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Children’s Day – 9 Fresh changes that need to be made for children in the schooling system starting this children’s day

Children’s Day – Yet another Children’s Day is here. All the schools in the country are going to celebrate this day, are going to give a holiday to the students, and parents are going to gift cute things to their kids. It will be celebrated like yet another holiday which the children are also going to view it like a holiday. All of these mentioned things are important, kids need to celebrate this day. 

But, apart from all these things, this day should be seriously viewed in a way to bring a change for children. We wish that this day be celebrated in a deeper way. We are thinking about how these changes need to be made in the schooling system to make schooling much better for the students. 

We are going to talk about the 9 Fresh changes that need to be made or we wish were made for children in the schooling system starting this children’s day. We have retrospected every part of a kid’s school/college life and after that, we came to the conclusion that these changes can be life-changing for every kid. 

P.S. – Our intention is not to challenge the schooling system or the educational plans of our country, but these are just suggestions that we wish were made to make it better for children. 

  • One on One Schooling 

To begin with, Indian schools and colleges have more than 40 students in one class. In this scenario, it becomes extremely difficult for the teachers to pay attention to each student. Teachers do not even have time in every period to look after every child and solve their queries. 

This, in turn, is not helpful for students because it is also tough for them to pay attention in class with distractions all around them. One-on-one schooling can be a great initiative to help students be better in their academics. Lots of realistic plans need to be made around this to make it successful. 

  • A Better Rule for Toilet Emergencies

One common practice that is there in every school/college is that children need to seek permission every time they have to go out to the washrooms. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. It is mandatory but there are some situations where teachers tend to get harsh and do not allow students to leave the classroom for some reasons. 

This is however not correct. Some schools have strict rules about all these situations. Schools and colleges need to get a lenient rule for this because sometimes it can lead to embarrassment on student’s personal front. Wrong decisions by the teachers can lead to some serious mental issues with the kids, for a lifetime. 

  • Including Financial Education 

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Indian education system is that they do not teach the students about financial education. There are a lot of things included in our curriculum that are not practically important. Instead of all these, there is education related to finance, earning opportunities, side income, investing, etc are important in our day-to-day life. 

As we become adults and we get into the earning phase, we do not have enough knowledge about savings and investments. Lack of financial knowledge lets us waste years in not investing money in the correct places. This needs to be included in simpler ways. 

  • Widen the Opportunity Graph 

These days there are so many courses and career options available online and offline. The times have drastically changed. With the progress of the internet, AI, online courses, social media, online jobs, etc, there are so many career opportunities that have evolved in front of students. Now is not a time when students have no option but to take the traditional path. 

Hence, the teachers, management, and the government should come together to expand the opportunity graph of different career fields to the students so that they do not feel compelled to do what everyone else is doing. Students should be shown the wide world out there. 

  • Equal Respect and importance to all subjects 

Since always, the focus has always been given to the top subjects like science, commerce, and arts. And even in these three, extreme importance and respect is given to the science subjects. Because of this thought process, a lot of students either end up pursuing courses they are not interested in or they are not made aware of the career opportunities post a particular subject. 

This should change and equal importance should be given to all streams and all subjects. Students who are interested in different subjects should be encouraged to go after that field of education without any worry. 

  • Remove Taboo related to mensuration and sex education 

This is highly required because this is not a taboo. When it comes to mensuration, only girl children are taught about it or are told about it while taking them aside, away from the boys (in a co-ed school). This creates a sense of curiosity in the minds of young boys and the impression that is created in their minds around this is negative. Later, this is the thing that makes girls uncomfortable for the rest of their lives. 

This needs to be eradicated and even boys need to be educated that it is normal and even girls need to be taught to be open about it, as there is no shame attached to it. Schools should teach students from an early age, the meaning of good and bad touches so that child molestation can be prevented as these could lead to fear and depression in many children. 

Sex should not be thought of as a taboo but as a natural process that can be talked about freely without hesitation. This can save a lot of girl’s lives and will also help boys understand the meaning of consent. 

  • Not character shaming girl students for their certain choices, publicly

Lots of schools have strict policies for girl children related to their uniforms in terms of design, length, and more. There are rules for girls to not wear accessories, come in open hair, flaunt nail paints, and more. All of these are correct on the school level. But, shaming the girls in front of the whole class or school if something goes wrong is highly wrong. 

The school should know how to maintain the dignity of the girl child. They can be explained nicely as how these things are not wrong but are also not allowed on the school campus because of the rules. 

  • Bring in a variety of Counselling 

At the school level and also in most colleges, counselling is not common. This is the reason students don’t know what they want to do in future and make decisions based on the decisions of their peers or parents. Because of this, many students are not happy with their lives, they do not enjoy their adult life while working, and they cannot pursue their passion thinking it being unrealistic. 

This needs to be changed. Students should be given counselling right from the 10th standard till the final level of education. They should be thoroughly asked about their interests and should be given options on how to make their interests as their career, later in life. 

  • No student humiliation by the teachers

Haven’t we all been humiliated by at least one teacher in our lives either in school or in college? Beating, humiliating, torturing, and doing things alike to the students should be strictly prohibited from the teacher’s end. Humiliating students for their mistakes when they are so young can create a negative impression in their minds which can be harmful for them in various ways. 

Teachers should be given counselling on how to handle students in a polite way and talk things to them. The teachers, by no means, should have the right to publicly or even personally humiliate any child. For serious matters, even parents should be involved and the child’s care should be taken. 


At the end of this article, all I want to say is we wish these positive things were included in the schooling system during our times. School should not be a place where students only go to study. It should be the place for personality and morality development. 

Students need to be taught those values that would help them be better people in life rather than just teaching them bookish knowledge. We wish to have a schooling system where students are not taught about the patriarchy, taboo, etc. 

We want a schooling system where students are encouraged to break the barriers, see beyond societal norms, and help make this world a better place for everyone. Also, a very Happy Children’s Day to everyone. 

Children’s Day – Yet another Children’s Day is here. All the schools in the country are going to celebrate this day, are going to give a holiday to the students, and parents are going to gift cute things to their kids. It will be celebrated like yet another holiday which the children are also going…