Top 7 ways to celebrate Mother's Day virtually with your mom

7 creative ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day

7 creative ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day – A role of a mother is different in all of our lives but some of the most common roles that most mothers play in their children’s lives are that of a caretaker, caregiver, friend, confidante, leader, and so many others.

With the years, the relationship between a kid and a mother changes over time. The relationship a kid shares with her mom during his/her teens is something different and it develops to be more meaningful in the adult years of the kid. Apart from being the most beautiful relationship, a mother and the kid relationship is always the most nurturing relationship which goes through phases of love.

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There are obviously not enough ways to express love to your mom but you can always try to do some extraordinary things for her. And on Mother’s Day, you can totally do some epic nice things for her with a reason. If you want to do some creative things for your mother on Mother’s Day, we got some ideas for you to save your time.

  1. Nostalgic Slideshow Time

It is always good to live in the present without worrying about the future and without clinging to the past. But, if you have lived some amazing times in the past, there is no harm at all to reminisce those memories and times. Memories take you down the lane and we tend to share so many old stories that it feels like we are reliving them. So, to have a great time reliving the past, all you have to do is create an amazing slideshow of the best memories from the past and gift it to your mother. This is a gift that she will preserve for a lifetime. Also, make sure to sit with her and watch those photos and videos, to complete its nostalgic purpose.

  1. Virtual Surprise Party

There could be a lot of reasons why you might be in a long-distance relationship with your mother. Well, should this stop you from celebrating this beautiful day with her? Of course, not! There are enough thoughtful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day even if you are living in different places. A virtual surprise party can be one of those ideas. For this, you have to call in all your mom’s friends and plan a party at some place. Arrange everything for them and make sure all of their kids are on video calls too to celebrate Mother’s Day together. It would be so much fun and unique.

  1. Mother’s Day Trivia Game Party

We promised you unique ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day right? So, here’s another one which is not typical lunching together. This is all about organising a Mother’s Day trivia game party. You can either create or find online a trivia game related to mothers. This game can have some questions related to your mom and everyone in the family has to answer, whoever answers the most correct questions, knows her the best. You can also include some gifts to make it interesting and some penalties to keep the fun alive. You can also have a ‘never have I ever game’ and get to know some secrets of your mom. It would be fun too.

  1. Recreate Old Photos

Watching old photos and videos is obviously too much fun. But, you know what is even more fun than that? Well, then it is recreating those old photos and videos. For this, you have to select a bunch of photos, find similar or the same locations as those photos, wear similar or the same outfits, and recreate the photos in the same way it was taken years ago. It would be such a nice memory to keep for a lifetime and cherish. It will also turn out to be a very fun activity.

  1. Guided Workplace Tour

This is something definitely unique. A lot of you might think why is it even necessary? But, think about it! How cool will it be to show your mom where you work, what activities you do, what your job roles are, where you eat, how you manage things on a daily basis at work, who your work friends are, and so much more? She is already too curious to know these and honestly, she even deserves to know these things. It will also make her proud of you, so why not! You can also make it fun for her by clicking pictures, having meals with her in your office, etc.

  1. Offbeat Picnic Day

Well, Mother’s Day is on 14th May 2023, and May is the hottest month in India. So, it will be really impossible to go out on a real picnic date in some fancy parks or grounds. So, you can plan an offbeat picnic day with her. Offbeat picnic day means a fake picnic theme date inside your house. You would have to do some extra efforts like arranging for a fake grass mat, cleaning and making space in your house, setting up the picnic theme, getting food in boxes, etc, and having a picnic inside the house. You can play games, have meals, click pictures, and whatnot.

  1. Spa Retreat Sessions

Finally, here is some relaxing idea to try out with your mom. We always complain that how stressed out and tired we are as adults. We always crib about our tight work schedules and getting no break. Just think about how tired our moms would be because she has been doing all the adult stuff since always. So, this time treat your mom with relaxing spa sessions because she deserves it and secretly even wants it. Book it for both of you so that it is like a group activity and everyone is enjoying it.


Weren’t these some really creative ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day rather than just the usual ones of wishing or gifting or going for dinners outside? These were some really thoughtful and meaningful ideas that you can execute on the Mother’s Day occasion and surprise your mom. If we would have to give you a piece of advice then we would say that put the effort into making this day special. It is because mothers have put in a lot of effort throughout their lives for their children and family so do not just celebrate this day for the sake of doing it. Put effort, do something offbeat, and make this day the most memorable one for her.

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7 creative ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day – A role of a mother is different in all of our lives but some of the most common roles that most mothers play in their children’s lives are that of a caretaker, caregiver, friend, confidante, leader, and so many others. With the years, the relationship between a…