24 Things to Adapt in 2024 Year to Elevate your Life in all Sense

24 Things to Adapt in 2024 Year to Elevate your Life in all Sense

24 Things to Adapt in 2024 Year to Elevate your Life in all Sense – 2024 is already here and we are one week past it. Well, there is nothing to worry about, it’s just a week that has gone by and we have a whole year in front of us. Seeing people making major changes in their lives from Jan 1 and putting it out on social media can be really overwhelming. But, you do not have to worry about it because no matter how it looks, life is not a race, we are not here to win against others but just us.

The year has obviously changed but it’s winter, the days are still shorter, it still feels cosy, life still feels slow, and our bodies and minds are still processing a lot of things slowly. So, if you haven’t made any resolutions yet, or haven’t brought any significant life changes yet, let us confirm that it is okay. You can do it on your own time because you have to do it for yourself.

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You can still keep January slow, prepare your mind, and then come stronger when you feel like. On that note, if you want a little bit of help to upgrade your life in 2024, we have some easy but really impactful ideas, right here. These basic but significant lifestyle changes are going to help you live a better, comforting, and meaningful year.

Life and Mind

  1. A Clean Lifestyle

A clean lifestyle means having an organised home that brings peace, having a clean self-care routine that makes you feel good and confident, having a nourished diet that keeps you healthy, accurate planning so that everything goes as you desire, and things alike. Clean is the new rich, for sure.

  1. The Main Character Energy

This is not just a social media phrase that is doing the rounds, it is rather impactful if you get serious about it. It simply means to give more importance to yourself without compromising on loving your loved ones and without feeling guilty. It means to live a life happily by prioritising yourself.

  1. Create a vision for your life

We all want something from our lives. Each year we look forward to achieving a certain thing. But, just thinking won’t help you enough. Instead, create a board with all the vision that pops into your mind related to that happy life you want, and work for it. You will know what you want and what you got, this way.

  1. Leaving behind non-serving things

2023 might have been great for you but you want 2024 to be greater, right? So, you need to make a list of the things that are not going to serve you anymore and leave those things behind. Give room to newer things and see your life getting elevated in no time.

  1. Tracking the Habits

Creating a habit is one thing but sticking to that habit is another and is quite difficult. So, instead of going haywire and not knowing when you started something and when and how it got disrupted, start tracking all your habits. This will improve your consistency and will help you stay intact with those habits. Try different habit-tracking apps.

  1. The Idea of Decluttering

Declutter everything, keep January for this purpose! Get rid of the old clothes, old items in your house, the meaningless screenshots, the countless spam emails, the duplicated photos, the useless contacts, the negative people, and everyone else that does not matter. Decluttering gives space to new and better things.

  1. Journaling and showing gratitude

You won’t understand its importance and impact on your life until you start doing it. Once you start, there is no going back. In this age when so many things are going on around us, it is very important to sit down and clear our thoughts. So, journal them down and live free. Also, writing about the things that you are grateful for, brings calmness in your mind.

  1. Accept your flaws and mistakes

This habit is going to bring peace in your life in ways you cannot understand. It is very easy to blame others and hold them accountable for everything. But, as soon as you start to realise your mistakes, you will be able to rectify them, and that will help you lead a calmer life. Remember you are in control of your actions and not others.

  1. Ditching the comfort zone

It can mean in every sense. Be it career-wise or any other way. A win and a new life are awaiting you, right outside that comfort zone. If you are feeling controlled by your actions or you feel something is holding you back, just get rid of those and see the new you.

  1. The Affirmation Routine

For some people, it is easy as it comes naturally, for some people, it is tough to appreciate the good in themselves and around them. For both, we suggest, starting the day with some affirmations. Read some positive quotes, write 5 good things about yourself, listen to a motivating podcast/song/story or anything, and just start the day on a good note.

  1. Daily Life Routine & Agenda

This simply means to plan your day, week, month, year, and your entire life. Having a to-do list including everything that you want to do in the whole day and so on, will help you stay on track, be more productive, get more work done, and also see what all you have done.

