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January Born? Consider these 9 cakes for your birthday party

January Born? Consider these 9 cakes for your birthday party – Hey, January borns, the time of the year when it’s all about yourself, is right here! The time of your birthday is here to make you feel special. The first month of the year is all about new things and new beginnings and you having a birthday in this month gives you another chance to celebrate it to the fullest.

Talking about the people born in January, you have mixed traits of a Capricorn and an Aquarius. This makes you quite generous, kind, selfless, self-motivated, and a big helper. You are known for your charming humour, leadership qualities, determination, maturity, and calm nature. So, basically, there are all things good about you.

Now, coming about the kind of cakes that will be suitable for the January borns, here are some of the best options that you can go for. To make them happy with their birthday cake, make sure to give them a cake that resonates with their liking, personality, and also their traits. Since they are so calm and composed, their cakes should also be like that.

So, to make your work easy, here we have finalised some of the best cakes for a January born with the hope that they are surely going to relate to it.

  1. The classic Capricorn Sign cake

Half of the January borns belong to the Capricorn zodiac gang. Hence, we start this blog with a cake that has some elements of Capricorn on it. So, if you are choosing a cake for a January Capricorn then you can get a cake customised for them with their zodiac sign picture, in this case, a cute Capricorn’s image. You can get this made of fondant on the top or sides and this is going to be the best cake for these people. You can get a lot of variations on this cake and personalise it.

  1. The Zodiac Constellation cake

If the typical zodiac signs are too much for you or if you feel that these are tacky, flashy, or too OTT, then you can go for a classic option. The option is to choose a constellation sign of that particular sign and get that designed on the cake. So, the January borns are either Capricorns or Aquarians, so find out the constellation sign of either of these signs (as per the person) and get it designed on the cake. This is going to look so chic and unique. For the people obsessed with their zodiac signs, this one is really an amazing cake.

  1. Dark and Light blue shaded cake

The intent of getting a cake in the shades of blue is that some people born in January are also the ones that belong to the Aquarius sign. The Aquarius sign comes from the word Aqua which means blue. So, the colour of this sign is blue and hence this colour suits them the best for the cake. Just the colour coding scheme will be enough for them to keep it chic yet relatable. The Aquarius sign is related to water but this is an air sign, on the contradictory. Its astrological sign is also blue so it makes more sense to get them a blue cake.

  1. The Aquarius Sign Cake

Talking about an Aquarian, another cake that will be the best for them is their typical zodiac sign cake. Aquarius literally means “water carrier” and their sign is a water bearer. So, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Their sign is really beautiful and getting this one done beautifully is probably one of the best cakes that you can gift to an Aquarian. Their emoji is two waves which represent two waves of water, so this can also be done as a minimalist cake design. Some people opt for this tattoo design as well.

  1. The Winter Frozen Cake

January is the peak time of winter in most parts of the world, especially India. Hence, people born in January generally love winter as the season. So, getting them a winter-related cake will always be a good idea. So, a winter frozen cake is something that you can go for which will also be minimal and will serve the purpose. You can get this cake designed in light blue and white shades to make it look like a frozen cake. Some fondant designs on the top will also be good with some addition of snowflakes.

  1. The Cute Kite Cake

Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan is one of the most jovial festivals in India which happens in January. As per the English calendar, this is the first festival of the year for Hindus. So, if someone is having their birthday on the 14th or 15th of January or any day of the month for that matter, you can get them a cake with some kites designed on it. It will be a refreshing idea to get them this cake as it can also match the vibe of the festival. Make sure to get some cute kites designed on the top made of fondant or an entire cake in the shape of a kite will also be amazing.

  1. Winter Wonderland Cake

Right after the winter frozen cake (which was rather simple or minimal), here we have another cake which is the winter wonderland cake. In this cake, you can get a whole winter wonderland designed on the top of the cake. These cake ideas could be great for kids or even for women. But, we are not generalising or stereotyping the likings of anyone here. There are a lot of elements from the winter wonderland that can be incorporated into this cake and get a nice one designed on it. Make sure to make it fun by adding a lot of colours to the cake.

  1. Hot chocolate cake

Winters is the time to relish the hot chocolates. To be honest, winters are not really complete without some amazing cup of hot chocolates. Hot chocolates are a must to be enjoyed during the winters and enjoy the ‘its and bits’ of life. So, if someone is having their birthday in January then you can get them a hot chocolate cake. Designs of hot chocolates, shapes of hot chocolate cups, or anything related to hot chocolate can be customised on the cake and this will make an amazing cake for birthdays. For some amazing customised cakes, you can check out

  1. New Year New Me cake

Finally, we saved the best idea for the last. Well, at least we think that this is the best idea because it resonates with the feeling of new beginnings. So, January is all about new beginnings, new years, new resolutions, new changes, and a lot of new things, basically. And if anyone is having their birthday in January then get them a ‘new year, new me’ cake with some fancy quotes relating to it and it will be such a nice cake for these people. It will also act as a reminder for them to start a new and happy life while sticking


We did our best to find out the best cakes for a January born and without bragging, we want to say that we have done our best. These were some cakes that are amazing and will surely suit any January born, be it a girl or a boy. You can also go for further customisations in all of the designs. You just have to choose the design that you want from the above-mentioned ones and customise something personal on them to make it more relatable for the person you are gifting it to. Also, the best place to get customised cakes is You are going to love our collection and you can take advantage of our free same-day home deliveries as well. So, check out now.

January Born? Consider these 9 cakes for your birthday party – Hey, January borns, the time of the year when it’s all about yourself, is right here! The time of your birthday is here to make you feel special. The first month of the year is all about new things and new beginnings and you having…