Karwa Chauth

The Festival of Love Birds – Here’s how you can celebrate it together

The Festival of Love Birds – Karwa Chauth is the biggest Indian festival for lovers and partners. The festival celebrates the special, unbreakable, and the biggest bond which is between the partners. This festival is extremely pure in which the partners do a fast from the time of sunrise till the time of the moonrise and then enjoy the meal at the end of it.

Earlier, only women used to observe this fast for their husbands. But, these days, husbands are also observing the fasts for their wives to honour their wives. This festival is all about love and care for each other and hence both spouses do it for their partners.

Well, apart from fasting and doing the rituals, there are other things that can be done at this festival to make it more fun and happening. Let’s see some of the amazing things you can do on this day to make it memorable for you both. The festival is not just about doing the fast but about showing love, sacrificing, embracing marital bliss, and asking all the good things from God for the partners. So, there are lots of things that can be done to make it interesting.

Let’s see them, right here!

  1. The Moon Light Dinner

Well, as a couple, there is a higher chance that you might have done a lot of candlelight dinners together. But, on this day, you have to engage in something more exciting. You can do a moonlight dinner on this day. After all, you are going to break the fast after the moon comes in the sky. You are obviously first going to offer water to the moon and then have it yourself to break the fast. So, why not create a cute little set-up under the moon in your house, have your dinner with your partner there, and spend some quality time then and there?

  1. Gifts for the entire day

If your wife is observing a fast on this day for you, you need to spoil her to the fullest. This also goes the other way around and hence we are not going to make it gender-neutral. So, for doing such a sacrifice for the day, the partners need to be pampered. You can buy cute little gifts for your partner and gift them one by one for the entire day. This will keep the excitement level high throughout the day. This is also going to make your partner feel loved and attended in some ways. Go, buy those gifts now.

  1. Spending Quality Time

Use this day as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. In day to day lives we all get super busy in our lives. Just living together under the same sky is not enough because people hardly get to spend quality time with each other. So, on this day, do the things you wanted to do for a long time. You can go on a binge-watch session at home where you are spending time together and are also killing time. You can go for a long drive, you can talk your heart out, and the list is pretty much endless, for sure.

  1. Surprises all the way

First things first, let us tell you that if your spouse is observing a fast for you on Karwa Chauth then you are extremely lucky and blessed. Having a loving and devoted partner is one of the supreme bliss that life has to offer and you are already having one. So, feel extremely grateful and do the things that are going to surprise your partner throughout the day. You can give them surprise gifts, give them a surprise by saying that you are doing the fast too, surprise them with something unique, etc. This is going to fill their day with so much more love.

  1. A Special meaningful gift

While we are on the topic of gifting on the festival Karwa Chauth, instead of giving some random gift, you should consider gifting something thoughtful and meaningful. You should gift something that is special to the two of you to make this special for you both. Gifting something meaningful will be so special because then in that case you can see what all gifts you got in all these years. It will be such a nice memory down-the-lane thing for you to do later in life. Also, everyone loves gifts and hence this is always a good idea.

  1. A Grand Surprise party

If your partner is observing a fast for you on this day, then you can surprise them by throwing them a grand Karwa Chauth party or arranging a party with friends. At this party, all the couples who are observing the Karwa Chauth fast can come together, do the rituals, break the fast, and then have meals together at the end of it all. You can also include music, dance, games, etc in the party to make it all happening and worth it. If you have this party for the day, your partner will be more excited and will prepare for the party the whole day.

  1. Prepare her a fancy Sargi

Sargi is an important ritual of this festival. The people who have to do this fast need to eat some food before sunrise to keep them full the entire day. This ritual is called Sargi. People need to wake up early, take a bath, and eat Sargi at around 4 a.m. before sunrise. The Sargi ritual includes a thali in which all the food to eat is kept and offered by the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law then enjoys her Sargi and eats before the fasting actually begins. At this time, she can also drink as much water as she wants. So, as a partner, you can prepare a fancy Sargi for her and surprise her in this ritual too.

  1. Fast it together

The best thing that you can do for your partner on the occasion of the Karwa Chauth festival is to observe a fast for them. If your partner is doing a fast for you then you must reciprocate the love for them by keeping a fast for them too. This is something every person deserves. They also need assurance and belief that their partner loves them so much that they can observe a fast for them for the whole day for their well-being. So, fasting together is the best thing that you can do as a couple on this day.

  1. Salon Session at Home

Okay, so finally we are ending this list with something extremely meaningful and much-needed. You can surprise your partner with a couple salon sessions at your home on this day. First of all, your partner needs physical therapy so give them one. Second of all, your wife is already going to get ready in the most maximal way possible on this day so arrange a salon session at home for her. Third, your partner will surely not want to go out on this day when they are fasting, so let them indulge in some luxury happiness in the home itself. This way, you are also going to get some time to spend with each other.


Weren’t these some amazing activities to do on this day and make it grand? A festival of love needs to be celebrated in a way that it is actually filled with love. You can do these things on this day to avoid feeling hungry and also to create some lovely memories on this day. Also, if you are looking for some lovely gifts to gift your wife or husband on Karwa Chauth then you must check out chocolaty.in. On our website, you are going to find some amazing Karwa Chauth hampers to pamper your partners with. Happy Karwa Chauth to everyone.

The Festival of Love Birds – Karwa Chauth is the biggest Indian festival for lovers and partners. The festival celebrates the special, unbreakable, and the biggest bond which is between the partners. This festival is extremely pure in which the partners do a fast from the time of sunrise till the time of the moonrise and…