The list of fun games is endless and you can pick the ones that you like the most.

  1. Indulge in Countdown Bag Games

Here is the last one for games for New Year’s Eve. This is the countdown bag game for the entire family or your friend’s group. As the host of the night, you need to prepare a lot of bags of gifts for each member. At each hour from the time the night starts, each person has to open a bag of gifts and that gift is theirs. You can include chits to see whose chance comes when. This will keep everyone busy and the night will get happier at each hour. This is something that you need to do in between other things like games, movies, or anything that you are opting for.


If you choose to spend New Year’s Eve in these ways then you will be in a real treat for sure. While these activities include the comfort and safety of your house, there is no compromise on the fun aspect. Through these amazing celebratory ways, you will be able to bid adieu to the previous year decently. The best part is that you are not going to spend a lot of money as well if you decide to spend the evening in any of these ways. While you are enjoying a fun time with your loved ones, make sure to bring the new year with a lot of positivity, happiness, and cheerfulness. Happy New Year to one and all.

New Year’sEve celebration ideas at home with friends/families – There are different ways in which people like to welcome the New Year. Some people like to bring it with a lot of fun and noise and some people like to keep it lowkey with no jazz around. Well, there is no rule on how to bring…