9 Auspicious things to buy on Dhanteras

9 Auspicious things to buy on Dhanteras

9 Auspicious things to buy on Dhanteras – Dhanteras is one of the most important Indian festivals. It is a festival that comes two days prior to Diwali which is one of the biggest festivals in India. The festival of Diwali begins with the festival of Dhanteras. Just like with any other festival, even this festival has a special place in our hearts and lots of beliefs are attached to this day as well.

Dhanteras is the festival on which people praise their wealth and the puja of Maa Lakshmi and Kuberji are done. Maa Lakshmi and Kuberji are regarded as the Gods of wealth and they are devoted on this day. To show special love to these Gods, people spend some money and buy certain things for their house, for themselves, or for the women of the house. This is considered really holy on this day. It is believed that more wealth and prosperity are attracted through this.

This year, Dhanteras is on the 10th of November. In many homes and offices/shops, etc, people also conduct puja in their homes. Some people also believe that wearing new clothes is really important on this day. On that note, let us see 9 Auspicious things to buy on Dhanteras. If you have to invest in a particular thing, make sure it is on some things that are considered sacred on this day.

P.S. – We have things listed down below for every budget so be sure that you will find something of your liking for sure.

  1. An auspicious piece of Gold

To begin with, the most important thing that most people buy on the occasion of Dhanteras is a piece of gold. It can be anything like any gold jewellery, bars of gold, gold coins, gold paper, or anything related to gold. There is also a mythological story attached to this. So, there was once a King Hima. His son got a prediction that he would die due to a snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage. But, his wife protected him by placing shiny ornaments in the house to distract the snake. Buying gold items ensures warding off any negative energy as well.

  1. A divine silver coin

Just like gold, people also consider buying silver on this day. The same story goes for silver as well. The wife of King Hima used silver ornaments as well. Buying silver coins is the most common phenomenon in most Hindu houses as it is budgeted, auspicious, and is considered a charm of good luck for this day. Mostly people buy silver coins with a photo of Maa Lakshmi on them. Most of the jewellery shops are overloaded this day and they sell silver coins in huge numbers. It is a good day to invest in some other silver items as well like silver utensils, silver jewellery, and more things.

  1. An essential of the house, a broom

This might come as a shock for many people who don’t know about it, but this is one of the most auspicious items to buy on Dhanteras. The item is none other than a broom. A broom is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck in the house and ward off any kind of evil eyes. In contrast to its use, brooms are generally considered an auspicious item for the house and any place they are used in. So, buying a broom is a must on this day. You will generally see a new broom in every Hindu household on this day.

  1. Piggy banks to save some money

Dhanteras is all about worshipping money and worshipping the Gods related to money who are Maa Lakshmi and Kuber Ji. People do puja of these Gods on this day. People worship these Gods to attract prosperity and more wealth. So, everything is more or less related to money itself. Apart from this, people buy piggy banks on this day as it is another one of the most important things to buy on Dhanteras. People make sure to buy piggy banks on Dhanteras and make sure to fill money in it on this day itself. Doing this activity ensures good luck that will attract more money in our lives.

  1. House essentials like utensils

When you are going out for Dhanteras shopping, one of the prime items to buy for the house is a piece of utensil. People consider the day of Dhanteras extremely auspicious to buy utensils specially made of steel. People generally buy different utensils on this day and prepare some sweet dish on it either on the day of Dhanteras itself or on the day of Diwali. This brings more positivity, and good luck, and wards off all kinds of evil eyes. So, if you do not have a big budget, you can just buy a piece of utensil on Dhanteras day.

  1. A nice vehicle, if that’s in your plan

Dhanteras is one of the best days in the Hindu culture to buy new things. People pause their heavy and special purchases to buy on this day. Dhanteras is one of those days in which the market in India is really high in every sector because people buy different things. Hence, the day is also good to buy some heavy and expensive things like vehicles be it bikes, scooters, or even cars. People also buy their business vehicles like trucks, autos, etc on this day because it is the most auspicious day for such purchases as per the Hindu belief. So, if you have vehicle purchasing down the line, you can get it during this time as you might also get some heavy discounts.

  1. Home appliances to upgrade

Diwali is considered the New Year by many castes in India like Marwari and Gujarati. For them, it is not only a festival but an arrival of the New Year’s as well. So, people welcome new changes in their lives for betterment. This is the reason people buy so many new things for their house as well. Hence, this day also serves as an auspicious day to buy other stuff like home appliances. People pause and purchase some home appliances like fridges, TVs, smartphones, laptops, etc on this day as it is considered auspicious. Also, for more sales, shops and brands come up with huge discounts for Dhanteras.

  1. Choose some brass or copper items

Along with the steel utensils, people also buy brass and copper utensils on the day of Dhanteras. So, it is just not the steel utensils that are a part of the holy purchases for the day, but people also consider buying brass and copper utensils. Apart from the utensils of these items, people also choose to buy some other brass and copper-based items. Be it thermos, decorative items, utensils, or any other thing made of these materials, people do consider buying these. So, if you are unsure as to what to buy, you can invest in some brass or copper items as well.

  1. Idols of Shri Ganesh Ji and Maa Lakshmi

Finally, the most auspicious thing to buy on the day of Dhanteras is none other than the idols of Maa Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh Ji. Already people buy the idols of these for the puja ceremony on Diwali and Dhanteras day, so you can also consider buying them if you don’t already. You can buy these idols of ceramic coating or even some nice materials like silver or even gold. You can place these in your house, inside the temple of your house, in your work area, and worship them every day. These bring the most luck and prosperity for sure.


As per the beliefs, these were some of the most amazing things that everyone must buy on the occasion of Dhanteras. These items are really usable ones and can be an investment more than just random purchases. These items hold special importance on this auspicious day.

As per the budgets and the needs, people buy these items for their families. If there is no requirement for any of these things, people at least invest in gold/silver coins, bars, and other items. Some people also make sure to gift some gold. silver, or diamond items to the women of the family as that counts to be really auspicious too. So, find the thing that suits your liking and budget the most. A very Happy Dhanteras to everyone out there.

9 Auspicious things to buy on Dhanteras – Dhanteras is one of the most important Indian festivals. It is a festival that comes two days prior to Diwali which is one of the biggest festivals in India. The festival of Diwali begins with the festival of Dhanteras. Just like with any other festival, even this festival…