Mother's Day celebrations

Mother’s Day celebrations – But before that here’s Why we celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the entire world on every second Sunday of the May month and this year it is falling on the 14th of May. Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world to celebrate the thankless jobs that all moms of the world have been doing. Mother’s Day is all about expressing love, respect, and honour for the moms and also spoiling them by pampering them to the fullest.

Well, there is no hard and fast rule to celebrate this day and of course, it is highly customisable. One can celebrate Mother’s Day as and how they want. Only one rule should be followed when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day and it is ‘it should make your mother happy’, and nothing else matters. The way you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, it doesn’t have to justify any standards, and it doesn’t have to be trending. It just has to be comforting and something that your mom would enjoy.

We are pretty sure that you might already have decided how to celebrate Mother’s Day. In case, you haven’t keep checking out our blogs because we will be coming up with a lot of Mother’s day related blogs to help you plan this day perfectly.

But, before those things, here we need to talk about Mother’s Day in detail. In this blog, we are talking about the main reason why this day is celebrated, how it is celebrated in the whole world, and what are the different ways people celebrate it.

This blog is going to be informative enough so make sure to stick till the end.

Why Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide

This day is celebrated to honour the existence of mothers and their significance in people’s lives. A mother plays different roles in all of our lives like the birth giver, caregiver, friend, confidante, leader, gossiper, secret sharer, protector, and mentor, and the list is pretty much endless.

As per some statistics on, the number of phone calls is higher on Mother’s Day than any other time of year and phone traffic increases by 37%. These statistics clearly show that people call their moms a lot more on this day. So, if nothing, at least make sure to wish their moms on this day.

More than anything else or for any specific reason, this day is celebrated as an excuse to celebrate the best creature on earth which is Mom. This day is all about spoiling your moms and grandma to the fullest because they deserve it.

Mother’s Day is a part of our ancient history. The day was originally celebrated by the ancient Greeks and Romans who used to celebrate festivals in honour of the mother goddesses – Rhea and Cybele. So, originally, it was for these two Goddesses that Mother’s Day was actually celebrated. Rhea was the mother of the Roman goddesses and, as a maternal figure, represents female fertility, motherhood and generation. Cybele is another mother goddess, often associated with Rhea and maternal instinct.

America’s Mother’s Day

Here is why the original Mother’s Day started to be celebrated. The official Mother’s Day began in the USA. It was started by the daughter of Ann Marie Jarvis who was Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis wanted the day to be a celebration of how much mothers sacrificed for their children. After her Mother’s death in 1905, she started creating the Mother’s Day tradition and made enough effort into it. For creating this day as an occasion, she backed some financial support from John Wanamaker (who owned a Philadelphia department store).

She was the one who celebrated the first-ever Mother’s Day in a Methodist church located in Virginia. It was on the same day, the department store held a celebration for the special day also. Jarvis did about 9 years of campaigning for Mother’s Day and after promoting it rigorously, it eventually become recognised as a public holiday in 1914. Her efforts were counted and she was successful. Jarvis established the “Mother’s Day International Association” to help fund and promote her efforts. President Woodrow Wilson signed a contract stating that Mother’s Day would be the second Sunday in May. Her efforts even made this day be celebrated as a National holiday in the US.

Presently, American Mother’s Day has been way more commercialised than expected. Most countries celebrate Mother’s Day depending upon this day. So, there are people who have also criticised this phenomenon because of excessive commercialisation. Due to excessive commercialisation over the years, even Jarvis said that this was not the intent behind creating this pure day as a holiday. It was only meant to be celebrated in a small way with personal comforting gestures. Jarvis would later denounce the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar. So, it got tricky thereon.

Mother’s Day in the UK – Mothering Sunday

It is from this day onwards, Mother’s Day started to be celebrated in the whole world on the same day. But, apart from this story, there are some countries like the UK, this day is celebrated on some other day with a different story. We will discuss that as well.

The people of the UK celebrate their traditional Mothering Sunday. This day is related to the Christian calendar. It takes place in March, three weeks before Easter, on the fourth Sunday of Lent.   The UK public holiday of Mother’s Day has definitely become more commercialised over the years. Commercialisation means more people have started celebrating it and because of it more brands, agencies, etc have started rolling out different campaigns and selling products depending on the marketing on this day. People want to show their mothers how grateful they are and the brands have made excellent marketing gimmicks out of it to make it mainstream.


So, tell us honestly, did you know about so many reasons why Mother’s Day is celebrated in the whole world? If not, here, we told you. So, you have enough stories now to boast about in front of your friends. And right after you are done with it, here is the time to celebrate Mother’s Day in the best way possible.

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Mother’s Day is celebrated in the entire world on every second Sunday of the May month and this year it is falling on the 14th of May. Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world to celebrate the thankless jobs that all moms of the world have been doing. Mother’s Day is all about expressing…