9 simple house decorating tips for Dhanteras

9 simple house decorating tips for Dhanteras

9 simple house decorating tips for Dhanteras – The best time of the year is right here, in front of us. If you are an Indian, you have to agree that Diwali is hands down the prettiest time of the year. There is something in the air during the time of Diwali that makes everything super pleasant, vibrant, colourful, and so cosy. The weather around this time is amazing, the heart is feeling good, and all you want to do is enjoy slow days during this time of the year.

Diwali for us is just not another festival. It is the annual time of the year for the whole house clean-up. It is the time to purchase new things for the house and spend time in redecorating it. It is the time to eat lots of good food, go to parties, meet your loved ones, get dressed up, and just enjoy these days. But, apart from these things, one of the prime things to do during Diwali is decorate your house.

While we are on the topic of decorating the house during the time of Diwali, here are some 9 simple house decorating tips for Dhanteras. Dhanteras comes two days before Diwali and hence the decoration for this day has to be a little lowkey so that the vibe of Diwali should be on. Of course, you can do the lighting of the house and everything but when it comes to decorating the house, here are some simple ways to decorate your house on Dhanteras day.

9 simple house decorating tips for Dhanteras

  1. Genda Phool Decor but Minimal

One of the most festive flowers in India has to be the marigold flowers. It would not be wrong to say that people have overused genda pool in every decoration. It has totally become a cliche style but it is cliche for a reason. The warmth, charm, happiness, and vibe these flowers bring to the table are amazing. Also, these are considered auspicious. We know you are going to overdo these on Diwali, so for Dhanteras, you can go a little minimal. You can use genda phool flowers on pots, cups, bowls, etc and keep them in different places. Cute yet minimal, right?

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  1. White Flower Garlands and Fairy Lights on Curtains

If you are someone who likes Boho decor or minimal decor then you will surely like this one. This is really a fancy decor that is not overdone. If you do this, people will like it for sure because it is a fresh concept. To achieve this decor, you have to fold your curtains and part them. Then on the curtains, you have to hang the jasmine or any white flower garlands because they look very aesthetic. And the final part is adding the fairy lights along with the flower garlands. This is such minimal decor but so fancy and chic.

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  1. Spruce up the Stairs with colourful curtains

Let’s bring another minimal decor style for you for Dhanteras. This style is very simple and will add a lot of charm and element to your house. For this, you have to do nothing. You just have to take out your colourful curtains or bedsheets. Using these, you can decorate the handles of your stairs and make them look pretty. We always tend to overlook these little nooks of our house but revamping them will bring so much vibrance to the place. You can also use colourful clothes as curtains for this purpose. You can also add fairy light strings to these curtains.

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  1. Add rugs and carpets in the entire house

If you do not have carpets and rugs styled in the entire house then this is the time to do it. You can bring out or even purchase some fancy carpets (of any aesthetic be it Boho, minimal, ethnic, etc) and spruce up the floors of your entire house. Using this only, it will add so much vibe and element to your entire house. If you have guests coming over to your house for the occasion of Diwali then this will be such a great decor addition to your place. You can also re-use the old carpets too.

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  1. Huge flower Pots at the Entrance

One of the most simple yet one of the most significant decorations for Dhanteras is using big flower pots at the entrance of your house. You can use all the bigger flower pots and put them on the sides of your main door. In these pots, you can decorate some really fancy flowers in different aesthetic colours. This will add so much to your decor. Everyone passing your house will get a glimpse of it and the positivity will surely radiate. If you have house parties in your house, this will be a great starter when it comes to decorations.

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  1. Artificial Flower Vines in the balcony/windows

Let us give you one of the simplest ways to decorate your house for Dhanteras. You have to get yourself some colourful flower vines. Instead of the real flowers, we would suggest you go for the artificial flowers in this case. Use artificial flowers of different colours and hang them on your windows or balconies. You might already be adding some fairy lights for Dhanteras and Diwali so adding some artificial flowers will be an amazing idea. The whole place will look so cute and you are going to get the full feels of Dhanteras. You will also not need to make a lot of effort for this.

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  1. Plates of Diyas and Candles Mixed

Decorating the house with candles and diyas is not only important for Diwali but also is considered really auspicious. You cannot forget to include these things in your decor element even for Dhanteras. But, to be a little minimal, to not go extremely overboard, and to add some fancy element to your decor, here are some exciting ways to add diyas and candles to your house. So, you can use some urli, plates, bowls, trays, etc and adjust the candles and diyas on them and place those in different nooks of your house. It will look so cute, fresh, and amazing.

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  1. Minimal Floral or Sticker Rangolis

We know you are going to make the big or the main Rangoli on the day of Diwali. Hence, we have a cute alternate option for you. You can also do a small little Rangoli for Dhanteras. Instead of the traditional Rangoli of colours (that you are going to do for Diwali), for Dhanteras, you can go for floral Rangoli. You can use a lot of flowers in different colours and make a cute Rangoli for Dhanteras. If this is not something that you like or want, you can use the ready-made stick on Rangolis and stick them in different places.

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  1. Cutlery and Floating Candles on the Coffee Table

Finally, one of the most exciting decorations for Dhanteras that you can do is this one. A lot of people ignore decorating their coffee or dining table. If you have a party, get-together, or just casual Diwali celebrations at home, this centrepiece needs to be decorated. You can use some floating candles and potpourri and decorate the entire coffee table with these. It is going to look so aesthetic. Along with these, make sure to add fancy cutlery, coffee mug sets, wine glasses, and all required items. It will jazz up your place so beautifully with just minimal effort.

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Be ready to jazz up your house on Dhanteras using these decorating tips. We made sure to include some minimal tips so that the main decoration can be done by you on the day of Diwali. We also made sure to implement decorating styles of different aesthetics so that everyone can relate to them. Just choose the decorating style that you like the most and get going with the decor of Dhanteras. We wish you a very Happy Dhanteras and a very happy Diwali too.

9 simple house decorating tips for Dhanteras – The best time of the year is right here, in front of us. If you are an Indian, you have to agree that Diwali is hands down the prettiest time of the year. There is something in the air during the time of Diwali that makes everything super…