7 Bhai Dooj gift ideas for Brothers and Sisters

Celebrating Long Distance Bhai Dooj: Here’s How to Make It Better

Celebrating Long Distance Bhai Dooj: Here’s How to Make It Better – We want to begin this blog by wishing you all a very Happy Bhai Dooj. Bhai Dooj is another one of the most fabulous Hindu festivals in which we celebrate the bond between the siblings.

The bond that the siblings share is honestly the purest because you are your most unfiltered version of your sibling. They know all your secrets and they love you the most. They are the ones who are going to humiliate and embarrass you in person and fight the world for you in public. Different sibling relationships are different and we are not classifying it by any means but this was the general gist of it. 

Well, if for any reason, you are not together with your sibling on Bhai Dooj this year and are celebrating a long-distance Bhai Dooj, then we have some ideas for you to make it better. Keep reading the blog and we are sure you are going to find something that suits your schedule. 

Pick the one that works the best for you and you will enjoy the day to your heart’s content. Also, you can always makeshift things as per your plan. 

  • Make a Long Weekend Plan with each other

Of course, the first thing we will suggest here is making time for each other. Adult life is pretty hard, no matter how ruthless it sounds, but finding time for our loved ones is also very tricky. However, priorities need to be sorted and here we suggest you make a plan and meet your siblings on this Bhai Dooj. Diwali to Bhai Dooj can be made a long holiday weekend if you plan beforehand or even suddenly with some immediate holidays. This can be a chance to meet your siblings and celebrate both of these holidays together. You are going to be so peaceful after this decision. 

  • Spare a Day to do things together – online 

Okay, we also understand that it might get tougher for you to still find time and arrange a long weekend holiday with your siblings. It is not possible for everyone and that too on short notice, it can be even tougher. So, here we have another amazing option for you. All you can do is spare a day on Bhai Dooj and make it a sibling date even if it is online. You can do the things that you love online with each other. You can have your favourite meals together while you are online and talking. You can do other things like watching movies online together and the list is pretty much endless. 

  • Surprise them with their favourite food delivery 

For a lot of you, Bhai Dooj is not a holiday so both the things that we mentioned above are not possible to be done. Distance and work both can become a barrier but only if you will let it so. So, the best idea here is to do something that is possible for you where you do not have to compromise on anything. You can send a surprise food delivery to your sibling’s place on this day. Make sure that the parcel you are sending them contains all of their favourite food. Food brings people closer and it makes everyone happy, so this can be a good idea for sure. 

  • A surprise visit

We stan the idea of meeting your sibling on this day. This is the day of siblings and if you have to do something crazy and meaningful for them, you might as well try this. You can plan a surprise visit to your sibling’s place on this day. Keep it secretive till the end of time and just shock them with the most pleasant visit. They are surely going to love it, are going to appreciate your efforts, and are also going to be happy for the whole day. This idea is possible if you live nearby, or in close cities, or in the same city. Do consider this, if you can!

  • Cook and send their favourite food, in case you live nearby 

Another very special thing that you can do for your siblings on this day is to cook something special for them and send them. You know what your sibling likes and if you can manage to cook that dish, then you should go ahead with it. All you have to do is cook their favourite meal and somehow send it to them on the day of bhai dooj. This is only possible if you live really close to each other and bonding over food is the only thing you can do this year because of some reason. More than anything else, they are going to appreciate your efforts for sure. 

  • Send them some cute gifts 

Yes, this is also something we would highly recommend because what are festivals without gifts, right? In fact, just like Raksha Bandhan, even Bhai Dooj is a festival in which siblings share gifts with each other. Traditionally, it is the sisters who spoil their brothers with gifts on this day but it is all about sharing gifts with all your siblings. So, find that perfect gift for your sibling and send them right away to make their day.

You need to spoil them, pamper them, and just love them. If gifting is your love language, you have a reason! If you are looking for some last-minute gifts for Bhai Dooj then you can check out chocolaty.in. On our platform, you will find a plethora of gifts that can be sent on the day of Bhai Dooj itself. You are never really late with us. 

  • Have a long heartfelt conversion 

Okay, this is a bare minimum if you think it that way but this is also really wholesome. If you are an adult and you do not live with your siblings anymore, then you know the value of a long and heartfelt conversation. If you don’t have time for anything or if you are not able to manage anything then this should work for you. Just call your sibling and tell them you want to talk to them for hours so set some time separately for it. Just indulge in some deep talk and let your heart feel the happiness. More than anything else, you deserve this, your sibling deserves this. There is no better friend in the world than a sibling and now is the time to rekindle that again. 


These were all of the wonderful things that you can do on this day. You just need to figure out what you want to do with your sibling on Bhai Dooj and go ahead with that plan. Let no distance or adult things come in the way of celebrating the bond that you both share with each other. Once again, we would like to remind you that if you are searching for some amazing and affordable Bhai Dooj gifts then you can check out chocolaty.in. We will even help you to send chocolates and lots of other gifts on the doorstep of your sibling even on the same day of order. Also, a very happy Bhai Dooj to everyone. 

Celebrating Long Distance Bhai Dooj: Here’s How to Make It Better – We want to begin this blog by wishing you all a very Happy Bhai Dooj. Bhai Dooj is another one of the most fabulous Hindu festivals in which we celebrate the bond between the siblings. The bond that the siblings share is honestly the…