Mother's Day

Make Mom Smile: 5 Thoughtful Gestures for Mother’s Day 2024

Make Mom Smile: 5 Thoughtful Gestures for Mother’s Day 2024 – 12th May 2024 is Mother’s Day. It is one of the best and the most boring days that we get to celebrate as humans. To celebrate your birth giver is one of the biggest moments of happiness that the Universe has given us. Now, there is obviously a different idea in each one of our minds on how we want to celebrate this day. But, we would like to interfere a bit and suggest you that make sure to do things that you are sure your mom will enjoy.

Here, we are talking about 5 Thoughtful Gestures for Mother’s Day. In this blog, we are not just talking about going to a restaurant for lunch, going on vacations, buying her a cute card, etc. We are going to talk about some thoughtful gestures you can do for your mom that will create a lasting impact on her. She needs to feel appreciated, loved, pampered, heard, and even seen. So, these ideas will work best in that case.

  1. Cook your mom’s favourite meal on this day and give her a day off

One of the best things that you can do for your mom is cook her favourite meal and surprise her. Now, every day our moms cook great dishes for us throughout the day and keep feeding us. She finds her happiness in this. She does it all out of care. But, the thing here to note is that now she is a mom, a grown-up woman, but she was also once a little girl who once wanted and was also spoilt by her mother. She might be missing that little girl life of hers, don’t you think so? Of course, she does. Everyone loves to be pampered, spoilt, and taken care of, in different ways.

So, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, surprise her by preparing her favourite meal. This is going to make her really happy. It’s not about the food that is going to give her happiness but the effort shown by you, the thought process, and the feeling of being treated well. Moms deserve the world and this effort from your side on this special day is surely going to be the highlight of the year for her. Also, give her a day off from cooking and her regular chores.

  1. Gift your mom everything she has been wish listing – from day to night

Now, comes the time for gifting. Gifting cute and thoughtful things to your loved ones on special days is a beautiful way to make them happy. Along with giving them happiness, it is the smile on their faces and content in their hearts that also make us feel happy. Well, as they say, there is happiness in making our loved ones happy. So, coming to the point, plan on gifting some really nice things to your mom on Mother’s Day! Gifting can always be tricky if you do not know what to gift to your mom or any loved one for that matter.

Let us help you with that. Go to your mother’s favourite online website and go to her ‘wish list’ section. We are pretty sure that she might have wish-listed a lot of things or might have added some really likeable things to her cart. From there, choose 4 gifts to give her on this day. You can give one  give gift in the morning followed with another gift in the afternoon time then during the evening time and the final one at the end of the day. This would keep her surprised throughout the day and she would be getting something straight out of her wish list.

  1. Write 24 cute notes to your mom showing gratitude and give her each during 24 hours

There is nothing better than expressing your love and emotions towards the people you love. Words of affirmation are one of the best styles of love language out there. Telling someone how much you love them, how much they mean to you, and how much their presence means in your life is everything. Every time you get a chance to express your love towards someone, do it. Life is short and you do not want to regret expressing your love. So, this could be a great gifting idea for your mom on Mother’s Day. It is a really thoughtful gesture for her and we are going to tell you to do it in a really unique way.

So, make 24 notes for your mom. On each of the notes, write something special like why you love her, how grateful you are for her in your life, how your life is colourful because of her, and so many more things. Just be real and make sure that everything is personalised. Now, give her a note after each hour for the whole day till the next 24 hours. During the night time, you can calculate the hours and give those many notes the next morning together. She will be so happy with this gesture. You will surely get her teary-eyed.

  1. Give a salon spa coupon to your mom and her BFF for the entire day

Another very thoughtful thing you can do for your mom is surprise her with a salon spa treat. A salon spa treat includes special personalised coupons for your mom at her favourite salon. You need to purchase the coupon from a new salon, the best salon in the town, or the salon your mom finds the most comfortable. You need to book some services from that salon through that coupon like pedicure, foot massage, head massage, facial, and any other activity. You can also just pay a certain amount and ask your mom to choose the services as per her liking.

To make it even more interesting, you can book this salon spa session for your mom along with her BFF. You will either need to pay for both of them or you can reach out to your mom’s BFF’s kids and ask them to book one for their mom. This could be a nice women’s outing treat served to the moms by their kids. They are just going to relax in the spa together, get their favourite self-care services done, enjoy tea/coffee/refreshments together, and just chill. It is going to be such a delightful and chill day for her.

  1. Set up the kitchen with all essential gadgets and more for her everyday use

We are talking about the thoughtful gestures to do for your mom on Mother’s Day and this is one of the most thoughtful things to do for your mom. Setting up the kitchen of her dreams is one of the best things to do for her. Now, let us break it to you step by step on how you can achieve this. So, this needs prior planning and will not be done in just one day. You need to find out the issues your mom is facing in the kitchen, buy the new items that can help her reduce the manual work, try to change the look/feel of the kitchen, and that’s all.

So, you can buy lots of choppers for your mom in the first place. It will help her easily cut vegetables in less time. It is a boon for her. Now, the next thing is to give her some styled things for the kitchen like new-style choppers, platters, serving bowls, cute cups, and a lot of new things. You can set up a budget and give her new things within that budget and rearrange her kitchen to make it more fun and easier for her. She is going to love this surprise.


These were some of the really thoughtful ways in which you can celebrate Mother’s Day and surprise your mom to the fullest. Of course, there are other ways to celebrate the day like going on a vacation together, going for lunches, gifting cute things, and more. There is nothing wrong in doing those things and you are totally welcome to do them. There is no right or wrong on how to celebrate this day. But, if you want to do something meaningful and something that has a deeper impact on your mom, you can try doing these things too. These gestures can also be followed by gifting and more. Also, a very happy Mother’s Day to all the gorgeous moms in the world.

Make Mom Smile: 5 Thoughtful Gestures for Mother’s Day 2024 – 12th May 2024 is Mother’s Day. It is one of the best and the most boring days that we get to celebrate as humans. To celebrate your birth giver is one of the biggest moments of happiness that the Universe has given us. Now, there…