  1. Taking time for your hobby

Haven’t we all left behind the things that brought us happiness and calmness because of our adult life? Well, nobody said we couldn’t go back at it. If not every day, we can find time to serve our hobbies that still excite us some days or the other. It is going to create such a difference.

  1. Doing something new

We all complain of having a boring life or our lives being stuck and nothing upgrading. Well, who is responsible for that? Of course us, for any reason! This year, try to do one new thing every month (small or big) and see what difference it makes in your life. Also, do not forget to track it.

Health – Physical and Mental

  1. Consistent Physical Movements

Taking your health for granted for any reason is never a good idea. You do not have to be a workaholic to be a winner. You cannot get lazy when it comes to your health. Start small but be consistent and also be serious about it. Make 2024 about yourself.

  1. Work on your mental health

Working on your mental health just does not mean going to a therapist because let’s be realistic that is not everyone’s cup of tea for various reasons. Working on your mental health daily includes having a ‘me’ time, talking to yourself, jotting down your thoughts, getting some fresh air, spending time with close ones, and so on.

  1. Understand your triggers

This is also a part of working on mental health. Having strong reactions to something always disrupts our mood and well-being. To manage this well, we all need to know what are the things that trigger us and we need to identify those and then work on those.

  1. Eating Routine and Tracking it

If you want to get to healthy eating then you need to have a routine of healthy meals and manage it regularly. Make a routine, stick to it, track it down, and after a week go back to checking it. You will feel so good, motivated and confident to keep doing it for the rest of your life.

  1. Work-Life Balance

It is very important to have a work-life balance or else it is severely going to affect your both physical and mental health. Not only can it affect personal relationships in your life but it is also going to ruin your peace and wellbeing, to say the least.

Money and Work

  1. Mindful Shopping

This is basically for the impulsive shoppers, emotional shoppers and the people who have no control when they see cute things. Mindful shopping does not only burden your savings but also lets you be a slave of a lot of things that later on just become clutter pieces. Time to get mindful!

  1. Tracking Expenses

Do you find yourself caught up saying ‘I am broke’ a lot of times or do you not always have extra money for doing extra stuff? Well, then you are spending way more and are not tracking it effectively. From 2024, sideline some amount (make it little), for your monthly spending, stick to it, and track it. You will be very thankful to yourself by the end of the year.

  1. Consistent Savings & Investments

Don’t make it just an annual thing or a very rare thing. Instead, you need to be consistent with your savings and investments. Make a promise to save and invest some amount of money in different instalments and this will be a game changer for you. Educate yourself more about investments.

  1. Planning Life and Major Spends

Planning your money for different things in advance is always going to help you and keep you sane. If you love travelling, set some amount in a different account for travel each month, the same goes for health, properties, and more. This way you will be planned for even bigger spends.


  1. Organising everything to the T

Keeping everything organised brings calmness and peace in the house and also in your mind. It also reduces your daily chores to a major extent. Everything looks pretty and you feel ready for every day. Also, along with the house, try to organise your life by planning and tracking, try to organise your laptops and phones by making folders and continuous clean-ups, and more.

  1. More Storage in the House

Try to include more storage space in your house. You might be having lots of empty spaces that can intelligently be turned into storage spaces, so get that done this year. This will help you more with organisation and will also give your space a new look. Making your home functional is the new style.


We said we would help you to elevate your life in every sense and here we did just that! We tried to cover most of the important things that will help us be better in 2024. These are not major changes rather these are consistent lifestyle changes that will help you stay on track, be more productive, be more consistent, and live a planned life. Try it and you will see the difference in your life.

24 Things to Adapt in 2024 Year to Elevate your Life in all Sense – 2024 is already here and we are one week past it. Well, there is nothing to worry about, it’s just a week that has gone by and we have a whole year in front of us. Seeing people making major changes…