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9 cakes to order from for the NewYear

9 cakes to order from for the NewYear – There should be one mantra for every New Year and that is to start the new year with a bang. We all have a basic idea in which we want to celebrate the New Year but we would suggest that start it with some things that bring positivity into your life. It could be anything like going to a party, spending time alone, being with family, or anything, just make sure to do the things that bring you peace and also make you happy. We want you to set the mood high for the New Year.

While you are at it, let us suggest you one more thing. Do not count the calories on this day and make sure to eat some nice cakes on the first day of the New Year. It is always good to start the new year on a positive and sweet note and what better than to include some delicious cakes to it?

So, here are some of the cake ideas that you can get for yourself for the New Year. If you are ordering a cake, make sure to order something nice and fancy that would suit the occasion. All of these cakes mentioned below are available on and can also be customised as per your preference on our website. So, make sure to check it out.

No matter what your vibe is, we are pretty sure that you will find something of your choice on our website.

  1. Time Ticking Cake

New Year starts with getting all excited about the clock striking at midnight. The whole party waits for this moment and as soon as the ball drops, the celebrations are next level. So, one of the best cake ideas for New Year is the time ticking cake in which a beautiful wall clock base is drawn on the cake with time bombers at 12 am. It makes for such a cool and appropriate cake for this event. It is even suited when you are partying or welcoming the new year at 12 am, exact. This would make the occasion even happier.

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  1. Happy New Year Cake

This is basic but it does the job pretty well. If you have nothing in mind for the New Years cake then this will suffice the job for you. The cake is a basic one with ‘Happy New Year’ written on the top. You can get this done on any cake of your choice. Just choose the cake that you love the most on our website and we will get the text written on it on the top or the sides of the cake. You can choose the cake of your favourite flavour and you will never complain about anything for sure.

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  1. Year Mention Cake

Just like the previous one, this is also a simple cake and you can get it done on any cake of your choice. This cake is only about the mention of the year of the new one. However, you can play a lot with this cake and get a lot of things designed with this cake. You can either use a lot of number cake toppers to use as the year, you can get the year customised with fondant in some quirky way, and the list is pretty much endless. Just check and you will be spoilt for choices and even reach out to us for any kind of customisations.

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  1. Wine Glass Cake

The new year demands you to cheer to the coming year on a very happy note with the people you love. So, a wine-cheer is a must. Well, not in any literal sense but in some cake sense. Yes, so this is one of our favourite cakes that you can get for the New Year. This is another simple cake with a design of fancy win-cheers being done. This can also be designed with fondant, with some bubbles on top, making it colourful like red or white wine. It is a jazzy cake and we love it, hope you love it too.

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  1. Manifestation Cake

Keep aside Resolutions, let’s talk about manifestation. This new year, all you have to do is set some manifestations for yourself and start the new year with those manifestations. Manifestation is basically thinking good and attracting positivity in your life. It is believed that as positive you think, you attract positivity in your life. So, instead of thinking bad all the time or only cribbing, you have to start thinking positively and that will bring positivity into your life. So, a manifestation cake with some numbers like 11:11 or an angel’s sign etc can also be a cute cake for the new year.

  1. Resolution Cake

No matter how cliche is the resolution factor, you cannot ignore that we all end up taking one or many resolutions in the new year. Of course, we all tend to break it here and there and it happens because they are mostly unrealistic and tough. So, this year, if you have to take a New Year resolution, we would suggest you take something real and something achievable. Whatever your resolution is, make sure to get a cake and write that on it. It is going to be such a cool cake for the new years and you are surely going to enjoy it.

  1. The Blingy Cake

Everything about New Year’s is blingy. The time, the party, the outfits people choose to wear on this day, the vibe, the party ball and basically everything is just super blingy. So, how about having a cake for the new year which is also all bling and party-ready? This is hands down one of our favourite cakes that has all the New Year vibes to it. You can get cakes customised for the new year with some sparkles on them, bling, and lots of confetti, etc. Just make sure to make it new year ready. The best place to reach out to for this is

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  1. Double Tier Winter Feels Cake

New Year is the time when it is heavenly winter in most parts of the world including India. People not only enjoy the New Year celebrations but also enjoy winter parties during this time. So, celebrating New Year means also celebrating the peak winter season in India. For this, a nice winter-theme-related cake would be appropriate for the new year. You can get a winter wonderland cake, a winter frosty cake, snow cakes, and lots more. To make it even more fun, you can make it double-tiered and you are done. You can find a lot of such cakes on

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  1. Colourful New Year Cake

And lastly, we have this! We want all of our lives to be filled with happy and positive colours from this year onwards. We want all of our lives to be as colourful as possible and to celebrate this, we have this colourful New Year cake for you. It is a random cake with a lot of colours, designs, and more to just bring a positive aura into your life. You can get this cake in any flavour and add as many colours as possible. You can also include some theme to these cakes and follow the colour therapy as per that.

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These were some of the most fancy cakes you can get for the New Year. Each person has a new thing related to the new year. Everyone wants to start their year with something new and hence they must choose the cake as their choice. But, in case you are confused, here are some options for the best New Year cakes. Most of these cakes are available on But, also let us tell you that you can also get your cakes customised through

If you like any cake and want it to be delivered to your doorstep, we are here for you to do that. Any kind of New Year cake you want to get delivered to your place, just send us the sample pictures for customisation along with your requirements, and we will get that same cake delivered to you. So, check out for more.

9 cakes to order from for the NewYear – There should be one mantra for every New Year and that is to start the new year with a bang. We all have a basic idea in which we want to celebrate the New Year but we would suggest that start it with some things that…